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At&t Insurance Claim Phone

Is It Worth It

Explaining the AT& T Mobile Insurance Pack

Whether or not phone insurance is the right choice for you is a personal decision and depends on your own device and habits. If you own an expensive device, it could be worth the extra investment, but if you’re someone that takes great care of their phone or swaps it out for newer devices frequently, it might not be worth it for you.

One advantage of AT& T’s Protect Advantage plans is that your deductible for screen repairs is $20 cheaper, so if this isn’t the first time your phone has slipped out of your hands and cracked, this might be the better option for you. Also, this insurance includes free photo storage via the AT& T Photo Storage app, which is a helpful feature to have if your phone gets stolen or lost and you haven’t backed up your memories in a while. If you’ve ever had your digital camera stolen in the past, you know how painful this feels. But no matter which option you go with, you’re in good hands, and AT& T phone insurance is a great way to protect your device.

The Difference Between At& t Warranty And Insurance

Before you go any further, you should learn the difference between insurance and a warranty.

Warranties usually cover problems when devices dont work as originally described. While warranties come with devices free of charge, you have to pay to have the insurance protection.

The insurance covers the loss, theft, damage, and malfunctions of a device not covered by a warranty.

What Do I Need To Do Before Filing Insurance Claims For At& t

You should keep in mind that there is a time limit for filing an AT& T insurance claim. You have to file a claim within 60 days of the day of the incident.

Before getting started, you should gather the following information:

  • Brand and model of the device
  • Wireless passcode
  • Date of loss or damage

Once you collect all the information, you may proceed to file an insurance claim.

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At& t Insurance Claim For A Phone : How To Get It

AT& T insurance claim for a phone, in case you use AT& T for the wireless service is a better to opt for when phone malfunctions, gets lost, or damaged. You might be capable to get it replaced for little to no charge. If your phone was bought recently and got into a technical problem, it might get covered under the manufacturers warranty and easily can be send for a replacement.

You can get complete replacement in case you opted for mobile insurance with AT& T and Asurion which is the insurance partner. You will get a replacement phone within a few days, if you are covered by warranty or insurance. If you want to move away from AT& T to a new carrier network, you can do it online. Check a comprehensive guide from Mobile Unlocked for how to unlock an AT& T phone. You need to use your devices IMEI number to get an unlock.

Methods for AT& T Insurance Claim

  • Exchanging Phones under Warranty
  • Making an Insurance Claim

Exchanging Phones under Warranty

Check the warranty terms and conditions. It will help you to figure out if your phone is eligible. Only devices bought from AT& T or official reseller are covered by a warranty. The devices also cannot have any liquid or physical damage on them, or they will be deemed ineligible.

Making an Insurance Claim

You can claim only 2 insurance with $1,500 USD of device coverage each per year and break the deductible into smaller payments for multiple months.

At& t Lost Phone Replacement

File Your AT& T Phone Insurance Claim Online

Once your application is approved, you will receive your replacement device the next day. Claims can be satisfied with new or refurbished AT& T certified equipment that has been previously opened and/or used which can be reconditioned or remanufactured and may contain original or non-original parts of the same model or other models of similar type and quality. See restored for details on these devices. Colors, functionality and compatibility of accessories are not guaranteed.

Note: Claims approved by 5:00 p.m. CT will be dispatched and, in most cases, delivered the next day. Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and The US Virgin Islands cannot be shipped for next day delivery. Complaints can be refilled with new equipment or AT& T certified as new. The same or other models of the same type and quality colors, features and compatibility of accessories is not guaranteed.

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Filing An At& t Phone Insurance Claim

Mobile provider AT& T has partnered up with insurance giant Asurion to create a highly efficient web portal so consumers can easily file a claim if their phone has become damaged, lost, or stolen. Just head to and follow the steps provided. This tool allows you to file an Asurion claim and check the status of a previously filed claim. This will be similar if you need to file a Sprint insurance claim as they both use the same insurance provider, Asurion.

Insider Tip

AT& T and Asurion will replace a mobile phone in the event that it is lost by the consumer.

Who Can Enroll In At& t Phone Insurance

Any AT& T postpaid wireless plan customer can sign up for one of AT& T’s phone insurance plans as long as it’s within 30 days of activating or upgrading your device. If you don’t sign up for phone insurance immediately when you purchase your phone, you can always enroll later through the AT& T app by selecting insurance as an “add-on.” Sometimes there is even an open enrollment period in the spring for those who missed the 30-day window, so you can keep your eye out for that.

If you’re bringing your own device to AT& T, you’re still eligible for phone insurance as long as your phone is in good working condition and you enroll within 30 days of activating your wireless service.

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At& t Mobile Insurance Is Worth It

1-Replacements Are Expensive

Deductibles are actually lower than the cost of a new phone. People with smartphone insurance are sometimes surprised to find that they have to pay a deductible when filing an att protection plan claim. But just because you have to pay a deductible when filing a claim doesnt mean insurance is unnecessary. With confidence, you will always be one step ahead. The average deductible is a bit lower, even after to take into account the monthly costs of insurance.

2-Filing A Complaint Is Very Easy

Contrary to popular belief, filing a mobile insurance claim is not a headache and you wont have to wait for hours. You can file a complaint with Asurion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online or by phone. Additionally, Asurion ships approximately 96% of its replacement phones for next business day delivery. Its certainly worth making an appointment with your neighborhood cell phone company for the privilege of paying full price for a replacement.

3-Exterior Repairs Are Risky

You may not always be able to repair your phone if it breaks down. If your phone is serviceable, you have a few options, but device repairs often void your smartphones manufacturers warranty. This generally does not apply to lost, stolen, or waterlogged devices. Also, if something were to happen to you, the manufacturer is released and you are left with an invoice.

4-The Toughest Protective Cover Does Not Cover Everything

5-Do Not Take Risk

6-Having Phone Insurance Can Save Your Day

How To Make An At& t Insurance Claim

Ripped Off By Asurion and AT& T Phone Insurance!!!

Before you start filling out your claim, check the status of your device to ensure that it is covered by one of the insurance plans. Then get the following information:

  • The model and the means of the particular device
  • Its wireless passcode
  • Details of loss or damage

When this information is ready, you can go ahead with filling out your insurance claim.

You can either file an insurance claim by phone call or online.

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How Do You Start A Claim

When you file a phone insurance claim for AT& T you start by entering the model number of the device that is affected. The process is quick and easy. Online you click the button to file or track a claim and you can do this 24/7.

You can receive a replacement phone if your claim is approved in as little as 24 hours. All of the replacement phones are also backed by a one year warranty. They give you unlimited support for the setup, troubleshooting, and any other education pertaining to a new device.

If you took out your policy through AT& T, you can log into your account or check the AT& T homepage to file a phone insurance claim with Asurion directly. You will have to provide the make and model as well as any details pertaining to what happened and when it happened. The more information you can provide and any documentation or evidence, the faster your claim can be approved.

Depending on the insurance program you have, there are different deductibles and service fees for things like malfunctions, device replacements, cracked screen repairs, and other damages the amount of which varies based on the tier of insurance coverage you have.

Read Terms Of Use& privacy Policy For Website & Web

AKKO Insurance Services LLC is not a licensed insurance broker, agent, underwriter, nor receives any broker/agent commissions on insurance coverage products provided with or through our memberships. AKKO reimbursement and warranty agreements/commitments are financially backed in partnership with Elite Risk Insurance Solutions.Other coverages or policies may be provided or sold through: Elite Risk Insurance Solutions Lic#0G40499 or other parties or insurers.

¹ Phones must be fully functional and without damage to be eligible for coverage. Phones with foldable screens cost up to $15 per month.² Unlimited claims for eligible device breakdowns, accidental damages, and theft. One claim only for any Lost phone per 12 months on eligible plans.

Ranked #1 by and Top Rated by Investopedia!

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Is At& t Insurance Worth It

If you can afford to replace your phone without any financial strain, purchasing insurance might not be worth it. Chances are you wont need to file a claim, and in the rare case that something happens to your phone, it wont be a big deal to fix or replace it yourself.

On the other hand, if replacing your phone would be burdensome, you might want to consider purchasing AT& T Protect Advantage. Just keep in mind that its an extra $14 or $17 per monthwhich could also be burdensome. You may also want to consider that a good is a relatively small one-time purchase to help protect your device.

From Where You Can Buy An Insurance For Phone

My Experience With AT& T

If you decide to purchase insurance within 14 days of buying your phone, you will have many options. Theres the manufacturer, your mobile service provider, and independent insurance companies who offer phone insurance.

Buying insurance from an independent insurer gives you more flexibility. If your phone is working and in good condition, you can register at any time. You could even negotiate a discount if you insure other things like appliances, cars, or your home through the same company. Moreover, it is never hurts to ask at all.

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Exchanging Phones Under Warranty

  • 1Check the warranty terms and conditions to figure out if your phone is eligible. Only devices you bought from AT& T or an official reseller are covered by a warranty. The devices also cannot have any liquid or physical damage on them, or they will be deemed ineligible. If you bought your phone new, the warranty lasts for 1 year after the date you purchased it. If you bought the device as Certified-Like-New or Certified Restored, then the warranty covers it for 90 days after you buy it. XResearch source
  • Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, can only be taken to an Apple Store or use the AppleCare warranty.
  • AT& T Certified Pre-Owned phones are not covered by warranty.
  • If you bought the phone anywhere else besides AT& T, use the warranty that the manufacturer provides with your phone.
  • 2 Once you reach the support line, let them know that your phone has a malfunction or defect and that youd like a replacement. Give the customer support operator your AT& T account information, which may include an email address and phone number, so they can confirm the warranty and service. The customer support operator will direct you on any further steps or actions you need to take.XResearch source
  • You may be able to take your phone directly into an AT& T store to make a warranty claim, but they may not be able to replace it on the same day.
  • Be respectful while youre on the line with customer support.
  • At& t Protect Advantage Deductibles

    When you file a claim with AT& T Protect Advantage, you should expect to pay a deductible. This deductible is what you need to contribute before AT& T pays for the claim.

    For screen repairs, the deductible is $29. AT& T does not publish deductibles for other types of claims, but you can use its deductible estimator tool to get an idea of what youll need to pay for any given claim.

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    Before You File A Claim

  • Sign in and select your device. If you see Status: Insured, your wireless lines currently enrolled in a protection plan. Select Insured to see your plan details.
    • Try to find it with GPS or location apps you may have installed before it went missing.
    • If you can’t find it, learn how to suspend service and block your device. Once you suspend service, you wont be able to track your device.

    How Do You Cancel Your Existing At& t Phone Insurance

    AT& T plan allows customers to upgrade annually: Is it worth it?

    You may experience unforeseen situations that make you unable to pay your AT& T phone insurance or you may have changed your mind about the coverage. If you need to cancel your existing insurance plan, follow these steps:

    OPTION 1 :

  • Go to AT& T Website
  • Log in to your account, and go to My Wireless Page
  • Select the My Devices & Features
  • Expand AT& T Mobile Protection Plan
  • OPTION 2 :

  • From your AT& T phone, you can call Customer Support at 1-800-331-0500, available 24/7 or dial 611.
  • When prompted, say cancel my mobile insurance plan.
  • The system will give you a guide through the needed process to cancel your plan.
  • Confirm your cancellation and youre all set.
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    How Do I Fix A Broken At& t Wireless Phone If I Have Insurance

    It is quite simple and easy to replace a broken AT& T wireless phone if you have insurance. AT& T offers three levels of insurance. Customers need to sign up for these plans within 30 days of signing up for wireless service with the company or activation of a new device. Customers can not retroactively sign up for the protection plans.

    The three levels of insurance are called Mobile Insurance, Protect Advantage for 1, and Protect Advantage for 4. The plans all have different rules and there is some variation in what is covered, but the process for fixing your damaged AT& T wireless phone is the same.

    The simplest way to file a claim with AT& T wireless to fix your disabled or broken phone is to contact customer service. The number can be found by clicking on the following GetHuman link:. It can be helpful to have a wireless bill handy to provide all of the required account information.

    Calling customer service can involve hold/wait times and the representatives are only available during certain times. Customers have the option of filing a claim online. AT& T uses a third-party company called PhoneClaim to handle online claims. The portal can be found by following this link: . This page allows you to estimate your deductible responsibility and also shows a shipping schedule. Claims approved on a weekday will generally be delivered the next day. Weekend or evening claims can take longer.

    What Kinds Of Damages Can You File A Claim For

    The kind of damages for which you can file a phone insurance claim for AT& T are going to be contingent upon what the coverage is. If you have a phone plan from AT& T it will explain exactly what situations or types of damage are covered and if you have a phone plan and extra insurance through Asurion, they will also have different types of Damages that are covered. The type of plan you have will tell you in what situations you can file a phone insurance claim for AT& T.

    Asurion gives you a lot of mobile protection such as instant Live tech help whenever you have an issue with your device, a backup plan that backs up all of your videos, photos, and contacts as well as security to prevent your phone from viruses or other malicious software.

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    How I Replaced The Brand

    I had only had my AT& T HTC Aria for a week when I dropped it onto the cement from about four feet. It just slipped out of my hand, which for me is a pretty ordinary occurrence it usually puts a ding or two on the phone, but nothing major happens.

    Well, this time, the phone landed screen-side-down and shattered. Maybe the phone fell in just the perfect way to compromise the screen, or maybe the screen on the Aria device is just a bit fragile. I was irritated.

    The next morning, I ran to the AT& T store to get a replacement, but they were swamped and said they couldn’t help me with filing a claim. I had to call the AT& T phone insurance number since I had purchased their insurance policy .

    The strange thing is that I never purchase cell phone insurance because I think it’s a bad deal for consumers. But last summer I saw how easily a phone could get destroyed with a little water damage. This poor girl had saved up her money to buy an iPhone. On the houseboat, she set it next to a sink to recharge. A kid washing his hands in the sink splashed a little water on the iPhone and fried it, and she didn’t have insurance. After seeing how her phone was destroyed by a little water, I tacked insurance onto my plan. It didnt occur to me then that it would cover cracked-screen damage.

    I got the email that day saying the new Aria phone had shipped, and the next day, the phone arrived. I opened the phone, stuck in my SIM card and the battery, and I was up and running.


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