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Average Cost Of Mobile Home Insurance

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Exclude

What To Know About Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance doesnt cover everything. An HO-7 policy has some common exclusions, such as:

  • In-transit accidents

You can typically purchase separate endorsements to cover those hazards. Additionally, mobile home insurance generally covers damage caused by wind, but if you live in a high-risk coastal area, your policy may have a separate deductible for damage from strong winds.

What Is California Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance is a type of property insurance that protects you from financial loss stemming from owning a mobile home. Policies typically include coverage for:

  • Damage to the actual dwelling or your property inside it.
  • Damage to other structures on your property, like a patio awning.
  • Additional living expenses if you have to relocate during a claim.
  • Personal liability in case someone claims you caused their injury or damaged their property.
  • Medical payments for individuals injured on your property.

Look for coverage that protects your property for its replacement cost rather than its actual cash value. You want a policy that can make you whole in a covered loss.

Average Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By Company

The national average cost of homeowners insurance is $1,854 per year, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis. This is for a home insurance policy with $300,000 of dwelling coverage and $100,000 of liability coverage.

Among large home insurance companies, we found Progressive was the cheapest at an average of $1,236. Travelers was the most expensive at $2,871, which is $1,635 more than Progressive.

Rates vary significantly among companies because they each have their own formulas for pricing. That means its vital to comparison shop when buying a homeowners policy. You dont know which company will offer you the best ratesand possibly save you hundreds of dollarsuntil you shop around.

Travelers $2,871

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What Doesnt A Mobile Home Insurance Policy Cover

  • Physical damage while in transit Coverage typically doesnt apply while your mobile home is in transit. So if youre moving your mobile home from one location to another, you may need to get a special endorsement providing coverage for the structure and your personal property while youre moving.
  • Floods Mobile home policies typically dont cover damage from a flood. But you may purchase a separate flood insurance policy.
  • Earthquakes Most mobile home policies dont cover damage due to an earthquake. As with flood insurance, you can purchase separate earthquake insurance.

How Are Homeowners Rates Calculated

Average Cost Of Homeowners Insurance For Mobile Home

The biggest factors influencing the cost of homeowners insurance are:

  • Your homes location. Allows the insurance company to look at the risk factors in that area.
  • Your homes value. Bear in mind that the value for insurance isnt the same as the market value.
  • Cost to rebuild. The cost to rebuild your home if it were completely destroyed.
  • Construction costs. Local construction costs, including building materials availability and price, and building regulations, among other factors.
  • Your homes age. Older homes may have more risks, such as outdated wiring.
  • Risk exposure. Risk exposure on your property, for instance, from a swimming pool, trampoline, guest house, or aggressive dog breed.
  • Fire protection. Your neighborhoods fire protection rating, or, how close your home is to a fire station.
  • Claim history. Your personal and neighborhood claims history, as well as the previous homeowners claim history
  • Insurance score. Your insurance score is based, in part, on your credit score

For more information on how home insurance rates are determined, review some of the main factors affecting your home insurance rate. You can also use the home insurance calculator below to see what average rates are in your neighborhood.

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California Mobile Home Insurance Costs

Mobile home insurance in California ranges from $250 to $1,300 annually. The best way to get a sense of where your premium will fall in that range is to request a quote. Some of the factors that determine your costs include your mobile homeâs:

The condition and age of your electrical and plumbing systems plays a role, too, as does the value of your personal belonging. Remember your deductible also affects your premium picking a higher deductible can lower your premium.

Should You Get Flood Insurance If You Have A Mobile Or Manufactured Home Insurance Policy

If youve paid off the loan you used to purchase your mobile or manufactured home and dont live in a flood zone, then you typically arent required to have flood insurance. But if you live in a flood zone, it may be worth it to purchase flood insurance coverage to protect your home and its contents from flood damage. An inch of water in your home can cause as much as $25,000 worth of damage.

Credible makes comparison shopping for mobile home insurance easy. Get quotes from top insurance carriers, all in one place.

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Cheapest Mobile Home Renters Insurance Companies

To help you find the best mobile home renters insurance for your needs, MoneyGeek analyzed the cheapest options across the country. Our findings revealed that Allstate and State Farm provide the most affordable average annual rates for $20,000 in personal property coverage. Allstate charges $119 per year on average, while State Farm coverage costs roughly $127.

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As the third-largest insurer in the country, you can purchase Allstate policies in all 50 states. On average, Allstate offers the most affordable mobile home renters insurance policies in the nation. Renters can save even more on its low monthly rate by bundling renters insurance with car insurance. Mobile home renters insurance from Allstate covers personal property, additional living expenses, liability and guest medical protection.

State Farm

State Farm provides insurance coverage in all 50 states and Washington D.C., making it a great option, regardless of where you live. Much like with Allstate, State Farms renters policies cover personal property, loss of use, additional living expenses, liability and medical payment coverage for anyone injured in your manufactured home.

What Are The Best Mobile Home Insurance Companies

Home insurance costs continue to rise in Florida

The best mobile home insurance company for you will come down to your personal needs, but weve gathered rating information on some of the biggest names in the business to help you decide.

Among the options are specialty insurance companies like Foremost. Since J.D. Power doesnt rate smaller insurance companies, no rating is available.

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Average Cost Of Homeowners Insurance By State

Our analysis of average homeowners insurance rates by state found that Hawaii is the cheapest state for homeowners insurance at an average of $558. On the other end of the spectrum is Oklahoma, which has an average annual rate of $4,122. The $3,564 difference in costs shows that a homes location really does matter.

States rounding out the top five cheapest states for home insurance are:

  • New Hampshire: $961

Among the most expensive states for home insurance, we see others like Oklahoma that are more or less in the middle of the country and are prone to severe weather:

  • Nebraska: $3,309

Is It Hard To Get Insurance On A Mobile Home

Finding insurance on a mobile home shouldnt be difficult its all a matter of doing your research and finding which companies offer coverage. However, if the mobile home is older, you may have difficulties. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development established Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards in 1976. Mobile homes built before this time may not have adequate safety standards, and may therefore be more difficult and costly to insure.

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Florida Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

While mobile home insurance in Florida has a reputation for being unaffordable, remember that the insurer makes all the difference. While you shop around, look for a provider that offers:

  • Online quotes. With Kin, you can get a quote in minutes all online. We have a team of licensed insurance experts ready to help if you want personal guidance, too.
  • Replacement cost coverage for the dwelling. Because manufactured homes depreciate in value quickly, itâs smart to have replacement cost coverage that can pay for what it would cost to replace your home, despite its depreciation, with a new, similar home. Kin can offer replacement cost coverage for mobile homes built after 1997.
  • Excellent customer service.Read the reviews! You want a company that has your back at any point in your policy â from quotes to claims.

How Is California Mobile Home Insurance Different From Homeowners Insurance

Average Cost Of Homeowners Insurance For Mobile Home

California mobile home insurance and traditional homeowners insurance both cover the place that you call home and the belongings you keep inside it. Both types of policies offer replacement cost coverage so that you can get the complete replacement of damaged or destroyed items rather than the depreciated value.

Where these policies differ is in how they approach coverage. Mobile homes are written as HO7 policies. This is because mobile homes are generally not built on a foundation, so they are exposed to some additional risks compared to traditional homes, which are written as HO3 policies. In many cases, mobile homes may be more expensive to insure than a house.

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State Farms Online Presence

State Farm has a strong online presence with an intuitive website that features individual sections for offered lines of insurance, banking services, and investment options. Aside from these navigable sections, the header also includes login access for accounts, bill-pay, claims filing, an agent locator, and an online quote button.

Information regarding State Farms mobile home insurance policy is displayed on a page easily found through the navigation header featured on each of the sites pages.

It is a comforting sign for any mobile homeowner seeking an insurance policy that this information is readily available and deemed important enough to not be tucked away like an afterthought.

The information on the manufactured home page details a basic run-down of what a mobile home comprises and what is covered by a standard mobile home policy. The pages are clear and concise and the color palette, made up of black text and red accents on a white background, grabs attention without being abrasive or too alarming.

Options to find local agents in your area are featured prominently at the top of the page, pushing for a more personal interaction if you desire. The agent search option provides a list of agents arranged by proximity to the ZIP code provided. Below each photo and name, contact details follow for address, email, and phone number.

A quick summary of specialties and particular services offered is included as well as links to each agents site.

Mobile Home Vs Manufactured Home Vs Modular Home

It can be hard to keep mobile homes vs. manufactured homes and insurance straight because the terms are used interchangeably. Heres a mini-lesson.

Mobile homes and manufactured homes are prefabricated, mobile dwellings designed to be towed on their own chassises. The one critical difference between them is the date theyâre built. If your home was built prior to June 15, 1976, it is considered a mobile home. Any home built on or after this date is considered a manufactured home and is regulated by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development . The regulations include safety standards, which is why many insurance carriers wonât insure homes predating June 15, 1976.

Where mobile and manufactured homes are built completely in a factory and then moved to a residential location, modular homes are built in sections. These sections are moved to the site by semi where they are compiled to build the final home. A modular home is insured with a traditional homeowners policy, not a mobile home insurance policy.

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Mobile Home Renters Insurance In North Carolina

North Carolina received the third-largest shipment of mobile homes last year. Mobile home renters insurance in the state costs an average of $106 per year or $9 per month, making it an affordable option for keeping your property safe. State Farm was the cheapest option in North Carolina, at an average cost of $84 per year or $7 per month.

The Cheapest Mobile Home Renters Insurance in North Carolina

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State Farm

If you live in a mobile home in North Carolina and want renters insurance, the chances are good that State Farm will provide the most affordable option.

Choose Additional Coverage Options

Here’s why home insurance costs continue to rise in Florida

With the basics in place, you can look at the options available from the insurance company. Common add-ons and home insurance endorsements you might want to consider are:

  • Upgrading to higher or guaranteed replacement cost
  • Upgrading personal property coverage to replacement cost
  • Water and sewer backup
  • Riders on high-value items such as jewelry and art

Some companies offer upgrade packages that include the most popular options for one price.

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Reimbursement Levels And Coverage Limits

Depending on your insurer, your mobile home insurance will either come with actual cash value coverage or replacement cost value coverage.

ACV reimburses you for lost or damaged items, but deducts for depreciation when you file a claim. The same is true for features of your home: If you need to replace your roof, ACV coverage would pay for what your roof is worth now, not what it was worth when it was new.

However, if you have ACV coverage, you can upgrade to RCV coverage for your home and personal property. Replacement cost value coverage reimburses you for the current retail price to repair property damage or buy new things of comparable value.

Keep in mind:

Your personal property coverage usually covers 50% to 70% of your dwelling limit, so if you have $300,000 in dwelling coverage, your personal property limit would be between $150,000 and $210,000.

The Price Varies Depending On Many Factors Including Where You Live And The Age Of Your Mobile Home

Mobile home insurance costs vary based on many factors. Learn more about mobile home insurance, what it costs, and what it covers.

If you live in a mobile home, you need mobile home insurance.

This type of homeowners insurance covers physical damage to the mobile home itself and personal property within your home. It also includes personal liability coverage and additional expenses coverage if damage causes your mobile home to become uninhabitable.

Heres what you need to know about mobile home insurance and how much it costs.

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What Is Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile home insurance also known as manufactured home insurance is similar to traditional homeowners insurance. Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Association, notes that it typically covers:

  • Repair or replacement of the mobile home due to damage from covered perils
  • Reimbursement for the loss of personal belongings
  • Liability coverage
  • Additional living expenses in case your mobile home is damaged severely enough that you need to pay for temporary living quarters while the mobile home is repaired.

Many homeowners insurance companies sell mobile home insurance but not all of them.

Insurance for mobile homes may not be available through your standard homeowners insurer, Walker says. But there are companies that specialize in mobile and manufactured home coverage.

She adds that your insurer may be able to help place you with a company.

Mobile Home Insurance: Do You Need It And What It Covers

Mobile Home Services

Mobile home insurance, also known as manufactured home insurance, is much like a standard homeowners insurance policy in the sense that it provides financial protection in the event that your home is damaged. While it’s not required by law, mortgage companies and mobile home communities may require that homeowners purchase coverage.

The exact coverage that a mobile home insurance policy provides depends on which policy you purchase, but policies typically protect your home and personal belongings, and offer liability coverage. Policies vary in price even among the best mobile home insurance companies, so comparing multiple quotes is often the best way to find cheap mobile home insurance.

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State Farm Mobile Home Insurance Availability

State Farm mobile home insurance coverage is available in all 50 states. With over 19,000 agents servicing 83 million policies, you would be hard-pressed to find an area not represented by State Farm.

There is currently no online quote option for the mobile home line of insurance. For more information or to purchase a policy, you must first contact a State Farm agent in your local area.

State Farm also makes its representatives available to policyholders 24/7, offering customer support or claims service online or by phone.

How Much Does Mobile Home Or Manufactured Home Insurance Cost

How much is mobile home insurance? According to an rate study, the average mobile home insurance cost is between $300 and $1,000 annually. However, it can cost considerably more than this in some situations.

Many factors impact your mobile home insurance rate, ranging from the age, condition and location of your home to your coverage limits and claims history.

Mobile homes can represent a variety of different risks than typical homes that will affect the cost to insure, and may have different limits and deductibles, Walker says. So, its important to shop around and ask about coverage options.

The NAIC notes that insurance company premiums vary widely from insurer to insurer. For that reason, shopping around and comparing mobile home insurance quotes is crucial to getting the best deal on a policy.

Some companies also offer discounts that can reduce a policys cost. For example, installing a home security system or membership in specific organizations may give you a price break. Bundling your insurance policies together such as buying your mobile home insurance with the same company that sold you car insurance can also net you a discount.

Finally, accepting a higher deductible can lower premium prices. For example, you may pay less if you raise your deductible from $500 to $1,000. However, it is important to make sure you can afford to pay such a deductible should you suffer a loss.

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