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Bodily Injury Liability Coverage In Massachusetts

Everything YOU Need To Know: Massachusetts Auto Insurance

In Massachusetts, Bodily Injury to Others liability coverage is necessary to legally operate a vehicle. This coverage can help cover injuries and medical expenses for anyone the driver harms in an at-fault accident.

In Massachusetts, Bodily Injury to Others liability is locked at $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident, but only applies to accidents that occur within Massachusetts. Since this coverage doesn√Ęt apply outside of Massachusetts and may not offer enough coverage for a serious accident, many drivers choose to increase their coverage by adding Optional Bodily Injury to Others.

Optional Bodily Injury to Others coverage is usually available from $20,000/$40,000 up to $500,000/$500,000 and can apply to accidents that occur anywhere in the U.S.

Consider Minimum Insurance Requirements In Massachusetts

Massachusetts minimum car insurance requirements mean that vehicle owners in this state must carry at least the states minimum coverage limits on their vehicles. Bodily injury liability is one such coverage, and in this state, drivers are required to carry at least $20,000 in bodily injury liability per person and $40,000 in bodily injury liability per accident. Drivers are also required to have a minimum amount of property damage liability, uninsured motorist bodily injury and personal injury protection . Although you do not need to memorize your states minimum limits, understanding the Massachusetts car insurance laws might help you decide if you need higher limits.

Minimum coverage policies can leave you financially vulnerable and do not cover damages to your vehicle. For that reason, most insurance experts recommend purchasing full coverage insurance to better protect your finances.

Driving In Massachusetts When You Arent A Full

Massachusetts has relatively strict rules for out-of-state drivers. If you arent a full-time resident, you can spend up to 30 days in the state annually without getting an MA license and Massachusetts auto insurance. It doesnt matter if this period is consecutive or not.

Non-resident students attending a Massachusetts university or military personnel on active duty can be exempt from this rule.

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Minimum Required Auto Insurance Coverage In Massachusetts

Massachusetts law enforcement will impose a penalty ranging between $500 and $5000 for driving without sufficient insurance. The minimum auto insurance provisions in Massachusetts require car owners to be insured for liability insurance covering: a minimum of $20000 for a person’s body damage or death.

A minimum of $40000 for more than one person’s bodily injury or death and property loss, at least $5000. Every car owner is supposed to carry uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury insurance.

Required Coverage

Payments For Medical Services

MAPFRE Insurance

You can add up to $100,000 in supplementary medical payments coverage to your individual or family policy. Medical payments coverage is essential since it covers co-pays and deductibles once PIP coverage has been exhausted.

Medical payments coverage can also be used to cover the cost of health insurance liens in auto accident situations, health insurance companies are entitled to be paid back. Your own company’s medical payments coverage can help preserve your settlement.

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Cheapest Car Insurance In Massachusetts For Military Drivers

USAA is the third most affordable auto insurance company in Massachusetts. Despite its third-place ranking among affordable providers, USAA is notable for serving active-duty military members, veterans and their families exclusively, with benefits tailored to these groups.

  • Average rate: $390 per year
  • Ranks the cheapest out of ten insurers

USAA is the third cheapest car insurance provider in Massachusetts, with an average annual premium of $390. To save even more, qualified policyholders can take advantage of USAA’s numerous discounts. For example, if you park your car on base or have a good driving record for five years, you can save money on your insurance premiums.

The Most Recent Total Direct Written Premium For The Private Passenger Auto Insurance Marketplace In Massachusetts Is $5401800744

Continuing with our top ten lists, and in conjunction with our bi-monthly look at the latest CAR Data, the next installment of our Massachusetts Market Share Reports for 2020 focuses on the Private Passenger Auto Insurance Marketplace. As just a reminder, all of our information for all our reports comes courtesy of the Division of Insurance. The 2020 Reports analyzes data from 2018, the last year for which complete information has been compiled and reviewed by the DOI.

The private passenger auto insurance marketplace continues to be the main focus of both insurers and their agent partners being the driving force of revenues.

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Required Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist coverage in Massachusetts covers injuries you sustain because of a driver without auto insurance. Coverage will apply to you, your household members, guest drivers of your car and passengers .

The minimum UM limits you must have are:

  • $20,000 for injuries per person
  • $40,000 for all injuries per accident

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Best Car Insurance in Massachusetts

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Protect Your Vehicle: Insurance Companies In Massachusetts

While there are numerous resources available to help drivers deal with the snow and ice of winter, there are fewer that focus on the unique challenges presented by autumn weather. Your Massachusetts car insurance agent wants to share some safety advice with you, whether youre new to the SouthCoast or just havent driven in the fall weather before. Shorter days, cooler temperatures, wet weather, football games, and, in New England, tons upon tons of autumn leaves all characterize the fall season. We have to drive through the fall foliage that brings tourists here. New Bedford, Massachusetts car insurance is there to protect you in the event of an accident or other claim related to your vehicle. As a driver, the more you can do to prevent accidents, the safer youll be all through the seasons.

Choosing The Right Car Insurance Company In Boston Ma

Theres no one right company for every driver. While GEICO does offer the cheapest average rates in the city, that might not be the case for every individual driver, so its important to shop around and compare quotes before picking a policy. Policygenius can show you quotes from top car insurance companies, so you can feel confident youre making the right choice.

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The Best For Military: Usaa

Aside from our Oregon guide, USAA dominates our state-wide studies. The situation is no different in Massachusetts. Still, we should first note that USAA offers its insurance only to former and current US army members and their close families. But that particular category will be hard-pressed to find a better insurer. In addition to its many optional coverages and discounts, USAA offers some of the cheapest MA auto insurance quotes available.

Also, its website and mobile app are intuitive and sleek. On top of that, USAA has the strongest A. M. Best rating: A++, or Superior. Finally, USAA gets a full five stars and the highest possible scores in the 2019 J.D. Power studies on the national and regional level. And if you want to stretch your cooperation with USAA beyond car insurance, the company offers banking services and financial advice. If youre eligible, we urge you to give USAA a chance.

Choose USAA for its superior overall performance.

Look elsewhere if you are not a US army member or close relative.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Requirements

Best Massachusetts car insurance companies

Massachusetts is one of 12 states that operates under no-fault laws. This means your insurance provider will pay for any expenses incurred from an accident up to your policy limit, no matter who is actually at fault.

The Massachusetts minimum car insurance standards set by state law are a bit more extensive than in most places. To satisfy the states minimum coverage requirements, Massachusetts drivers need to purchase the following:

  • Bodily injury liability: $20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident
  • Property damage liability: $5,000 per accident
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage : $20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection : $8,000 per accident

Drivers who are looking for full coverage car insurance should also consider comprehensive coverage and collision coverage. While not required under Massachusetts state law, these expanded coverage limits could protect your vehicle from environmental damage or from issues caused by an at-fault accident.

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Best Car Insurance In Massachusetts For Customer Service

Allstate is the best car insurance company in Massachusetts for customer service.The top-two car insurance companies for customer service in Massachusetts are:

  • Allstate: MoneyGeek score of 90 out of 100
  • GEICO: MoneyGeek score of 87 out of 100

To determine the winners in this category, we analyzed the best car insurance companies in Massachusetts by claims ratings and user satisfaction rates, without considering the cost of their policies.


Financial Stability

Allstate is tied first for customer satisfaction and claims settlement with a score of 4.5 out of 5. The company is a more expensive option you pay more for better service. Customer service is an extremely important component, particularly when it comes to the claims-filing process.

Financial Stability

GEICO is tied first on the customer satisfaction rating with a score of 4.5 out of 5 and is tied second for claims settlement with a rating of 4 out of 5.

The Best Car Insurance Companies In Massachusetts In 2022

The car insurance Massachusetts drivers are offered is among the most affordable for a no-fault state. Additionally, the Bay States minimum policy has relatively low limits, meaning you can get around by paying very little for auto insurance.

Nonetheless, its smarter to find the least expensive insurer and buy a policy with higher limits from them. To help you with that, we compared quotes from all the major MA auto insurance providers. We also ranked the best companies using the most recent and reliable studies in customer service and financial strength.

Finally, we compared prices in the six most populous cities in Massachusetts, as well as provided a detailed guide on the states auto insurance laws. If youre looking for affordable, high-quality protection insurance in MA, youll find all the resources for your search here.

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Do You Offer Any Discounts In Massachusetts To Lower My Insurance

Progressive offers many discount opportunities to attain cheaper car insurance in Massachusetts, including:

  • Continuous insurance
  • Three-year safe driving

Save even more money and protect your most valuable assets by bundling your home and auto insurance. Learn more about homeowners insurance in Massachusetts.

See all auto discounts.

Pro tip:

Save when you bundle! New customers nationwide who switch their auto and home insurance to Progressive save over 20% on average.*

Sr22 Insurance In Massachusetts

Cheap Car Insurance in Massachusetts

SR22 is not a type of coverage but a certificate your insurer provides to the local DMV as proof that your policy limits are adequate. The authorities will often order you to get SR22 after a severe violation such as a DUI or reckless driving. Youll have to provide SR22 for three years. After that, youll become eligible to buy regular car insurance.

Theres no SR22 program in Massachusetts for full-time residents. The state has a unique procedure for license reinstatement. Nonetheless, youll still need SR22 in Massachusetts if you had a violation in another state that triggered the suspension of your driving privileges.

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Can I Show My Insurance Id Card From My Phone

Massachusetts does not require drivers to show proof of insurance, and it doesnt issue auto insurance ID cards. If youre pulled over in Massachusetts, police can check for your insurance electronically through a state system.

However, if youre pulled over in another state you might be asked to show proof of insurance. For that reason, its a good idea to keep a copy of your car registration, which shows your insurance company. Or ask your insurance agent if they can print out a paper ID card for when you drive out of state.

Cheapest Massachusetts Auto Insurance Companies For Minimum Coverage

Travelers $113

Liability-only insurance only covers injuries or damages to other drivers for which you are at-fault. For example, a minimum policy in Massachusetts only covers $5,000 in property damage liability, which would only fully cover damage to another vehicle in a minor accident.

A full coverage policy includes both liability insurance and comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive and collision coverage are recommended if you want to cover the cost of damage to your own car.

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How To Find The Best Car Insurance In Massachusetts For You

While looking for the best insurance company in Massachusetts, choose a company with a good balance between cost, financial stability and service reputation. MoneyGeek has collected this information for you however, you can compare quotes to find the best policy that meets your specific needs.

Research customer service reputations in Massachusetts

In this guide, MoneyGeek has collected car insurance quotes across different companies for a sample driver. However, you can also look up J.D. Power satisfaction scores and NAIC complaint ratios in Massachusetts for insurers you want to research further. For more information, the best resource is the Massachusetts Division of Insurance website.

Compare quotes for yourself

MoneyGeeks quotes are averages for a sample driver for most of the locations in Massachusetts. However, these quotes are not for the entire state. You should compare quotes from at least three insurance providers by yourself to get a good idea of how much insurance costs.

Make sure the company has coverages you want in Massachusetts

Insurance companies often advertise that they offer certain coverages or discounts. However, sometimes, those offers arent available in every state. You should confirm with Massachusetts insurance companies that they offer the coverage or discount you want.

Double-check financial stability ratings

Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance In Massachusetts For 30

Massachusetts Car Insurance 2020 (Coverage, Companies, &  More)

Drivers in Massachusetts with clean driving records may get the lowest rates from these companies:

  • Safety Insurance: $871 per year, or about $73 per month.

  • Vermont Mutual: $898 per year, or about $75 per month.

  • Geico: $993 per year, or about $83 per month.

  • Plymouth Rock: $1,009 per year, or about $84 per month.

  • N& D Group: $1,015 per year, or about $85 per month.

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    Annual Massachusetts Car Insurance Estimates For Bad Drivers

    While gender and credit score wont affect your rates for car insurance in Massachusetts, your driving record sure will. According to our rate estimates, a speeding ticket can raise your rate by 24 percent. Similarly, an accident can raise it by 62 percent and a DUI by 81 percent.

    Driving Record

    What Are The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies In Massachusetts

    Lets take a moment and talk about affordability. What companies in Massachusetts will keep your wallet in mind when awarding you a car insurance premium?

    Massachusetts Average Car Insurance Rates By Provider


    The more coverage you want, the more youre going to have to pay save for at State Farm. State Farm does raise its rate when you invest in more comprehensive coverage, but when compared to some other providers, the change isnt so significant.

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    Massachusetts Auto Insurance Requirements

    Massachusetts has high minimum insurance requirements, yet they are still lower than what is suggested for proper coverage. For a little increase in the monthly rate, every major insurance company will offer bigger limits. We at would suggest increasing your liability coverage limits to protect yourself and your possessions.

    Massachusetts’ minimum car insurance requirements are as follows:

    • Liability for bodily harm is $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident.
    • Liability for property damage: $5000 per accident
    • Protection against personal injury: $8000

    What Is The Best Car Insurance In Massachusetts

    Best Car Insurance Carriers in Massachusetts – Based on Price

    Liberty Mutual understands that everyone has individual needs when it comes to their Massachusetts auto insurance. Some might want the cheapest Massachusetts car insurance, while others want more coverage and an auto insurance company they know they can trust. Let us help you customize your Massachusetts car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.

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    How Many Car Insurance Companies Are Available In Massachusetts

    The number of car insurance providers active in each state varies. Every state, though, as domestic providers or providers who only operate within the state, and foreign providers, or providers who operate nationally. Massachusetts ratio breaks down as follows:

    As you can see, foreign providers outnumber domestic providers. Thats no reason, though, to eliminate local providers from your list of potential car insurance providers.

    Compare quotes from the top car insurance companies and save

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    What Are The Safety Laws In Massachusetts

    Drivers cant control everything while theyre on the road. However, some behaviors like distracted driving, or driving while intoxicated are entirely in the drivers wheelhouse. With that in mind, how does Massachusetts treat the drivers law enforcement representatives catch deliberately putting themselves and other drivers in danger?

    Massachusetts DUI Laws

    Its game day. Youre out with your friends at a sports bar, taking shots every time the referee makes a bad call. By the time the game comes to an end, you cant walk in a straight line but you still need to get home. Do you get behind the wheel of your car?

    Ideally, no. Driving under the influence puts yourself and every other driver on the road at risk. Even so, a number of drivers decide to take a chance with their safety and test their reflexes behind the wheel.

    To curb this behavior, Massachusetts has severe DUI laws in place. The table below details the consequences youll have to deal with if youre caught drinking and driving:

    Massachusetts DUI Laws

    As you can see, repeat offenses have increasingly severe consequences. Unless you want to lose your license permanently, its best to rely on ridesharing services to make your way home from the bar.

    The laws applying to drinking and driving in Massachusetts also apply to driving while under the influence of marijuana.

    Distracted Driving Laws in Massachusetts

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