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Cheap car insurance in Georgia, how to lower your payment

Depending on your circumstances, buying insurance with an SR-22 may be required to get you out on the road. Theres a lot to know about SR-22 policies, including who needs them and how long they last. So we built our SR-22 Learning Center to help you find the information you need quickly.

Drive protected.

Cheapest Car Insurance For Drivers With A Dui In Georgia

A severe driving offense in Georgia, like a DUI, can raise your car insurance costs. You might also need to file an SR-22. Georgia drivers with a DUI on their record are charged an average of $2,703 per year for their auto insurance coverage compared to $1,512 for those without violations.

In Georgia, the cheapest car insurance companies for a driver with a DUI and full coverage are:

  • State Farm: $1,426 per year
  • Allstate: $1,745 per year

USAA is the second-cheapest option at roughly $1,666 per year, but serves only those with a military background.

Although Nationwide is the second cheapest insurer for Georgia drivers with a clean record, State Farm has lower rates for those with a DUI.


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Finding cheap car insurance with a DUI in Georgia can feel nearly impossible since there are many costs associated with a DUI. Aside from the associated fines, DUIs currently stay on your record for a decade in Georgia, after which your rates should reduce further. One way to save is by shopping around. Drivers with a DUI can save up to $3,886 per year just by comparing quotes from multiple insurers.

Recap: Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies In Georgia

The cheapest car insurance company in Georgia is Country Financial, which charges an average of $79 per month for state-minimum coverage. In addition to being the cheapest auto insurer for Georgians overall, it is the cheapest option for a number of specific categories, such as full coverage and insurance for good drivers. For your convenience, weve summarized the cheapest companies overall below.

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Cheapest Full Coverage Car Insurance In Georgia For 50

Drivers in Georgia with clean driving records may want to get quotes from these insurers, which had the lowest average rates:

  • Auto-Owners: $1,046 per year, or about $87 per month.

  • Nationwide: $1,153 per year, or about $96 per month.

  • Esurance: $1,470 per year, or about $122 per month.

  • ACCC Insurance: $1,473 per year, or about $123 per month.

  • Geico: $1,480 per year, or about $123 per month.

  • Ga Uninsured Motorist Insurance

    Cheap 1 Day Car Insurance Quotes

    In Georgia, around 12% of drivers are uninsured. This is why it is essential to consider adding uninsured motorist coverage to your policy if you dont already have it. This coverage will protect you from the high costs of repairs, medical bills, and property replacement if a driver without insurance hits you.

    Adding it onto your policy only costs a few dollars more per month. Still, it can save you thousands if an unfortunate accident occurs and the other driver has no auto insurance coverage. Compare the cheapest GA car insurance rates in about four to five minutes. Just enter your zip code and fill out a quick online application, and you will be matched with the lowest rates in your area.

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    How Age Impacts Your Auto Insurance Premiums

    While there isnât any specific rule, many auto insurers tend to agree that the older you are , the less likely you are to have an accident and pose a financial risk to the insurance company.

    For example, a 30-year-old with a family is likely, based on data, to be a more responsible driver than an 18-year-old newer driver. Additionally, younger drivers in Georgia have had less time to build up a good driving record, and they have less experience behind the wheel.

    Because of this, premiums tend to decrease as you get older, until you reach a certain age where they start to go up again. Typically, premiums begin to slowly decrease in cost beginning at around 26 years old. They then start to go up again once you reach 60.

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    Is The General Car Insurance Cheap

    The General provides affordable car insurance for high-risk drivers. Some of our customers could not get coverage from another insurer at The General, we cover most motorists. Our payment plans are flexible, and even high-risk drivers benefit. We know that stuff happens, and we will give drivers another chance. A few missed payments during a hard time in your life shouldnt keep you from getting insurance again. The same holds true if your credit rating is less than average.

    We specialize in coverage for those with a history of driving violations, and for drivers whose insurance has lapsed or expired. Drivers may qualify for some of our discounts, including driving training and good student discounts.

    We also provide auto insurance quickly. Start by checking an online quote, then buy a policy in just 12 minutes. You receive an insurance card to print out, and you can get behind the wheel and go.

    Finding Cheap Car Insurance In Ga With No Down Payment

    Cheap Insurance Down Payment | Box Truck Bros

    The easiest way to find the best price on car insurance is to shop around. This involves getting quotes from multiple companies, ensuring the coverage is the same, and selecting the best deal. Here are a few tips that will help you get started.

  • Look into the companies offering the lowest rates in Georgia: According to Nerd Wallet, the top three companies with the lowest rates in the state are Georgia Farm Bureau, State Farm, and Progressive insurance. This is the case regardless of your credit rating. Geico and Progressive, in particular, have low deposit car insurance for Georgia residents. Some down payments can be secured for as little as $20 down. A low down payment policy helps many Georgia residents, who might not otherwise be able to afford coverage, get insured the cheapest way possible.
  • Take full advantage of discounts There are plenty of discounts available for GA drivers, including:
  • Safety features
  • Opt for a higher deductible The deductible refers to the amount youll have to pay out of pocket before your policy kicks in. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly rate will be. Just remember that you will have to come up with this money if you are in an accident and file a claim.
  • Choose liability-only coverage You may consider taking out liability coverage only if your car is paid off. This is especially true if you are driving an older model car with a low value. Youll have to decide if the lower premium is worth the risk.
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    Finding Very Cheap Car Insurance Without A Deposit

    Zero-down car insurance doesnt exist, and its not possible to secure coverage without paying any money up front. In most cases, car insurance companies require you to pay at least the first months premium before your policy becomes active.However, getting very cheap car insurance with no additional deposit is possible. Find the best insurers by considering criteria like discounts, customer service, and financial strength. Then, compare car insurance quotes to find the lowest rate for your coverage needs.

    Cheapest Cities In Georgia For Full Coverage

    When it comes to full coverage insurance, geographic location matters too. Cities and suburbs have unique traffic patterns, crime rates and accident statistics, as well as associated costs of labor and repair.

    Based on our review of quoted annual premiums, the five cities below offer some of the cheapest auto insurance in Georgia for full coverage, on average:


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    No Down Payment Car Insurance Companies

    Not every insurer offers zero down auto insurance deals. Most dont allow these types of policies. Many companies consider consumers who want a no deposit auto insurance plan as non-profitable and more likely to cancel their policy or not pay their payment on time.

    At GoodtoGoInsurance, we only work with the most reliable insurance companies in the nation. The companies discussed below have built exceptional reputations based on their customer service and the many coverage options available for clients.

    Below is a list of carriers that offer car insurance with no down payment. Only select carriers have these types of policies, and they are only available in several states.

    Progressive insurance has cheap car insurance with no down payment plans for qualified drivers. If you have a good credit score above 700, are a safe driver with consecutive coverage for five or more years, you should be eligible. Progressive also offers low deposit plans that start at just $20 down payment car insurance.

    Other insurers that have some of the lowest rates with zero down payments are Safe Auto and Kemper. Get a free online quote and get matched with the lowest rates for the coverage you need.

    What Company Offers The Cheapest Car Insurance In Georgia

    take over car payments san antonio

    GEICO is the least expensive widely-available car insurance company in Georgia, with annual plans starting at an average of $666. However, the cheapest policy for you depends on a number of variables. For example, State Farm is the cheapest company for Georgia drivers who have received a DUI, whereas Allstate offers the cheapest policy for young drivers. Plus, USAA is the cheapest option for military families.

    Your coverage level also determines the cost of your auto insurance policy. As an example, the average annual cost of minimum coverage car insurance in Georgia is $902, while a full coverage policy costs approximately $1,512.

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    Average Georgia Car Insurance Rates

    Currently, Georgia has approximately 6.975 million licensed drivers. These motorists can expect to pay an average of $1,232 per year for their car insurance coverage.

    Rates in Georgia vary based on many factors, including what part of the state someone lives in. For example, Atlanta residents have an annual car insurance cost of $1,616. This figure is almost $500 more than residents of Valdosta, where the cheapest insurance is found.

    However, while many Georgians are paying less than the US annual rate of $1,503, it doesnt mean they couldnt find more affordable coverage with a lower deposit with just a little effort.

    If you are a Georgia resident looking for cheaper insurance rates, its strongly recommended that you shop around and get quotes from at least five companies before making a decision. Additionally, you should know a few things about Georgias insurance and driver requirements.

    Cheapest Car Insurance For Teen Drivers After A Ticket: Auto

    Auto-Owners offers the cheapest minimum-coverage quotes for young drivers in Georgia with a recent speeding ticket. At $113 per month, a policy from Auto-Owners costs the same for teens with a speeding ticket as it does for those with a clean record.

    Young drivers in Georgia can expect their car insurance rates to go up by 12% after a speeding ticket.

    Cheapest car insurance for young drivers after a ticket


    Researching customer service reviews is an important part of shopping for car insurance. A company with excellent service can help you get back on the road quickly after an accident.

    Insurance companies with poor reviews may have a longer claims process, and you could end up spending more out of pocket for repairs.

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    Proof Of Financial Responsibility & Penalties

    Ready to get back on the road with SafeAutos auto insurance in Georgia? Make sure you understand your state driving laws. If you need SR-22 insurance to demonstrate financial responsibility compliance, have questions about the penalties for non-compliance, or would like more information about other insurance products in addition to our car insurance in Georgia, please explore our offerings under the insurance tab at

    Why Do Car Insurance Companies Require Down Payments


    Insurance companies require you to pay a minimum down payment in order to activate your car insurance policy. In the event of a car accident, you would expect the policy to cover damages and injuries. If no premium has been paid, the coverage would not be in place to do so.

    Auto insurers also require a down payment to reduce high-risk drivers. If you can’t make a partial down payment, there’s the concern that you might cancel before paying, leaving yourself uninsured and a risk to others.

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    Where Can I Get Auto Insurance Without A Down Payment

    Since no down payment car insurance is not the industry standard, you may not be able to find this type of insurance just anywhere.

    Cheap monthly auto insurance with no deposit may be available in these states:

    • You can challenge your driving record?
    • Older drivers arent penalized for age?
    • The car you choose makes a big difference?

    Just like any other car insurance policy, your no down payment quote will be composed of several insurance components that can impact price, including but not limited to liability coverage, collision coverage, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.

    You may need to buy liability auto insurance coverage because it is the coverage required in all 50 states and is mandatory. Other coverage options, including add-ons like collision coverage, will offer extra protection and can increase your base rate further. The best way to approach getting a good deal on no down payment car insurance is just as you would any other policy. Well cover how to keep your no down payment insurance affordable in the next section.

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    Make A Low Down Payment

    Your down payment demonstrates to your insurer that youve got real financial stakes in maintaining your coverage. And the most immediate benefit of making a down payment is reducing your subsequent monthly payments.

    Car insurance companies vary in what they require for down paymentssometimes as little as 6 percent of your total premium, and up to the entire term premium.

    If you decide to make a down payment on your auto insurance, you can choose from a number of formatsyou may have options like cash in-person, with a credit or debit card, with an electronic check , or other options your insurance provider offers.

    The Best Car Insurance Online With $0 Down

    Affordable Auto Insurance Coverage for Every Budget

    You can find cheap buy now pay later car insurance plans online from $0 down for qualified drivers. Some deposits are as low as $20 down, and you will be covered during the first month. Lets face it, thats a small amount almost every motorist can afford to make. To find the best no deposit car insurance plans, compare as many quotes as possible. To get started, just enter your zip code and check several insurers lowest rates in a few minutes. Get better rates today and lower the cost of insuring your vehicle.

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    Compare Quotes In 2 Minutes

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    We are a totally free online destination for anybody that wants to learn more about car insurance. Our mission is to offer neutral and unbiased content pertaining to the auto insurance industry. We have a large directory of informative articles and helpful guides that will assist you in finding the cheapest rates along with the best coverage possible.

    Five Steps You Can Take To Get Cheaper Coverage With A Payment Plan

    Everyone wants to save money on car insurance, especially if youâre opting for a monthly payment plan. Consumers on a budget usually want monthly payment plans because theyâre quick and require less money upfront, but there are other ways you can save some cash and find cheap car insurance.

    Shop around

    MoneyGeek estimates you can save up to 47% when you shop around. We recommend getting at least three car insurance quotes from different companies to make a fair comparison.Also, consider which companyâs customers have had fewer complaints. The last thing you need when youâre in a car accident is subpar customer service. You can also shop for car insurance by company reviews with MoneyGeek.

    Go for a higher deductible

    Increasing your deductible from $200 to $500 could save you 15â30%, and increasing your deductible to $1,000 could save as much as 40%. Just make sure you put aside enough money to cover the deductible in case you need it.

    Apply for Discounts

    There are many car insurance discounts available to drivers looking to lower their car insurance premiums. This includes discounts for safety features, safe driving, good student discounts, or discounts for bundling multiple cars, or home and auto insurance. For example, if you bundle your home and auto insurance from the same insurer, you can save up to 15%, depending on the company.

    Improve your credit score

    Check out insurance costs before you buy a car

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