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Top Discounts On Renters Insurance

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost? : Insurance for Renters & Vehicles

Tenants can offset a higher premium generated by a lower deductible by taking advantage of as many discounts as possible.

Our study showed that 85 percent received at least one discount and 60 percent of renters received two or more discounts on their tenant insurance policies. About 43 percent of renters chose to bundle their tenant insurance policies with auto or other insurance policies. With the popularity of online bill-pay plans, about 35 percent of tenants can get an additional discount for going paperless.

Fifteen percent of tenants were not getting any discounts, which may be because they were unaware of the possibility or failed to ask for them. The best way to find all available discounts is to ask an insurance agent for a policy review.

What about roommates?

As rents soar and inflation increases, more and more people will be looking to split the rent with roommates. Those looking to save even more might wonder if they can share a renters insurance policy with their roommate. In a situation where a roommate has a tenant policy and the other does not, the tenant insurance does not extend to other roommates as they are not related to each other.

However, one renters insurance policy would cover related people in a household such as the spouses, children, and parents of a policyholder. The caveat is the coverage limits may not be enough to protect everyones personal property.

How Can You Get Discounts On Renters Insurance

You can lower your insurance rate by increasing the number of safety and security features in your home. Many renters insurance companies offer discounts if you have one or more of the following features in your home:

  • Local fire/smoke alarms

  • Central fire/smoke alarms

  • Automatic sprinklers

  • Local burglar alarm

  • Central burglar alarm

An insurance company may also offer discounts if you bundle your renters insurance plan with another insurance plan, like auto insurance, or if you pay your annual premium at once instead of monthly.

Another huge way to save: increase your credit score. This one takes time, but as your score gets higher, you can get better renters insurance rates.

Shop Around For Cheap Renters Insurance

One of the best ways to lower insurance premiums is simply by shopping around. You should get free quotes and analyze the cheapest renters insurance policies from a variety of providers before signing with one.

It is recommended that you look both locally and nationally as every insurer prices its policies differently. You need to be able to compare each quote and coverage limit in order to make the best-educated choice.

Taking time to also talk to an insurance agent or broker can give even more insight into the various policies out there. You never know who has the best and most affordable rates until you start putting plans and prices side-by-side.

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Get Renters Insurance Discounts

You can shave some money off your renters insurance bill with discounts, such as:

  • Multi-policy discounts. Bundling insurance saves money when you buy two or more policies from the same company. You may be able to bundle your auto and renters insurance for a discount.
  • Home safety discounts. If your home has safety devices, such as deadbolt locks on exterior doors, smoke alarms, sprinklers or a security alarm, you may qualify for a discount.
  • Payment discounts. You can typically earn small discounts for paying in full, enrolling in autopay and going paperless.
  • Loyalty discounts. Insurers often provide discounts for customers who renew their policies. Thats a nice perk, but dont let it prevent you from shopping for a policy and getting quotes from another insurer.

What Is The Average Cost Of Renters Insurance

The Best Cheap Renters Insurance in Virginia

The average cost of renters insurance is $347 a year, or about $29 a month. Thats the national average rate for a policy with coverage levels of $40,000 for personal property coverage, with a $1,000 deductible and $300,000 of liability protection, according to’s 2022 rate analysis. But thats just one set of coverage limits.

Renters insurance rates go up as you increase coverage, but it depends on the type of coverage. For example, you can increase your liability to $300,000 for just a dollar more a month on average, while adding extra property coverage costs a bit more.

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Providing Liability Insurance If Someone Gets Hurt At Your Rental Property Or Apartment

What would you do if a guest was harmed at your home, but you couldnt afford to pay for their medical expenses? What if they filed a lawsuit against you? How would you pay the legal fees? Think about the following scenarios, which may occur to any renter:

You may rest easy knowing that you have renters insurance. This is reasonable, given that you have insurance to defend your possessions and yourself up to the policys specified liability limit.

Cost Of Renters Insurance For Seniors

Renters insurance policies do not take the renters age into account when determining the coverage limits or the price of the premium. Renters insurance is available to anyone, though the value of each policy varies widely.

The cost of renters insurance depends on the coverage offered, the reputation of the company, the building being insured, the value of the property, the location of the property, and more. Companies look at the risk versus the value when pricing a premium and often offer numerous discounts for renters willing to go above and beyond to keep their property safe.

This means that even if you opt for a higher-value premium, you can reduce your monthly insurance costs with strategic changes to the propertys security and safety features, if the company offers those types of discounts. Check each policy to see how you can get the lowest premiums possible for the coverage you need.

FYI: For homeowners, be sure to read our guide to the best home insurance for seniors.

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How Much Is Renters Insurance In 2022

The average cost of renters insurance is $29 a month or about $347 a year. Renters insurance protects your personal property and provides liability coverage to you as a tenant at an affordable rate.

Renters insurance for $300,000 of liability coverage and $40,000 in personal property coverage averages $29 per month or $347 per year, based on 2022 data.

Thats a bargain for the protection you get. Your landlords insurance policy protects them, not you. Renters insurance is the only way to get coverage in case your personal property is damaged or stolen, and it protects you from lawsuits, too.

On top of that, it will cover hotel costs if you cant live at home during repairs from a covered claim with additional living expenses coverage.

Read on to learn how much you can expect to pay for renters insurance, get a renters insurance estimate for your own needs, and find out more about how renters insurance works.

  • The average cost of a renters insurance policy is $29 a month or $347 a year.
  • Your credit history, where you live, and your coverage amount are some of the factors that determine the cost of your renters insurance.
  • Amica Mutual and State Farm are among the cheapest major insurance companies for renters insurance.

Equity Cannot Be Built

How Much Does Renters Insurance Really Cost You?

Rent may be less expensive per month than a mortgage. But for what purpose are those payments being made? There is no end in sight while renting. Every time you renegotiate your lease, your rent will undoubtedly go up. Additionally, that money goes into your landlords mortgage, neighborhood improvements that will be used as a reason to increase your rent, and the maintenance of facilities you may not even use.

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Install Safety Features For A Renters Insurance Discount

One of the best ways to lower your renters insurance rates is to improve the safety of your rented space. This would include installing safety devices like smoke alarms and a security system. When your place is considered safe by an insurance company, they will generally lower your premiums.

A safe home is deemed less of an insurance risk, especially since cheap renters insurance covers theft. With the installation of something like a security system or extra deadbolts, your provider will expect you to file fewer claims since the chance of theft greatly decreases with each precaution taken.

Other Factors That Influence Your Renters Insurance Costs

Although the list is not as long as homeowners insurance, there are a few variables that influence the cost of your renters insurance policy.

  • Types of alarm systems installed in your home: Insurers will often reduce your premiums if you have home safety devices. Having a burglar alarm and a fire alarm installed can reduce the likelihood of a loss, and in turn, you are less of a risk to your provider.
  • Dog ownership: Owning a dog won’t necessarily increase your premiums, but dog ownership might mean you need more coverage. If your dog bites someone, renters insurance will cover your liability costs. According to the III, the average cost of a dog bite claim was over $44,000 in 2019. In this situation, your insurer might recommend getting more than the typical $20,000 or $30,000 policy which will increase your overall insurance bill.

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Renters Insurance Industry Report

After months of steeply increasing housing prices followed by a recent increase in mortgage interest rates, the dream of homeownership remains out of reach for millions of young Americans. At the same time, inflation and increased demand for housing in many U.S. cities drove rents through the roof in 2022.

These market conditions have been especially hard on renters pockets. As many slash spending and buckle down on their budgets, some renters are reducing their insurance coverage limits or canceling their policies altogether. But the vast majority of insured renters are choosing to maintain their current coverage. Similarly, most renters without coverage are planning to keep to the status quo.

In the midst of housing market volatility, our newest research shows that the renters insurance industry is projected to remain steady and even gain new customers over the next year.

Who Has The Cheapest Renters Insurance

Cheapest Renters Insurance Companies of 2021

Nationally, Chubb has the cheapest renters insurance for $15,000 in personal property coverage, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis of renters insurance companies. State Farm offers the cheapest rates for policies with $30,000 or $50,000 in personal property coverage.

But the company offering the cheapest renters insurance in your state may vary. For example, in California, CIG has the cheapest renters insurance rate for a policy with $15,000 in personal property coverage. In Florida, Citizens, which is the states insurer of last resort, offers the cheapest coverage. In New York, its Utica National for $15,000 coverage, but New York Central Mutual Fire for $30,000 coverage and $50,000 coverage.

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Safety & Security Discounts

Some insurance companies may lower your premium if you or your landlord has taken extra safety and security precautions around the covered property by installing home security systems, smoke and fire alarms, automatic sprinklers, window/door alarms, etc. Essentially, doing so somewhat softens the risk your carrier is exposed to for covered perils like fire, theft, and vandalism therefore, that reduced risk is reflected in your premium.

Minimum Renters Insurance Coverage

If you are a college student living off-campus, or are in your first apartment and don’t have a lot of valuable possessions or other assets, the basics will likely be fine. Minimal personal property coverage of $12,000 with $100,000 in liability and a $500 deductible costs about $100 a year.

Increased personal property limits of $20,000 increases the rate to $280 a year. A $1,000 deductible brings that down by $260 a year but may not be worth it if you have a claim.

Note, however, that the average person has at least $35,000 worth of property, according to State Farm. Many other insurance companies echo this, saying a typical renter with a two-bedroom apartment has about $35,000 in personal belongings.

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Factors That Affect Renters Insurance Cost

Several different factors can affect the cost of your renters insurance, including coverage options and personal factors. Personal factors that may affect your renters insurance rate include where you live, credit score and risk for natural disasters. Coverage options that could increase or decrease your rate include your coverage amounts for personal property and liability insurance, as well as any add-ons you choose to purchase.

Since your circumstances are largely out of your control, how much coverage you select will, in large part, determine how much you pay for renters insurance.

How Much Is Renters Insurance In My State

How much is renters insurance

Where you live plays a significant role in the amount you’ll pay for renters insurance, according to data from the Insurance Information Institute.

You’ll pay the most in the Southeast. Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas are some of the most expensive states for renters insurance. They’re also low-lying areas where flooding and hurricanes are common. Insurance companies see them as higher risk and, as a result, will charge more in these areas.

In contrast, South Dakota and Wisconsin have some of the lowest renters insurance premiums. These states have relatively calm weather patterns.

Here’s what the average renter paid for coverage in each state in 2019, according to data from III.


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Coverage For Personal Property

You may not be aware of this, but a typical houses worth of personal belongings can reach $25,000.00. In case of a catastrophe or theft, personal property coverage establishes a maximum amount that the insurer will pay to offset any personal losses.

Make a list of everything you possess before buying renters insurance, even if you dont believe you own much. Mention each items anticipated cost after that. You can decide on your insurance plan since you will know how valuable your personal property is.

How Much Is Renters Insurance Cost Guide 2022

If youre among the one-third of all U.S. households whose primary residence is a rental property, its important to ensure that both you and your personal belongings are protected from the unexpected. Renters insurance is a form of affordable property insurance designed to do just that. Still, the cost of a renters policy can vary widely based on various factors, including your location, coverage specification, and the insurer you enroll with.

Looking for renters insurance coverage? Contact any of the providers below to get started:

  • Easy-to-use mobile app and interface
  • Customizable coverage options
  • Local insurance partners offer numerous coverage options
  • Discounts for existing auto policy holders
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Offers business and residential renter’s policies
  • Inflation-adjusted coverage for personal property
  • Available in 48 states and D.C.

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Factors That Increase Or Lower Rates

Shapecharge/E+/Getty Images

When you purchase a home, you also purchase homeowners insurance to protect this valuable asset. When tenants rent a home, however, most do not purchase renters insurance. According to ValuePenguin, only 40% of renters have renters insurance. Learn what the average cost of renters insurance is and the factors that can increase or decrease the cost.

Do You Need Replacement Cost Coverage With Renters Insurance

Rumored News on Full Coverage Insurance Quotes Revealed

To ensure you can afford to replace the things you work so hard for, youll want to consider adding replacement cost value coverage . RCV does come with a slightly higher price tag than actual cash value . But, in the event of a covered loss, well replace your property with new property of the same type, kind and quality and you wont have to worry about paying more than your deductible to fully cover the damaged item. Heres a closer look at how replacement cost value coverage protects you.

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What Determines The Cost Of Renters Insurance

Insurance companies use many factors to determine how much to charge customers, including your location and policy details. Some of the most common factors are:

  • Your insurance claims history and credit score. A renters insurance claim can stay on a CLUE report for up to seven years. A CLUE report provides your claims history or history of property loss. Insurance companies may also look at your credit score and take it into account when determining your rate.
  • Your local environmental risks and crime statistics. If you live in an area that is vulnerable to natural disasters and crimes, you’ll likely pay a higher renters insurance premium.
  • Your deductible and coverage level. If you have a lower deductible, your rates will be higher. Your rates will also go up if you add more coverage.

These are important factors, but there are many more. For more information, see our article on renters insurance policy rate factors.

Renters Insurance Costs At A Glance

Renters Insurance Costs
  • MethodologyĂ— commissioned Quadrant Information Systems to provide renters insurance rates for nearly every ZIP code in the country from up to six major insurers. The applicant profile is of a married, 35-year-old who has filed no claims in five years. Coverage includes medical payments coverage of $5,000, contents replacement at replacement value and loss of use at 10 percent of personal property limit.


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States With The Highest Renters Insurance Costs

The top five most expensive states for renters insurance are all in the South.

The average cost of renters insurance is highest in Louisiana, where a typical policy costs $34 per month, or $409 per year.

Renters living in Mississippi,Alabama, Georgia and Florida also pay much more than average for renters insurance between $27 and $31 per month.

Renters may pay more for insurance in these states because they’re more likely to experience hurricanes and other risk factors. Another cause of higher renters insurance costs could be the average age or condition of the buildings that renters live in.


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