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Ask Bankrate: Are online FDIC insured banks safe?

Call toll-free at: 1-877-ASK-FDIC or TTY Toll-free at 1-800-877-8339from 8 am until 6 pm ET Monday through Friday and from 8am to 1pm ET on Saturday

Read more about the FDIC and how it protects your deposits at Your Insured Deposits

Calculate your insurance coverage using EDIE, the FDIC’s online Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator at:

Send your questions by e-mail using the FDIC’s online Customer Assistance Form at:

Mail your questions to:FDIC National Center for Consumer and Depositor AssistanceConsumer Response Unit1100 Walnut St, Box #11Kansas City, MO 64106

Example : Joint Accounts


  • The total amount in each joint account is divided by the number of co-owners.
  • John’s ownership share in all joint accounts is the same as Mary’s, so $80,000 of John’s deposits is uninsured.
  • Robert’s ownership share in all joint accounts equals 1/3 of the CD, or $90,000, so his share is fully insured.

What Is An Online Savings Account

Online savings accounts are opened and maintained primarily online.

These accounts stand out from regular savings accounts in that they tend to pay significantly more than the average savings account rate, which was 0.13% APY as of August 15, 2022, according to the FDIC.

Youll find that the best online savings accounts are frequently offered by online banks and credit unions, which dont typically have the costs associated with operating traditional brick-and-mortar banks. Without the expense of physical branches, online banks can pass those savings on to their customers in the form of higher yields and lower fees. But some banks offer both online and brick-and-mortar savings options.

Keep in mind that the bank or credit union offering an online savings account may have only a few products, which means your checking account may be separate from your savings account. Fortunately, digital technology makes it easy to transfer money and automate your finances.

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Important Information About This Brochure

Your Insured Deposits is a comprehensive description of FDIC deposit insurance coverage for the most common account ownership categories. This brochure is not intended as a legal interpretation of the FDIC’s laws and regulations. For additional or more specific information about FDIC insurance coverage, consult the Federal Deposit Insurance Act and the FDIC’s regulations relating to insurance coverage described in 12 C.F.R. Part 330.

The information in this brochure is based on FDIC laws and regulations in effect at publication. These rules can be amended and, therefore, some of the information in this brochure may become outdated. The online version of this brochure, available on the FDIC’s website at, will be updated immediately if rule changes affecting FDIC insurance coverage are made.

Depositors should note that federal law expressly limits the amount of insurance the FDIC can pay to depositors when an insured bank fails, and no representation made by any person or organization can either increase or modify that amount.

This brochure is not intended to provide estate planning advice. Depositors seeking such assistance should contact a financial or legal advisor.

For simplicity, this brochure uses the term “insured bank” to mean any bank or savings association that is insured by the FDIC. To check whether the FDIC insures a specific bank or savings association:

What Is An Education Savings Account

What Is FDIC Insurance?

Education savings accounts, such as Coverdell Education savings accounts and 529 plans, are accounts that allow family members to obtain certain tax advantages through setting aside funds for a childs future education. 529 programs are administered at the state level and you must invest in programs they administer Coverdell education savings accounts are move flexible , however we know of no online banks currently offering Coverdell Education savings accounts.

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Is An Online Savings Account Fdic Insured

Online savings accounts can offer a convenient place to keep your money while potentially earning a great rate. Compared to traditional banks, online banks tend to have lower overhead costs. That enables them to pass savings on to their customers in the form of higher rates and lower fees. But is an online savings account FDIC insured? And how safe is your money? Those are important questions to ask if youre considering moving your savings to an online bank.

For more help with addressing your banking needs, consider working with a financial advisor.

What Is an Online Savings Account?

An online savings account is a savings account that you open online. Traditional banks can offer online savings accounts but theyre more commonly associated with online-only banks. Here are some of the key characteristics of online savings accounts:

  • Typically offered by banks and financial institutions that dont have a physical footprint

  • Balances can earn interest, often at rates that are higher than those found at brick-and-mortar banks

  • Often have low or no monthly maintenance fees and minimal fees overall

  • Minimum initial deposit requirements may be as low as $1

  • Savers can access their money via online or mobile banking and some online banks may also offer an ATM card

What Is FDIC Insurance?

The FDIC doesnt insure investment products, such as stocks, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds . You can, however, get coverage for Individual Retirement Accounts held at FDIC member institutions.

Maximizing Fdic Insurance Coverage: 2 Examples

These examples show how a sample Marcus customer, Mrs. Jones, could set up account ownership to maximize FDIC coverage for a total of up to $1,000,000 in savings for her family. In these examples a person is eligible for FDIC coverage up to $250,000 total in each ownership category.

Other account ownership scenarios are possible. In addition, Marcus has per-account and per-owner deposits limits. for more information.

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What Is A Health Savings Account

A health savings account is a tax advantaged medical savings account available to taxpayers in the United States who are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan . The funds contributed to this kind of account are not subject to federal income tax at the time of deposit.

According to IRS Publication 969 , the interest or other earnings on the assets in the account are tax free and distributions may be tax free if you pay qualified medical expenses or other expenses not covered by health insurance such as dental or vision care. Due to the tax advantages of a health savings account, these accounts should be set up separately through banks offering them and their assets should not be comingled with a high yielding online savings account. We know of no online banks currently offering HSAs.

Opening An Account Online Safely

Here’s How It Works: FDIC Insurance

To open a bank account online, youll need a computer, secure internet connection and personal information prepared, such as a Social Security number and a government-issued ID. The process of opening an account online is similar to opening one at a branch, but take some precautions to ensure personal information is protected from cyberattacks.

Make sure the network being used to connect to the internet is secure. Public Wi-Fi networks should be avoided. One way to ensure your connection is secure is by using a VPN.

Its also important to create a password thats unique and not easy to guess. Doing so will make it harder for hackers to break into an account and commit identity theft.

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What Is The Benefit Of Marcus Savings Account

One of the unique benefits you can get when you decide to create a Marcus savings account is thepeace of mind that you are dealing with a fintech mobile app that is directly supported by a trusted bank like Goldman Sachs Bank . The funds you will put in your Marcus savings account are covered with $250, 000 per depositor, per institution, just in case a bank failure will occur in the future.

Why Are Online Savings Rates Going Up

Online savings accounts come with variable interest rates, which banks can raise and lower for several reasons. APYs are often adjusted when the Federal Reserve changes its benchmark interest rate. To fight inflation, the Fed has hiked its interest rate several times in 2022. This has allowed banks to raise their APYs, so savers earn better interest rates.

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Best High Yield Savings Accounts Of September 2022

A savings account helps you grow your wealth safely while keeping your money close at hand. You can open one with most banks and credit unions, but the best online savings accounts are available through online banks. Here’s a look at our picks for the top savings accounts, as well as some guidance on what to look for when choosing a savings account. These banks have some great APYs and are good options to explore.

Jump To

  • Only one online account option
  • Online savings requires a $1,000 initial deposit
  • CDs require a $2,500 minimum deposit
  • Branches in only three states

What Do Brick And Mortar Banks Offer

Pin on finances

In addition to traditional banking services like depositing money and withdrawing cash, brick and mortar bank locations generally offer services such as providing money orders and notarizing documents, which involve an in-person interaction with a teller or other bank employee. Many brick and mortar banks also offer safe deposit boxes, which customers can lease for storage of valuable items. It is important to note that the FDIC does not insure the contents of safe deposit boxes.

Many brick and mortar banks also offer online and mobile access to their banking services, which their customers can use to manage their money online. Contact your bank or check their website to learn about all of the services it provides.

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Why Is Online Banking Not Safe

Some risks of online banking could be your account getting hacked or the website or mobile app not working or being down for maintenance when you need it. That’s why it’s important to bank with an institution that uses strong security measures to protect your accounts and to take security precautions yourself.

Our Expert Panel For This Guide

We consulted banking and financial planning experts to inform these picks and provide their advice on finding the best high-yield savings accounts to use for your money. You can read their insights at the bottom of this post.

Below, you’ll find our top picks for the best high-yield savings accounts, which stand out from competitors because of their unique perks and zero monthly service fees.

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Varo Bank: Good For Ability To Increase Apy

Varo is an online bank that offers a high yield savings account and checking account, as well as cash advance services and a secured credit card. You can access your account online, but Varo also has easy access through its mobile app. If you have a Varo bank account and Varo savings account, you can use savings tools to increase your balance, like rounding up transactions made with your Varo debit card and transferring the amount to your savings.

Safety Precautions When Banking Online

Deposit Insurance Coverage – Personal Accounts

Whether its using an online bank or online banking at a traditional bank, adhering to some best practices can keep your money safe:

  • Type in the banks website into your browser and dont use a link that was emailed or received via a text message, which can help you avoid phishing scams.
  • Make sure the banks website is using an HTTPS web address before logging in.
  • Change your password regularly and dont use it anywhere else.
  • Use multifactor authentication. The two-step process might seem like extra work, but it adds another layer of security, usually in the form of receiving a code via text.
  • Set for text message alerts to advise you of unauthorized transactions or withdrawals.
  • Consider a virtual private network, a service that encrypts your internet connection to keep it safe. Use a VPN on your laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • See if your bank allows you to use a verbal password to further protect your account.
  • Consider downloading identity theft-protection software. These services can often come with several protective measures packaged into one, including a VPN and password monitoring.

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Ology: How Did We Choose The Best Online High

There are a lot of high-yield savings accounts out there. Through our research, we’ve found that the best high-yield savings accounts are offered by banks with a strong online presence, robo-advisors, and other internet-only financial companies.

Each week, we review high-yield savings accounts at nearly two dozen institutions to identify the strongest options. We also cross-reference our list against popular comparison sites like Bankrate and Nerdwallet to make sure we don’t miss a thing.

While interest rates are an important aspect of any high-yield savings account, we also consider minimum deposits and balance requirements, transfer limitations, and any other standout features. Most importantly, we don’t consider any high-yield savings accounts that impose monthly maintenance fees.

Notice Of Changes In Temporary Fdic Insurance Coverage For Non

Unless there is a change in federal law, beginning January 1, 2013, funds deposited in “non-interest bearing transaction accounts” no longer will receive unlimited deposit insurance coverage by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation . Beginning January 1, 2013, all of a depositor’s accounts, including all “non-interest bearing transaction accounts”, will be insured by the FDIC up to the standard maximum deposit insurance amount , for each deposit insurance ownership category.

The term “noninterest-bearing transaction account” includes a traditional checking account or demand deposit account on which the insured depository institution pays no interest. It also includes Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts . It does not include other accounts such as traditional checking or demand deposit accounts that may earn interest, NOW accounts and money-market deposit accounts.

For more information about temporary FDIC insurance coverage of transaction accounts, visit

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Is It A Legitimate Bank

Before engaging with any bank, whether it is digital-only or brick and mortar, itâs important to make sure you are working with a legitimate FDIC-insured bank. Make sure it isnât a fraudulent website set up by criminals to mislead and entice people into transferring money or disclosing personal information for use in committing identity theft. To confirm that a website belongs to an FDIC-insured bank, check the FDICâs online database, BankFind. BankFind includes both digital-only and traditional brick and mortar banks.

Dollar Savings Direct: Good For Online Only Access

Is Cash App Stocks Fdic Insured

Dollar Savings Direct is the online division of New York-based Emigrant Bank. It offers both high yield savings accounts and CDs. There arent any saving or tracking online features that some other banks offer, and you cannot access your account through a mobile app, but Dollar Savings Direct does still offer consistently high yields if you dont mind accessing your account only online.

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How Do I Open A Savebetter Account

A.Check out our savings marketplace and choose a product in which you would like to deposit money.

B.Create your username and password.

C.Complete an application and, after successful identity verification, link a bank account from which to fund your first savings product.

D.Start earning interest as soon as your money is received by the bank or credit union offering the savings product you selected.

Any questions or concerns? Email us at .

Types Of Account Ownership

  • Single-owner accounts. Each member of the family can have an account in his or her name insured up to $250,000. Marcus requires account owners to be at least 18 years old.
  • Joint accounts. Money in joint accounts is insured separately from single-owner accounts, up to a total of $250,000 per owner.
  • Accounts with beneficiaries. Account beneficiaries are insured separately, up to $250,000 per beneficiary. Marcus accounts can have up to six named beneficiaries.

Note: We require all primary and joint account owners to sign a Signature Card to ensure deposits are eligible for the maximum amount of FDIC insurance.

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Are Online Savings Rates Always Better Than Rates At Brick

No. Online banks often offer higher savings and CD rates because they have lower expenses by not having to maintain brick-and-mortar locations. You should also check rates at local banks and credit unions. Unlike other websites, compiles all of these rates, listing them in an unbiased manner that shows the proximity of each bank or credit union to you. Please access these rates using the tabs above.

Depending on where you live, there may be banks and credit unions offering rates still higher than the best online savings rates.BestCashCow maintains the largestrate database including rates on over 2,000,000 bank products from all 8,000 banks and 7,700 credit unions in the US in enable you to compare online rates with local rates in your area.

Employee Benefit Plan Accounts

How I use Vanguard VTSAX Index Fund as a Savings Account for MAXIMUM RETURNS!

An employee benefit plan account is a deposit of a pension plan, defined benefit plan or other employee benefit plan that is not self-directed. An account insured under this category must meet the definition of an employee benefit plan in section 3 of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, with the exception of plans that qualify under the Certain Retirement Account ownership category. The FDIC does not insure the plan itself, but insures the deposit accounts owned by the plan.

Additional requirements for coverage:

  • The investment and management decisions relating to the account must be controlled by a plan administrator .
  • The plan administrator must maintain documentation supporting the plan and the beneficial interest of the participants
  • The account must be properly titled as an employee benefit account with the bank
  • When all of these requirements are met, the FDIC will insure each participant’s interest in the plan up to $250,000, separately from any accounts the employer or employee may have in the same FDIC insured institution. The FDIC often refers to this coverage as “pass-through coverage” because the insurance coverage passes through the employer that established the account to the employee who is considered the owner of the funds.

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