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Why Should You Use Bankrate To Compare Auto Insurance Quotes

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As a trusted name in the financial services sector since 1976, Bankrate began as a print publication geared towards bankers and those in the banking industry. Since our inception, weve expanded our expertise, and today, Bankrates insurance editorial team includes four licensed agents with real-world experience across multiple property and casualty products. We use a mix of proprietary rate data and third-party scoring to bring you accurate, helpful and easy-to-understand information that you can use to find the best car insurance company to fit your needs.

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Comparison

To keep your quotes low, you should be mindful of the following:

  • Your level of coverage

  • Fewer coverage add-ons and lower limits will keep your car insurance costs low, but they also might leave you vulnerable to out-of-pocket costs in the event of an accident.

  • Your selected deductible

  • The higher your deductible, the lower your car insurance costs. However, you should make sure you can afford to pay your deductible in the event of an accident.

  • Providers have discounts for everythingfrom owning a home to earning a 3.5 GPA at school. Most insurance-comparison sites will ask you questions to ascertain which discounts youre eligible for. Make sure to answer those correctly to keep your quotes low.

Shop Around For Car Insurance Each Year

Regardless of what type of insurance youre buying, you should always shop around to find the best price in your area. Compare quotes from multiple car insurance companies before making a decision, and reconsider your auto insurance each year. The Insurify quote comparison tool is a free one-stop-shop for getting multiple quotes at once.

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Cheapest States for Full-Coverage Car Insurance

One of the biggest factors in the cost of auto insurance is location. Places with extreme weather, high rates of vandalism or car theft, or increased chances of animal collisions will have higher rates because theres a greater likelihood companies will have to pay out for related claims. On average, these states have the cheapest car insurance rates in the country.


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How Much Does Car Insurance Increase After An At

If you submit an insurance claim for an accident and you are deemed to be at-fault by your insurer you can expect to see a significant increase on your car insurance premium at renewal. The first year increase will likely be around 50% to 70% annually.

Assuming you maintain a clean record, you policy will start to decrease slowly each year. However, the amount varies depending on who is to blame for the claim, the severity and expense of the accident, and your overall driving record.

*The only way an at-fault accident will not impact your premium, is if it was your first at fault accident and you have an accident forgiveness endorsement on your policy.

Figure Out How Much Coverage You Need


Most drivers should get a full-coverage policy, which means one that includes comprehensive and collision coverage .

Comprehensive and collision coverage both require that you choose a deductible amount, which is what you agree to pay out of pocket per-claim. Car insurance deductibles are usually set at $500 or $1,000 the higher you set your deductible, the lower your rates will be. Just remember that youll actually have to pay that amount yourself if you need to use that coverage.

Youll also need to choose liability coverage levels. Thats the part of your car insurance that covers the damage when youre at fault in an accident. Liability coverage is the backbone of your car insurance policy, and we recommend setting high limits so youll be fully covered, even in a worst-case scenario. Heres a good place to start:

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Get A Car Insurance Quote Today And Enjoy The Ease Of Working With Us

Auto insurance from Nationwide gives you peace of mind. When you choose an On Your Side Auto Repair Network® facility, you can get a written guarantee on your car repairs.1 With our On Your Side Claims® Service, you also get personal service like the On Your Side® Review, an annual check-in with your insurance professional to review your coverage. And with multi-policy and other discounts, such as the SmartRide® and SmartMiles® usage-based programs, you get peace of mind and value.

Are The General Car Insurance Quotes Free

Any company that tries to charge potential customers for a car insurance quote is not going to get their business. Thats why car insurance quotes online are virtually always free. There is absolutely no obligation. The whole process is completely anonymous and short. You can receive a free, no-obligation quote in just 2 minutes or less. When you find a policy you really like, buy it online and obtain an insurance card in just minutes. Theres really no more efficient way to compare car insurance quotes and get yourself a policy immediately.

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How Do I Find The Cheapest Auto Insurance Rates makes it simple just fill out our auto insurance form with your driver details .

We’ll find the auto insurance quotes available to you. We rank quotes from cheapest to most expensive.

Once you’ve compared car insurance rates and selected your quote, you’ll be able to speak directly with an car insurance broker who’ll help you lock in your rate with the insurance company. Shopping for auto insurance online has never been quicker or easier.

Many Drivers Dont Know That Car Insurance Quotes Are Free

How to Get a Free GEICO Auto Insurance Quote

One potential barrier to consumers shopping for coverage is the misbelief that getting quotes costs money. About a quarter of respondents said that getting car insurance quotes costs money either some of the time or all of the time according to a recent survey by Forbes Advisor. It doesnât.

More men than women incorrectly thought you have to pay to get car insurance quotes:

  • Half of men surveyed said they thought you have to pay at least some of the time to get quotes compared to just 16% of women
  • 61% of women correctly said you typically donât have to pay to get car insurance quotes. Only 36% of men knew that.

Here are tips for comparing car insurance quotes:

Here are tips for comparing car insurance quotes:

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How Does A Car Insurance Deductible Work

A car insurance deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay out-of-pocket before your insurer meets you for collision and comprehensive claims. Letâs say your car is vandalized and the cost to repair the paint is $400. If your deductible is set at $300, youâll need to contribute this amount before your provider foots the remaining $100. The higher the deductible you set, the cheaper your car insurance will be.

How Much Car Insurance Do I Need

At the very least, you need to carry your state’s mandatory insurance minimums, commonly known as liability-only insurance. Beyond that, it is really up to you regarding how much comprehensive insurance you want to carry.

It is highly recommended that you carry well beyond the required liability insurance coverage. Other types of insurance you should consider purchasing are uninsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection. You do not want to leave yourself or your finances at risk of not having additional coverage following an automobile accident.

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How To Compare Auto Insurance Rates: Find The Right Policy

Drivers looking to make smarter decisions on their car insurance can compare quotes by taking these easy steps:

  • Gather information needed to receive an accurate quote.

  • Use an insurance comparison platform like Insurify to view a list of personalized insurance quotes.

  • Compare policies and pick the one that gives you the best deal for your coverage.

  • Alternatively, you can speak to one of Insurifys independent agents if youd like to talk to a licensed professional.

  • How Do I Get Cheap Full

    Get a free insurance quote from Liberty Mutual

    The same way as with any insurance: shop around, compare quotes, and ask for discounts! You can use Insurify to get free quotes from multiple car insurance companies at the same time. When policyholders compare, they can opt-in to discounts for safe driving records, auto safety features, military member discounts, and even savings for homeowners or renters!

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    How Much Coverage Do I Need

    The amount of coverage everyone needs varies. A good way to findout how much you need is to take a home inventory of your propertyand it’s worth, and assess your how much you might need to protectyourself in a situation where you are liable for injuries orproperty damage. An AFI agent is able to help make sure you areproperly covered.

    Do I Need Special Insurance To Drive For Uber

    Although Uber, Lyft, and most other ridesharing companies offer some level of commercial auto coverage, you should still extend your own car insurance to cover the increased risk of ridesharing. Not all car insurance companies provide coverage for rideshare driving, so youâll also need to notify your provider ahead of time. If you fail to do so, your claim will likely be denied for misrepresentation, and you run the risk of policy cancellation. For more information on purchasing this specialized coverage, visit our page on rideshare auto insurance.

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    Cancel Your Old Policy

    As soon as your new policy is set up, you can cancel your old one. Canceling a car insurance policy is easy, and you can usually do it in one phone call . You dont have to wait until the end of your policy term to cancel, you can do it at any time.

    And if you paid your entire annual premium in-full at the start of the policy and youre canceling early, youll probably be refunded for the months you didnt use .

    Just make sure to set your old coverage to end on the same day your new policy starts, so you dont have a lapse in coverage.

    How Do You Compare Car Insurance Online

    Auto Insurance Quotes through Progressive Online FREE

    To compare car insurance quotes and policies, you can use a comparison platform like Insurify, which offers drivers up to eight personalized quotes from top local and national providers. All you have to do is answer a few questions about you and your car, compare quotes, and buy your policyall in one place.

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    Compare Car Insurance Quotes By Age

    Insurance rates vary dramatically with age, with younger drivers paying more than older drivers with more experience on the road. Teen drivers have the most expensive car insurance premiums of any age group in every state, and drivers under 25 are generally categorized as high-risk drivers. Luckily, some insurance companies are cheaper for younger drivers than others. and gain more experience on the road.

    In summary:

    • Michigan has some of the most expensive car insurance premiums in the country, with the cheapest quote being $239.

    • Iowa has some of the cheapest premiums, with the cheapest quote at just $47.

    Why Can Quotes Change Once You Submit Your Application For Coverage

    It is easy to assume that when an agent or computer system gives you a quote that the quote will be honored for the entire term of the policy. Unfortunately, when agents and representatives give prospective clients quotes, they are not verifying or underwriting the information that you provide.

    It is not until you decide to go with the company that the application is gathered and submitted to the underwriting department.

    When the application is underwritten, the underwriter assigned to the file will run motor vehicle reports, credit reports, claims history reports, and prior insurance reports to see if you were honest and forthcoming.

    If they find claims, violations, gaps in coverage or a poor credit-based score that does not match what was used during the quote, the rate could go up.

    Rates that increase during underwriting before the policy is issued are called misquotes. This is common when clients are not prepared to give the information they are asked for. Misquotes are allowed but it is illegal for an agent to intentionally misquote you just to get your business.

    Review your quotations in detail before you fill out an application and check your records and reports as you are filling out an application to prevent errors.

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    At What Age Does Car Insurance Become Cheaper

    Theres a myth that car insurance premiums become cheaper after you turn 25, but theres no evidence to back this up. And no insurer that we know of offers an over-25 policy.

    Cheap car insurance for new drivers can be hard to find, but we have good news. According to data, car insurance premiums gradually decline every year after age 18, with the biggest drop in price occurring on average between the ages of 20 to 21. Your rates will continue to fall if you maintain a clean driving record and make zero claims.

    Direct Quotes Online Or Over The Phone

    If you

    Getting free auto insurance quotes online is one of the easiest ways to shop for car insurance. Most companies, such as State Farm and Allstate, offer free quotes, letting you start online but then assigning you a captive agent to finalize your quote over the phone.

    Purchasing a policy online is referred to as buying car insurance direct from the insurer.

    Buying insurance directly without the help of an agent gives you more freedom to adjust coverages and see auto insurance quotes for yourself. However, there may be drawbacks such as follow-up calls and emails. In addition, websites often provide less information than an agent, who can answer questions face to face.

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    How Do I Know What Types Of Car Insurance Coverage I Need

    To determine what insurance coverage you need, you’ll need to consider factors like your driving history, where you live, and what your state requires for basic coverage. If you lease or finance your vehicle, you also might be required by your lender to carry more coverage, like collision and comprehensive. Learn more about our car insurance coverages.

    Should You Get A Quote Online Or With An Agent

    You can get quotes in person, over the phone or online. Getting online quotes is typically the most convenient, but drivers who prefer a more personal touch may opt to work directly with an agent.

    • You can also check quotes on the insurer’s website for free. Some companies, such as Progressive, let you see competitors’ rates side by side so you can find the best price for you.
    • If you can’t get a quote online, try calling an agent at the insurance company you’re interested in. With agents, you can either get one company’s quotes or quotes from multiple companies.
    • Some insurers give you a discount for buying a policy online.

    Bottom line: Getting quotes online can be more convenient for drivers, while calling up an agent offers a direct point of contact for your auto policy.

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    How To Compare Car Insurance Quotes

    Whether youre getting your quote from,, or otherwise, quotes should always be free. While you might need to make a down payment to kickstart your policy, you should never be charged when requesting a quote. When youre ready to start comparing quotes, make sure you consider the following tips:

    1. Prepare all relevant information

    To make this process as seamless as possible, make sure you have the following information on hand before getting started:

    • Personal information: When requesting a quote, you will be required to provide your address, date of birth, occupation, drivers license and information of those you want included on your policy
    • Driving history: You will need to provide a detailed description of your driving history including any claims, tickets, or violations youve experienced in the last five years. You should also let them know if you have completed any driving courses as this should lower your rate.
    • Vehicle information: Make sure to record your vehicles current mileage, date of purchase, and Vehicle Identification Number . You will only be asked to provide the mileage, make, and model of the vehicle if you have yet to purchase it.
    • Coverage for those on your current policy or in your household: Most insurers will require your coverage history. If there is anyone living with you that you will be excluding from the policy, you will need to prove that they are covered by someone else.

    2. Select the appropriate coverage

    Choose A Policy And Get Insured

    How to Get Free Auto Insurance Quote In Five Minutes

    Found the right option for you? Double check that its for the right coverage limits and term length, and that you understand whats included in the policy.

    Once youre sure about your choice, sign your policy and set it to start the exact day you need it. Once you pay your first premium , youre good to go.

    Youll receive information about your new policy from the company, and you may also be invited to download and set-up a mobile app. Save any emails or letters you get at the start of your policy so you know exactly where to find information about it in case you need to file a claim later.

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    How To Compare Auto Insurance Advice From The Experts

    What kind of car insurance policy provides the most protection?

    Jennie L. Phipps

    Specialist in Insurance and Personal Finance Writing

    If your car loan isnt paid off, youll want full coverage car insurance. Thats a policy that includes liability coverage, plus coverage that will pay for repairs to your car and/or a car you damaged. For people with assets, including savings, a large amount of liability coverage is also important. Liability coverage will pay for lawsuits filed against you after an accident. Liability insurance is sold in threes: individual injuries/total injuries/property damage. Policies with 100/300/100 liability limits offer the most protection.

    Michael Omansky

    Associate Professor in the School of Business and Information Sciences, Felician University

    For more protection, you want to include a number of key items: liability, collision, personal injury protection, and underinsured/uninsured motorists.

    If you have a leased or financed car which is the case for most people you would add in comprehensive to this.

    However, you need to be prepared to pay for each of these components. Hopefully, your insurance company can give you a package deal.

    Michael Mccloskey

    Associate Professor in the School of Business, Temple University


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