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Life Insurance For My Parents

How Do You Buy Life Insurance For Your Parents

Family First Life: Insurance 101

Although you might like to give a gift of life insurance to your parents, its not quite that simple.

First, you must obtain a parents permission before you purchase a policy that insures them. This means a parents signature on an application.

A parent must also be willing to go through the application process. For instance, if an insurer requires a medical exam for a parent to be insured, Mom or Dad would need to agree to that. Note that the insured parent must answer application questions on their own.

Additionally, you must be able to demonstrate that you have whats known as an insurable interest. Translation: You must be able to show that youd face financial difficulties if the insured parent dies. Children generally have insurable interest in their parents.

Fortunately, death benefits from a life insurance policy are paid tax-free to the beneficiary. An adult child could be both the policy owner and the beneficiary.

As always, compare life insurance quotes and benefits from several insurers, regardless of what kind of life insurance youre buying. And be sure to look into the companys financial strength so that you can gain assurance that the company can pay all its future claims.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Options

Medical exams can prevent you from qualifying for a policy if you have health issues. If your parent does have a pre-existing condition, there are still options available. A majority of whole life polices do not require a medical exam. Coverage can often be issued by answering a few health questions on the application.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Life Insurance For Parents

If youre unsure whether or not you should even take out a life policy on your mom, dad, or one of your grandparents, fear not.

The following question will help you figure it out.

Ask yourself

Will you need money to pay for an expense that arose specifically because your parents passed on?

If Yes: You should absolutely take out a life insurance policy for your parents to pay for whatever bill would arise due to their passing.

If No: You dont need any coverage on them.

Some of the most common reasons why people buy coverage on mom or dad:

  • Money is needed to take over their home or other property.

You may or may not need to buy a life insurance plan for your parents or grandparents. It just depends on your familys situation.

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Key Life Insurance Questions For Senior Parents

Life insurance brings the most value when it meets the actual needs of those left behind. Thats why understanding where your parents stand in terms of things like debts, savings, wills, and end-of-life wishes is important to deciding what kind of insurance to purchase and how much coverage it should provide. Here are some things to ask:

  • Do they still have dependents: Today many older people are a primary source of financial support for their children, grandchildren, and others. Understand who, if anyone, needs to be taken care of when your parents are gone.
  • What is the state of their finances: Do your parents have debts you and other beneficiaries would have to pay in their absence? What funds do they have in the bank and in investments? Do they have 401Ks or other retirement funds? Have they made end-of-life arrangements or at least put money away for that purpose?
  • Do they have wills in place: Wills are important to have, and can help indicate what your parents want for their loved ones when theyre gone.
  • What are their end-of-life wishes: Have they thought about burial or cremation costs, funeral costs, and the cost of other related issues, such as end-of-life medical bills? If they want to be sure the money is there to cover those expenses, life insurance can help. Many policies allow riders specifically to cover final expenses.

Talking It Through With Your Parents

Buying Life Insurance For Parents: What Steps (You) Need To Know

Of course, the most important thing is that you discuss this with your parents and make sure they are happy for you to arrange cover. They will also be able to help you as much as they can in terms of providing information for your insurer. It may bring relief for them to know that their children are provided for should they no longer be around.

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Keeping Life Insurance Costs Low

Many factors determine how much life insurance will cost. Typically, the younger you are the less youll need to pay for life insurance. That gives you all the more reason to buy insurance soon after you bring home your little one.

Also, the healthier you are the less youll likely pay. Non-smokers and people who dont partake in risky hobbies generally get a better price, too.

Can You Buy Life Insurance For Your Parents

Yes, you may purchase life insurance for your parents to pay for their final expenses or other debts. They must agree to the coverage and sign the application.

Buying $2,000- $50,000 in coverage requires no explanation regarding why you want the coverage. However, more than $50,000 will likely require you to explain why you need that much coverage.

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Avoid Tax Consequences By Doing This

If you were to imagine a life insurance policy as a shape, it would be a triangle. Its made up of three points which are:

  • Insured: The individual whose life the policy is insuring.
  • Owner: The individual who pays the premiums and has control of the policy.
  • Beneficiary: The individual designated to receive the death benefit upon the passing of the insured.
  • To avoid a potential tax bill, you must ensure that two of the three points are the same.

    If all three points are different people, then the death benefit could be considered a taxable gift to the beneficiary.

    This situation is often referred to as the Goodman Triangle or the Unholy Trinity.

    Its important to note that if the proceeds of a life policy are considered a taxable gift , the tax burden falls upon the policy owner. The beneficiaries are not those who owe the taxes.

    Heres a basic example.

    John wants to buy coverage on his mom Mary, and he names his son Steve as the beneficiary. The breakdown would be as follows:

    • Beneficiary= Steve

    Upon the passing of Mary, Steve will receive the policys proceeds since he is the beneficiary. The IRS will view the death benefit as a gift to Steve since John was the policy owner.

    He paid for a service that resulted in Steve getting a lump sum of money. In the IRS eyes, they look at that as no different from if John had just given Steve a personal check for $20,000.

    Other tax considerations

    First, the IRS allows you to gift a certain amount annually to someone without paying taxes.

    Taking The First Step When Youre Ready To Buy

    Court Cam: Son Commits Vicious Crime to Collect Life Insurance Money From Parents | A& E

    When youve decided that yes, you want a life insurance plan for your parents, it begs the question:

    Where should I start what do I do now?

    Start by talking with them first.

    Clarify if they are on board with doing the policy. As mentioned earlier, you must have their consent. There are no exceptions to this rule .

    Also, get as much info as you can about their health. The more, the better.

    With those two tasks completed, then you need to find an independent life insurance broker.

    As you can imagine, we highly recommend Choice Mutual. Check out what our customers say about working with us, or read some of the reviews below.

    Whether you go with us or not, make sure you find a reputable independent agency with access to dozens of life insurance companies.

    Tell them your goals and give them all the information you can regarding your parents health.

    Their job will then be to compare offers from the dozens of life insurance companies they represent to see which one is best for you and your parents.

    At that point, theyll assist you guys in applying to the carrier of your choice.

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    Determine Who Will Own The Policy

    The owner of a life insurance policy has the right to change beneficiaries, cancel a policy, and make other changes. The owner is also responsible for payments. Because of that, its crucial to name the right person. If youre buying insurance for your parents to protect yourself, it may be wise to make yourself the policy owner. However, if youd like your parents to have control over the policy, you can certainly name a different owner.

    Sooner Is Often Better For Rates

    Life insurance rates are based on many factors, but the primary driver for the premiums is based on the probability that the insured will die while the policy is in force. Along with health factors, age is among the largest factor in determining life insurance rates. People can die from a lot of different causes but if none of the other causes gets us, age always will. We arent built to last forever.

    A life insurance policy purchased earlier in life will generally be much less expensive than a policy purchased in the later years of life. Theres less risk of death when we are younger. The risk of age also carries over to policy types. As we get older, or as your parents get older, youll find your options for policy types will begin to dwindle with many insurers. For example, term life insurance may not be available after a certain age with some insurers. Even at earlier ages, you may find the available term choices to be limited to shorter terms.

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    Notice For Claim Assistance | IRDAI Registration no: 136. WEBNJV3CHODEC17 ENG | CIN: U66010DL2007PLC248825

    Trade Logo of Canara HSBC Life Insurance Company Limited hereinafter referred to as “Insurer” is used under license with Canara Bank and HSBC Group Management Services Limited.

    1. The monthly survival benefit mentioned is an example of Life Assured opting for Sum Assured as 1Cr under Life Secure with Income plan option. Under this plan option, a Monthly Survival Income shall be payable at the beginning of each month, starting from the Policy Anniversary coinciding with or following the Life Assured attaining age 60 years which shall continue till the end of the Policy Term or the death of the Life Assured whichever is earlier. In case of death of the Life Assured during the Policy Term, Sum Assured on Death basis the Coverage option opted, less cumulative monthly income already paid shall be payable. The Policy will terminate after payment of this benefit.

    2.Conditions Apply – Payable at end of the Policy Term, Provided all premiums are paid as and when due.

    ^Individual death claims settled and reported in public disclosures for FY 2021-22.

    For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the Sales Brochure carefully before concluding a sale.


    Affordable Life Insurance Options For Parents

    Learn about our family life insurance policies and protect your loved ...

    When searching for life insurance for parents, you may already know that it can get very expensive. Thankfully, there are types of whole life insurance such as burial insurance that specialize in small face life insurance policies . These allow you to budget accordingly when taking steps to secure your family’s peace of mind, regardless of your financial situation.

    One way to keep life insurance costs low is to buy life insurance early on before your age or health affects how expensive your premium is. If youre able to qualify for a standard life insurance plan, you can save hundreds of dollars a year in premium costs. If youre unable to qualify for a standard plan because of your health, your premium will be more expensive because of the extra risk the insurance company takes on by insuring you. Tobacco users will also pay a higher premium because of the long-term impact tobacco use has on a persons health. By getting life insurance early on, you will be able to lock in a standard rate even if you experience changes in your health.

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    Can You Get A Policy For Parents Without Their Consent

    In most cases, the answer is no. If youre struggling to talk to your parents about taking out a policy for them, youre not alone. Talking with your parents about life insurance and their final arrangements isnt easy. But having this discussion can be helpful in many ways. Eighty-nine percent of adults over the age of 40 say discussing end-of-life wishes would be meaningful.

    Explaining the purpose of the discussion is very important. Make it clear that your intention is to support their wishes exactly as they describe. Set aside a time to discuss how they wish to be remembered and determine how much life insurance is needed to pay for their final arrangements.

    You dont want to buy life insurance for parents who have any concerns about the policy. If you need help on how to have this talk, visit The Conversation Project to get tips and tools on how you can make the discussion as smooth as possible.

    Once your parent understands the necessity of life insurance, you can follow the step-by-step instructions listed above.

    What Are Some Reasons To Buy Life Insurance For Parents

  • You need help paying for their final arrangements. The costs of funeral services are more expensive than they have ever been and they will continue to rise. Many families underestimate just how expensive funerals can be depending on the type of final arrangement and the items chosen for the service . Caskets alone can cost families thousands of dollars. Life insurance proceeds can help cover some of these costs, especially if the benefit is received quickly.
  • You need help paying for their medical bills. The last few years of a persons life can often be some of the most expensive. Depending on their health, your parents may be placed on expensive prescriptions or medical treatments, require more doctor or hospital visits, and may need around the clock care. In the final days of their life, they may need to be placed in a hospice facility. All of these medical expenses can be difficult to cover if you have a family of your own. A small life insurance policy can help cover any medical bills left behind.
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    The Cost Of Life Insurance For Parents

    The cost of life insurance is calculated based on the level of risk you pose to an insurer.

    They take into account your age, health, , and amount/type of cover to determine the likelihood of a claim.

    Parents who pose a high risk will pay a higher monthly premium than their less risky counterparts.

    The good news is, you can save money when arranging life insurance, simply by comparing quotes.

    At Reassured, we can arrange life insurance for parents from as little as 20p-a-day.

    The Benefits Of Life Insurance For Both Parents

    Mathews Dixon Family | Life Insurance is a True Financial Lifeline

    Your family will most likely benefit from both parents having life insurance policies. That means a stay-at-home parent should also consider getting life insurance because his or her absence will likely be deeply felt on a monetary level even if he or she doesnt earn an income. Just think about all the services these parents provide including child care at no cost to the family.

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    How To Buy Life Insurance For Parents

    Solskin / Getty Images

    Parents often buy life insurance to protect their children and surviving spouses. But thats not the only way to use insurance. In some cases, it makes sense for a child to buy life insurance for parents.

    The loss of a parent can be emotionally devastating and an unpleasant topic to consider. But its important to acknowledge any potential financial impacts that might result. For example, if your parents provide financial support, or if you are responsible for debts your parents currently pay, their death may leave you in a difficult position. Alternatively, you might just want sufficient funds to pay for a meaningful memorial that celebrates your parents lives.

    Work With An Independent Agent

    Know this. There is no single life insurance company that can be the best option for everyone. Its flat-out impossible.

    They all accept and reject various health issues, which is why there cant be one company to rule them all.

    Heres the bottom line:

    To find the best life insurance policy for parents, its imperative that you work with an independent agent because only they can compare offers from dozens of insurance companies. Theyll simply match you with whichever company suits you best.

    In the realm of life insurance, there are two types of agents that you will deal with:

  • Captive agent: An insurance agent who can only represent a single company. For example, State Farm is a captive insurer. A State Farm agent can only sell you State Farm insurance. They cannot represent any other insurance company. State Farm strictly forbids it.
  • Independent agent: An insurance agent that is free to represent as many insurance companies as they want. For example, Mutual of Omaha is an independent insurer. They dont care how many other insurance companies an agent represents.
  • What type of agent you work with will heavily influence how good of a deal you will get.

    Think about it this way.

    In your left hand, you have one single life insurance company. In your right hand, you have 30 different insurance companies.

    If you had to choose a hand when shopping for life insurance for one of your parents, which hand do you think gives you the best chance of success?

    See the difference?

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