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D & O Insurance For Nonprofits

Prior And Pending Litigation Date

D& O Insurance for Non-Profits: What You Need to Know

A policy may also include a prior and pending litigation date, which attaches to a prior and pending litigation exclusion. It aims to exclude claims that have commenced in any way prior to the date specified. It is an insurers way of excluding claims and circumstances that should have been most appropriately notified to, or covered by, a previous insurer.

The Best D& o Insurance Companies For Nonprofits

The good news is that D& O is a popular business insurance coverage. Many insurance companies offers it. We research more than 20 providers and recommend the top 5 for your consideration: CoverWallet, FounderShield, Dumont, HUB International, Travelers, and AIG.

Learn more about these companies in the best D& O insurance companies article.

Directors And Officers Liability

The key distinction with directors and officers liability is that it is intended to cover wrongful acts that are intentional, as opposed to negligent events or acts covered under General Liability. These actions may be in error and wrong, but they are, nonetheless, intentional acts.

A good Directors and Officers policy should include broad coverage for all types of employment related actions, including wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, failure to hire, etc. It should also pay defense costs as they are incurred, not on a reimbursement basis.

General Liability is the core coverage that all NIA member insureds carry. NIA does not write stand-alone Directors and Officers.

Pictured NIA member insured:

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D& o Insurance For Non

D& O insurance policy for non-profits can cover the costs of investigations and indemnify legal expenses for allegations of:

  • acts or omissions leading to harm or loss
  • conflicts of interest
  • workplace harassment and wrongful dismissal at a non-profit
  • acting contrary to a non-profits policies and procedures
  • wrongful termination

Example 2 Breach Of Fiduciary Duty


A committee member of a nonprofit organisation fails to disclose to the board that his family has a financial interest in the building contractor which has been appointed to refurbish its new office. When this information comes to the attention of a donor, they sue for a breach of fiduciary duty, demanding that the committee member resign.

The committee member makes a claim notification, requesting indemnification under the terms of the policy. Panel counsel is appointed to prepare a defence on his behalf. Legal costs of $15,000 are incurred, and after some discussion, the committee member tenders his resignation.

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What Situations Does Directors And Officers Insurance Cover

At your nonprofit’s core is its board directors and officers. These individuals lead the direction of the organization’s mission and policies and have a legal responsibility to perform their duties in good faith and free of conflict of interest. Board members may decide on employee policies, how budgets are spent, and what assets are purchased. In the process, board members even if they’re volunteering open themselves to unique liabilities.

Generally, D& O Insurance protects against risks not covered by a general liability policy. Actions or consequences of board decisions or omissions often fall into this category. D& O Insurance covers situations such as:

  • Improper employment or human resource practices such as wrongful dismissal, discrimination, harassment, or unsafe practices
  • A belief by donors or creditors that funds are being mismanaged
  • Breach of fiduciary duties or issues related to a conflict of interest. This could be where a nonprofit purchases products or services from a business owned by a board member

From The Claims Files

Failure to Accommodate:An employee with ongoing performance problems was eventually terminated, but alleged he was not given an accommodation due to stress in his personal life. Unfortunately, the employees personnel file was not well documented on the performance issues, and the nonprofit had not addressed the accommodation request. The employee was highly paid, and the matter was heavily litigated over a four-year period. Because of the potential for an unfavorable jury verdict and the significant exposure to statutory plaintiff attorney fees, the claim was eventually mediated to a settlement of $350,000 after $230,000 in defense legal expenses were incurred.

Retaliation:Four employees claimed they had been wrongfully terminated for complaining about unpaid wages. Legal discovery revealed that the unpaid wage claims had some merit and the terminations based on performance problems would be difficult to establish. While the four claims were eventually settled for $40,000, it took more than $35,000 in defense legal costs to move the litigation to the point where it could be resolved. Retaliation claims are currently the most significant employee practice liability exposure to employers, for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Insurance Brokers: To submit business, start by filling out a Broker Appointment Questionnaire and find more information on the Working with Us page.

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Aligned Brokers Are Advocates Just Like You

While you advocate for worthy causes, we advocate for you. ALIGNED brokers are commercial insurance specialists we only deal in commercial insurance products. Our brokers are also advocates, we work with Canadas top insurance companies and leverage our experience, our relationships and our buying power to get you exactly the policy coverage you need at affordable rates. Contact an ALIGNED advocate to discuss customizable D& O insurance for your non-profit organization today or get started now by using our online tool.

Question #: What Key Questions Should You Ask To Determine Whether D& o Is Necessary For Your Organization

What is Nonprofit Directors and Officers Insurance?

D& O insurance provides coverage for claims by individuals and organizations alleging financial loss or seeking injunctive relief due to management decisions by the organization and its paid or volunteer leaders. As discussed previously, the vast majority of claims covered by nonprofit D& O policies allege wrongful employment decisions, such as wrongful termination, employment discrimination, sexual harassment or illegal retaliation. Thus, the first question you should ask is whether your organization employs any paid staff. Some common exclusions under policies that frequently surprise nonprofit purchasers include claims alleging violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and breach of contract claims. The hiring of a single staff member opens the door to employment-related claims. And although volunteers generally do not have standing to sue for wrongful termination or employment discrimination, the Center is aware of several instances when a D& O policy was helpful in defending a discrimination claim brought by a volunteer.

A second question to ask is whether your organizations budget allows for the purchase of D& O insurance. In cases where an organizations budget is inadequate to support the purchase of several policies, D& O may be a secondary priority after the purchase of General Liability. However, if your organization relies on staff and interacts with people on a regular basis, the purchase of a D& O policy should be an equally important priority.

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Superannuation Trustee Liability Coverage

Superannuation trustee liability coverage, also known as fiduciary liability coverage, protects an organisation and its management from claims arising from the administration of retirement, superannuation or 401k schemes. In other words, it covers the liabilities that may arise when managing a pension plan on behalf of an organisations employees.

What Doesnt It Cover

D& O insurance does not protect you from everything. The following are excluded:

  • Size of company

Nonprofits that have been around for a long time and have a clean record of D& O claims usually pay less for D& O insurance.

If you want to get a good quote for your D& O policy, be sure to shop around with a few companies or with a digital broker like CoverWallet so that you can compare several quotes to select the cheapest one:

Learn more about the details of D& O insurance cost

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How Much Does D& o Insurance Cost

The cost of D& O insurance will vary depending on the size and scope of the organization, as well as the amount of coverage requested. However, nonprofits can expect to pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars per year for their D& O insurance.

When pricing D& O insurance the factors that contribute to the variability of price are the:

  • Size of the Organization

Understanding The Types Of D& o Coverage For Non

The Need

Directors and officers liability insurance, also known as D& O insurance, is considered one of the most important types of insurance for nonprofits. Officers and directors of nonprofit boards have special responsibilities, such as the duty of care and the duty of loyalty, to advance the charitable goals of the nonprofit and protect their assets. Any allegations of misconduct may require officers and directors to defend themselves in court or face considerable liability exposure. Duty of care standards imposed on officers and directors of nonprofits have tightened in recent years. To protect yourself and your nonprofit organization, read below to learn about the three primary types of D& O insurance in New York City and other U.S. cities.

Insuring Agreement A Coverage

Also known as A-Side coverage, this type of insurance covers the right of directors and officers to receive payment from the insurance company for defense costs and liability in the event of a lawsuit, provided they do not have a right to be indemnified, or indemnification is not available due to insolvency.

Insuring Agreement B Coverage

Sometimes referred to as B-Side coverage, this insurance covers the nonprofit surrounding reimbursement for money paid to satisfy indemnification claims that the directors and officers may make against the nonprofit. To receive coverage, these indemnification claims must be made against the nonprofit under corporate law or the organizing documents of the nonprofit.

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Recruit New Directors And Advisors

Building an effective Board of Directors is a major challenge for non-profits. They are often competing with other organizations to get community leaders, business executives, and people with financial resources to serve on their board. The absence of non-profit D& O liability insurance impedes the process of recruiting the people that the organization most desires to serve on its board.

D& o Insurance Protects Your Decision

Your board of directors makes major decisions about how your nonprofit is run. The directors might establish a nonprofits goals and strategies, determine how funds are spent, and set salaries for employees. This means they need liability protection for their decisions in fact, its likely they expect it.

Directors and officers insurance can pay for lawsuits related to decisions made by your board of directors and by officers elected or appointed by the board. This policy is also called management liability insurance.

D& O insurance provides coverage related to:

  • Accusations of mismanaged funds
  • Failure to meet regulatory standards
  • Failure to perform official duties

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How Much Does D& o Insurance Cost For Nonprofits

The good news is that D& O insurance for nonprofits costs a lot cheaper than it does for corporations. The average nonprofit D& O insurance cost is $100 per month or $1,200 a year. However, this varies depending on the size of the nonprofit organization.

Learn more at how much does nonprofit D& O insurance cost

What Is D& o Insurance

E-Learning | Risk Management | Are you covered? D& O, Employee Practices, Cyber, & Crime Insurance

Directors & officers insurance is a type of liability insurance, similar to errors & omissions insurance. But whereas E& O insurance protects employees against lawsuits stemming from mistakes they made or things they neglected to do, D& O insurance protects executives from lawsuits so they can focus on leading their companies without fear of personal financial loss. D& O insurance will pay to defend the company or the leadership against claims that it acted inappropriately.

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The Duty Of Obedience

The duty of obedience means that nonprofit members must adhere to legal compliance and ensure that usage of all funds are managed properly to advance the organizations mission while taking pains to avoid misappropriation of funds.

Each member needs to behave in a manner consistent with the advancement of the organization’s values, beliefs, and mission statement.

Managing Liability Exposure For Board Members

A common assumption is that nonprofit organizations are protected by law from liability, but this is not always the case. Whether a donor, employee or a beneficiary sue for a perceived mistreatment by the nonprofit, including in relation to the core services provided by the nonprofit, the liability could lie with the board and directors, and this may vary based on the country of operation.

However, there is a way to manage risk posed both to an organization and its board members with directors and officers liability coverage. An umbrella policy can be purchased by organization for the entire board, with modified limits for board members with significant assets purchased by the organization or the individual board member.

D& O insurance coverage can be highly customized, with the extent of the protection, and ultimately the cost, varying based on the limitations and exclusions listed in the policy. The liability insurance policy for board members will cover costs of mounting a defense or paying a settlement. Even for startups, D& O liability coverage is crucial. This layer of protection ensures that the organization, as well as its employees, are safeguarded against perils overseas.

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Is Nonprofit D& o Insurance Different Than For

Nonprofit D& O insurance is typically quite similar to the same coverages for private businesses.

Now, the cost for coverage may be less because the risk is often less with a nonprofit. And, some insurers will give a discount to a nonprofit organization. However, nonprofits still face many of the same risks as for-profit businesses, so it is important for them to have adequate D& O insurance coverage.

One difference between nonprofit coverage and publicly traded corporations is the nonprofits do not need Side C coverage which is related to securities laws. Nonprofits and private businesses do not have this liability.

Common Sources Of Claims

Your Guide to Private Company D& O Insurance (2018 Edition)

An organisations management have a fiduciary responsibility to place an organisations interests ahead of their own. However, while doing so they must also consider the consequences of their actions on others specifically, an organisations stakeholders.

Common stakeholders of an organisation include:

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Why Your Nonprofit Needs D& o Coverage: Claims Scenarios

Non-Profit Claim ExampleA not-for-profit health and wellness organizations former employee initiated a lawsuit against the organization and its executive director alleging violations of wage and hour laws, age discrimination, and wrongful termination. The parties engaged in settlement discussions shortly after suit was filed. The parties settled for a total of $105,000, of which $25,000 was allocated toward the alleged wage and hour violations and $80,000 was allocated toward the age discrimination and wrongful termination allegations. In addition, approximately $28,000 in defense costs were incurred.

Take a look at some more recent nonprofit claim examples.

Types Of D& o Insurance Policy Types

When it comes to D& O insurance coverages, there are three types: Side A, B, and C. Each type of coverage has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, so its important to understand which one is right for your company.

Side A coverage: Side A is the most important type of D& O insurance for directors and officers. Side A coverage protects directors and officers from personal financial losses arising out of claims made against them for wrongful acts. Side A coverage is typically written on a claims-made basis, which means that the policy will only cover claims that are made during the policy period.

Side B coverage: Side B is designed to reimburse the company for any amounts that it pays to settle a claim made against directors and officers. Side B coverage is typically written on a claims-made basis, which means that the policy will only cover claims that are made during the policy period.

Side C coverage: Side C is for publicly traded companies and is used for securities claims only.


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What Is Nonprofit D& o Insurance

Nonprofit directors & officers insurance protects the board of directors of a nonprofit organization. When the board of directors makes decisions or statements on behalf of the nonprofit, they could be held liable for any of the actions or strategies they implement. Examples include misuse of funds, breach of authority, errors, negligence, or misleading statements.

Insurance covers defence costs, legal fees, settlements, and judgments in the case of a lawsuit or wrongful act allegation. These allegations could be filed by vendors, employees, the public, donors, beneficiaries, or other parties.

How Nationwide Private Client Responds

D& O Insurance – What’s Really Covered?

If you serve as a director or officer of a qualifying nonprofit organization, Nationwide Private Client offers our optional not-for-profit directors and officers liability coverage with limits up to $1 million, which can be added to your personal excess liability policy.3 This coverage includes costs for defense up to the limit.

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What Is Nonprofit Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Nonprofit Directors & Officers Liability insurance helps cover the defense costs, settlements and judgments arising out of lawsuits and wrongful act allegations brought against a nonprofit organization. Many times nonprofits may not even realize that their board members may be held personally liable for the actions of the organization. Protect your organization’s mission and your board member’s personal assets with Directors & Officers liability insurance for nonprofit organizations you cant afford not to.

Question #: What Are Some Of The Biggest Misconceptions About D& o

Nonprofit leaders have significant responsibilities to the mission and stakeholders of the organization they serve. Since D& O insurance refers to directors and officers of the organization in its title, many people are confused about how far the coverage extends and assume that the coverage is limited to only those individuals. However, the vast majority of D& O policies purchased by entities cover claims arising out of management decisions of the board members, officers, employees, and the organization itself. As noted by Peter Andrew, President and CEO of Council Services Plus, Inc., it is also important to understand that the coverage is limited to management decisions, and not all decisions made by an organizations board.

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