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Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes

Q: Can I Buy More Or Less Coverage Than I Got A Quote For

Term Life Insurance Quotes: Instant and Hassle Free

A: Of course! Youre not locked into anything when you get a term life insurance quote. That quote is just an estimate. If you want to apply for that amount of coverage, the quote is our initial estimate of what it would cost. It doesnt mean youre obligated to apply at all, let alone for that particular amount or term length. All your options are still open!

Should You Buy Life Insurance Online Instantly

If you qualify, instant life insurance policies can be an affordable, easy option that cuts your application evaluation down from weeks to just minutes.

For those in good health who want life insurance quickly, there are instant options with a wide range of coverage amounts. Instant-issue life insurance policies are usually term life. While they don’t require a physical or medical exam, you’ll need to answer some health-related questions and provide some personal information to make sure you qualify.

If you want a policy that doesn’t ask any questions about your health, consider guaranteed issue life insurance. Note that guaranteed issue can be significantly more expensive with smaller coverage amounts.

Just starting out with life insurance? Explore this one-year term life insurance policy for affordable coverage in just minutes.

When’s The Best Time To Buy Term Life Insurance

Generally, the younger and healthier you are, the lower your life insurance rate will be. If you’re married, buying property, or starting a family, term life insurance is an affordable way to help make sure your family has financial security if you die unexpectedly.

One-year, short-term life insurance

Do you want to try out life insurance? Do you only need short-term coverage? Learn about the one-year term life insurance policy, starting at $10 per month with coverage options up to $200,000. You can get a policy in just minutes.

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Benefits Of Term Life Insurance

Protection for the period of time you want: Term life insurance is available in 10-year, 15-year, 20-year or 30-year terms and is renewable each year until age 95. It can be converted to a permanent life insurance policy during the term period .

Affordable coverage that wont increase over time: Your premium payments are guaranteed to stay the same for the duration of the term you select.

Income tax-free payout: The payout your beneficiary receives if you pass away during the coverage period is typically income tax-free and has a steady value throughout the life of your policy.

Optional riders: There are also features, called riders, available on some products that let you access your death benefit during your lifetime to help pay for expenses related to critical, chronic or terminal illnesses.

How Long Does A No

Best 22 Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes

Many no-exam life insurance policies are term life insurance policies that lock in your rate for the duration of the specified term. For example, if you have a 20-year no-exam term life insurance policy, your rate does not change for 20 years. You can usually renew the policy for a higher premium at the end of the initial term.

Other no-exam life insurance policies are whole life insurance policies and remain in force throughout the lifetime of the insured.

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Instant Term Life Insurance Quote

Term life insurance is the best policy for people looking to obtain the most significant amount of life insurance at the lowest possible cost.

Our comprehensive search engine will provide free life insurance quotes online from many quality insurers.

Your term life insurance quotes are for level death benefits guaranteed for an initial period of 10, 15, 20, 30, or even 40 years.

You will want to pick the time frame you think will cover your family and keep them protected while you have ongoing financial obligations.

Everyday situations that require term insurance are for protecting a mortgage or covering your income for your spouse.

What if I am not sure how much life insurance I need?

If you are unsure which, term life insurance policy is best, comparing the rates on the different term durations and face amounts is often helpful.

A ten-year term will always be your cheapest plan, while a thirty-year policy will cost you more money.

For example, a $1,000,000 10-year term policy costs only $75 per month, while a 30-year term costs $252 per month for a 50-year-old male.

A popular choice that fits most peoples budget is often a twenty-year term policy.

The same million-dollar policy calculates at a happy medium of $142 per month for our content, healthy 50-year-old.

Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes And Apply Online

Click Compare Now and you will see instant life insurance quotes and all term life insurance quotes from all carriers. Once you identify the term life plan that you want, click through to get the process started. The page will redirect to the Term Life Easy FACT FINDER FOR THE APPLICATION and you can be done in as little as 5 minutes. ABILITY TO START THE APPLICATION PROCESS for life insurance online! We will also email the link to start the process for those that are short on time or want to think it over.

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You’ve Got Questions We’ve Got Answers

Its important to consider your life stage and needs when choosing a term length. Working with a trusted and knowledgeable life insurance agent can help simplify the process.

  • What factors influence the cost of term life insurance?

    Term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance option. However, your actual payments could vary significantly based on:

  • Your age and health: The younger and healthier you are, the less youll pay on your premiums.
  • The term length: A short term length of 10 or 15 years will be more affordable than a longer-term length.
  • Death benefits: The larger the amount you want to leave to your beneficiaries, the more your premium will be.
  • Riders: If you want optional additional benefits like long-term medical care coverage, expect to pay higher premiums.
  • Can you convert term life insurance into permanent or whole life insurance?

    In some cases, term life insurance policies can be converted to permanent life insurance. Many plans allow you to convert to permanent life insurance at any time before your term expires.

  • One Size Does Not Fit All

    USA Top 5 Life Insurance || instant Term life insurance || Cheap life Insurance

    While term insurance is a great fit for most people, there are other insurance products that might be more appropriate for some people. That is why, in addition to term life insurance, we also offer universal life insurance and whole life insurance. For families with special-needs children or those with estate planning needs, we offer survivorship/joint survivor insurance.

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    Pros And Cons Of Instant Life Insurance

    As with any kind of life insurance, there are pros and cons to deal with because of your personal circumstances and available budget.

    Instant life insurance is for individuals who want to get a policy issued quickly and prefer not to have a medical exam. It is, however, a better fit for healthy individuals because insurance companies that offer instant life insurance generally go by acceptance or decline choices only.


    • Your policy can be issued the same day as applying
    • No intrusive and inconvenient medical exam
    • Rates that are only moderately higher than fully underwritten life insurance
    • Deal directly with the company


    • Not a good choice for individuals who have below-average health or seniors
    • Rates are higher than fully-underwritten life insurance
    • Death benefit limits are generally $2 million or lower
    • Many companies will not consider applicants with dangerous occupations or hobbies

    How The Application Process Works For An Instant Issue Life Insurance Policy

    Now that you know what instant or fast life insurance is, we need to go over how the application process works so that you can know what to expect.

    The first step to this process is to get a life insurance quote, you should be able to get these without giving any personal information.

    After that, it’s time to complete the application

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    What Is Life Insurance

    Life insurance is a contract in which a policyholder pays regular premiums in exchange for a lump-sum death benefit may be paid to the policyholder’s beneficiaries. The lump-sum benefit is paid when the policyholder either passes away or a specific amount of time has passed. Life insurance policies can help provide financial security by replacing lost income and covering expenses.

    If you’re looking for a life insurance policy, we’ve got you covered. The GEICO Insurance Agency, LLC has teamed up with partners to offer affordable life insurance options to meet your family’s needs. Get a life insurance quote online or call us at to get the assurance of knowing your loved ones will be protected.

    Who Should Be Buying Life Insurance

    Instant Term Life Insurance Quotes Online 06

    Instant term life insurance coverage is best for people in good to excellent health between the ages of 18 and 60 years old and is looking for less than $1.5 million in coverage for a specific period. If you are young and health your rates for an instant issue term life policy could be less expensive than a regular fully underwritten policy in some cases.

    Below we cover in more detail why certain people should look into instant term life:

    Healthy People & Young People

    The best candidates for an instant issue life insurance policy is going to be people that are young and also people that are healthy. Your health history is still used to determine your final underwriting decision when it comes to instant insurance policies, so your health is a huge factor in your approval.

    The reason this is great for younger people is that the majority of young people will not have been diagnosed with anything and wont be on any prescription medications. If you have preexisting conditions like diabetes, have heart problems, or take multiple medications then this probably not the best product for you.

    This really is the best life insurance for young adults, especially if you havent been diagnosed with anything, arent on any prescriptions, and want a policy without medical exams or records.

    People Afraid Of Needles

    Someone Ordered By A Judge

    Someone Who Can’t Get Traditional Insurance

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    Possible Outcomes To Instant Issue Life Insurance

    There are three possible outcomes when you apply for an instant decision life insurance policy:


    Your application is accepted. You can either be approved as applied, meaning that your final premium is the same as your quote, or you can be approved other than applied, meaning your final premium differs from your original quote based on your medical records. Either way, you’re covered as soon as you pay your first premium and sign your policy contract.


    If you’re declined for immediate coverage, it doesn’t mean you’re ineligible for any life insurance policy. You likely qualify for a competitively priced term policy, but just need to go through a more thorough medical evaluation. In some cases, you can apply with the same company and they will request the medical exam for you after your health interview. In other cases, you might need to apply with a different company.

    Working with an independent broker is especially helpful because they can help determine if you need to pivot to another insurance company that will be a better fit. At Policygenius, our brokers are licensed in all 50 states and can walk you through the entire life insurance buying process while offering transparent, unbiased advice tailored to your personal situation.

    Referred to underwriter

    Get Your Estimated Life Insurance Quote In Seconds

    • Driving history

    Because every life insurance provider has a different approach to calculating the risk of covering you, rates will vary. On top of this, for some companies, rates can trend higher because of the administrative costs and advisor commissions. PolicyMeâs licensed advisors donât receive commissions. Our promise is to never pressure or upsell more coverage than you require. In fact, we’ll even tell you if don’t require life insurance.

    Who has the best life insurance rates?

    PolicyMe has some of the best life insurance rates in Canada in comparison to other traditional life insurance providers. How is PolicyMe able to provide some of the most affordable premiums in the country?

    Our life insurance policies are fully underwritten with the same quality protection that your family deserves, but at a lower monthly premium. Using technology for good, weâve cut out unnecessary costs in the process of getting coverage and pass those savings back to our customers.

    Do I have to pay for a life insurance quote?

    You should not have to pay to get a life insurance quote. Itâs true that some companies make it harder than others to get an estimated quote, but it should never come at cost to the applicant.

    How can I tell if my online life insurance quote is reasonable?

    âAs a rule of thumb for term life insurance rates if a 30-something with generally good health has been quoted more than $50 for their monthly premiums, I would start asking more questions.


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    Q: Is The Quote What Ill Actually Pay

    A: Its best to think of your quote as an estimate. For life insurance quotes, instant results only give you a somewhat generic picture of what your policy is likely to cost. The quote is a best guess based on the information you provide about yourself .

    But theres more to instant life insurance quotes than those three factors. If you want to apply for a policy, well collect more information about your health, health history, and lifestyle. With a fuller picture of your health, the insurer can assign you a risk classification. That risk classification is how they set prices. Thats why the final rate youll be offered may be different than your initial instant online life insurance quotes. We recommend you use the initial quote as a rough estimate. Its helpful for planning a budget or just figuring out how much coverage you might be able to afford. When youre ready to apply, give us a call and well collect all the information needed to give you the most accurate quote possible.

    Are My Instant Life Insurance Quotes Accurate

    Instant Life Insurance Quotes | Video by Outlook Life

    We realize that you are searching for fast life quotes on the internet because you want to quickly compare life insurance policies in the comfort of your home.

    You will instantly get free life insurance quotes online without entering personal information, financial information, or medical history.

    Our life insurance comparison software will give a rough idea of how affordable coverage can be for your family!

    Are my life insurance prices accurate or even for real?

    These are indeed real-life insurance quotes from well-known insurance companies.

    However, your final rates will depend on your overall health!

    Fine-tuning your free life insurance quote

    I like the rates provided in my life insurance comparison. Now what?

    It may be advantageous to fine-tune which company can offer you the best life insurance rates online.

    So, please do us a favor and make sure that you have entered your correct contact information.

    We are not a call center like Select Quote, Accuquote, or AIG Direct and promise not to overwhelm you with phone calls.

    We will need a few minutes of your time to verify a few minor details about your quick life insurance quote.

    Good news!

    Most of the time, your final policy will be within 10% of what we initially quoted you on our website.

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    Instant Should Mean Instant

    Now, what happens to the contact information you provide on one of these types of websites? It is sold to other life insurance agencies so they can call and email you to try to earn your business. And, if you completed other forms that popped up during this frustrating process, another company would be selling your information to yet more agencies.

    Did you know this was going to happen when you clicked Get Instant Quotes? I would venture to guess that the answer is no. How would you know? After all, nowhere on this website did it say your information was going to be sold.

    Instant Answer Term Insurance

    Instant Answer Term Insurance provides $50,000 of death benefit protection until age 50 or a maximum 10 years, whichever is longer. This coverage is designed to provide a base level of life insurance protection at an affordable price. With this policy, you have the opportunity to apply for coverage, receive an underwriting decision, and if approved purchase the policy on the same day at an agent’s office.

    1 Permanent life insurance develops cash value that can be borrowed. Policy loans accrue interest and unpaid policy loans and interest will reduce the death benefit and cash value of the policy. The amount of cash value available will generally depend on the type of permanent policy purchased, the amount of coverage purchased, the length of time the policy has been in force and any outstanding policy loans. There may be tax consequences associated with policy loans. Neither State Farm nor its agents provide tax or legal advice.

    2 Your premiums will increase annually to age 95, but will never exceed the maximum premium stated in the policy.

    3 Assumes death benefit has not been paid during initial policy term. The Return of Premium benefit on the base policy is not taxable. Any Waiver of Premium for Disability premiums returned as part of the Return of Premium benefit may be taxable.

    4 Unpaid loans and withdrawals will reduce the Return of Premium and guaranteed death benefit and policy cash value. Loans also accrue interest.


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    What Is Instant Life Insurance

    Instant life insurance typically refers to policies that can be purchased online within a few minutes of getting a quote. Instant life insurance is usually a term life policy that doesn’t require a medical exam and involves accelerated underwriting with competitive pricing. Simplified issue life insurance might be considered a type of instant life insurance since it can be obtained quickly and without an exam, but instant life insurance isn’t necessarily more expensive like simplified issue policies tend to be.


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