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How Much Are Contacts With Insurance

How Much Are Contacts Without Insurance Overview

5 Things Medicare Doesn’t Cover (and how to get them covered)

Contact lenses are quite expensive but their exact cost is influenced by several factors. The brand, type and prescription, along with insurance coverage, will determine the final cost of getting contact lenses.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these factors and help you to determine the cost of contact lenses without insurance.

Costs Of Contact Lenses Vs Glasses

Glasses cost significantly less than contacts, on average. The biggest determining factor is lifespan.

Unless damaged, glasses function indefinitely. This means a pair can last multiple years, although you may need new glasses if your prescription changes.

Glasses also require less maintenance. The cheapest contact lenses, such as monthly use lenses and RGP lenses, still require cleaning solution and a thorough hygiene routine. Although this may not represent a large cost, it still means more money spent over time.

What’s The Best Place To Buy Contacts Online

With so many stores to choose from, how do you pick where to buy your contacts online? Here are some things to consider:

  • Price: Do some comparison shopping to figure out which store has the best price for your specific lenses. Prices can change often due to sales, promotions and manufacturer rebates, so the store that had the best deal last year might not have the lowest price now.
  • Returnpolicy: Many of the stores above allow you to return unopened boxes of contacts if your prescription changes. Check the terms of the store you’re thinking of buying from to understand your options.
  • Insurance coverage: Some online contact lens stores allow you to pay through your vision insurance, some do not. If that’s important to you, look for shops that accept your benefits.

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Cost Of Contact Lens Solutions

Don’t forget about the cost of contact lens solutions to clean and disinfect your lenses. If you wear contacts on a daily wear basis and clean and disinfect them after each use, expect your annual cost for contact lens care solutions to be roughly $150 to $200.

So to determine your combined yearly contact lens costs for lenses and solutions, add $150 to $200 to the above totals.

An exception to this is calculating how much daily disposable contacts cost on an annual basis. Since you discard these lenses after each use, you usually don’t need to buy contact lens solutions if you wear these lenses.

It’s a good idea, though, to keep a bottle of contact lens solution handy if you wear daily disposable contacts, in case you need to rinse or rewet your lenses during the day. This is especially true if you live or work in a dry, dusty environment.

Page published on Friday, January 11, 2019

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Does Vision Insurance Cover Contacts

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Yes. But it depends on your insurance provider and your plan. Vision insurance and vision benefits may cover these costs:

  • Preventive eye care. Annual eye examinations.
  • Prescription eyewear. Eyeglasses and contacts.

You can purchase these plans directly from an insurance provider. But if you qualify, you can get them through an employer or government programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

Your insurance will cover some but not all of your expenses. The amount covered will depend on the plan you choose.

Some providers give additional benefits if you purchase contact lenses together or as an alternative to eyeglasses. Comprehensive vision plans also offer discounts for elective vision correction, such as LASIK and PRK.

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Cost Of Contact Lenses Without Insurance Coverage

The kind of optical or health insurance you have will determine the out-of-pocket amount you may need to spend to get contact lenses. If you have any health insurance policy, you should contact your insurance provider and enquire about contact lens coverage.

If you do not have an insurance policy, or your current insurance policy does not cover the cost of contact lenses, then read on to know more.

Health Insurance

Regular health insurance providers often offer optical benefits, including eye exams and credit for buying a pair of prescription glasses. You may even receive a voucher to cover part of the cost of contact lenses. Though it is rare, your health insurance provider may cover the complete annual cost of certain types of contact lenses.

Vision Insurance

Apart from health insurance, you can also buy supplementary vision insurance through a different insurance provider. Vision insurance covers the cost of an eye exam, and gives credits towards buying a pair of prescription glasses or partial payment for contact lenses.

Remember, vision care services may not count towards your yearly health insurance deductible. Besides this, vision care services will not cover all out-of-pocket expenses for getting contact lenses.


How Much Is A Contact Lens Exam

  • Average price range: $40 to $240

Before you can wear contacts, you have to get a prescription. The cost depends on whether you get a basic or comprehensive eye exam.

Factors such as where you get the exam also influence their prices. Some doctors charge an additional fee for procedures.

Retail Outlets and Discount Stores

These places exclusively offer prescription glasses and contact lenses. Optometrists that work in discount chains usually charge $45 to $150 for an eye exam.

You can get a discount if you buy contacts or eyeglasses with your prescription. Some popular chains include America’s Best, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Stanton Optical, and Visionworks.

Vision Centers

These are eye clinics located inside or nearby big-box retail stores. Some examples include JCPenney Optical, Target Optical, and Walmart Vision Center.

An eye exam at a vision center typically costs $80.

Private Clinics

Optometrists with their own clinics can charge anywhere from $40 to $240, depending on your location.

If you live in the Midwestern or Southern U.S., you can get a comprehensive eye exam for $90. But if you are located in the Northern and Western U.S., an eye exam usually costs $110.

An examination may cost up to $240 in some Northwest states and high-rise cities like Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Dilation and Imaging Tests

Doctors may perform either test. They can cost you $24 to $33 each when charged separately.

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Where Should I Get Contact Lenses

Buying contact lenses online or elsewhere starts with trust. Make sure that youre purchasing your contacts from a retailer thats transparent about costs and will ship your lenses quickly and reliably. Your optometrist is your best resource if you have questions about brands or the right contacts for your eyes.

At Warby Parker, we sell competitively priced contact lenses and always ship them for free. Were committed to giving you clear eyesight while respecting your budgetyou can easily browse our many brands by clicking below.

Will Vision Insurance Cover Glasses And Contacts

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If you can wear contacts and you like wearing contacts daily, you may still need to have a pair of glasses that you can wear when youre not wearing your contacts or if they ever bother your eyes. Most people who wear contacts have a spare pair of glasses so that if something happens to their contacts or if they develop an eye infection, they can wear glasses for a few days. Its possible that your vision insurance will pay for both glasses and contacts but you will need to check your vision insurance policy. If youre shopping for vision insurance and you know that you want contacts, check the policy coverage before you buy an insurance plan to be sure that the vision insurance will pay for contacts.

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Contact Lens Costs Faqs

What is the average cost of contacts in 2022?

The total varies greatly depending on the brand and type of contact. Most people should be able to get a years supply of contacts for $100 to $250 per year. Contacts that are worn for a longer period of time, such as a month, tend to be less expensive than daily disposable lenses.

How much do contacts cost per month on average?

he monthly price of contacts can range from as low as $7 to as high as $40, depending on the brand and type of lens chosen. On average, daily disposable lenses cost $18 to $40 per month, whereas monthly lenses cost $7 to $15 per month.

Are daily disposable contacts more expensive?

enerally, yes. Since these lenses are only worn once and then thrown away at the end of the day, they tend to be more expensive. Lenses that are worn for weeks or months tend to cost less.

Are more expensive contacts better?

While it is true that not all contact lenses are of equal quality, price isnt based on quality alone. If choosing between two lens brands with good reviews and similar features, the cheaper option may do everything the more expensive option would. By focusing on features and consumer satisfaction, you can better identify when price is or isnt a sign of quality.

Do contacts cost more than glasses?

How can I save money on contacts?

How Much Does Eyemed Cover For Contacts

The amount the Eyemed will cover for your contact lenses largely depends on your specific plan. The best way to find out how much your plan covers is to refer to your benefits information when you signed up, or you could always just reach out to EyeMed customer service at 1-866-939-3633 to find out exactly how much your plan covers.

EyeMed customer service could also tell you if your plan provides you with out-of-network benefits, and how much you would get back if you decided to go out-of-network.

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Contact Lens Costs 2022

Contact lenses come in many types, which can make comparing costs complicated. When making comparisons on contact prices in 2022, break down contacts by type.

Remember that boxes often contain different numbers of lenses and different types of lenses stay in use for varying amounts of time. For accurate cost comparisons, note how long a given purchase would last you, not just the initial cost of the purchase.

How To Read A Contact Lens Prescription

How Much Does Obamacare Cost in 2017?

So you have your contact lens prescription in hand, but what do all the numbers and words on your prescription mean? You dont really need to know any of this when you are ordering since you pretty much copy over all of the values to their corresponding areas. For those of you who want to know, here is a breakdown of all the technical jargon on your contact lens prescription.

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Contact Lenses And Vision Insurance

While vision insurance plans vary, you may be able to get some of your fees covered. Typically, the exam and fitting fee are covered or require a small copay, while your materials allowance can help cover or defray the cost of the lenses.

Before you make an appointment, get an understanding of whats covered under your plan so you know what to ask for. Check with your employer or vision insurance provider to find out your plan details.

TIP: Make sure you bring your vision insurance card with you to your appointment so your doctors office can submit a claim quickly and easily.

TIP: Some vision insurance plans allow you to book exams on a calendar year basis, so you may not have to wait a full 365 days until your next exam.

How Much Do Colored Or Special Effects Contact Lenses Cost

Colored contact lenses change the color of a person’s iris and can be fun for updating your look or for adding that extra touch to a Halloween or masquerade party costume. They even have special effects lenses that make your eyes look black or bloodshot. However, colored and special effects contact lenses generally cost more than clear contact lenses, sometimes up to 80 percent more.

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The Cost Of An Eye Exam

Average Eye Exam FeeEvery Doctor of Optometry determines his or her own fees when it comes to eye exams, but they often range from $50 to $200. Many health insurance plans include vision care that covers the cost of an annual eye exam. Insurance plans vary, so call your Doctor of Optometry to talk coverage and set up an appointment.

Other Factors Contributing To The Cost Of A Contact Lens Exam

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If you need tests outside the realm of standard eye testing, such as tear film or corneal topography, the cost of contact lens exam may be slightly higher than anticipated.

However, these extra tests are necessary for determining what kind of contacts are right for you.

If you do not have eye conditions other than refractive errors , you may not require more in-depth eye testing.In addition, some eye conditions may need to be treated before you can wear contact lenses, such as blepharitis. An eyelid inflammation more commonly seen in older adults, blepharitis is treated with oral antibiotics, corticosteroids or topical antibiotics prescribed by your Jacksonville eye doctor.

If you are concerned about possible added costs to your contact lens exam, we will be happy to discuss this matter with you.

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Contacts Can Be Expensive But Visions Insurance Can Help You Cover Some Of The Costs

Contact lenses have many benefits over glasses, they sit directly on your eye so peripheral vision is unobstructed, you can participate in sports and outdoor activities without fear of eyeglasses falling off or getting in the way, they dont fog up and they dont hide part of your face. Without vision insurance, contacts can be expensive, however vision insurance may be able to help you cover some of the costs.

Replacement Eyeglasses Under Plans With A Pediatric Vision Benefit

Some plans include a pediatric vision benefit. Please check benefit plan descriptions. Under these plans, replacement lenses are considered medically necessary for children and adolescents when one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • There is a change in refractive error or
  • With regular use, the previous eyeglasses were broken or marred to a degree significantly interfering with vision or eye safety or
  • The eyeglasses are replaced because a different frame size or shape is necessary due to the child’s growth, metal allergy or other justifiable medical reasons.
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    Lens Type And Cost Considerations

    Beyond contact eye exam cost, the type of contacts will make a difference in what you ultimately pay. Here’s a cheat sheet to give you an idea of what to expect :

    • Daily disposable lenses, replaced each day. Yearly costs can range between $700 to $950, but bulk buying typically lowers this overall cost.

    • Multifocal or bifocal contact lenses. These offer at least near and far vision and tend to be pricier, running potentially up to $1,500 per year.

    • Rigid gas-permeable lenses made of a firm material. Because these are sturdier and could easily last you a full year, prices for these per lens are among the most expensive options available.

    • Colored contact lenses. These lenses typically run between $45 to $90 for a box of six. If these also correct for astigmatism, you can expect to pay more.

    Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all, and its important to choose a lens that is comfortable and provides the vision help you need. View more information about the specialty contact lenses available at Nationwide Vision.

    The Above Policy Is Based On The Following References:

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    Contact Lenses Cost & Insurance

    Check with your vision insurance provider to find out what they cover when you go to get new contacts. Most major insurance companies will cover a large portion of the cost, especially if you go to an in-network provider. Some insurance companies may not cover contact lenses, but they should still have a vision benefit allowance that could cover you for around $100 to $150 every year.

    How Much Do Biweekly Contacts Cost

    Biweekly disposable contacts for both eyes cost approximately $20 to $35 per month, $270 to $360 per year, or $0.70 to $1.20 per day. These estimates apply to biweekly single-vision contacts that correct only nearsightedness or farsightedness, not astigmatism or presbyopia.

    Biweekly contacts typically come in boxes of six lenses. Each lens can be worn for up to two weeks if properly cared for and stored at night.

    Estimated cost per box of 6 biweekly lenses: $30 to $50

    If we assume that youre purchasing contacts for both eyes, wearing them every day, and disposing of them after two weeks, then two boxes will last you up to 12 weeks .

    12 weeks is just a little bit less than three months. We can take the lower estimate of the cost of a box of biweekly lenses , double it for two eyes , and divide it by three to get the approximate cost of wearing biweekly contacts each month: $20.

    Doing the same for the higher part of the range gets us about $33, which well round up to $35.

    Estimated cost of biweekly disposable contacts per month: $20 to $35

    A year can be divided into 26 two-week stretches, so youd need 52 biweekly contact lenses each year if you wore them in both eyes every week. Thats about nine boxes of six contacts per year, so well multiply both numbers in the cost-per-box range by nine.

    Estimated cost of biweekly disposable contacts per year: $270 to $450

    Estimated cost of biweekly disposable contacts per day: $0.70 to $1.20

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