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Cheap Pet Insurance For Dogs

If Your Pet Has Had Medical Issues Beware Switching To A New Policy As It May Not Be Covered

Learn About Pets Best Pet Insurance

When you take out a new policy, most insurers won’t cover your pet for pre-existing conditions, both chronic problems that they need regular treatment for, and historic injuries/illnesses.

So if you’re still claiming for a particular treatment on your current insurance policy, and haven’t yet hit the maximum amount or ‘length of time’ payout, or you have a top-end ‘lifetime’ policy which does not have these exclusions, you may be better off staying put.

However, you can still switch to a new insurer as long as you’re prepared to accept your pet won’t be covered for the ailment it’s already been treated for.

For example, say your dog suffers cataracts in both eyes and is cured, with the treatment covered by your existing insurer. The cost of the cataract treatment may well have reached a specified limit but this won’t stop you from switching away to a cheaper policy with the same T& Cs as your existing insurer just be aware that your new insurer will now treat the cataracts as a pre-existing condition, and will exclude it.

You may also decide the cost of the existing policy is now so high, you are prepared to take the risk of switching to a cheaper policy and hoping the old injury or illness does not reoccur.

And remember, its important to declare all pre-existing conditions even if your new insurer is likely to exclude them to avoid the chance of invalidating your policy.

Fetch By The Dodo: Our Pick For Therapy Coverage

Fetch by The Dodo stands out for its coverage of holistic treatments such as chiropractic care and acupuncture. The companys standard plan also covers veterinary care related to behavioral issues, such as separation anxiety and hyperactivity. Fetch offers a variety of discounts, including up to 10% off for AARP members, active and retired military, and pet owners who adopted from a shelter or rescue.

Pros and Cons of Fetch

+ Covers up to $1,000 each for telehealth vet visits and up to $15,000 for treatment of behavioral issues+ Reduces premiums by up to 30% for customers who dont file a claim for at least 12 months+ Provides discounts for paying premiums quarterly or annually, rather than monthly

Doesnt have a multi-pet discount Has a longer claim processing period than most pet insurance companies

Coverage: Fetch has one standard plan for both accidents and illnesses. Coverage includes sick visits, vet exams, diagnostic testing, surgeries and cancer treatment. Treatment of dental issues, breed-specific conditions and behavioral problems are also covered.

Add-ons: Fetch does not have wellness or preventive care options, but its standard plan does have some additional perks not offered by most other pet companies. For example, Fetch will reimburse you if you have to advertise for your lost pet or cancel a vacation due to a pet injury or illness-related treatment.

Get your quote: To receive your free quote from Fetch, visit the companys website.

What If My Insurance Company Is Not Listed In Your Reviews

Given that this particular list is focused on budget insurance providers, there are quite a few excellent providers that didnt make the cut. Yours may be one and if it is, youre likely paying quite a bit for top-notch coverage.

Thats not to say that the budget providers that didnt make the list are automatically terrible, though. We just feel that these 10 are the absolute best of the bunch.

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Rspca Pet Insurance Is A Trading Name Of Covea Insurance Plc

RSPCA Pet Insurance is administered and underwritten by Covea Insurance plc. Covea Insurance plc is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. It appears on the Financial Services Register under number 202277. Registered Office Address: Norman Place, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8DA. No. 613259

RSPCA is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Covea Insurance plc.

How Much Does Dog Insurance Cost

Petinsurance101 4f6cb83d1b05a Infographic

Choosing the best pet insurance plan isnt about finding the cheapest option. Its all about finding the coverage that best meets your needs and budget without sacrificing your dogs health.

The cost of dog insurance will vary depending on what is included in your individualized policy. The coverage included in plans can range from basic accident and illness coverage to complete nose-to-tail protection.

Most insurers offer varying co-payment and deductible options, and the age and breed of your pet and where you live can also affect your pet insurance premiums. It is important to compare a range of insurers to find a policy that best suits your individual needs and budget.

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What Is The Average Annual Cost To Insure A Dog

The average cost per year for accident and illness coverage for dogs is $684 per year, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis of pet insurance policies.

Your pet insurance cost will vary depending on the type of plan you select, the coverage limit, deductible amount, reimbursement level and other factors, such as your dogs breed and age.

How To Buy A Pet Insurance Plan

The best way to save money on pet insurance is to compare pet insurance quotes among multiple insurance companies.

Heres how to get free pet insurance quotes:

  • Online: You can usually find free pet insurance quotes on a pet insurers website. Youll typically answer a few basic questions about your pet. You can save time by using a pet insurance comparison site that compiles quotes from several companies at once.
  • Phone, email or in-person: You can contact a representative from a pet insurance company or an independent insurance agent.

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When Does My Pet Health Insurance Coverage Begin

All good things come to those who wait. Before your pet can be enrolled, there is a short waiting period when coverage is restricted. The waiting period is 2 days for accidents, 14 days for illness, and 6 months for orthopedic conditions. For pet insurance coverage to start, each pet you are insuring must have visited a vet within the past 12 months. If you have a new pet or your pet hasn’t seen a vet in the last 12 months, you can take your pet in during the waiting period without any loss of coverage.

Latest News On Pet Insurance

Top Pet Insurance Companies 2022 | Vet Recommendations

Pet insurance is just one of many expenses to consider when getting a new pet. What about the non-negotiables like food, vet care and household items? How to Budget for a New Dog can help you organize your finances, so you know what to expect as initial and recurrent pet care expenses start to line up.

Discount hunting and comparison shopping takes time so its best to know which expenses are worth the effort and which arent. 5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Pets identifies areas where you can actually save a little such as medications, wellness plans and off-brand products.

The food section at a local pet store much like your grocery stores cereal aisle may induce a sort of choice overload. There are just too many options: dry food, wet food, grain-free, affordable, expensive the list goes on. Our Best Dog Food and Best Cat Food reviews can help simplify the choice.

Sniffspot a service that connects landowners with pet parents that want extra space for their dog to run in is a way to make extra money and meet all sorts of dogs. Check out Got a Backyard? You Can Make Thousands a Month by Letting Dogs Come Play in It, where we interview the founder and explain how exactly Sniffspot works.

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Pet Insurance Helps Provide Peace Of Mind And Proper Treatment

Health insurance for pets helps you cover the vet bills when your cat or dog gets hurt or sick. Costly veterinary care shouldn’t get in the way of your pet thriving, but it often isn’t in the budget. With customizable coverages and rates, Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best helps you afford the unexpected care your pet needs.

You Can’t Get Insurance For Some Pets Eg ‘aggressive’ Dog Breeds Or Those With Hereditary Conditions

Dog breeds deemed to be more aggressive than others often can’t be insured, such as pit bulls, Japanese tosas and Brazilian mastiffs. If your dog was crossed with any of these, it won’t qualify.

It’s also difficult to get standard pet insurance for pets used for commercial purposes such as racing, hunting or farming.

If you’ve a posh pooch, certain pedigree breeds are more likely to develop hereditary conditions. For example, some suffer from weak joints or hips due to generations of being inbred, and can require regular support and treatment.

Some policies specifically exclude treatment for hereditary conditions, so check to see whether this is the case. Many insurers also exclude conditions animals are born with.

As a rule, pedigree owners pay more as insurers factor in their tendency to run a higher risk of long-term conditions, plus their heightened appeal to pet burglars. Never lie about your pet’s origins to save money on monthly premiums declaring a dog a mongrel when it’s anything but can void your policy and see any potential claims being rejected.

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Embrace Pet Insurance Best Overall

Embrace Pet Insurance is a discount provider, but youd never know it by looking at the benefits that it offers its subscribers.

It doesnt have a network, so it allows you to visit any vet that you like. Thats great if youre a big fan of your current doctor or if you need emergency help in a strange or new location.

Its accident and illness coverage is extremely comprehensive, and it covers things like congenital conditions, diagnostic testing, and even alternative therapies. Youre not likely to be denied by Embrace, regardless of what your pet needs.

You can get wellness coverage for an additional fee, of course. This coverage will reimburse you for regular preventative care, but it also covers things like training and grooming. Basically, if its a pet-related expense, theres a good chance that you can convince Embrace to pay for it.

Best of all, there are no lifetime or per-incident limits, so you dont have to worry if something goes severely wrong with your pet .

Its not perfect, of course. Its coverage will only last until your pet turns 14, and it charges a $25 enrollment fee. Given its low cost overall, though, you can make that money back over the life of your policy.

Embrace Pet Insurance isnt just the best cheap pet insurance that weve found its one of the best, period.

Read our full review of Embrace pet insurance

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Plans

Compare Cheap Pet Insurance Quotes Online

Healthy Paws has one plan that covers procedures related to illnesses, accidents, hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, congenital conditions, and cancer. Procedures can include diagnostic treatments, X-rays, blood tests, ultrasounds, surgery, hospitalization, prescription medications, specialty care, and alternative treatments.

This plan excludes preexisting conditions that arise before enrollment or during the waiting period.

Healthy Paws only has one unlimited maximum payout option, but here are the choices for reimbursement percentages and deductibles to help customize your premium:

  • 70% or 80% reimbursements
  • $250 or $500 deductibles

Get a quote: Use Healthy Paws online quote tool to check prices for premiums specific to your cat or dog breed.

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What’s Not Typically Covered

Pet insurance can provide dependable protection for your beloved pet, but certain expenses arent covered. Some of the most common exclusions are:

  • Cosmetic and elective procedures, like tail docking, ear cropping and declawing
  • Vet fees related to pregnancy, breeding and whelping
  • Orthodontic or endodontic procedures, like root canals or crowns
  • Treatment for behavioral problems
  • Vitamins, supplements, pet foods and personal care items like shampoo or ear cleaner
  • Pre-existing conditions, including any genetic or breed-specific conditions

We’re Fighting For A Better Future

Unlike any other pet insurers, we are unmistakably different. We use our voice to fight for those without one. For over 20 years we have remained committed to promoting animal welfare and conservation around the world, helping save animals because they save us. We’d love your help and support with:

  • Pet welfare and essential support
  • Animal cruelty and sentencing

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Our Top Picks For Best Pet Insurance Of September 2022

  • Healthy Paws – Best for Alternative Therapies
  • ASPCA – Best for Hereditary and Congenital Conditions
  • Spot – Best for Unlimited Coverage
  • Pumpkin – Best for Puppies and Kittens
  • Figo – Best for Reimbursement Options
  • Embrace – Best for Older Pets
  • Pets Best – Best for Treatment of Mobility Issues
  • Lemonade – Best for Fast Claims Processing
  • Trupanion – Best for Direct Payment to Vets
  • Nationwide – Best for Exotic Pets

Honorable Mentions: TrustedPals, Fetch by The Dodo, Metlife Pet Insurance, 24PetWatch, Hartville, Pet Assure, USAA Pet Insurance, GEICO Pet Insurance, Wagmo Prudent Pet and Many Pets

  • No hip dysplasia coverage for dogs enrolled at six years or older
  • Only a single policy offered
  • No coverage for prescription food
  • Limited coverage options for senior pets
  • Office exams aren’t covered

Healthy Paws offers just one accident and illness policy for cats and dogs. It has no per-incident, annual or lifetime benefit caps, and you can choose a deductible between $100 and $500.

Healthy Paws provides quick claims processing through its mobile app, and most claims are processed in just two days. It also offers a direct payment option instead of reimbursement if you cant afford the upfront veterinary bill.

Healthy Paws is best for pets that are enrolled while theyre young, as coverage options and reimbursement rates are more limited for senior pets.

  • Claims processing may take up to 30 days
  • Monthly payments incur a transaction fee
  • Website is not user friendly

Do I Need To Pay An Excess For Pet Insurance

Cheap Pet Insurance – Coverage You Can Afford

Yes, for most types of pet insurance policy, youll have to pay an excess with each claim. Excess is the amount you pay towards a claim. Pet insurance policies can have:

  • A set excess£90 per claim, for example
  • A contribution excess this is a percentage of the claim
  • A combination of the two so, for example, £90 plus 10% of the claim.

Most providers will specify if the excess is likely to change as your pet gets older.

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What The Users Say About Cheap Pet Insurance

User feedback on any kind of insurance tends to be polarizing, and pet insurance is no exception. If you go online and start reading reviews, youll find people who either love or hate their provider.

People dont go online to tell the world that theyre reasonably happy with their coverage, of course.

Ultimately, the happiest users will be those who feel that theyre paying a reasonable price for insurance that theyll never need to use. Just behind them are those who feel like their company made things quick and easy when they needed them. Youll find stories like that about most providers.

Its a fact of life that any company will have some unsatisfied customers. When we examined the user feedback, we tried to find the best ratios of happy to unhappy customers. Theres a surprising number of companies out there with way more negative feedback than positive.

The companies that made the cut on our list all have generally satisfied customer bases. Youll find a few angry hornets out there, to be sure, but thats unavoidable. We feel that its likely that youll be satisfied with the companies on this list, just like the majority of their current customers.

Do You Need My Pets Medical Records

We want to get to know your pet so we can provide the best experience. After you purchase your policy, well ask for your pets medical records, which show vital information and help us understand if your pet has previous health issues, aka pre-existing conditions. This will also help speed up the process when reviewing your claim!

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Embrace Pet Insurance Plans

Embrace has one standard plan for accident-and-illness coverage plus a wellness add-on that offers annual reward amounts for certain routine vet bills. Heres whats included in each coverage option.

Accident-and-illness plan: This plan covers procedures such as lab tests, CT scans, surgery, hospitalizations related to cancer, chronic conditions, congenital conditions, dental trauma, genetic conditions, and emergency accidents or illnesses. These are the coverage options when choosing your premium:

  • 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursements
  • $5,000, $8,000, $10,000, $15,000, and $30,000 annual coverage limits
  • $200, $300, $500, $750, and $1,000 deductibles

Optional wellness rewards for routine care: This add-on covers $250, $450, or $650 of preventive care per year. Preventive care includes routine veterinarian visits, microchipping, heartworm medications, spay or neuter surgery, acupuncture, vaccinations, prescription diet food, and grooming.

Note: The optional wellness rewards plan is not available in Rhode Island.

What Is Pet Health Insurance

CBD for Dogs

Pet health insurance helps cover certain medical expenses for your pet. It can provide peace of mind when your cat or dog has an injury, faces a serious health problem or just goes to the vet for routine wellness care.

AVO: We treat pets like members of the family. We pamper them. Feed them well. And even take selfies with them.

AVO: So why wouldn’t we protect them like family, too?

AVO: Pet Health Insurance takes care of medical bills for your furriest child.

AVO: Plans protect pets of all sizes and ages

AVO: and can cover everything from an exam or medication to x-rays. They help treat everyday ailments, such as digestive issues

AVO: and provide coverage for ER and specialty hospitals.

AVO: Plans can even cover chronic and genetic conditions, such as allergies.

AVO: Unfortunately, even four-legged friends can get cancer. But testing and treatment are covered, at no additional cost.

AVO: Pet Health Insurance helps in other ways, with coverage for things like acupuncture and behavioral training.

AVO: And you choose the vet or provider.

AVO: Wellness rewards help reimburse routine care, like grooming and prescription food.

AVO: Annual plans can cost less than just one ER visit. And you can earn a lower deductible every year you’re claim free!

AVO: Keep treating your pet like family. Give your dog or cat the love and protection they deserve with Pet Health Insurance.

AVO: Learn more at

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