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Car Insurance Quotes Online Free

How Can I Get A Car Insurance Quote

How to Get a Free GEICO Auto Insurance Quote

Getting a car insurance quote from The General is easy: You can get the quote at any time of the day or night, on the device you prefer and the schedule that works for you. Theres no reason to call a few insurance companies during work hours and answer the same list of questions. Instead, get several car insurance quotes at once in the privacy of your home and comparison shop. Aim for at least 3 quotes so you know your ballpark premium amount.

Car insurance quotes are estimates. It isnt until you provide the specific information needed for your policy that you receive the exact premium amount. If the insurance company requests additional information, that information will provide a more accurate quote. Look for insurance companies that calculate your coverage needs automatically for greatest accuracy.

Work With An Independent Insurance Agent, LLC is a licensed insurance producer . services are only available in states where it is licensed. may not offer insurance coverage in all states or scenarios. All insurance products are governed by the terms in the applicable insurance policy, and all related decisions and policy obligations are the sole responsibility of the underwriting insurer. The information on this site does not modify any insurance policy terms in any way.

Ontario Car Insurance For New Immigrants

To secure car insurance in Canada, you must have a Canadian driver’s licence. In some instances, you can simply exchange the one you had in your previous country. However, not all countries have a reciprocal licence exchange with Canada.

If you can’t exchange your licence, you must complete the Ontario requirements for getting a driver’s licence, including written and driving tests.

Once you have a licence, you’ll follow the same process for getting car insurance as every resident.

Comparison shopping is the crucial first step in getting the best coverage at the lowest rate. In addition, you can customize your policy so that you’re only paying for the coverage you need, nothing more.

Drivers who have no known driving history may be subject to higher premiums. This is because insurance providers have little information to gauge the risk they’re assuming by writing a policy for you.

As you gain a longer driving history in Canada, you’ll be more likely to secure a lower rate. We recommend that you comparison shop for a lower rate every time your policy is up for renewal.

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Why Should You Compare Car Insurance Quotes From Different Insurance Companies

Auto insurance rates change frequently and vary based on the insurance company. Comparing car insurance quotes from multiple providers allows you to see what the market has to offer given your driving history, vehicle, insurance needs and other factors. Its recommended to compare each time your policy comes up for renewal. This will help make sure you find the lowest rate.

Are The Insurance Quotes I See Guaranteed


No, we cant guarantee the quotes you see but they should approximate the final price. In order to get a guaranteed rate, you must speak with an insurance broker.

After we put you in touch with the insurance broker who can secure your lowest rate:

  • The broker will pull up your driving and insurance history.
  • They will verify the information with you over the phone to ensure theyre accurate.
  • The broker may tell you to buy a different type of policy than the one you applied for, which might also affect the price.

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How To Get Free Car Insurance Quotes Online

Obtaining free cheap car insurance online is one of the most convenient ways to buy car insurance. Most companies offer free online car insurance quotes that allow you to begin online but connect you to an agent to complete your telephone quotes. If you buy insurance directly without the assistance of an agent, you can change the insurance coverage and view your self-insurance quotes, but there are also inconveniences.

Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance

We at have managed to narrow down to two companies that can provide you cheap car insurance online. They are Auto-Owners and USAA. Auto-Owners have set the car insurance premium at $382 annually, while USAA has set the car insurance premium at $384 annually. We have given these two options because USAA is only available to active military members and veterans, including their immediate family members.

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Can I Cancel My Car Insurance

Yes, you can cancel your car insurance policy at any time, but you maybe charged an early cancellation fee or administration fees. It will depend on your carriers rules, so it’s best to discuss your cancellation options before cancelling.

If you paid for your insurance upfront , a carrier will reimburse you for the unused portion of your auto insurance policy.

Mandatory Car Insurance Coverage

Anonymous Auto Insurance Online Quote in Minutes | The General Car Insurance

Ontario’s no-fault insurance system requires that drivers carry at least $200,000 in third-party liability insurance for their vehicles. Without this minimum amount of liability coverage, drivers can’t register their automobiles. A basic insurance policy in Ontario also includes coverage for medical services and damage to your vehicle. Each is described below.

Accident benefits in Ontario

These are the medical benefits that come with a standard auto insurance policy:

  • Up to $3,500 per person for injuries that are deemed minor.

  • Up to $65,000 per person for combined medical and attendant care for serious, but not catastrophic, injuries for up to five years.

  • Up to $1 million for combined medical and attendant care for catastrophic injuries.

Direct compensation property damage coverage

Ontario drivers are also required to buy direct compensation property damage coverage.

DCPD covers your vehicle damages if another driver is found at fault for the accident. Even if someone else damages your car, you collect benefits from your own insurer.

Uninsured vehicle insurance

This coverage protects you and your family from losses related to a collision with an uninsured vehicle or a hit-and-run driver. If you are injured or killed, you and your family can be compensated. You will also be protected against damage to your vehicle caused by an uninsured car.

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What Are The Penalties For Driving Without Insurance In Nova Scotia

If you’re convicted of driving without insurance in Nova Scotia, you’ll have to pay a $1000 fine or spend 45 days in jail. That’s for your first offence. The fine increases to $2000 or 90 days in jail for a second, and $5000 or 120 days for a third.

And that’s not all. Once you’re convicted of driving without the minimum auto insurance coverage, you’ll also be identified as high risk, and you’ll likely face higher auto insurance rates in the future.

How Long Do Car Insurance Quotes Last

It depends on what provider the car insurance quote is from. For some insurance companies, quotes will be valid for 30 or 60 days. Some may be longer or shorter. Speak with your advisor for clarification on how long your car insurance quote will last. If you receive a quote you like, it is advisable to act quickly to secure the rate. Remember, that its common for premiums can change, as often as quarterly.

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How Do I Get The Best Deal On Car Insurance In Ontario

The best way to make sure youre getting the best deal from the top rated car insurance companies in Ontario is by getting multiple car insurance quotes and being eligible for auto insurance discounts.

To help you find the best auto insurance quote, Surex has partnered with the top rated car insurers in Ontario. Our partner insurance carriers include:

Aviva, Economical, Gore, Intact, Jevco, Pafco, Pembridge, RSA, SGI, Travelers, and Wawanesa

The next part is up to you. If youre eligible for car insurance discounts in Ontario, this is a great way to lower your annual car insurance premium amount. The top three discounts you can get from your auto insurance company are:

Good credit discount – The largest discount the vast majority of auto insurers offer is a good credit discount. Basically, if you have a history of always paying your bills, auto insurers want you as a client.

When you get an online car insurance quote, youll be asked if we can do a soft hit of your credit score. This soft hit will not impact your credit score. If you choose to allow us to do this, a credit score of 650+ can save you up to 20% off your annual car insurance premium in Ontario.

Claims-free discount – One way to demonstrate youre a responsible driver is by going an extended amount of time without being at-fault in an automobile accident. Some car insurers will offer a claims-free discount, which can save you up to 10% off your annual car insurance rates, after six years of claims-free driving.

How Does A Car Insurance Deductible Work

Compare car insurance quotes online for free to find your best rate ...

A car insurance deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay out-of-pocket before your insurer meets you for collision and comprehensive claims. Letâs say your car is vandalized and the cost to repair the paint is $400. If your deductible is set at $300, youâll need to contribute this amount before your provider foots the remaining $100. The higher the deductible you set, the cheaper your car insurance will be.

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What Documents Do I Need To Prepare

In addition to gathering personal and vehicle information, it can help to have a few other documents on hand, such as:

  • Current policy declarations: If you already have car insurance, its important that you compare any new quote with your current coverage. This will help the agent ensure they can prepare an accurate quote for you with similar coverage levels and options. If youre getting a quote online, knowing what your current policy declarations are can also help to ensure that you arent accidentally choosing less coverage or a higher or lower deductible than what you already have.
  • Vehicle registration or purchase agreement: Once youre ready to purchase your policy, you may be asked to provide the vehicles current registration and odometer readings. If youre buying a new vehicle, you can share the purchase agreement once youve received it.
  • Documents for discount verification: If you are eligible for any discounts that require verification, such as a professional or organization membership, you may need to share proof to add the discount to your policy. Or, if you have a young driver on your policy who qualifies for a good student discount, the company may request a recent transcript to verify their GPA.

What Affects My Car Insurance Rate

It can seem like theres no rhyme or reason as to why your insurance rate is what it is, but there are several factors that help determine your coverage and price.

The basics:

Your ageWhere you liveThe kind of car you driveYour driving history

  • A notable spike in distracted driving incidents
  • Higher medical & auto repair costs
  • More drivers on the road
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    How To Get Auto Discounts With American Family

    Finding great auto insurance discounts at American Family Insurance is as easy as reaching out to your agent. Theyll review your policy and build you a quote with car insurance discounts and bundling options that can really help you save.

    Good Student Good grades pay off. In some cases your students top-notch track record could help you save on your insurance premiums.
    TeenSafeDriver Help your teen make better choices behind the wheel. This program is free to auto policyholders with a teenage driver, and you may get a discount on your policy for enrolling.
    Away at School If you or your child is a student who is under 25, more than 100 miles away at college and their car is parked at home, you can save.
    Young Volunteer Giving back is rewarding. If you’re under 25 and complete 40 hours of volunteer work per year for a non-profit you could save money on your auto policy.

    Who Offers The Cheapest And Best Car Insurance In Canada

    Car insurance online free quotes – Car insurance quotes online free

    A singular auto company insurance that offers the cheapest auto insurance to all its customers doesn’t exist. Your auto insurance rate depends on your driving profile.

    Price also depends on the insurance providers own risk tolerance. A company that has recently experienced record losses will often charge higher premiums to new customers.

    Even if they seem interchangeable, insurance companies are not all alike. That’s why we stress the importance of comparing auto insurance quotes. Without the ability to compare, its impossible to know which insurance company can offer you the lowest premium. The variation in price is quite big. It’ll surprise you.

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    Where Can I Get The Best Car Insurance Quote

    Not all car insurance companies are created equal. Some company that no one has ever heard of before may offer cheap auto insurance quotes online, but low costs are not proof that theyll offer you the best benefits. The whole point of car insurance is having protection when you need it. Unlike other products, you never want to need your insurance, but it is there when an accident happens. You could end up paying years worth of premiums to an unknown company, then discover they arent there for you when you need them.

    Look for an insurance quote from a well-known company with a long track record. The General is a good example, as weve been in business for nearly 60 years. Were famous for providing even high-risk drivers with affordable car insurance coverage.

    How Do I Get A Full Licence In Ontario

    Once you’ve had your G2 licence for 12 months, you can take your final road test, which usually includes driving on a four-lane highway. If you pass, you get your full licence . Just remember: you have to renew your G license every 5 years, and Ontario drivers have to maintain a BAC of 0 until they turn 22.

    Having only a G1 or G2 licence means your car insurance premiums will be higher than an experienced driver with a G licence.

    Insurance companies consider new drivers at an elevated risk level to insure.

    However, there are still ways to lower your premium. Some insurers provide discounts to students and alumni of certain post-secondary institutions. Some also provide discounts for students who maintain a high GPA.

    Enroll in a government-approved driving course. Showing an insurer proof of completion will lower also lower your rate.

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    Save Time On Your Quote

    Be prepared to provide specific info. Not only can it help make the process faster but easier to finish the quote.

    What information do I need to get a car insurance quote?

    To get your free, personalized car insurance quote faster make sure to have:

    • A valid driver’s license
    • Your vehicle identification number
    • The physical address where your vehicle is stored

    During your quote:

    • You’ll learn about coverage options, including state minimums, to help you choose the best car insurance for you and your family.
    • We’ll also ask you some questions so we can help find you all the savings you may qualify for.
    • Then, you’ll get your personalized rate. From there you can purchase directly online. It’s that easy.

    How to compare car insurance quotes.

    To best compare car insurance quotes from different companies, make sure to select the same:

    • Coverages: Although some are required, make sure you pick the same amounts for each quote.
    • Policy limits: There are minimum amounts, but using our coverage calculator can help you determine the amount you may want higher.
    • Deductible amount: Depending on the coverage, you should think about how much you’re able to pay to help repair your vehicle. In most cases increasing your deductible could lower your bill.

    That way, you’ll get a full picture of what each insurer is offering.

    Car Insurance Quotes By Company

    Fast, Free Auto Insurance Quotes

    Car insurers charge different prices for coverage, and you might find a drastically lower quote at one company compared to another.

    This is the most important reason to compare auto insurance quotes when shopping. For example, a driver could get a quote costing $109 per month from one company and $196 per month from another for the same full coverage policy.


    *USAA was not included in rankings because only military members, veterans and their families are eligible.

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    What Is A Car Insurance Deductible

    A car insurance deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay out of pocket in the event you file a claim.

    For example, lets say your deductible is $1,000 and your claim cost is $5,000. You would have to pay the $1,000 and your insurer would cover the remaining $4,000.

    You can choose your deductible amount and it can vary based on your coverage type. They can range from $500 to $2,000 or more. Having a higher deductible amount will reduce your rates and how much you pay for premiums.

    Compare Ontario Auto Insurance Quotes To Find Your Lowest Rate

    Not only does Ontario have more drivers than any province in Canada, but it also has the most expensive car insurance in the country. The average cost of a car insurance policy for an Ontario driver is $1,655 according to 2020 estimates from the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

    Thats a lot of money, but there are still ways to find savings on auto insurance. will help you find the cheapest car insurance policy no matter where you live in the province. Start by entering your postal code and in three minutes youll receive quotes from 50+ Canadian insurance providers.

    We believe youll be surprised by how much your quotes vary.

    Want to know more about how auto insurance works in Ontario and how to get the best policy at the lowest price? Keep reading for helpful information and tips.

    See how our customers in Ontario save big on auto insurance.


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