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Cheap Car Insurance For First Time Drivers

How To Get Car Insurance For The First Time

Cheapest Car Insurance for First-Time Drivers

Now that it’s time to purchase a policy, make sure your coverages, limits, and discounts cater to your situation. Here’s a simple checklist with items to consider before purchasing your first car insurance policy:

  • Does your liability coverage match your net worth?

    While your parents may have higher liability limits, you might not need limits as high as theirs. Choosing your state’s minimum liability limits may save you money, but you should only do so if the minimum limits are higher than your net worth. You can figure out your net worth by adding up your bank, investment, and retirement accounts, plus equity in your home and any other property, and then subtracting any debts you have.

  • Is your vehicle properly protected?

    If your car is financed or leased, your lender will usually require you to carry comprehensive and collision coverage. But even if your car is paid in full, comprehensive and collision can be worth carrying as they can pay to repair or replace your ride if it’s damaged or stolen. If your car is paid off and worth less than a few thousand dollars, you can lower the cost of your insurance policy by eliminating comprehensive and collision. If you choose to drop physical damage coverages, make sure you can pay out of pocket for another car if something happens to your vehicle.

  • Pro tip:

    Use our car insurance calculator to help determine your coverage needs and check out more ways to lower your price for car insurance.

    Where Do I Get The Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes In Richmond Hill

    If youre looking for one provider that will offer the cheapest car insurance rates to all its customers, were sorry to say it doesnt exist. This is because car insurance is a complex product which is customized to your unique driving history and financial circumstances.

    Every insurance company underwrites risk differently, depending both on factors within your control and factors out of your control. Factors that you cant control that will influence your car insurance rates include your age, your gender and, in some cases, where you live. In addition, the loss ratios of the company youre working with may also be a factor. These are calculated using the claims history of that companys other customers. These factors can make finding affordable car insurance in Richmond Hill difficult.

    While many factors out of your control do go into calculating your rate, dont worry, you still have control over a number of factors, which when taken together, can help you score a better rate.

    This is also why comparing the car insurance market is so important. By comparing quotes from multiple providers serving Richmond Hill, youll get a sense of what you can expect to pay. Youll also be able to see which car insurance providers favour your risk profile.

    What Does New Driver Insurance Cost

    Car insurance for new drivers is always more expensive than the average rates for older, more experienced ones. But its even harder to find cheap car insurance when youre a new driver shopping for your own policy instead of being added to an existing one.

    On average, the cost of standalone new-driver insurance is $380 per month, or $4,562 per year. Thats nearly $2,000 more expensive per year than adding a new driver to an existing policy, which costs $230 per month, or $2,763 per year.

    Among the largest companies, the cost of car insurance for new drivers is $280 more expensive per month than it is for most older drivers who have a comparable standalone policy.


    Monthly costs of full-coverage insurance.

    Compare rates and shop affordable car insurance today

    We don’t sell your information to third parties.

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    What Company Has The Cheapest Insurance For First

    State Farm has the cheapest insurance for first-time drivers, followed closely by GEICO. This is based on a sample driver, which means there could be other companies that come in at more affordable rates in your specific situation. It is important to get multiple quotes based on your personal history, your location and any discounts that may apply to you to get the best car insurance for first-time buyers.

    Car Insurance For New Drivers Who Just Moved To The Us

    Car Insurance Quotes Online

    No matter their age or experience behind the wheel, anyone who moves to the United States is considered a new driver. Because these drivers dont have an insurance history with U.S. companies, its hard to evaluate their chances of making a future claim.

    While the cost of insurance for international drivers who were just licensed will be more expensive, regardless of their experience in their home country, their rates will still go down with time as long as they avoid accidents and tickets.

    In the meantime, foreign drivers who move to the United States can get the best rates from the same companies that are cheapest for new drivers, including GEICO and State Farm.

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    What Affects Your Rates In Ontario

    Here’s the insider knowledge on what we look for when determining your premiums.

    Your vehicle

    We look at your cars make, model, cost of parts, and rate of injury to see how likely it is to be involved in an accident or stolen.

    Where you live

    With more people and vehicles on the road, living in a larger urban area or city could increase the likelihood of an accident or theft. As a result, insurance premiums are higher as well. Whats more, the cost of individual claims tend to be above average in urban areas. As claims costs rise, so do premiums.

    How much you drive

    Do you commute or drive to different locations for work? Or just now and then for convenience? How often youre behind the wheel could affect your rates.

    Your experience on the road and any previous driving accidents or convictions could affect your rates.

    Adding a G2 driver

    Adding a driver to your policy who doesnt have a full licence might affect your rates. Your insurance premium will not increase for a G1 license, as this is only a learners permit. Once graduated to a G2, youll need to contact us and well provide you with a quote to add this additional coverage to your plan.

    Optional coverage

    Any additional coverages you select will affect your rates. Were happy to work with you to find the coverages that suit you best.

    Your deductibles

    The changing world of insurance

    Learn more about what affects your car insurance rates on The BlogHouse.

    How To Get Car Insurance Before Buying A Car

    Some dealerships may offer to sell you insurance during the car-buying process. However, the insurance they offer is typically very expensive, so it’s important to compare other quotes to ensure you’re getting the cheapest rate.

    Insurance companies require you to provide your car’s vehicle identification number to purchase a policy. However, you can get a quote from most companies without the VIN you’ll just need to provide the make, model and year of the car you’re planning to purchase. Once you’ve chosen a car, you can contact the insurance company to provide the VIN and pay for your policy.

    If you’re not planning on buying a car but occasionally drive someone else’s vehicle, you can purchase nonowner car insurance. This type of policy can protect you financially if you cause an accident, but it won’t pay for any damage to the vehicle you’re driving.

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    Pay Upfront For Your Car Insurance

    Paying upfront for car insurance is a great way to save money. This is because you are paying for the full year of coverage in one lump sum and not having to worry about monthly payments. You could end up paying as much as 30% more by opting to pay your premium in monthly instalments instead of upfront. If you paid your premium in instalments instead of upfront, your bill could have been 150 higher this year. Some insurers have a lighter loading of around 8pc for those who pay in instalments, but you will still save some money if you pay upfront.

    Cheap New Driver Insurance

    The Best TIPS to get Cheaper Insurance for a First Time Driver!

    The cost for new driver insurance can be staggering. After all, insurers base their premiums on risk and as 70% for fully comprehensive insurance claims are from people aged 18 21 years old, you can see why they are priced accordingly. Added to this is that one in five new drivers is involved in a crash within the first 12 months of passing their driving test. With less experience, insurance providers will typically up their premiums considerably. However, at MyFirstUK, we dont think it is right to stereotype drivers. After all, each driver is different. We offer a range of black box insurance, also known as telematics insurance as an option for new driver policies. With MyFirstUK you can get the policy that you actually deserve, not just what your age range deserves.

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    Additional Coverage Options To Consider

    As a new driver, you are at higher risk of getting into an accident. Although liability insurance covers the other person if you cause an accident, medical insurance and physical damage coverage protects you and your vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. Consider these additional coverages when purchasing first-time drivers car insurance:

    • Comprehensive coverage: This covers your car from such things as vandalism, theft, fire, hail, and damage from animals.
    • Uninsured and underinsured coverage: This covers you if you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured motorist meaning it will help cover your medical bills and possibly your cars repair or replacement costs .
    • Collision coverage: This covers you should you hit another car, sign post or property, such as a fence or gate.
    • Medical payments coverage: This covers the medical expenses of both the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.
    • Personal injury protection: This also covers medical expenses after an accident, but it may also help with things like loss of income and childcare. Personal injury protection is not available in all states.

    These additional coverages can give new drivers more peace of mind on the road.

    Choose Lower Coverage Amounts

    Every state requires a certain minimum amount of liability insurance. It will look something like this: 25/50/20.

    • 25 : The maximum your insurance company will pay for injuries per person in an at-fault accident.
    • 50 : Maximum amount the insurer will pay for injuries per vehicle.
    • 20 : Maximum limit on property damage.

    Youll need at least your states minimum requirements, but you might want more.

    Liability coverage doesnt cover your car or your medical bills. In addition, if you cause an accident and hit a car containing four people, medical bills can quickly exceed the minimum amount of liability insurance required by your state. Those four people could sue you and you would have to pay for their medical bills out-of-pocket if you dont have enough coverage, which can easily bankrupt many people. So, yes, you can pay for only the minimum amount of liability insurance, but its a risk.

    Compare Auto Insurance Rates

    Ensure you are getting the best rate for your car insurance. Compare quotes from the top insurance companies.

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    Does A New Driver Need Insurance

    Every state requires you to have auto insurance or proof of financial responsibility in order to drive legally. Typically, you’re required to purchase liability insurance, which pays for injuries and damage you cause to others and their property. In addition, you’ll need to decide if you want to purchase additional coverage, such as collision and comprehensive insurance.

    When Do I Have To Add My Teen To My Car Insurance

    How To Get Car Insurance Quotes

    You normally need to add a teen to your insurance when they get a drivers license. Most insurance companies will cover the teen with your policy while they have a learners permit. So if they spend two years learning to drive with a permitfor example, from ages 16 to 18you can enjoy those two years before high rates kick in.]

    However, some companies, like USAA, request that you add the teen as soon as they get their permit. With this in mind, dont assume your teen with a permit is covered. Instead, ask your agent when the young driver must be added .

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    Add A Named Driver To Your Insurance Policy

    When you take out insurance with us, well ask you if you want to add a named driver to your policy. Adding a more experienced driver with a claim-free history, such as a parent, guardian or older sibling may help reduce the cost of your insurance.

    But, dont declare them as the main driver as this misleads the insurer and you could be accused of fronting, which can invalidate your insurance.

    How To Find Cheap Car Insurance For First

    To find the cheapest car insurance for a first-time driver, you must decide what youre looking for in your insurance plan. Are you searching for the all-around cheapest car insurance you can find? Look for a liability-only car insurance plan. Liability plans dont cover your damages in an accident only those of other people involved in the accident.

    Research your states requirements for minimum car insurance. Generally, its liability coverage but some states dont require you to have any car insurance coverage, such as New Hampshire and Virginia. If you live in these states, youll still be responsible for paying up to a certain amount out of pocket.

    If you want more protection from your first-time car insurance plan, consider upgrading your policy with collision and comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance is similar to liability, but it helps you pay for the costs of your own bodily injury and property damage. Comprehensive insurance helps pay for damages that occur outside of collisions and may be required if youre leasing your vehicle.

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    Immigrants And Foreign Nationals

    Even if you have a long history of safe driving in another country, insurance companies consider you a new driver if you have no U.S. driving history. They access only domestic driving records when setting rates, so your driving history in the U.S. is all that counts. This also goes for your credit history, which is used to calculate auto insurance rates in many states.

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    Without a valid U.S. drivers license, you may have a hard time getting an insurance policy, even if you have an international drivers permit. If youre renting a car, the easiest option may be to use the rental car companys coverage.

    If you plan on staying and driving in the U.S., youll need a drivers license in the state where you live. Some states, like California, will issue a drivers license regardless of immigration status. Once you have your license, get at least three auto insurance quotes so you can choose the best rate and coverage.

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    Is It Cheaper To Put My Teen On Their Own Car Insurance Policy

    Top 5 CHEAP First Cars with CHEAP INSURANCE for Young Drivers! (LESS THAN £2,000)

    No. Its usually cheaper to keep a teen driver on a parents policy. There are some cases where a separate auto insurance policy can be cheaper. For example, if a parent has a sports car on the policy, and the insurance company matches the teen driver with the costliest vehicle , then the combination of the car and novice teen driver could push rates sky high.

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    Is Black Box Insurance Right For Me

    • Uses your driving style to assess your premiums
    • No stereotyping
    • 60% of drivers think black boxes make them a safer driver
    • Dedicated account manager and dashboard to see how you are doing.

    Black box insurance can save drivers around 25% in insurance premiums. It works by basing the cost of your premiums on your driving style. The black box will record aspects such as making sure speed limits are adhered to and monitoring your habits such as braking and cornering. However, you dont need to worry the black box understands that sudden braking may be necessary and will not impose a fine. Instead, it works to build up a picture of your driving habits and style and will price your premiums accordingly.

    Reading Car Insurance Plans

    As you shop for cheap car insurance for first-time drivers, youll find liability plans written in three parts, often combined and separated by slashes. These numbers are the maximum limits of coverage for bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident, and property damage coverage.

    Lets take New Mexicos minimum liability insurance coverage requirement for example. To drive legally in New Mexico, youll need a liability insurance plan that offers:

    • $25,000 per person for bodily injuries
    • $50,000 per accident for bodily injuries
    • $10,000 per accident for property damage

    Sometimes youll see the coverage limits listed out like they are above. Insurance companies might also display them in two other formats:

    • $25,000/$50,000/$10,000

    These all mean the same thing. They should always be in the order of bodily injury per person, bodily injury per accident, and property damage per accident. Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in your first-time drivers insurance, lets get into how you can find the cheapest plan available to you.

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    Car Insurance For Young Drivers

    Weve said it once and well say it again, insurance isnt a one size fits all kind of thing your cover, and the cost of your cover will depend on your circumstances. Dont assume that a full annual policy on a car you own is your only option cover on a parent’s car, or temporary car insurance may suit you better.

    There are so many different options to get you cheap insurance – its all about finding the right policy for you. Using our handy product finder tools is the quickest and easiest way to save you money on your insurance.


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