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What Makes Aspca Pet Health Insurance Worth It

Be Sure to Prep Your Pets for Disaster Season!

The ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program includes some benefits that other insurers lack, which might make it worth it for you.

There is no maximum age limit for coverage. All cats and dogs are eligible for the ASPCAs pet insurance coverage regardless of their health, although it doesnt cover pre-existing conditions. The plans do cover alternative therapies, behavioral issues, and prescription food and supplements, which other providers often charge as additional add-on features. Your ASPCA pet insurance plan will work at any licensed vet clinic or animal hospital in the US.

Theyre also one of the few providers who now offer 100% reimbursement .

Additional Coverage Options From Aspca Pet Health Insurance

Since the main plans from the ASPCA Pet Health Insurance don’t cover preventative care, you can add it for an additional fee. However, unlike accident and illness plans, a pet wellness plan or rider would not have a deductible or coinsurance payment. Generally, the provider applies limits for individual preventative treatments.

The preventative care add-on comes in a few varieties, including basic and prime for dogs and cats and routines and platinum for horses.

With each plan, you’ll know your annual maximum payout for the various covered services. Then you’ll have to submit a claim to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance for reimbursement.

Aspca Vs Healthy Paws

Healthy Paws and ASPCA both offer a plan that covers accidents and illnesses including hereditary and congenital conditions, alternative therapies and prescription medicine. But Healthy Paws doesnt cover certain things ASPCA does, like prescription food or the vets exam fee when your pet is sick or injured.

Healthy Paws offers more deductible and reimbursement options than ASPCA. However, Healthy Paws offers only this one plan and doesnt provide wellness coverage or accident-only policies.

ASPCAs waiting period is similar to that of Healthy Paws. ASPCA has a waiting period of 14 days for all conditions, while Healthy Paws has a 15-day waiting period in most states. It also has a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia if your pet is younger than 6.

Claim reimbursements with ASPCA may take longer than with Healthy Paws. Most Healthy Paws claims are completed within two to 10 days, while ASPCA reimburses claims within 30 days.

Coverage options

Both of ASPCAs Preventive Care plans will cover dental cleanings. In addition, the companys Complete Coverage insurance will cover certain dental care such as tooth extractions or cleanings to treat a covered illness. It will not cover dental procedures such as caps, crowns and root canals.

ASPCAs Preventive Care Prime plan covers spraying and neutering.

To cancel your policy, email , explaining your reason for cancellation.

ASPCAs Preventive Care Prime plan covers spraying and neutering.

To cancel your policy, email

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Aspca Pet Insurance Pros And Cons



Covers horses in addition to cats and dogs.

You must call rather than getting an online quote if youre interested in unlimited annual coverage.

Standard plans cover alternative therapies, behavioral issues and congenital conditions.

Shorter waiting period than most plans for cruciate injuries .

How To Build A Catio

Is Aspca Pet Health Insurance Good

Building a catio could be a fun weekend project, but its recommended you have everything in order before hammering or sawing away. Before any construction begins, its helpful to consider your budget, your cats needs, and what type of catio you would like. For instance, a window catio could be ideal if you dont have any yard space. On the other hand, if you have multiple, very active cats, you may want a larger structure with many perches.

After deciding which catio plan is the perfect fit, you will have a few options between designing your own structure, finding a pre-designed catio plan, or purchasing a premade one. Construction may not be everyones cup of tea, in which case you can contact a local carpenter or home improvement specialist who could help you with the building process.

If you decide to take on this adventurous project yourself, after completing all measurements and planning, you will need to obtain the materials required to build a catio. These can include:

  • Screws or nails
  • Panels, mesh, or other roofing options
  • Necessary tools

When purchasing a pre-designed plan for a catio, some may include a list of needed supplies to help make your building process easier and streamlined.

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Cost Of Building A Catio

Catios can be a unique addition to your home and can be made on nearly any budget. Since there are so many variations from one catio to the next, the prices can also range quite a bit.

Perhaps the most cost-effective method is to create a window catio yourself. By keeping the size smaller, you can save money on materials, and by planning and building yourself, the labor cost is just your time.

On the other end, if you purchase a pre-designed plan for a large catio and then hire someone to build it, this may be a more expensive method. For some cat parents who have busy schedules or dont want to dive into a construction project, the added cost could very well be worth it.

Before selecting your catio, you can do some research about various catio companies and which products used seem to work the best. Dont forget to compare material prices as well. For example, if you want to use shingles on your catio roof, you may find them on sale at one of your nearby home improvement stores.

For cat parents constantly working on projects around the house, its possible that all materials needed for a catio will already be sitting around, in which case, the cost could be kept incredibly low. That said, when comparing all the available options, a catio could range anywhere from under $100 to a few thousand dollars.

How Are Aspca Pet Insurance Hartville & Waffle Related

Both ASPCA and Hartville pet insurance are administered by C& F Insurance Agency, Inc., which has been in the insurance business since 1997. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance isnt directly affiliated with the ASPCA, but Crum & Forster pays a royalty fee for using the ASPCA name. More specifically, ASPCA is serviced under a licensing agreement by C& F Pet Insurance Group along with a few other branded products.

To further clarify, ASPCA and Hartville Pet Insurance offer very similar products, sold under two different brand names. Thanks to the prominent ASPCA reputation, ASPCA Pet Insurance is the more well-known consumer product.

The fact that the ASPCA is putting its name on this Hartville product says a lot about their trust in this pet insurance. Both ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and Hartville Pet Insurance are available to all consumers, as well as groups and employers.

How does the new company Waffle tie into this? ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is sold through Waffle to provide a one-stop shop for insurance needs.

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How To Build A Catio On A Deck

One of the many wonderful things about catios is that you dont always have to start at square one. If you already have a deck in your backyard, you may be able to enclose the space, which could become the perfect catio. Survey the area you already have and see how much work needs to be done to make the space safe for your four-legged pal. When planning and constructing, dont forget to consider how your cat will get from the house to the catio.

With any construction project, remember to measure twice and cut once. After getting all your measurements and purchasing all necessary supplies, begin cutting your lumber into the appropriate size. As you select your screws, use ones long enough to reach through the lumber and place them at least an inch from the edge of the board to help avoid the wood splitting.

If your deck doesnt have a roof, you will want to add this after all the walls and door are assembled. Consider your roofing options carefullydo you want plywood, shingles, or mesh? When selecting your materials, dont forget to consider the weather. How waterproof do you want the roof? Do you want it to provide a lot of shade?

Once the walls and roof are finished, attach your mesh to the outside using staples. Be sure to cut off any extra mesh hanging over the edges, as this can help prevent you and your cat from accidentally getting scratched.

Aspca Pet Insurance Review

Top Pet Insurance Companies 2022 | Vet Recommendations

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This may influence which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list ofour partnersandhere’s how we make money.

NerdWallet rating NerdWallet’s ratings are determined by our editorial team. The scoring formula takes into account factors such as coverage options, consumer experience and financial strength.

Plans offered: Accident and illness, accident-only, wellness.

Breadth of coverage: Excellent.

Range of plan options: Good.

Can pay your vet directly: No.

The bottom line: Generous coverage and multiple plan options, including an accident-only policy.

Our writers and editors follow strict editorial guidelines that ensure fairness and accuracy in order to help you choose the financial products that work best for you. In our pet insurance reviews, our editorial team considers both the customer and the insurer. These are some of the factors we take into account:

Plans offered. Pet insurance companies generally offer the following three types of plans:

  • Accident and illness policies reimburse you for medical treatment if your pet gets sick or injured.

  • Accident-only policies pay expenses if your pet is injured.

  • Wellness plans help you budget for preventive care costs.

Breadth of coverage. We looked for plans that cover a wide range of potential expenses.

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Aspca Pet Insurance Coverage

ASPCA has been supplying pet insurance and other financial assets since 1997. It was one of the first pet insurance providers in the country. Since that time, theyve processed over 1.6 million claims.

They offer a variety of plans, including complete coverage, accidental only coverage, and preventative care add ons if you also want wellness coverage.

Change Your Payment Method

You may need to switch to a different credit or debit card when it is getting close to or past the expiration date. Or maybe you just decide to stop using the card you have on file with us. You can update your payment method easily at the Member Center. Simply login, go to the payments section, and enter the information for the new card.

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The Verdict: Is Aspcas Pet Insurance Good

Yes, ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance is a top-rated provider and one of the most established brands in the industry. Their Complete Coverage plan is one of the most comprehensive options you can find, and when paired with their wellness add-on you can truly rest easy knowing most veterinary expenses will be reimbursed.

Theyre also an official Pawlicy Advisor partner – which means theyve passed our analysis to be included on our marketplace.

Of course, being a part of the ASPCA family is also a fantastic way to support their mission in protecting animals.

Aspca Pet Insurance Overall Rating

Aspca Pet Insurance Phone Number


Our pet insurance experts read through each pet insurance companies policy to provide detailed comparisons and information regarding how a provider fares against others in the industry. We also speak with customers, read online feedback, and communicate one-on-one with the pet insurance companies to obtain a well-rounded, unbiased analysis of a companys standings.

Our team rates pet insurance companies based on several factors, including A.M. Best ratings , claim processing reputations, contract coverage, customer service, pricing, plan customizations, and more.

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Aspca Pet Insurance Waiting Periods

Itâs easy to assume that your coverage begins right away once you purchase a pet insurance policy. Unfortunately, this isnât the case. Pet insurance companies have a set amount of time you must wait before your coverage kicks in after purchase, otherwise known as the waiting period.

In addition, some insurers have different waiting periods for accidents, illnesses and other chronic conditions.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has a 14-day accident and illness waiting period. While illness waiting periods generally average around 14 days for other pet insurers, you can find an insurer with a two- or three-day waiting periods for accidents such as Pets Best and Embrace.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance doesnât have extended waiting periods for special conditions such as a cruciate ligament condition. If your petâs breed is more susceptible to such problems, a longer waiting period can pose a concern. In this case, pet insurance from ASPCA is worth considering.

Our Rating For Aspca Pet Health Insurance

We compared ASPCA Pet Health Insurance to other top pet insurance providers in the industry on various key metrics, from customer service and reputation to coverage and cost, giving it a score of 89 out of 100.

We also gave ASPCA the superlative Best for New Pet Owners.

The company primarily lost points for limited customer service and lower maximum annual coverage limits.

We found it to be an ideal choice for new pet owners, since its website and mobile app feature a breadth of resources, including helpful articles about various breeds and their common conditions and a local vet finder.

Some highlights include:

  • Good choice for pet owners looking for comprehensive coverage
  • Standard policies uniquely cover behavioral treatments, microchipping, & end-of-life costs

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Aspca Pet Insurance Pricing

ASPCA Pet Insurance cost is determined by several pet variables like its age, gender, breed, health conditions, locations, and more. The company also offers customizable options that can affect the pricing of your ASPCA Pet Insurance coverage:

Annual limit: ASCPA offers an unlimited claim limit but pet parents also have the option of choosing a minimum annual limit of $2,500 to $20,000.

Reimbursement Percentage: Pet parents also have the option of choosing reimbursement percentages from options of 70%, 80%, and 90%. This is the percentage amount you will get from ASPCA once your vet has billed you.

Annual Deductible: You can choose from three different deductible amounts: $100, $250, and $500. The higher the deductible, the lower will be your monthly premium.

If you want to get an estimate of your ASPCA Pet Insurance quote, here is an example:

  • A 1-year-old dog will cost an average of $41.62 for complete coverage
  • A 3-year-old dog will cost an average of $44.6 for complete coverage
  • A 6-year-old dog will cost an average of $59.5 for complete coverage
  • A 12-year-old dog will cost an average of $133.8 for complete coverage
  • A 1-year-old cat will cost an average of $24.34 for complete coverage
  • A 3-year-old cat will cost an average of $24.34 for complete coverage
  • A 6-year-old cat will cost an average of $23.7 for complete coverage
  • A 12-year-old cat will cost an average of $71 for complete coverage
  • Helping Pet Parents Afford Vet Care

    ASPCA Pet Insurance Review – Pet Insurance

    Its difficult for a pet parent when the recommended treatment for their sick or hurt pet is more than they can afford. Pet health insurance can help lessen the burden of cost.

    Insurance products are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company , and produced and administered by PTZ Insurance Agency, Ltd. . .

    The ASPCA® is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance. Through a licensing agreement, the ASPCA receives a royalty fee that is in exchange for use of the ASPCAs marks and is not a charitable contribution.

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    Contact An Aspca Pet Insurance Representative

    **Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions visit Preventive Care coverage reimbursements are based on a schedule. Complete Coverage reimbursements are based on the invoice. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change. Discounts may vary and are subject to change. More information available at checkout.

    Insurance products are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company , and produced and administered by PTZ Insurance Agency, Ltd. . .

    The ASPCA® is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance.Through a licensing agreement, the ASPCA receives a royalty fee that is in exchange for use of the ASPCAs marks and is not a charitable contribution.

    What Aspca Pet Insurance Covers

    ASPCAs Complete Coverage plan for cats and dogs includes:

    • Exams, treatment, hospitalization and surgery for injuries and illnesses, including cancer and diabetes.

    • Prescription medication, food and supplements used to treat a covered condition.

    • Hereditary and congenital conditions.

    • Alternative treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic care.

    • Behavioral therapies.

    • Herbal products such as cannabis .

    • Non-medical supplies like toys or bedding that dont treat a condition.

    • Organ or heart valve transplants.

    • Prescription supplements or diets used for prevention or general health, including weight loss.

    • Vet treatments if you, a family member or co-owner on the account is conducting or assisting with the procedure.

    The Accident-Only plan will not cover any of the above exclusions or treatment for any illnesses. Preventive care plans won’t pay for anything besides the routine procedures specified in your policy.

    » MORE:Is pet insurance worth it?

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    How To Build A Window Catio

    A window catio can also be a fantastic option to consider. These catios are typically smaller, a little more budget-friendly, and ideal if you dont have any yard space. For the most part, your supplies list will be nearly identical to building a catio on a deck, but you will need far less of each item.

    Once again, its helpful to do your measurements and planning first, including the size of your window and how big youd like the catio to be. While measuring, you will also want to find the nearest stud to your window.

    You can start by constructing each of the three walls, attaching and trimming mesh to each piece. After all the walls are built, you can connect them. Using plywood, or your selected material, attach the floor to the inside of your frame. Remember to leave space between your screws and the edge of the boards to prevent the wood from splitting.

    For your roof, you can attach a piece of plywood and add shingles for an added waterproofing layer. You can also create a slanted roof which could be even more helpful to protect your catio from the elements.

    Whether you build a window or deck catio, or an entirely new structure, remember to consider the unique features of your home and property. Though your catio plan may have all the measurements for supplies, double-check the dimensions of your deck or windows, as you never know when something may not be quite the size expected.


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