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How Much Do Braces Cost? | Braces | Dr. Nate

The best way to know exactly how much braces cost is to personally visit an orthodontic provider for an assessment. A lot of specialists provide complimentary consultations, which give you more than enough information on pricing and length of treatment! To truly answer the question, How much do braces cost?, youll need a face-to-face visit with your dentist or orthodontist. Find a dentist near you->

Why Might You Need Braces

There are a variety of different orthodontic issues that may require braces. Some of them will be familiar to you, while others you may not have heard of before.

Seeing your dentist or orthodontist is the best way to determine whether you have one of these issues, but before you do that, look at this list of the most common conditions that can be resolved with braces.

When To Get Braces

Teeth straightening works best when the teeth and jaw are still growing, but treatment won’t usually begin until most adult teeth have come through. This means the ideal age to start wearing dental braces is usually around 1014 years old.

However, getting braces can still be effective at any age. The American Association of Orthodontics has plenty of information on their website for adults who may be considering getting braces. AAO orthodontists treated over 1.5 million adults in 2016.

Braces arent just for kids anymore. More than 20% of people with braces are now adults and 1.4 million Americans over the age of 18 have braces a 40% increase since the late 80s.

Adults are getting braces for a variety of reasons: to achieve a better smile or to fix the effects of conditions like gum and bone loss, tooth decay or jaw joint pain.

But braces arent for everyone and you have to make a commitment. Here are a few questions to ask yourself and your orthodontist before you begin adult orthodontic treatment:

  • Are you willing to put up with minor changes in your appearance during treatment?
  • Are you willing to abstain from certain sticky and hard treats?
  • Are you willing to endure some tenderness in your mouth and teeth after adjustments?
  • Are you willing to cooperate with the instructions and suggestions of your orthodontist?
  • Are your treatment expectations realistic?

Dr. Clarke Stevens

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Average Cost Of Braces Without Insurance

The price of braces can vary significantly but generally falls in the range of $3,000 to $10,000. It can also be more or less.

Depending on where you live, whether your teeth need to be moved a significant distance, or if you want braces that are less noticeable than traditional braces, you can expect to pay on the higher side.

In its 2018 annual survey, the American Dental Association listed the average price of comprehensive orthodontic treatment, which includes braces, as $5,000 to $6,000.

Some types of braces are more expensive than others. Heres a look at how they compare.

What Types Of Insurance Cover Braces

How Much Does Braces Cost With Insurance : Braces Vs Invisalign Plus ...

In some circumstances, private individual and family plans provide coverage for orthodontic care. Employer-sponsored dental insurance policies sometimes contain this optional coverage.

If your current plan doesnt cover braces, you can supplement it with a more inclusive dental plan.

Various dental plans may include the following services for children and adults:

  • Retainers necessary for pre- and post-orthodontic treatment

To understand your out-of-pocket fees, youll need to check the following:

  • Premium a monthly fee you pay for dental coverage.
  • Deductible the amount you pay for dental services before your insurer covers a portion of the cost.
  • Co-pays the cost-share amount you contribute for covered dental services. Its usually a flat dollar fee or a percentage of the cost for the service.
  • Exclusions dental services that arent covered under any circumstance. This includes pre-existing conditions and the time until a defined wait period expires.

Some insurers that offer the best coverage for braces include:

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Can You Get Braces For Free With Medicaid

Medicaid can cover traditional metal braces treatment for qualifying individuals under the age of 18/21 However, they are less likely to cover the same treatment for adults.

In order to qualify, the braces treatment must be deemed medically necessary, rather than cosmetic. You will need to visit an orthodontist, who will determine whether your childs case can be covered by Medicaid/CHIP.

If your child does qualify, Medicaid or CHIP will fully cover the cost of treatment, including:

Find out more about treating orthodontic emergencies from home.

How Much Are Braces For Kids

Many people regret not getting braces as a kid because it becomes harder for them to deal with the pain and maintain their appearance when they grow up.

Getting braces at a young age is the best a parent can make. The most fitting age to get braces should be at age seven or during the teenage years. Not only does it cause less pain, but their teeth also align well during their younger years.

Braces for kids can cost around $4,000 to $7,000. The cost can vary based on the type of braces and where you are getting them. If you go to an expensive dentist, the braces will cost more it might cost less if you go to an affordable dentist.

However, if you have insurance, then you can go to an expensive in-network dentist and get treatment for half the original amount. But that depends on what insurance company you have bought a dental plan.

Dental insurance for kids comes under the family plan. If you buy a family dental insurance plan, then the insurance policy covers the cost of your kids braces well. However, many insurance plans rarely cover the cost for kids under 18, so always check with the policies before you sign with any insurance company. Insurance experts recommend buying a supplement plan in orthodontia to cover the braces cost for kids.

Do not expect the medical insurance to pay the braces cost for your kid. When you buy dental insurance, you will get the coverage you want.

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Health Spending Accounts / Flex Spending Accounts

If you have a Health Savings Account with money accumulated, you can absolutely use that to cover the cost of adult braces treatment. If you dont have an HSA or are unsure of how to start one, you can find information online at

Some employers allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars in a Flex Spending Account. These funds can be used to pay for medical procedures such as adult braces treatment.

In many workplaces, employers will match FSA contributions!

Check with your employer to find out if an FSA is available through your workplace.

How Much Do Braces Cost A Month

How Much Do Braces Cost? | Cost of Invisalign | Dr. Nate

This oftentimes comes as welcome news to individuals who for one reason or another felt that they would never be able to afford orthodontic care. Realizing that they could potentially get life-changing orthodontic work done for as little as $75 a month can be a huge benefit to individuals who feared that cost would keep them out of the orthodontic office and from receiving the care that they desperately need.

The fear of cost is often a significantly more powerful driving force than the actual cost itself. While orthodontics can be expensive, high quality orthodontic offices like Ivanov Orthodontics and others always strive to make sure that their clients have access to the care they need. To do so, they work hard to take a variety of payment methods and provide options to help ensure that high quality orthodontic care is never unaffordable.

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What Is Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is one of the most popular insurance that comes under health insurance. It is like a category of insurance that is only focused on giving benefits to dental treatments and surgeries.

Dental insurance is a contract signed between an insurance policyholder and an individual to avoid financial difficulties for dental treatments on some agreed monthly fee. Individuals can either buy for themselves or their families and save up money without compromising treatment costs. With dental insurance going to the dentist doesnt sound like a nightmare but a healthy visit to get your teeth checked and cleaned.

Dental insurance aims to help the insured person get the best cure from the best dentists in the country at an affordable price.

Adult Braces: Before And After

Orthodontics can achieve some pretty amazing transformations. The braces time-lapse video below shows how a variety of patients’ teeth looked with braces before and after braces treatment.

Your teeth after braces will be better aligned so you can eat and take care of them more easily. Teeth straightening is also part of cosmetic dentistry, as it should also improve the esthetic appearance of your smile. These before and after braces photos show the transformation that can occur:

Before braces

After braces

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How Do You Know You Need Braces

There are various reasons why your dentist or orthodontist may recommend that you have dental braces fitted:

You may find that the cost of braces is worth it, because if these problems are left untreated they can lead to:

  • Difficulty eating
  • Self-consciousness

Average Cost Of Braces With Insurance

bloggingforfun6395: Braces Cost With Insurance

Most dental insurance plans dont cover braces or other orthodontics for adults. Some providers offer an add-on orthodontic insurance plan that may offer coverage. If your insurance does fully or partially cover the price, they will likely only cover you if your braces are deemed medically necessary.

Most dental insurance providers will at least partially cover braces for children under 18 if braces are deemed to be medically necessary.

Your insurance provider is most likely to cover the cost of traditional metal braces. If you choose to get a more expensive type of braces, many providers like Delta Dental have you pay the difference.

For example, if your insurance provider covers 50 percent of the cost of basic braces but doesnt cover other types of braces, heres how much you might end up paying.

Type of braces
$3,500 to $9,250

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How Do Braces Work

Braces correct problems with dental alignment by exerting constant, slight pressure on your teeth throughout the day, for months and in some cases years. There are several different types of braces used in modern orthodontics, and each one works in a slightly different way, but the main aim of braces for teeth is tostraighten teeth.

Factors That Affect Braces Cost

Orthodontic treatment is never one-size-fits-all. After your initial exam, we will create an individual treatment plan that outlines your care options. The elements of your plan will give you an idea about the cost of treatment.

Factors we consider in the total cost include:

Type of Braces: We offer traditional metal braces, Damon Braces, clear ceramic braces, Invisalign, and other appliances. Palmetto Family Orthodontics is the largest Invisalign provider in South Carolina! Each option costs a different amount and requires varying levels of support during your treatment process.

Length of Treatment: Some alignment issues can be resolved more quickly than others. During your free exam, we will be able to give you a better sense of your treatment time.

Alignment Issue: We help treat minor to severe alignment issues. Complex cases often require more visits and may take longer to achieve great results.

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Insurance Can Make A Difference

The overall cost of braces depends a lot on the individuals insurance plan. Someone who has good dental insurance may only have to pay a small amount for their treatment. In most cases, people will end up paying several thousand dollars with insurance.

Another option is to consider using monthly payment plans. Many orthodontic clinics offer options like interest-free payment plans and outside financing options. Dental insurance will generally cover some of the cost, but patients can also use payment plans to cover the difference.

When it comes to the entire procedure, the cost includes the price of the installation and the material. It will also generally include the cost of follow-up appointments and a retainer. If someone damages their retainer or braces and needs a replacement, then they will normally have to pay to replace it.

The Average Cost Of Braces In 2022

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces heavily depends on the type of treatment. Clear aligners are usually the cheapest option, as they do not require you to frequently visit your orthodontist. The most expensive braces are lingual braces, as they require precision and extra care. It is entirely possible that your teeth can benefit from more than one brace type, so it is very important to carefully consider the best option. One of the qualities of a good orthodontist is the ability to present you with all the options instead of simply opting for the most expensive one. With that in mind, here are the brace varieties that you can choose from:

  • Traditional braces

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Is It Weird For Adults To Have Braces

Only if you make it weird! You may not have had the opportunity to have braces when you were a child. It’s now quite common for adults to have braces, and, after all, it’s only temporary. What’s more, some types of aligners are designed specifically for teens and adults 16 years and older. The bottom line is, if you want to get braces, no matter how old you are, go for it!

Paying For Dental Procedures Might Seem Overwhelming Without Insurance But Does Having It Even Help

It might be a relief to know that you are not missing much assistance in this specific area of dental care if you lack insurance. The thing is, while braces for children are typically a part of most dental insurance plans, adults seeking braces for themselves are unlikely to be covered within their insurance. In most cases, braces are not considered a necessary treatment.

While your insurance might not cover braces, if you have a Flexible Spending Account or a Health Savings Account , you should be able to use those.

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There Might Be A Few Additional Costs You Have To Consider Before Seeking Out Braces

These additional costs include retainers and refinements.

Once your orthodontist gets your teeth strictly where they should be, you will get your braces removed. Your teeth will naturally want to move pretty soon after your braces come off. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars to fix their teeth just for them to revert to their original position. That makes retainers crucial. After a good cleaning, your orthodontist will make a mold of your teeth. They will then use this to create a retainer that fits your new smile perfectly.

If you are not completely satisfied with your teeth after braces, your dental care provider can help you alter them even more through refinements. They will make a series of clear aligners that encourage your teeth to shift a bit more. Refinements allow final corrections to easily be made to your teeth so you finish the process pleased with your new smile. Sometimes these are included with the package you initially chose, but other times this might add to the price by an additional $2,500-$4,000.

Learn More About Affordable Braces In Greenville Sc

Crafty Teacher Lady: The Invisalign Experience

At Palmetto Family Orthodontics, we love helping everyone get the smiles of their dreams. No matter your treatment needs, we take every step to provide you with the best care and comfort possible. Our patients are truly part of our family!

Schedule a braces consultation with us today to start your journey toward a healthy smile!

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How To Save Money On Braces

According to a 2018 survey by the American Dental Association, the average braces cost between $4,685 to $6,500 for children. The price for adults is slightly higher at $4,800 to $7,135.

Braces cost varies widely depending on a variety of factors:

  • The severity of your case and your specific diagnosis
  • The orthodontist and practice where you seek treatment
  • The orthodontic appliance used for your treatment
  • The region where you are treated

As shown above, the type of orthodontic appliance used also contributes greatly to the cost of braces. If you are looking for the most affordable braces treatment option, metal braces are your best bet. Metal braces are the original form of braces treatment and are still commonly used to straighten teeth and create smiles.

Other braces treatments cost more due to factors such as:

The Average Cost For Braces Based On Type:

  • Metal braces between $5,000 and $5,500. The average cost for standard metal braces without dental insurance is $5,250, and with insurance is $3,750.
  • Ceramic braces between $5,500 and $6,000. The average cost without insurance is $5,750 and with insurance is $4,250.
  • Invisalign between $4,500 and $6,000. The average cost without insurance is $5,250, and insurance is $3,750.

So why the wide range in cost? Dr. Nima says, It not only comes down to the orthodontist but to the patient as well.

The average time spent in braces is 18-24 months, says Dr. Nima. However, it can take longer or shorter depending on your specific needs, and your compliance with the instructions that are given to you.

When it comes to paying for braces or Invisalign, Dr. Nima suggests that parents begin by checking which orthodontist accepts their insurance. If you have dental insurance and your coverage includes braces, this will significantly lower your out-of-pocket expense by $1,000 to $2,000. If you dont have private insurance, take the time to carefully research providers and find one who will work with you.

Dr. Nimas staff will provide a complimentary benefits check at your initial consultation to determine your coverage level, allowing you to make the most informed decision about which treatment option to pursue.

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