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How To Get Therapy Without Insurance

Affordable Therapy Without Insurance

How to get HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) without having insurance with Plume

Note: we may receive compensation if you become a paying customer of a therapy service we link to.

If you have health insurance, you may have the opportunity to get free or heavily discounted therapy sessions. However, you might find it hard to afford therapy services if you are not enrolled in an insurance plan, or if your insurance plan doesnt provide coverage for the type of therapy you need.

In this article, well discuss two different ways to get access to affordable therapy without insurance coverage.

Runner Up Best Overall: Talkspace

  • Price:$276 – $516 monthly

Get $150 off your first month using promo code VERYWELL150.

Talkspace is a user-friendly, subscription-based online therapy company that offers multiple services , as well as a variety of communication options, and some services may be covered by insurance.

  • Multiple subscriptions options with varying price tiers

  • Some services covered by insurance

  • Free 10 minute intro call or live video chat with therapist when you sign up

  • Can only choose therapist from algorithm-selected matches

  • Additional services can get expensive

  • No therapist bios on website prior to signup

Founded in 2012, Talkspace was one of the first online therapy companies to hit the marketâand its services have only expanded since it launched. They now include psychiatry, medication management, couples therapy, and teen therapy.

Like BetterHelp, Talkspace offers a variety of different communication options for talking with your therapist, including video, audio, live chat, and unlimited messaging. The company also works with a few insurance providers and EAP plans, which helps make them more affordable if your plan is in-network. They also take payments from HSA and FSA cards. Talkspace is HIPAA compliant and its privacy policies are prominently displayed on the website.

Talkspace differs from BetterHelp in that they offer a variety of different subscription options, all priced differently.

There are three available:

  • Unlimited messaging anytime for both partners

So How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost Without Insurance In 2022

How much physical therapy cost without insurance is probably one of the most common questions people ask their doctors and physical therapists . This expense is also called “out-of-pocket.”

Firstly, let’s talk about how physical therapy programs start. Your first session is usually a consultation session. Your PT will thoroughly assess your condition and better understand your ailments, which will be the base for your physical therapy program.

Usually, this session is more expensive than others as it includes evaluating your condition and then creating your individualized treatment plan.

Your PT will assess your strength and range of motion and your medical history and include various modalities such as massages, electrostimulation, ultrasound as well as physical exercises in the treatment plan. You will get suggestions on how to continue this work at home too for the best results.

So how much is physical therapy without insurance? The final cost will depend on how many visits and times per week you will need. Generally, you will need 2 or 3 visits per week for 6 or 8 weeks at least. Each visit, on average, costs $75-150 per session. This means that physical therapy costs without insurance can come up to $4800 for 8 weeks and 3 sessions per week or more if you need more sessions.

Besides that, you might also need additional equipment such as, e.g., an exercise mat, weights, or workout bands.

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Online Forums Or Support Groups

Online forums and support groups are widely available for people searching for help with mental health conditions or support while going through a divorce, addiction, or grief. If you prefer online help, you can search on Facebook for various specific support groups.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers the NAMI Connection, a free weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly support group where people share coping strategies and offer each other encouragement and understanding. To find a location near you, search the NAMI database.

You can also call 2-1-1, and they should be able to direct you to a support group or counseling in your area.

Most cities have community centers or clinics where free mental health services are offered. Lifeline is a free, confidential crisis service thats available to all, 24/7, and it connects you to the nearest center offering mental health services in their network. You can get crisis services or referrals to find free mental health services.

Access to mental health should not be dependent on the ability to pay or whether or not you have insurance with mental health coverage. There are so many resources out there that can help you get the therapy you need to live a full, healthy, happy life thats rewarding and peaceful. Use the tips weve given you here to find therapy at either no cost or at a cost you can afford. You deserve it.

Compare The Best Online Therapy Services Of 2022

How To Get Suboxone Treatment Without Insurance : How to get suboxone ...
Overall Rating
Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, Medication Management, Psychiatry, Teen Counseling Audio, Live Chat, Messaging, Phone, Video Chat
$75 to $350 per month Yes
Best for the LGBTQIA+ Community $240 to $360 per month No. Offers reimbursement receipt
Teladoc Health Best for Psychiatry $99 per therapy session, $209 for initial psychiatry appointments, and $109 for follow ups Yes
$0 to $249 per month Yes
Best for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy $160-$320 per month
Best for the BIPOC Community $140/single sessions or $290/monthly subscription No. Offers bills to submit to your insurer N/A Hide, not for me

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What You Can Do If The Insurance Wont Pay

There are many reasons that an insurance company may not cover a mental health service, such as missing information, a billing error or an uncovered service. They may deny the full amount of a claim or most of it. The good news: You dont have to accept their refusal. The Affordable Care Act ensures your right to appeal claim denials. Heres what you can do:

Determine if it is a violation of the mental health parity law

There are certain considerations to appeal a decision by your health plan under parity law, as outlined by the National Alliance on Mental Illness. These include paying more for mental health services or services not covered for mental health that are covered for other kinds of health care.

Contact the insurance company to ask for a thorough explanation of the denial

You can also ask your HR benefits representative or insurance agent for help understanding claims, appeals and benefits, as well as contacting the insurance company for you.

Contact your states insurance division

If you complete the insurance companys internal appeals process and are not satisfied, your states insurance division can help.

Do you have a self-insured plan?

University Hospitals Are Often Eager To Put Students To Work For A Low Fee So Are Some Non

Another alternative is to reach out to your closest teaching hospital that offers training programs to interns and residents, adds Dr. Walfish. Most qualified training hospitals have a department of psychiatry and outpatient psychology program that offers low-fee sliding scale psychotherapy. Finally, there are several private and state-funded non-profit agencies that offer very good quality psychotherapy on a sliding scale with fees set based on the individuals prior income tax returns.

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What Is The Cost Of Therapy

Youre not alone if you are struggling to decide whether you should get therapy. We answer your questions about the costs of therapy that might have prevented you from seeking the help that you need. You shouldnt let costs stop you from getting the help and resources that you need.

We will address the questions Does therapy have a cost? How much therapy costs without insurance? and other related issues to help people who are unsure about whether therapy is right for them. Lets start by answering the question How much therapy costs with insurance?

Local Universities And Colleges

How To Get Into Alcohol Rehab Without Insurance?

If you attend a college or university, check with the health center to find out what counseling services they offer. If you dont attend but have universities and colleges in your area, call to see if they have a psychology department. They might provide a reduced rate or a sliding scale therapy with clinician-supervised students training to become psychologists or therapists.

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School And Workplace Programs

If you are a college student and your campus is not currently closed, you can probably receive free treatment through your schools student health center. Most universities have a therapist on their staff who provides counseling sessions to students at no charge. If you still need treatment after you graduate, your schools counselor can help you find a therapist to work with.

If youve already left school and moved into the workforce, check to see if your employer offers an Employee Assistance Program . These workplace programs provide free short-term counseling to employees dealing with problems that could affect their job performance. For instance, they can help workers who are struggling with:

  • Job-related stress
  • Grief over the death of a family member
  • Substance abuse

Most EAPs cant provide ongoing treatment for serious mental disorders. However, they can assess your mental health and refer you to a therapist if you need one. To find out if your workplace has an EAP and if its still active during the COVID pandemic, contact the human resources department.

What To Consider When Looking For A Therapist

Factors that may inform your choice of therapist include cost, expertise, service offerings and accessibility. But the most important consideration is your comfort level, says Teralyn Sell, Ph.D., a psychotherapist and brain health expert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Make sure a therapist is the right fit for you by reviewing their specializations, having a trial session and trusting your gut instinct, she adds.

Go ahead and interview a few different therapists before committing to one, advises Sell. And if at any point you begin to feel uncomfortable or that the therapy provided isnt what you expected, talk openly with the therapist. But dont feel like you cant move on with someone else.

If you dont know where to start, Hafeez recommends seeking a referral from your primary care physician or a trusted friend or family member who may have had success with a therapist in the past.

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How Much Does Online Therapy Cost

In general, online therapy costs less than in-person, private-practice therapy

Of the 33 companies we reviewed, average monthly costs for subscription-based online therapy ranged from $60 to over $600 a month, depending on the plan, number of live sessions with a therapist, therapist qualifications, and your geographical location .

Other online therapy companies operate on a more traditional, pay-per-therapy session model. These companies generally price their therapy based on the education and expertise of your therapist, though sometimes your geographic location can play a role too. Pay-per-session online therapy is usually more expensive than subscription-based online therapy, though still lower than in-person therapy.

Cost Of Online Therapy

CPAP Machine Cost: Are Prices Lower Without Insurance?

Online platforms usually offer weekly or monthly subscription plans. The plans cost varies according to the benefits of that tier.

For instance, offers four main plans: Basic, Standard, Premium, and Couple. The basic plan is the cheapest, however it doesnt offer live sessions, nor do you get express messaging with your therapist.

Most online therapy platforms share their discount coupons on different websites from time-to-time. You might be able to get a reduction in your subscription cost, at least for the first month, if you use a special discount code when subscribing to these online platforms. As mentioned above, you can get a 15% discount on BetterHelp and 20% off Online-therapy.coms subscription if you use one of our coupon codes.

Although online therapy costs vary on different platforms, the average monthly subscription fee for most services is about $60-$100.

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When To See A Therapist

It takes courage to seek help for mental health, and unfortunately, the cost of therapy can discourage people from obtaining the support they need.

Know that help exists, including a variety of low- and no-cost options.

If you dont know where to begin or have hesitations about therapy, reach out to your healthcare provider for assistance. They can discuss your options and help you access appropriate care for your situation.

How To Get Therapy Without Insurance

Medically reviewed by Vicky Davis, FNP

Millions of people in the United States struggle with mental illness such as anxiety and depression and many more struggle with emotional stressors. But only about half of those people receive treatment, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

Getting treatment for mental health concerns isnt always easy. Even once youve overcome the thought of the potential stigma, costs can be a significant barrier. Fortunately, there are ways to get therapy without insurance and to get low-cost therapy.

If you feel motivated to find mental health treatment, dont be discouraged because you dont have insurance. There are options available for you.

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How Talk Therapy Works

Counseling, talk therapy, psychotherapy — these terms are largely used interchangeably. They all refer to talking through your mental and emotional struggles with a trained professional. These therapy sessions can be used to talk about all sorts of stressors, including: problems at work or in professional relationships, problems with significant others or family members, depression, anxiety, medical diagnoses, and grief or loss of someone close to you.

These sessions with a professional arent just like talking to a friend your therapists office is a confidential space. As with a medical doctor, your discussions with your therapist are just between the two of you. So unlike talking about your feelings with your brother or girlfriend, theres a certain freedom akin to screaming into a box. What you reveal to your therapist, stays with your therapist.

An estimated 75 percent of people who receive psychotherapy experience symptom relief, according to the American Psychiatric Association. In fact, brain scans reveal similar benefits from therapy as from medication, in people with depression, PTSD, and other disorders.

While there are many forms of therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the more common. It helps people identify flawed thinking and behavior patterns, and then change them. For folks that have negative thought patterns that seem to get stuck on a loop, CBT can help you learn to intercept and reroute them.

Best For Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Online


Online-Therapy.comâs services focus exclusively on providing quality cognitive behavioral therapy online along with a great suite of self-care tools.

  • All therapists specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Provides additional resources for self-care work outside of session

  • Discount for first month available

  • Doesnât take insurance

Studies have shown that Cognitive Behavioral CBT therapy online is just as effective as in-person therapy while being more cost-effective. And Online-Therapy.comâa Swedish company that serves several English-speaking companies including the U.S.âtakes this to heart: It has created an online therapy company devoted entirely to this mode of treatment.

The companyâs therapists use CBT to treat a range of mental health conditions, including agoraphobia, bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, OCD, relationship issues, and more. Depending on what therapist youâre matched with, you can have therapy sessions via chat messaging, phone, or video session. In addition, no matter what subscription plan you purchase, youâll also gain access to their online âtoolbox,â which offers you a variety of self-led worksheets, journal prompts, and other resources, including yoga and meditation videos.

Of the users who tried that we surveyed: offers three subscription plans:

All users get 20% off their first month and access to the toolbox of additional resources.

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Dont Give Up The Resources Are Out There Possibly On Your Smartphone

Experts concur that it make take some time and effort to find a mental health provider, but your search will likely pay off. In the interim, you might want to turn to your smartphone.

Tele-mental health in all forms has become a huge resource and there are great resources online offered by large health systems, says Harry Nelson, managing partner of Nelson Hardiman, head of the Behavioral Health Association of Providers and co-author of From ObamaCare To TrumpCare: Why You Should Care. The challenge there is that you need to be licensed in the state where the patient lives, but that said, we’ve seen a flourishing growth in treatment of all mental health by telemedicine and I expect it to grow exponentially. Reach out to your local hospital system to ask if they offer these services.

How Can I Get Financial Help For Mental Health Care

Programs like Medicaid or the Childrens Health Insurance Program offer free or reduced-fee medical insurance to teens who are not covered. To find out if you qualify for mental health assistance through these programs, call your doctors office or hospital and ask to speak to a financial counselor. Your school counselor also might be able to help you figure out what kind of public medical assistance you could qualify for and guide you through the process of applying.

People under age 18 who live at home will need a parent or guardian to sign off on the paperwork for these programs. After that, though, your care will be confidential. A therapist wont tell parents what youve talked about unless they think you may harm yourself or another person.

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