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What Is Collector Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance from HAGERTY at CRUISIN CLASSICS

AVO: Your collector car is your baby. You pamper it. You keep it in top condition. You treat it like it is. Special.

AVO: Whether you’re restoring or out exploring, give it the special protection it deserves.

AVO: Collector Car Insurance was designed for collector vehicles and the dedicated community of drivers that love them.

AVO: Rates are often much less than standard auto, because collector cars are driven less.

AVO: But even with less driving, accidents do happen. And if you’re sent to the wrong shop, it could mean more damage down the road.

AVO: That’s why Collector Car Insurance lets you choose a mechanic you trust even if that mechanic is you.

AVO: Collector parts aren’t always easy to replace, so plans are designed to find exactly what you need.

AVO: And should you have a total loss, you’re guaranteed the full value for your car, not a depreciated one.

AVO: Plans are made for auto enthusiasts. You can cover collector cars, trucks, motorcycles, memorabilia and more. And when you want to get back on the road, there are no wait periods.

AVO: Give your collector car the special protection it deserves. And enjoy the road ahead.

AVO: Learn more at

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How Is Classic Car Insurance Priced

Your rate for classic car insurance will depend on a set of factors and vary by insurer. With Progressive Classic Car by Hagerty, a few of the most significant variables that will affect your premium include:

  • Your vehicles value: The age, model, and condition of your car will greatly influence how much you pay to insure it.
  • Location/storage of the vehicle: The state you live in will always affect insurance pricing, as will where you store the vehicle. Safeguarding your classic car in a locked garage or storage facility is favorable to your insurer, and likely to the price of your classic car insurance.
  • How you drive the vehicle: Classic car insurance isn’t designed for everyday-use vehicles, and usage will affect pricing. However, Hagerty can provide coverage for a range of mileage options.

Discounts may also be available for classic car insurance. Depending on the insurer, you might qualify for one if you have multiple policies with the same company, insure more than one classic car, don’t have any accidents or claims on your record from the past three years, complete a defensive driver class, install an anti-theft device in your car, or have comprehensive coverage.

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What Does A Classic Car Insurance Policy Cover

Here’s what’s usually covered by a standard classic car policy:

  • Physical damage to your classic car:

    Classic car insurance provides comprehensive and collision coverage, and it specializes in covering your vehicle’s agreed value. Instead of sweating depreciation like you might with regular car insurance, you’ll receive your car’s insured value if your vehicle is stolen or totaled, minus any deductible. Plus, repairs using any original parts your car had before an accident can be covered.

  • Damages/injuries you cause to others:

    Classic car insurers provide at least the minimum liability required by your state. Progressive Classic Car by Hagerty generally matches the amount of liability coverage on your everyday auto policy.

  • Roadside assistance:

    Classic car insurers usually offer the option to purchase full-service roadside programs featuring flatbed towing with soft straps. Hagerty’s optional roadside assistance includes towing to the nearest repair facility, winching, battery jump-start, fuel delivery, lockouts, and flat tire changes.

  • Other optional coverages offered by Hagerty:

    You can also add on coverage for spare parts and automotive tools, automobilia , increasing limits while your vehicle is under construction, and if your vehicle is totaled the right to keep your salvaged classic while still receiving your Guaranteed Value® payout.

  • Pro tip:

    What Is Classic Car Insurance

    Just A Car Guy: Excellent online magazine, Hagerty. If you have classic ...

    Classic car insurance protects your collectible vehicle through liability, comprehensive, collision, and other specialized coverages. Antique cars often maintain or increase in value, so classic car insurance typically covers yours up to an agreed value regular car insurance might not provide as much coverage. A car is often considered classic when it’s at least 10 years old and has historical interest, but classic car insurers have their own rules for accepting vehicles into their program. For instance, you may be subject to qualifiers like age, driving experience and record, and access to another vehicle.

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    Stunning Coups We Were Cruelly Denied

    The coupé body shape is nearly extinct in todays market, but its always been a favourite among enthusiasts cars often dont come much prettier, but with fixed roofs and often a 2+2 layout and proper boot, they can still be practical and usable too.

    In this popular article we looked at several that never made it to production, or if they did, only in very limited numbers. Were still smarting that Rover never built its 75 coupé certainly, and Mazda could really have done with turning out a few more MX-5 Roadster Coupés too

    Comparing Classic Car Insurance Rates

    Rates can vary from company to company by hundreds of dollars per year, even for the same make and model vehicle. Choosing a affordable car insurance policy can save you thousands of dollars throughout your life. Take a look at the chart below for examples of how your premium can change from company to company.

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    Insurance services administered by Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC. Not all coverages are available in every state. This is a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements. Hagerty determines final risk acceptance.

    Membership by Hagerty Drivers Club , a non-insurance subsidiary of The Hagerty Group, LLC. Only the HDC Program Guide contains a complete description of benefits. Purchase of insurance not required for membership in HDC.

    Hagerty, Hagerty Valuation Tools, DriveShare by Hagerty & Hagerty Drivers Club are registered trademarks of the Hagerty Group LLC, ©2020 The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

    Hagerty Insurance Agency, LLC and The Hagerty Group, LLC are wholly owned subsidiaries of Hagerty, Inc. Please refer to publicly filed documents with the Security Exchange Commission, which can also be found at .

    The Grand Tour: James May On His Scandi Flick Crash

    Hagerty CEO discusses its classic car subscription insurance business model

    The most recent episode of The Grand Tour saw the three former Top Gear presenters driving across Scandinavia in rally-inspired all-wheel drive performance cars. And predictably, one of them crashed.

    Surprisingly though it wasnt Richard Hammond this time, but James May. Captain Slow was fine, after a check-up, but his Mitsubishi Evo looked a little worse for wear afterwards.

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    Types Of Classic Car Insurance Coverage

    Like any insurance policy, there are different levels and types of coverage available for classic cars. Comprehensive and collision coverage is typically included in a classic car policy. Still, people who have significant financial assets or who live in states with low liability requirements may want to increase their liability levels. In contrast, others may want to add roadside assistance or other additional coverages to their policies. A basic policy might only cover liability, comprehensive and collision, while higher coverage levels might include:

    The Ford Sierra Xr8 Was A Real Muscle Car From South Africa Built To Beat Alfa And Bmw

    Youll be familiar with the Ford Sierra XR4i, but what about the Sierra XR8? This South African special packed something rather more potent than a Cologne V6 under its bonnet.

    This V8-engined Sierra came up for sale in November, and eventually sold for £19,500. Gavin Braithwaite-Smiths story on the models history is well worth checking out if you havent already.

    Check out the Hagerty Media homepage for daily news, features, interviews and buying guides, or better still, bookmark it.

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    Connect With The Best Insurance Agents Near You

    Contact a local agent online to help you with your insurance needs.

    A Financial strength

    The Better Business Bureau has given Hagerty Insurance an A+ rating, owing to its low volume of complaints and the successful settlement of three complaints against them. While Hagerty is too small for ratings by large consumer agencies such as J.D Power Associates, they still have a good reputation among many drivers, thanks in part to the fact that all five companies underwriting their policies have anA financial strength rating with AM BEST corporation, which is one step below Excellent.

    How Does Classic Car Insurance Work

    Hagerty Classic Insurance

    Classic car insurance works similarly to a regular auto policy, with the benefit of having coverage for your vehicle’s agreed value and its specifications such as usage, storage, and more. Like with auto policies, you’ll provide information about you and the classic vehicle you want to protect, and you’ll select the coverages that match your usage and budget.

    Classic car insurance covers you for property damage and bodily injury when you take your classic car to auto shows, tours, and collector vehicle functions, and for occasional pleasure driving.* If your vehicle gets damaged in a covered incident, your classic car insurer will pay for the repairs or losses up to the policy’s limits. Deductible-free options are available on most policies.

    Pro tip:

    Classic car insurance is for more than just classic and collector cars. Vintage motorcycles, military vehicles, milk trucks, sports vehicles, kit cars, exotic cars, street rods, and all antique vehicles, including tractors, can also usually be insured.

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    What Makes A Vehicle A Collector

    Generally, to qualify for coverage for classic, collector, vintage, and antique cars or trucks, your vehicle needs to be used as an extra car and not your daily vehicle, kept in good working condition, and stored properly . Collector vehicles are meant be enjoyed, not just driven. Keep in mind that collector vehicles can include fun-to-drive cars from the 90s to today and they must be holding steady at a minimum value of $3,500, or increasing in value.

    Types Of Vehicles Eligible For Insurance Coverage

    Because classic, collector and antique cars are so unique, every type of vehicle may not be covered by every classic car insurance company. Some companies only insure antique or classic vehicles, while others will insure those along with brand new luxury vehicles. There are some companies that require specific insurance coverages and others that may offer monthly car insurance.

    You can explore the expandable menu below to see which companies handle each vehicle type. For example, if you own a hot rod, you’ll want to expand the “Modified, Replica and Rods” section by clicking on the down arrow on the right-hand side. Then you’ll see the companies MoneyGeek found that can insure your one-of-a-kind ride.

    It is still essential to do your own research, so you can work with the right company to insure your specific vehicle.

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    Classic Car Insurance Vs Regular Car Insurance

    A regular auto policy may provide some coverage for your classic car. Standard auto policies usually account for a car’s age, depreciation, and mileage when determining its worth . However, a classic car that has been restored or customized is likely worth more than its depreciated value. Look for a classic car insurer that will insure your vehicle for a value you both agree on.

    With Progressive Classic Car by Hagerty, your vehicle is protected by Hagerty’s Guaranteed Value® coverage, which pays you the vehicle’s full agreed value in the event of a covered total loss, minus your deductible and/or salvage value.§ Standard auto policies would cover repairs using aftermarket parts. Classic car insurance allows for original parts if that’s what your car had, so as not to compromise the integrity of your vehicle.

    Strange Seating Arrangements That Left Us Uncomfortably Numb

    Drive Your Car: Hagerty TV Commercial

    We appreciate when a car manufacturer does something a little different from the norm even more so given how little variety there is in the modern automotive market.

    Perhaps its time someone brought some of these unusual seating arrangements back, such as the slide-out seats of a Skoda Felicia Fun, or the three-abreast layout of some Matra sports cars?

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    Blame The Nissan Qashqai For The End Of The World

    Few articles weve published this year have seen such a division in the comments. Author Matt Master argued that the Qashqai has been the figurehead of todays homogenised car industry, and representative of its ignorance of environmental issues.

    And while plenty of you agreed, plenty didnt: the cars practicality and ease of use justifying it to many of you, and perhaps making it clear why Nissan built it in the first place. This one, we suspect, will go on and on.

    How Classic Car Insurance Differs From Traditional Car Insurance

    Traditional car insurance is designed for cars that are used daily. While classic car coverage offers the same basic benefits , it is designed to protect an asset that appreciates over time as opposed to a vehicle that is solely a form of transportation. Classic cars need exclusive insurance coverage because the difference in the value of a classic car and a standard car is so drastically different.

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    Best For Everyday Driving: Safeco

    When it comes to using your classic car for everyday driving, the best insurance option is Safeco. Unlike most insurance companies, Safeco offers insurance policies for classic cars driven up to 10,000 miles per year.

    Safeco also offers lower classic auto insurance rates for people who drive their classic cars less than 5,000 miles per year. The company allows drivers to put their daily-use vehicles and classic cars on the same policy, making it easier for people who aren’t sure exactly how much use their classic car might get in a year.

    The Fastest Ford The World Never Saw


    Steve Saxty has become the guru on old Fords, and has written some fascinating pieces for Hagerty in recent years. But perhaps none more so than Januarys story on the GN34.

    This was to be Fords supercar of the 1980s and 1990s, but as Saxty explains, it wasnt to be, eventually given the boot so the ultra-profitable Explorer SUV could be built. We know which wed have preferred

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    Do I Need Insurance On My Classic Car

    In short, yes. Auto insurance is mandated in all states except New Hampshire , so you’ll need a minimum of liability coverage if you plan on taking your classic or collector car on the road. Driving without insurance can result in a fine or license suspension, so make sure you’re covered even if you only take your classic for the occasional spin around the block. Moreover, it makes sense to safeguard all you’ve invested into your prized vehicle.

    Hagerty Car Insurance Prices And Review

    Based in Traverse City, Michigan, Hagerty has been providing insurance coverage for all kinds of vintage, classic and specialty vehicles since 1984. If youve considered insuring your car with a classic car specialist, Hagerty is the one of the most popular in the industry. Weve used Hagerty to insure our own vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles, and we can give you a good idea of what to expect, where they do well, where they dont, and some significant things youll want to think about before you consider classic car insurance.

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    Bmw Considers Legal Action As Chinese Mini Rip

    The Chinese car industry has changed massively in recent years, to the extent where you can now buy several Chinese models, mostly electric, on the UK market and some are pretty competitive with European, Japanese and Korean equivalents.

    The country is unlikely to shake off its reputation for copycats with things like this though, when patent drawings for what is clearly an Issigonis Mini appeared in May. Unsurprisingly BMW, rights holders to the Mini likeness and name, were not amused.

    Best For Spare Parts Coverage: American Modern

    Two Cougars: Hagerty TV Commercial
    Auto Club of Southern California Insurance Group

    When it comes to insuring spare parts, American Modern offers up to $2,000 in parts coverage. They also allow you to buy additional coverage for spare parts if you need more than the standard $2,000 coverage.

    American Modern also makes the list because the company offers some coverage for restorations in process, including damage done by or to spare parts as they are used to restore your vehicle.

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    Cats In Disguise: 10 Italian Cars That Were Actually A Jaguar

    British brands have a long history of working with Italian design houses, from Pininfarina-penned Austin A40s to Zagato-bodied Astons.

    But Richard Heseltines list was a little more literal, with ten cars, comprising coachbuilt models and concepts, either based on Jaguars or proposing new models. A great number seem to have been created by Bertone, but the unusual Italdesign Kensington is in there too which subsequently became a Daewoo.


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