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How To Find Life Insurance Policies Of Deceased Parent

Consider Credit Unions Insurance Agents And Roadside Assistance Providers

How to Find Out if Someone Had a Life Insurance Policy | Quotacy Q& A Fridays

If your parents were members of a credit union or had a roadside assistance membership, they might have a life insurance policy. Some of these organizations offer members life insurance incentives. Another source to consider is your parents auto or home insurance providers. Some companies offer bundles and they have, at one point or another, added a life insurance policy.

How To Prevent A Lost Life Insurance Policy

One way to help prevent life insurance benefits from going unclaimed is to talk with your relatives and encourage them to tell beneficiaries that they’ve been named on a policy, the III says. Also, make sure to keep everyone’s contact information on the policy current.

Then, be sure to follow the III’s recommendations on how to organize and store policy information whether it’s your loved one’s or your own.

For instance, consider maintaining two copies of each policy: one at home, with your financial records or legal papers and one offsite in a safety deposit box or with a trusted relative. The III recommends that you record dates that the policy was last updated on each copy, so your relatives will know which copy is the most current.

Maintaining updated beneficiary information and life insurance records may take a little extra effort, but it can help your loved ones track down a policy when the time comes. And, more importantly, it’ll help make sure that the life insurance benefit gets passed on as intended.

Wondering If You Have An Unclaimed Life Insurance Payout

Hero Images / Getty Images

A 2016 CBS 60 Minutes report revealed that audits of the largest U.S. life insurers led 25 carriers to dole out over $7.5 billion in unpaid benefits. Before that, a 2011 audit ordered by the Texas Comptrollers Unclaimed Property Division uncovered over $178 million worth of unpaid proceeds due to Texans.

There are steps you can take to find a lost policy and obtain its benefits if you believe you may be the beneficiary.

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What To Do If You Cant Find The Policy

Sometimes there really is no paper trail or email about the deceaseds life insurance policy. If you cannot find the policy, OLHI may be able to do the search on your behalf by contacting our member companies to see if they hold the policy.

  • How OLHIs search works
  • When we can and cannot do a search
  • How to submit a search request to OLHI

Paying For Help To Locate Life Insurance Policies

Top 10 Life Insurance Infographics

Several search services are available online but usually charge for their services.

There is also a national database for all individual life insurance policy applications made to U.S. and Canadian insurers. If the deceased applied for a policy after 1996, MIB Group will probably have a record of the insurance company to which they applied. It costs $75 to get a report.

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How Can You Find Out If A Parent Or Other Person Has A Life Insurance Policy

Its not uncommon for a life insurance policy to go unclaimed. Why? Well, for instance, if the beneficiary information is outdated, the insurance company might not be able to track you down. The insurance company may not even know that the policyholder died, since theyre usually informed once the beneficiary files a claim. Of course, you cant file a claim for a policy you dont know about.

So to find out if theres an insurance policy for your parent floating around somewhere, try some of these tips suggested by the Insurance Information Institute:

Our Top Lookup Anyone’s Address History Search Site

We offer detailed reviews of the leading background check and public records sites, so click on each site to read more about what you can expect when using them.

Below are the top three websites as hand-picked by our experts. They offer the absolute best combination of ease of use, quality of records, and other beneficial features. Each score is ranked on a score of 1 to 10, with 10 representing the very best in public records sites based on our criteria and experiences in performing searches on all three sites.

Our goal is to help you save your money and your time, simplifying your public records search so you can get the information you need quickly and at an affordable price. We believe the three sites below offer the best mix of quality of data and value for money.

  • Incredibly accurate results that includes dark web searches, social media searches, and more

    Comprehensive website with easy to use interface, making for a pleasant searching experience


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Life Insurance Search Tools

If you dont know if youre the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, there are a few useful tools out there you can utilize:

  • Your states department of insurance: You can find contact information for your states department of insurance here.
  • The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators search tool: This is another search tool where you can search for unclaimed life insurance money that was given to the state.
  • Search For The Insurance Company

    How to Find Life Insurance Policies of the Deceased : Life Insurance & More

    If you find evidence of a policy and can identify the insurance company, most of your work is done. Beneficiaries who cant locate the insurance company listed on a policy should contact their state insurance department.

    Meanwhile, if you do have the insurance company, follow its steps to file a claim. Provided you give all the information and the insurance company approves your claim, the company will typically provide payment in a timely manner.

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    Search Financial Records Personal Files And Tax Forms

    Begin close to home and search personal records. These include files, safe deposit boxes and address books. If you find the names of insurance agents, brokers and financial advisers, you can call to see if they kept their own records. Bank and credit card statements might also show premium payments to an insurer.

    And dont ignore the departeds IRS tax returns. A tax form and supplemental filings could show interest income from a permanent life insurance policy with cash value. Income tax returns may also show the interest paid on any loans if the deceased borrowed against their life insurance policy.

    If possible, check the deceased persons mail and email. The life insurance company may have sent a notice on the status of the policy, on dividends or on cash value amounts, if, for instance, they had a universal life insurance policy.

    If you are able to find out which homeowners insurance company and car insurance company your loved one used, reach out to the claims or customer service staff. People sometimes bundle life insurance with their auto or home insurance company.

    How To Find Life Insurance Policies Of Deceased Parents

    If one of your parents or both of them die prematurely and if they have listed your name as a beneficiary of their life insurance policy, then you will have the right to collect the death benefit paid out by the life insurer.

    Life insurers are not aware of the death of a policyholder every time. Under many circumstances, the beneficiaries will be mindful of the death before the life insurers do.

    Consequently, it is advisable that you make a claim with the life insurer immediately after knowing about the death of the life insurance policyholder so as to take the death benefit.

    However, if their death happens before they let you know about the whereabouts of their life insurance policys copy, you may be unable to make a claim due to the absence of all the information.

    So, in this case, how do you go about locating the missing life insurance policy of deceased parents? Let us find out together in this article.

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    What Is An Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy

    If a person with a life insurance policy dies, but his or her beneficiaries are unaware of the coverage, it is an unclaimed life insurance policy. This is relatively common and can happen for several reasons.

    Reasons a Life Insurance Policy May Be Unclaimed

    • The beneficiaries are not aware a life insurance policy exists.
    • The beneficiaries are not aware they are named as beneficiaries in the policy.
    • The beneficiaries cant locate the insurance company.
    • The insurance company cant locate the policys beneficiaries.
    • The insurance company no longer exists.
    • The insurer and policyholder lost contact with one another.
    • The insurer is unaware the policy holder died.

    The amount of unclaimed life insurance benefits in the United States topped $1 billion dollars by 2013, according to Consumer Reports. At the time, the average payout was $2,000 and some were as much as $300,000.

    Consumer Reports estimates that the odds that you are a beneficiary of an unclaimed life insurance payout is about one in 600 better than your chances of winning the Powerball lottery.

    Check With Rating Services

    Do I need Life Insurance?

    If youve found the insurance paperwork but cant seem to find the insurance company itself to track an unclaimed life insurance policy, you may want to check with rating services to find it. An insurance rating agency, such as AM Best, could help you track insurers, including those that are defunct.

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    What Do I Need To Apply For Child Support From A Deceased Parent

    A surviving parent or other person applying for benefits on behalf of a bereaved child will need to provide proof of the childs relationship to the deceased, such as a birth certificate or adoption record, and answer questions about their living circumstances.

    Where can I find a life insurance death benefit?

    The easiest and fastest way to claim the life insurance death benefit is to look for the physical copy of the policy in the policyholders records. Itll have all the information you need: the name of the beneficiary, the number at which to contact the life insurance company, and the amount of the death benefit.

    What are the benefits for a stepchildren of a deceased parent?

    In some circumstances, stepchildren, grandchildren and step-grandchildren may also qualify for survivors benefits. The payment amount is 75 percent of the late parents primary insurance amount, which is the full benefit the deceased was entitled to based on his or her earnings history.

    What Is A Life Insurance Policy

    A life insurance policy is a contract between an insurance company and a policyholder, in which the policyholder makes regular payments in exchange for a payout, known as a death benefit, upon their death. The payout is disbursed by the company to the policy holders beneficiaries, usually family and/or friends.

    What Is Life Insurance and How Do You Get It?

    What Is Life Insurance and How Do You Get It?

    We show you how to choose the right protection for your family.

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    How To Find If Deceased Had Life Insurance

    It can be difficult to know if a deceased person had life insurance even if youre the beneficiary. In this article, well explain how to find out if a person had life insurance and whether or not youre the beneficiary. Youll be able to get started on your search quickly and easily with our tips.

    What If The Insurance Company Changed Names Or Went Out Of Business

    Locate a Life Insurance Policy After Death FREE

    If the insurance company has changed its name, has gone out of business or has been bought out by another insurer, you may be able to do an internet search to find out what company currently has its assets and policies.

    Once you have the new name, find the state of the companys home office and contact that states insurance commission or department.

    You can find a list of insurance company names and home office addresses in A.M. Bests Insurance Reports, an annually updated report on companies. It is available in many larger libraries.

    Never Miss Important News or Updatesfree

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    Dont Give Up If You Think You Have A Claim

    If you strongly believe you may have a life insurance claim but proving it is difficult, the ACLI suggests that you try the Policy Locator Service from MIB Solutions. This service matches the deceaseds name against roughly 170 million records. If the policyholder applied for the policy in 1996 or after, you might find it here. Executors and administrators are entitled to order a report, but in cases where neither is available, a surviving spouse or closest relative has the right. Reports cost $75 and MIB says searches receive a 30 percent response rate.

    However, one of the best resources may be other relatives. Life insurance is part of most inheritances, and where theres a will, theres a relative. After someone dies, everyone has an interest in seeing their affairs settled, particularly when there are funeral expenses to be paid.

    Sometimes Part Of The Benefit Can Be Paid Out Before Death

    Many life insurance policies have an Accelerated Death Benefit rider which allows policyholders with a terminal illness to access part of the death benefit amount while they are still alive usually to help pay for needed care2. The company may need Proof of Life Expectancy from a medical provider in order to accelerate the death benefit sums paid out will typically reduce the amount disbursed to beneficiaries after death.

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    Does Your Living Relative Have Life Insurance

    Though the best way to figure out if your relative has coverage is to ask him or her, there are some situations where its not an option. For example, if your loved one lives with dementia or mental illness, he or she may not be able to tell you the status of his or her coverage. The same may be true if your relative has been injured in a sudden accident or unforeseen medical emergency. If you need to know if your living relative has life insurance, you should follow the same steps listed above.

    Make Sure Youre Looking In The Correct State

    Life Insurance for Elderly Parents

    You need to know where the policy was purchased. The state where the decedent passed may not be the same state they purchased the life insurance policy. Check in any prior states the person may have lived in to find an unclaimed life insurance policy.

    If the insurance company went out of business, the state insurance commissioner should have records of what happened to the policies.

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    How To Find A Lost Life Insurance Policy

    It can take some digging, but the policy document will have all the information you need to file a life insurance claim, including:

    • Name and contact information of the insurer

    • Name of beneficiary or beneficiaries

    • Death benefit amount

    If you know youre the beneficiary of a life insurance policy but dont have a copy of it, there are a few ways to find a lost policy.

    What To Do When Someone Dies

    Losing a family member is never easy, and without careful probate planning, surviving loved ones could face several daunting and time-consuming tasks that must legally be undertaken in the event of a death.

    Rather than leaving these stressful responsibilities to your family members during an already difficult time, why not let Unite Wills take care of it all?

    As a member of Unite, you and your family can benefit from the fixed fee probate services offered by Unite Wills.

    From handling the complex process of probate to administering the estate and distributing it in line with your wishes, Unite Wills can do everything for you on a fixed fee basis .

    This means that you can rest easy knowing that your assets will be protected and exactly how much will be taken from your estate to cover the cost when you eventually pass away, rather than being left in the dark and having the uncertainty of a variable fee.

    See Unite Willsprobate cost comparison page today for more information.

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    How Can An Heir Of Deceased Insured Get The Claim On A Life Policy

    Apart from the claim intimation letter and other requisite documentation like death certificate, ID proof of the beneficiary, policy papers, discharge form , post mortem report and hospital records , the legal heir needs to submit the succession certificate issued by a competent

    Beneficiaries Can Be Changed

    How to Track Down Life Insurance Policies and Unclaimed Life Insurance Money

    When you buy an insurance policy, you can designate each beneficiary as either revocable or irrevocable. When beneficiaries are irrevocable, it can be difficult to remove them from policies or change their share without their consent. For revocable beneficiaries, the change process is relatively easy and you dont need permission . For example, with Guardian, a beneficiary change can be done online in a few minutes by going to and signing in or registering for an account. Other life insurance companies may require a phone call or ask you to fill out a paper form and send it back. An annual review with your agent or financial professional can be a great time to ensure your beneficiaries are up to date.

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    S To Find Out If Someone Has Life Insurance

    Your first job is to answer the question, how to find if a life insurance policy exists? There is some sleuthing you can do to help you find out if there is a policy in place:

    • Obtain the death certificate
    • Talk to family and friends
    • Search personal belongings
    • Talk to bankers, financial advisors or insurers


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