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Best Auto Insurance For Military

Find The Best Car Insurance For Military Members Today

Best Car Insurance for Military รข Locate Better Car Insurance Quotes

Although military members find many discount opportunities, finding discounted car insurance is a little harder. USAA, Geico, and AFI are some of the best options for military car insurance discounts, but you might find better coverage elsewhere.

Before you sign up for a policy, its important to compare your options. Youll likely overpay for your policy if you dont look at multiple companies before signing up.

Consider The Following If You Are Storing A Vehicle During Deployment

If deployment is a possibility, youll need vehicle insurance that includes a discount for coverage while youre abroad. Depending on the insurance you choose, you might save between 10% and 60% on your monthly payment during your deployment.

Each auto insurance company that offers the deployment discount has its own set of rules governing how it operates. You may need to cancel some types of coverage and store your vehicle in an approved storage facility, for example. Additionally, youll likely need to complete and file an affidavit of non-use with your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

While canceling your insurance is certainly a possibility if your automobile is paid for and not being used, it leaves you vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and other losses. Additionally, the cancellation process puts you back where you started when you return home and wish to resume driving your vehicle.

If youre still paying off your automobile, your situation becomes much more precarious. After all, you are almost certainly obliged to retain collision and comprehensive insurance until you complete your final payment. If you cancel your coverage, your lender may charge you with breach of contract and charge you for a new insurance.

As a result, its best to contact and speak with a member of the customer care staff about the policys conditions prior to enrolling.

Additionally, to guarantee that your vehicle looks and feels great upon your return, you should:

Pros And Cons Of Usaa Military Car Insurance


  • The majority of USAA members report high customer service satisfaction.
  • USAA hires veterans who understand the issues military people and their families face.
  • USAA offers low rates for the military and their families.
  • The company provides substantial discounts for keeping cars on base.


  • The company doesnt always offer customers the cheapest rates.

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Which Insurance Company Is The Best For Military Automobiles

The best military auto insurance company for you is one that provides the appropriate amount of coverage at the most affordable price. There is no universally correct response, as each persons situation is unique. Apart from your driving record and credit score, your ultimate pricing is affected by your location, the type of car you drive, the total number of vehicles you own, and a variety of other personal variables.

However, there are a few businesses that stand out objectively when it comes to offering auto insurance to veterans, current serving, and retired military personnel, including:

USAA: The Most Affordable Insurance for Veterans and Active Military Personnel

Many veterans, active military personnel, and their families have had success with USAA when it comes to obtaining the best auto insurance prices. On average, USAA customers pay less than $1,100 per year for basic coverage, which is much cheaper than the annual premiums charged by State Farm, Allstate, and other large insurers. Indeed, USAA says that switching to their company saves members an average of $707 each year.

Additionally, they provide a 60% discount on auto insurance for vehicles that must be stored for more than 30 days. Therefore, if you are deployed and will be unable to drive your car for a lengthy period of time, you can reduce your insurance costs without terminating your coverage entirely.

Geico: Best Auto Insurance Discount for Military Personnel

How Much Does Military Car Insurance Cost

Best Car Insurance For Military

Even though companies often advertise as the best car insurance for veterans or active-duty military members, your service doesnt significantly impact your rates. No matter your military status, youll pay about the same for coverage.

When you need car insurance, a good place to start is with the average price of minimum and full coverage. Minimum coverage refers to the least amount of insurance you can buy and still legally drive or register your car. Full coverage is a suite of insurance products that gives you better protection but costs more.

Check the rates below to see how much you might pay per month for minimum and full coverage based on your status.

Average Monthly Auto Insurance Rates for Military Personnel and Veterans

Insurance Company
Get Your RatesQuote Now #blank#

The average cost of minimum car insurance for veterans and active-duty members is about $41 a month, which is a few dollars less than the national average. Rates are also similar to the national average for full coverage.

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Is Usaa Auto Insurance Only For Military And Veterans

USAA car insurance is only available to current and former military members and their eligible family members, which can include:

  • Children and stepchildren
  • Former spouses who havent remarried

Current USAA members can also extend membership eligibility to their qualified family members. If you qualified to become a USAA member because a parent was in the military, for example, you can extend membership eligibility to your spouse and child.

Best Car Insurance For Veterans And Members Of The Military

The best car insurance for veterans and people in the military is USAA, which has the lowest rates and highest-rated customer service of any major company.

Policygenius content follows strict guidelines for editorial accuracy and integrity. Learn about oureditorial standardsand how we make money.

If youre in the military or a veteran, you still need car insurance to protect yourself from the cost of an unexpected car accident, just like a civilian. We found that USAA is the best car insurance for active-duty members of the armed forces and veterans.

USAA has the cheapest rates, plus its available nationwide and offers unique discounts for service members and vets. GEICO is our runner-up pick for the best auto insurance for veterans and members of the military.

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How To Find The Best Military Car Insurance For Veterans And Families

To find the best military car insurance for veterans, these steps may help.

  • Think about what you want in an insurance company. When deciding on the best car insurance for you, are you looking for the lowest price? Are you looking for the best customer service? Reading car insurance reviews can help narrow down your options.
  • Consider military-specific concerns. Do you want a company that understands your unique considerations as current or retired military personnel? If so, look into USAA, a company that only offers auto insurance only to military members, veterans and their family members. It offers specific offerings that may be useful to military personnel such as coverage for cars left on base.
  • Buying more coverage offers greater peace of mind but comes at a higher upfront cost. To determine how much car insurance you need, ask yourself if youre comfortable with the minimum car insurance required in your state. If you can afford it, youll get better protection with full coverage car insurance that bundles liability, collision and comprehensive insurance. You can purchase varying levels of these coverage typesand you can also purchase add-on coverage options, such as gap coverage, roadside assistance and uninsured motorist coverage.
  • Get quotes from multiple insurance companies. Compare car insurance quotes from a handful of different companies.
  • Best For Military Families With Children: Farmers

    USAA: Best Car Insurance Company for Members of the Military

    Why Farmers could be a good choice: Farmers offers a military discount to active-duty personnel, retired and honorably discharged veterans and active reserve members. Plus, the company has other ways families with children can save whether they live at home or on their own. Discounts include youthful driver, good student, distant student, shared family car and on your own.

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    Does Geico Have Good Customer Satisfaction

    Not only does Geico have low rates and great discount options, but it also has a high level of customer satisfaction.

    J.D. Power reports that Geico has above-average customer satisfaction ratings in most regions it sells insurance. Geicos NAIC score is similar to USAA, currently sitting at 1.92.

    As for its financial strength, Geico is another company with an outstanding rating from A.M. Best. Geico currently has an A++, meaning it wont struggle to pay any claim you might need to make.

    How Can You Save On Car Insurance As A Veteran

    Some carriers only serve members of the military, such as USAA and AFI. These insurers generally have competitive rates compared to other mainstream carriers available to the general public. If USAA and AFI don’t serve your needs, mainstream carriers like Geico, Liberty Mutual and Farmers also offer discounts for military members. If you pair a low premium rate with a variety of discounts, including a military discount, you may be able to bring your annual premiums down substantially and save on car insurance in the long run.

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    Does Progressive Raise Rates Every 6 Months

    While Progressive car insurance coverage wont be locked in at the current rate beyond your auto policy period, premiums may remain the same. Its far more likely that your insurance costs will go up if you add a speeding ticket, DUI or at-fault accident to your driving record. Its also probable that your prices will increase if you boost your coverage limits or add new types of insurance.

    Insure More With One Company

    Best Auto Insurance Companies For Military

    Another significant discount you may be eligible for is the multi-policy discount. If you insure your home and auto with the same discount, you can save up to 25%. Some insurance companies refer to this as a “bundling” discount.

    Along with homeowners insurance, other policies you can consider for discounts include:

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    Auto Insurance Discounts For Military Members

    Car insurance discounts available to current and former military members vary by company, but here are some of the more popular ones.

    USAA offers a discount of up to 15% on comprehensive coverage if you garage your vehicle on a military installation. You can save up to 60% if you store your vehicle during a deployment, or for any other reason.

    GEICO offers a 15% discount on car insurance to active-duty and retired military, reservists and guard members. The company also offers vehicle storage plans and an Emergency Deployment Discount to those deployed to imminent danger pay areas.

    GEICOs military discounts extend to those in the following professional associations and organizations:

    • Association of the United States Army
    • Armed Forces Benefit Association
    • Navy League of the United States
    • Navy Federal Credit Union

    Liberty Mutual offers a discount to active, retired members of the U.S. armed forces and reservists. This discount is separate from those Liberty Mutual offers to Navy Federal Credit Union members through TruStage.

    Farmers Insurance offers a discount to current and former members of the military. The discount is available to active-duty personnel, reservists, retired and honorably discharged military veterans.

    What Is Military Car Insurance

    While USAA stands out as a military car insurance company because of its membership requirements, military members and veterans can find great rates from a number of good companies, even without a military discount.

    The best way to figure out the cheapest car insurance company for you is to compare car insurance quotes from multiple insurers. Then decide if USAAs other benefits outweigh any price difference.

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    What Companies Offer The Best Insurance Plans For Active

    Some companies notorious for offering the flexible terms and discounts military members need include:

    • USAA: You can only qualify for USAA if you are a military member, former military member, or have a military member in your family. However, because they specialize in policies for active-duty and veterans, you receive substantial discounts compared to other companies. Likewise, they have plans that are specific to deployment situations and reassignments.
    • GEICO:GEICO also has plans tailored to active-duty personnel. They claim to offer up to 15 percent off on annual premiums, and they have worldwide coverage plans for deployment situations.
    • Esurance: Esurance is another popular option for those traveling overseas. You can easily reinstate your policy with a letter from your commanding officer proving your deployment which means no penalties for lapsed coverage.
    • Armed Forces Insurance: Like USAA, Armed Forces Insurance caters to members of the military. AFI offers a wide range of insurance products including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, condo insurance, business insurance, renters insurance, and more. AFIs insurance rates are very competitive with USAAs.

    How Do You Reinstate Your Car Insurance

    Cheap Auto Insurance for Military Personnel

    If you choose to cancel your insurance before deployment, you should reinstate it as soon as possible after you get back. Its vitally important that you get insurance before driving your car, especially if you live in a state that requires coverage.

    Even if your home state doesnt require insurance, you should still consider covering your car. If you dont have insurance, youll have to pay for damage you cause to other vehicles in an at-fault accident by yourself.

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    International Auto Insurance Coverage

    Are you heading overseas and need special coverage for your vehicles in another country? Several insurance agencies offer full protection while your car is outside of the United States. Some companies will also assist with physically shipping your car, motorcycle, van or other personal property. Theyll take care of all the registration and paperwork too. Overseas car insurance is typically more expensive than domestic coverage but the peace of mind is well worth the extra cost.

    Are There Discounts For Car Insurance For Veterans

    Veterans car insurance discounts are in the same boat as active duty members some companies offer discounts, but most do not.

    If you want to buy car insurance from a company that doesnt have a military or veteran discount, you can always ask a representative to double-check. They might not be able to find a military discount for you, but they can look for additional ways for you to save.

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    Best Car Insurance For Military Veterans

    Updated on Wednesday, January 4 2023 | 0 min. read| by Rob Bhatt

    Your guide to auto insurance companies that cater to the military community with low rates and customized services.

    Some car insurance companies show their appreciation for those in the military community by offering discounts to veterans. Other companies offer rates and services that favor a wide range of customers, including those who have served or are currently serving. Our guide to car insurance for veterans and active-duty military is designed to help you find the best car insurance at the cheapest price.

    In this article

    Review Coverage After Various Life Events

    Auto Battery And Electric: Best Auto Insurance For Military Members

    Each insurer offers unique premiums, discounts, and policy benefits. Thus, various life events should signal that its time to compare coverage. Some examples of important life events include buying a new home, getting notice of deployment, retiring from the military, having a child, getting married, and moving to another county or state.

    Besides life changes, the market also constantly changes. Insurance companies often add new programs and adjust rates to remain competitive and attract new customers. Thats why many insurance advisors suggest comparing insurance every year or so. Anybody who has kept the same policy for several years can benefit by shopping around.

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    How Do Military And Veteran Car Insurance Policies Differ

    When it comes to vehicle insurance, service members, veterans, and their families require the same level of protection as the rest of the road. The appropriate level of coverage for your circumstance is determined by the worth of your automobile, your risk tolerance, your budget, and a variety of other personal variables. If you want assistance determining the appropriate level of coverage, it is best to deal directly with an assigned broker at an insurance firm such as Armed Forces Insurance.

    Once youve established your policy with your preferred vehicle insurance company for military, your coverage is identical to that of the general public. You maintain your insurance by paying your premiums on time and making modifications as necessary to maintain the appropriate amount of coverage. You may then submit a claim based on your coverage types and limitations if you are involved in an accident, have your car stolen, or detect any theft attempts or other vandalism.

    In general, the best auto insurance providers for military personnel offer consistently cheap rates, substantial monthly discounts, and additional advantages such as price reductions while your vehicle is in storage. Additionally, they should have excellent customer support that enables you to make adjustments on the go without difficulty.

    How To Pause Car Insurance For Deployment

    The following steps can help you get your car insurance in order before deployment.

  • Dont cancel your car insurance policy if youre being deployed. That could result in a lapse of coverage which could make it difficult for you to secure car insurance again.
  • You can typically suspend some or all of your car insurance coverage if you wont be driving for an extended period of timedepending on where you live.
  • Check your states DMV website to see if you have to fill out an affidavit of non-use. This document lets your state know that your vehicle wont be driven for an extended period of time.
  • Check to see if you qualify for any deployment discounts. Some car insurance companies like USAA and Geico offer discounts for storing your vehicle on-base or being deployed to an emergency zone.
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