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Does Car Insurance Cover Cracked Windshield

What Should I Do If My Insurance Doesn’t Cover Glass Damage

Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Damage?

If your car insurance doesn’t cover windshield replacement or glass damage, you should still get the repairs done. Many states have laws against driving with a cracked windshield. Plus, you’re putting yourself and your passengers at greater risk. Not only is it harder to see out of a cracked windshield, but it’s also more likely to shatter if something else hits it.

What If I Do Not Have Comprehensive Coverage

If you do not have comprehensive coverage, you may still be able to have your windshield replaced. If you were involved in an accident that damaged your windshield and the accident was the fault of another driver, the at-fault driver would have to pay for your expenses from their liability insurance policy. However, most other scenarios would fall under comprehensive or collision coverage, and without those coverage types, you would pay the expenses out of pocket.

What To Do If You Have A Broken Windshield

If your windshield breaks, you should file a claim as soon as possible and before any repairs are made. If the damage occurs while you’re driving, pull over as soon as you can, and report your claim immediately.

If your windshield gets chipped or cracked, you should file a comprehensive claim as soon as you can and before you proceed with repairs.

Important note: You shouldn’t wait too long after the damage occurs to file a glass claim, and the claim should be filed before any repairs take place. The longer you wait to get your windshield or window fixed, the more likely the chip or crack will spread.

Learn more about when it’s better to repair or replace your windshield.

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What Is The Cost Of Windshield Replacement With Insurance

The cost of fixing a damaged or broken windshield with insurance depends on the cost of your auto insurance and whether or not you have to pay a per-claim deductible.

You don’t have to pay a deductible to repair glass damage in three states. These no-deductible states are Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina. In a handful of other states insurers are required to offer glass coverage, which allows you to avoid a deductible on glass-related comprehensive claims for an increase in your premium. States that require glass coverage as an option are:

However, most people will have to pay a deductible to repair a damaged windshield. Typically, comprehensive coverage requires you to pay an out-of-pocket deductible usually $500 or $1,000 before your insurer will cover the rest of the cost. For these people, the cost of repairing a windshield with insurance is the cost of a policy plus the deductible.

Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Damage

Does Car Insurance Cover Cracked Windshield : Someone Broke into My Car ...

There are two main types of car insurance, commonly known as minimum coverage and full coverage car insurance. Minimum coverage car insurance is the base amount of coverage that is legally required in your state to operate a vehicle. That said, states do not require optional coverage types like comprehensive and collision coverage. Therefore, if your windshield cracked because of a rock hitting it while driving on the highway, comprehensive coverage would not be available to help cover the repairs unless you purchased it as an add-on.

Full coverage expands on the required state coverage and adds comprehensive and collision coverage to your auto policy. These add-ons help cover repair costs for perils such as fire, flooding, theft, vandalism and damage to your vehicle from an at-fault accident.

Are windshields covered by insurance? They typically would be through the comprehensive coverage portion of your policy. But depending on your insurance company, the state you live in and the event that caused your glass to break, there may be other options. Here is how each type of coverage could work in case of damage to your vehicles glass.

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Does Rental Car Insurance Cover A Cracked Windshield

If your rental car windshield has a crack or chip, youâll need to contact the rental company and evaluate your insurance coverage options. The repairs may be covered by your collision damage waiver from the rental company, your regular insurance policy, or even the credit card you used to book the car.

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What Does It Cost To Replace A Windshield Without Insurance

It typically costs less than $400 to replace your windshield yourself. Based on estimates from across the country, Policygenius found that the typical cost for a windshield replacement is $390 per year. However, depending on a number of factors it could cost less than $100 or more than $1,000 to repair or replace your windshield.

The following factors may affect the cost of replacing a damaged windshield:

  • Where you live: Service providers can charge different rates to fix a windshield. Where there are fewer options available, you may have a harder time finding a cheap price.

  • Advanced technology: Many newer vehicles have important sensors, heads-up displays and other technology built into the glass, which can increase your repair costs by several hundred dollars.

  • Type of car: Classic cars, sports cars, and luxury vehicles often have custom windshields based on the size or style of the car.

  • Tinting: Tinted windshields or other treated glass can be more expensive to repair or replace.

  • Front or rear windshield: Replacing a rear windshield can sometimes be cheaper if there is no wiper assembly, but many cars do have rear windshield wipers or other things that can increase the cost.

  • Used glass: Choosing used glass can help reduce the cost of replacing your windshield.

  • Amount of damage: A tiny chip in your windshield could be a cheap, simple repair while a huge crack on a windshield or shattered glass will require a full replacement and will cost more.

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Get Your Windshield Fixed On Your Car

Regardless of how severely your windshield is cracked, it should always be fixed when the next opportunity presents itself. Even if the crack is small, it still poses a massive threat to your carâs safety. It can quickly grow in size over time, and the windshield will become unsalvageable. Upon receiving, reviewing, and accepting your valid claim, your insurance company will suggest an auto repair shop. You do have the option to go to one of your choosing. Windshield repairs and replacements arenât lengthy processes by any means. Once your windshield is no longer cracked, send the service receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Cost Of A Windshield Replacement

Does Insurance Cover a Broken Windshield? : Basic Insurance Advice

The average cost to replace a windshield is $350, according to the National Windshield Repair Division. Unfortunately, though, this range can vary even more than the cost of repairing cracks. Factors that affect the cost of a new windshield include:

  • Sensors and other technology. Many newer cars contain important sensors and other technology. These must also be replaced with glass, drastically increasing costs by several hundred dollars. Therefore, you may find its cheaper to get replacement glass in your older vehicle.
  • Classic cars. That said, not all older cars have cheap windshield replacements. Classic cars may require custom windshields because they arent a standard size.
  • Tinted glass. Do you want tinted or special glass? If so, this will cost you more than standard auto glass.
  • Luxury vehicle. Certain makes, like Mercedes Benz and Lexus, require special glass straight from the manufacturer. This increases the cost of glass.
  • Front or back windshield. Usually, its your front windshield that takes the brunt of any damage. But if your back windshield needs to be replaced, it can be a little cheaper because you usually dont have to worry about the wiper assembly.
  • OEM glass. Using an aftermarket windshield can greatly lower the cost of a replacement. However, using OEM glass provides higher quality.

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Is A Cracked Windshield Covered Under Car Insurance

  • Listen to this

On a highway, the sole focus is on the road and the safety of you and your co-passengers. Sometimes a tiny piece of rock can hit your windshield, but you would be oblivious to it. Now you might only notice the cracked windshield when you get home. Now the most pertinent question is Does car insurance cover cracked windshield?

You might not need to patch your windshield at all, depending on the severity of the crack. However, not all cracks remain small indefinitely some can worsen over time. If the crack is interfering with your line of sightand therefore your protection on the roadit might not be prudent to wait to see if it spreads. The cost of replacing or repairing a car windshield crack at an auto body shop varies from $100 to $400 for regular vehicles but can reach $1000 for high-end, high-tech vehicles. If youre replacing a windshield or pouring resin into an existing one, the final cost varies.

It Seems Like Windshield Insurance Really Depends On Who And Where Is That All Worth It Just To Fix A Crack

Indeed, many factors play into whether your insurance would completely cover you in the event of a cracked windshield. For the most part, comprehensive insurance is your go-to in the event of a non-fault windshield break, and they happen from time to time.

States like South Carolina, Florida, and Kentucky all passed that requirement of waiving deductibles because it encourages people to fix a safety hazard problem. Thatâs why itâs all worth it. Because a cracked windshield isnât a cosmetic issue, itâs a safety issue.

About the AuthorSam Rakestraw is a senior insurance analyst and content writer for Insurance Navy. His articles are all written with a deep familiarity and knowledge of all aspects of the insurance industry. Sam is also a freelance journalist for publications such as Off-Kilter Media, where he has a reputation for interviewing up-and-coming local musicians. Sam has a BA in Journalism from High Point University.

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What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is a type of insurance that helps pay to replace or repair your car if its stolen or damaged in a non-collision incident that is out of your control. This typically means any damage received during a storm, a fire, or from theft or vandalism. Comprehensive car insurance is usually optional, but you may be required to carry it if your car is financed or leased.

Some Insurance Companies Offer Zero

Does Car Insurance Cover Cracked Windshield : Someone Broke into My Car ...

It means that if your windshield can be repaired, your insurance company will cover the cost of repair without any out-of-pocket expense from you.

If you noticed a crack in your windshield, we highly recommend calling your insurance agent right away to find out whether your policy will cover the repair for free. It is always a good idea to repair your windshield immediately.

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How Much Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost

According to the most recent auto insurance report by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , the average cost of comprehensive car insurance in 2019 was approximately $172 per year. This cost will vary based on your carrier and your state. For instance, residents of California may pay as low as $97 per year, while those in South Dakota can pay around $348.

Drivers dont necessarily need to purchase comprehensive car insurance, as its not required in any state. Many motorists pick it up, though, because it yields significant savings in the event of a hailstorm, a damaged windshield, or an incident of theft or vandalism.

The best way to determine your rates for comprehensive auto insurance comes by comparing quotes from multiple providers at once. That way, youll be able to tell which companies are your top choices for cheap car insurance.

How To Make A Claim For Windshield Damage

Filing a claim for a damaged windshield isn’t different from making other types of insurance claims. When you make a claim, you’ll have to contact your insurance provider by calling an agent or by submitting a claim online. While providers have different rules for how quickly you’re required to contact them after a loss, it’s important to act quickly when damage occurs.

When you make a claim, your insurance company may require a shop or mechanic they choose to inspect the damage. Depending on your provider, you may have to have the damage repaired by these shops though some insurers allow you to work with service providers of your choice.

It’s best to stay in contact with your insurance company throughout the claims process to be sure you have all of the necessary information in hand. For example, you should save all of your receipts so your insurance company knows how much to reimburse you. It’s also a good idea to document your communications in case you decide to dispute the claim later on.

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Does Insurance Cover Cracked Windshields

Car insurance covers cracked windshields. Depending on the source of the damage, your cracked or broken windshield may be covered by:

  • Another driver’s liability coverage

  • Your glass coverage

Liability insurance pays for the damage that one driver is responsible for causing another person, including medical bills and property damage. If your windshield is cracked by another driver, their liability protection would pay for a replacement.

On the other hand, comprehensive coverage pays for damage that isn’t caused by another driver. If your windshield is cracked by a falling branch, flying rock, vandal, or another covered peril, then your comprehensive coverage would protect you from paying for the replacement yourself.

Similar to comprehensive coverage, your policy’s collision coverage pays for damage that you’re at fault for, including glass damage. If you’re involved in an at-fault crash and have to repair your windshield, you could decide to file a collision claim or pay out of pocket to fix the damage.

In some states you can purchase glass coverage, also called a “full glass policy.” Glass coverage allows you to avoid a deductible when making glass-related comprehensive claims. If this add-on is available in your area, it could be a good purchase if you have a higher deductible.

Should I Go For Repaired Or Replaced

Should I Make an Insurance Claim to Replace my Windshield?

You might have been asking yourself, Will my policy cover repair? Usually, the better question to start with is whether you can repair it at all or if youll need auto glass replacement instead.

Luckily, when you call your insurance company to tell them about the issue, theyll send a professional to take a look at your vehicle. Theyll be able to tell right away whether a repair or replacement would work best for your specific scenario.

In general, cracks that are less than 3 inches in length and dont obscure the drivers line of vision can be repaired. Each state may also have its own guidelines about which ones can be repaired without requiring a replacement. But if youd like a general idea before your technician arrives, here is some information on thedifferent types of damageyour windshield can sustain:

Repairing the glass damage will always cost less than full glass coverage replacement. If youre paying out of pocket, youll most likely want to use the less expensive option. If your policy covers it, theyll probably be the ones to decide whether to repair or replace it. Typically, theyll go with the least expensive viable option.

Regardless of whether you have your windshield crack is repaired or replaced, the process should only take about 30 minutes. That means youll be back on the road in no time!

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Does Car Insurance Cover A Cracked Windshield

Drivers often wonder if car insurance covers a cracked windshield. According to The Balance, windshields can crack for a variety of reasons, whether it’s from debris on the road, storm damage, or neighborhood kids accidentally hitting a ball too far.

Drivers often wonder if car insurance covers a cracked windshield. According to The Balance, windshields can crack for a variety of reasons, whether it’s from debris on the road, storm damage, or neighborhood kids accidentally hitting a ball too far. Whatever the cause, the first step to fixing the crack is finding out whether your insurance company covers windshields.

What Is The Benefit Of Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance coverage handles repairs for things outside of collisions with other vehicles, like falling objects. Data from the III shows comprehensive car insurance rates are some of the most affordable when it comes to optional coverage. If youre financing a vehicle, a lender will likely require you to add collision and comprehensive policies to your car insurance coverage.

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Beware Fraudulent Glass Repair Technicians

Filing a glass claim with your insurer may seem like a hassle, but its better than trusting someone else to do it.

When it comes to repairing or replacing your cars windshield, ethical service contractors will expect you to file the claim yourself. Other contractors, sometimes called glass repair technicians, may try to get you to sign an Assignment of Benefits form so they can file the claim on your behalf. Their resulting actions can make your personal information vulnerable and lead to an increase in your premium.

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