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Best Auto Insurance For Seniors

How Can I Find The Best Price For Senior Car Insurance

Best Auto Insurance for Seniors

Shopping around and making sure youre receiving all of the discounts you qualify for are two of the best ways to get the best auto insurance price for a senior driver.

You can switch car insurance companies at any time, so you can shop at any time for lower prices. Typically the easiest time to shop around is right before youd renew your current policy. You should have a renewal notice listing your rates, coverage types and limits, making it easy to shop for the same coverage.

Make sure your quotes include all of the discounts youre eligible to receive so that you can compare total prices among companies.

Auto Insurance For Seniors Over 80

Driving becomes increasingly hazardous for people 80 and up. According to the American Automobile Association , older drivers’ fatality rates are 17 times higher than those for 25- to 64-year-olds. It’s mostly not due to bad driving it’s because of the human body’s fragility in its ninth decade of life.

Car insurance for older drivers gets increasingly costly with age, so it’s critical to shop for car insurance quotes and grab every discount to which you’re entitled.

The average rate for full-coverage auto insurance for an 85-year-old is $2,165.

If you’re not driving as much and have lowered your insurance to liability limits only, here are how senior car insurance rates would compare as you are age:

Average Rate of Auto Insurance For Senior Driver


What You Need To Know About Senior Car Insurance

Regardless of your age, you must have the minimum amount of basic insurance coverage to legally drive in your state of residence. Finding a senior citizen car insurance policy can be difficult, though, due to the limits that some insurance companies put on older drivers. While other companies have rigid age limits or restrict the options and hike up the prices for seniors, Acceptance is a leader in car insurance for seniors and other“non-standard” drivers. We accept drivers in all age categories and from all walks of life and offer a breadth of policies at affordable rates.

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The General: Best For Seniors’ Car Insurance With Cheap Prices

You’ll want to look into choosing a policy with insurance industry giant The General if you’re looking for an auto insurance provider that regularly provides some of the lowest premiums in the market. What’s more, in the J.D. Power list, The General achieved the top spot.

Pros & Cons

  • Consistently smaller prices than the bulk of competitors
  • Automatic Renewal Program primarily targeted at persons 50 and older
  • Accident pardon for qualifying clients

The Cons:

  • Almost exclusively online-based

Coverage Types

Established as one of the leading insurance companies in the world, with all the standard forms of coverage, The General provides very robust auto insurance plans. Additionally, The General provides clients with many benefits and add-on policies, including:

  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Accident Forgiveness
  • Glass Breakage Coverage

In addition to this, The General provides a distinctive auto insurance package expressly targeted at the 50+ audience. Popularly called the Prime-Time Contract, this package guarantees immediate renewal for The General consumers above the age of 50 as long as you keep an insurance policy with The General. The only condition you’ll need to fulfill for this program is that you cannot have drivers under the age of 25 on your auto insurance, have been accident-free for the three years before you file, and do not use your vehicle for commercial purposes.

Deals on Seniors’ Car Insurance

Availability and Limitations

Customer Satisfaction

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies Overall

What Is The Best Auto Insurance For Seniors

Using a national average of $1,270 per year, an analysis of the largest car insurance companies conducting business in all 50 states found the five insurers offering the cheapest full coverage were:

Compare the Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Erie $1,450

The prices quoted here are subject to change and are national averages. The cheapest coverage for you personally will depend on your location, age, driving history, credit history, and other factors.

Although USAA had a lower rate than GEICO, we didnt recognize them as the cheapest overall because they only offer coverage to drivers and their immediate families with military backgrounds.

To determine the national average, costs were based on full coverage auto insurance for a 30-year-old female driver with a good driving record.

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Am I Covered If I Go Off

Depending on your insurance provider and whats stated in your PDS, you may be covered for going off-road. However, not all providers insure off-road driving, regardless of whether you have a 4WD, so be sure to thoroughly check the terms and conditions of your cover. Also, you typically wont be covered for racing, contests, rallies or trials.

The Hartford: Best Overall Seniors’ Car Insurance

The Hartford AARP® Auto Insurance Program has been providing automobile insurance solely to AARP customers since 1984. While this suggests that The Hartford caters solely to the 50 and older demographic, it does not take away from the great reviews the company has. A regular feature on the J.D. Power list, Hartford regularly receives above-average customer loyalty scores, and the financial strength of the firm remains high.

Pros & Cons

  • RecoverCare can help with household support in the event of an injury arising from an accident

The Cons:

  • Policies in most states that are only open to AARP members
  • Do not have the lowest base prices

Coverage Types

Thanks to an agreement with The Hartford, AARP provides car insurance to its customers whose auto insurance plans have comparable coverage to most insurers’ regular policies. Regardless of this, the Hartford plans of the AARP® Car Insurance Program offer a range of additional incentives, including:

Deals on Seniors’ Car Insurance

Since the Hartford policy’s AARP Auto Insurance Package is primarily aimed at AARP holders, their vehicle insurance plans are already at a reduced rate. The following discount opportunities can support drivers aged 50 and older:

Availability and Limitations

Customer Satisfaction Information

See what you could save on auto insurance

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State Farm Senior Insurance Review

State Farm takes the lead as the best overall car insurance provider for senior citizens. The company has affordable policies, with the average premium cost for an 80-year old drive being $73 a month .

Not only does State Farm offer affordable rates, but its policies come with additional discounts for drivers. Seniors who sign up for the policies can save even further through the following:

  • Installing an anti-theft device on their car
  • Having a car with advanced safety features
  • Enrolling in the Drive Safe & Save program
  • Bundling multiple policies
  • Taking a defensive driving course
  • Having a clean driving record

The main perks of State Farm insurance for seniors are the wide discounts. However, keep in mind that the discounts are available only in select state. For example, California senior drivers can take advantage of mature driver improvement course. However, if you are in another state, this discount is not available.

Coming to coverage, State Farm fall a bit short when compared to its biggest competitors. With State Farm, seniors only get a few add-on coverages, including:

  • Rideshare insurance endorsement
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Roadside assistance

Also, keep in mind that State Farm senior insurance coverage is not available nationwide. At the time of writing, the coverage is not available in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Types Of Car Insurance For Seniors

Best insurance companies for Senior Citizens

Most insurance companies have a large number of coverage options to choose from. To legally drive in most places, youll at least need to meet the state minimum coverage requirements. These vary between states, but they typically include a combination of liability insurance and other standard coverages:

  • Bodily injury liability insurance:This will cover medical expenses and lost wages for other parties in an accident youre at fault for.
  • Property damage liability insurance:This covers damages to the vehicles and other personal property in an accident youre at fault for.
  • Personal injury protection :This takes care of you and your passengers medical expenses and lost wages regardless of who caused an accident.
  • Medical payments coverage : This will cover you and your passengers medical expenses no matter who is at fault for an accident.
  • Collision insurance: Damages to your vehicle will be covered regardless of who is at fault for an accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This covers vehicle damages caused by things other than car accidents, such as theft, vandalism or extreme weather.
  • Uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist insurance: This covers medical and property damages if an at-fault driver lacks sufficient insurance.

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Car Insurance For Seniors: Conclusion

You can find cheap car insurance for seniors with many major providers. We found the cheapest coverage for senior citizens with USAA, Geico, Nationwide, State Farm and Travelers. But you may want to check with local providers as well. Its always good to get quotes from a variety of providers and compare car insurance rates before making a decision.

Compare Auto Insurance Policies

Geico: Best For Affordability

GEICO outperforms all the other companies on our list of best auto insurance providers for seniors when it comes to affordability, costing an average of just $1,260 a year for a full coverage premium. However, GEICO offers even more savings to its policyholders. While the company does not offer any senior-specific discounts, seniors can potentially leverage up to 25% in savings if they qualify for the following discounts:

  • Safe driving history
  • Multi-car/multi-policy
  • Vehicle safety features

GEICO also boasts one of the higher customer satisfaction ratings from J.D. Power at 879/1,000. The company also currently holds an A++ rating for financial strength by AM Best, which is the highest ranking achievable. Auto insurance coverage is available in all 50 states as well.

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Best Overall Car Insurance For Seniors: State Farm

Although State Farm doesnt offer a senior discount specifically, the company does offer several discounts that can reduce your car insurance premiums.

Ways to save with State Farm include an accident-free discount, a good driving discount and discounts for cars with specific safety features. You also can enroll in State Farms Drive Safe & Save program, which monitors your driving and rewards you for good driving habits. For senior drivers who drive less these days, State Farm also offers a premium reduction if you drive less than 7,500 miles per year.

Car Insurance Rates for Seniors – Average Driver

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How Can I Add A Senior Driver To My Insurance

Best Car Insurance for Seniors in Kentucky [2021 Discounts]

If you have an aging parent or another senior who shares your home and plans to drive your vehicle, its important to let your car insurance company know.

If the senior plans to drive your vehicle, you must alert your car insurance company of their presence at your home and ask if you must add them to your insurance. An insurer may not require a senior to be added to your policy if the senior still has a car and insurance. However, it may ask for a copy of the seniors policy to make sure it is valid.

If the senior doesnt have a car or policy, youll definitely need to add him or her to your policy if the senior plans to drive your vehicle. Not doing so could result in significant out-of-pocket expenses or even worse, losing your insurance if the senior gets into an accident while driving your car. Claims in this situation would likely be denied.

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What To Know About Usaa

USAA was scored as one of the top insurance companies in J.D. Powers 2021 auto claims satisfaction study. USAA auto insurance is available nationwide to those who qualify and offers standard coverage options like liability, collision and comprehensive, and other options such as roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement.

Read reviews of USAA auto insurance review.

What To Know About The Hartford

If youre an AARP member, The Hartford offers lifetime car repair assurance designed to help you find a trusted repair service following a claim. The company also offers AARP members new car replacement if your car is totaled in an accident, guaranteeing that the replacement will be the same make and model of the original vehicle with no deduction or depreciation. And your AARP membership gets you The Hartfords RecoverCare, which provides up to $2,500 to cover transportation, cooking and cleaning costs if youre injured in an accident.

The Hartford is available in most states and offers standard car insurance coverage as well as extras like car towing, personal umbrella insurance and gap insurance. Eligibility for key benefits requires AARP membership, which costs $12 to $16 per year for those who are eligible.

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How To Choose The Best Car Insurance For Those Over 65

To find the best car insurance for seniors, drivers should compare quotes and coverage options from multiple providers. Many insurers offer unique discounts for seniors, allowing them to save on premiums. In addition to good coverage options and competitive rates, seniors should also select a carrier backed by high customer satisfaction ratings and sound financial strength. Consult with potential providers to learn what options may be available to you to ensure you are informed and can find the best fit for your needs.

How We Picked The Cheapest Car Insurance Companies

Best Car Insurance For Seniors

Our selection criteria for the cheapest full-coverage car insurance in the categories listed above was based solely on price.

We did not factor in other variables which consumers should also consider when choosing an insurer, such as financial stability, customer service ratings, and the proximity of the nearest agent and claims office.

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Change Your Annual Mileage

After 65, many drivers start to think about retirement. Most insurers offer a discount when you change your driving status from “commuter” to strictly driving for pleasure. This means the miles you drive every year will be greatly reduced, which can save you significant money. When you get a quote online, you can select “leisure” and evaluate how many miles you’ll be driving in retirement.

Average Car Insurance Rates By Age And Gender

Most car insurance companies consider age and gender when determining the cost of annual premiums. As you probably know, age tends to correspond to driving experience, while gender can be a predictor of risk. Insurance companies typically give female drivers lower rates because they are believed to take fewer risks than men, though this is outlawed in some states.

For example, we found that senior female drivers pay an average of $150 a month, with one company quoting us a rate as low as $82. Our hypothetical senior male driver would pay an average of $163, with the lowest rate at $84. When analyzing car insurance rates by age, drivers over 70 years old pay way more on average, regardless of gender.

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The Best Cheap Car Insurance For Seniors

Why you can trust Insurify

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Instantly

Why you can trust Insurify

Youve enjoyed the lowest auto insurance rates of your life throughout your 50s, but you may notice that as you reach your golden years, your insurance premiums are creeping back up again. Fortunately, there are auto insurance policies and senior discounts designed especially for older drivers.

Use our guide to finding affordable car insurance to understand how your auto insurance rates are calculated and how you can lower the cost of car insurance, even for young adults. Check out Insurify and start comparing car insurance today. This simple tool helps you find the cheap car insurance you need from all the best car insurance companies.

Quick Facts

  • Senior female drivers pay an average of $150 per month for car insurance, while senior male drivers pay an average of $163 per month.

  • Massachusetts, Ohio, and Maine have the cheapest average car insurance rates for seniors.

  • Insurance quote-comparison sites, like Insurify, are the best way to find the cheapest rates personalized to your unique driving profile.

Cost Of Auto Insurance For Seniors

Best Car Insurance for Seniors in Kentucky [2021 Discounts]

On average, 70-year-old drivers pay $1,742 annually for full coverage car insurance. This is nearly equivalent to the national average cost of car insurance, which is $1,771 per year for full coverage.

However, keep in mind that car insurance rates are based on more than a dozen individual rating factors, according to the Triple-I. Seniors tend to be relatively safe drivers, but if you have had an at-fault accident, moving violation or DUI conviction in the past several years, you may pay higher premiums. The type of car you drive, the coverages you choose and the discounts you qualify for will also impact your rates, so you may pay more or less than the average.

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Car Insurance For Over 80s

Premiums can be quite expensive for the over 80s and medical conditions and disabilities can make it harder to get quotes online.There are also fewer insurers willing to quote at all.Out of 344 comprehensive car insurance policies on Defaqto, 95 impose a maximum age limit between 70 and 80 years old – thats just over a quarter of them.Its not impossible to find the right policy for you though shop around and compare prices to get a competitive deal.


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