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Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 No Medical Exam

What Is The Price Of Term Life Insurance For Seniors

Term Life Insurance For Seniors 70 And Older [Rates Revealed]

Life insurance premiums are often unique to the person applying for coverage. How much premium you will pay depends on three factors â age, gender, and physical condition. The last factor is one that can vary a lot from one person to another and widely affects premium rates.

A healthy, non-smoking 60-year-old male could expect to pay roughly $109 for a 20-year term life insurance policy. The same coverage starts at approximately $74 for a non-smoking female.

Smokers may have to pay as much as two times the amount of their non-smoking peers. Thatâs hardly surprising, though. Smokers have a significantly higher mortality rate than their non-smoking counterparts.

While smoking considerably affects your life insurance premium rates, your age has even a greater impact. In fact, it is the primary factor influencing your cost of life insurance. For this reason, itâs wise to purchase life insurance as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more your premium rates will go up solely on age â and understandably so. The older you are, the fewer years you are expected to live.

To give you a better idea, our team analyzed price quotes for two seniors life insurance providers. Industrial Alliance is a popular term insurance option and Canada Protection Plan is often recommended for non-medical .

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Why Would A Senior Over 70 Need Life Insurance

Believe it or not, there are many people out there who believe that once you are a senior your need for life insurance is considerably reduced because of the size of your estate. They mistakenly believe the longer youve been alive, the bigger your estate becomes. Regretfully, that is not always the case.

Many seniors cashed in or sold their life insurance policies in order to survive the market crash in 2007 and then found that it was difficult or expensive to replace it after the market returned to normal.

Other seniors worked most of their adult lives and had group term insurance coverage that they assumed would be enough coverage for a lifetime but only to find when they retired, their group term insurance coverage wasnt portable.

In many cases, uninsured seniors didnt realize that their surviving loved ones would have to bear the burden of funeral costs and other final expenses when they passed away and only began to consider how this could affect their loved ones after seeing final expense insurance commercials on TV.

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Why Should I Consider Whole Life Insurance For Seniors

As you enter your golden years, you may no longer have a need for a large amount of life insurance. Your kids are likely grown and independent, and your spouse wont be relying on your income. Life insurance is still important, though. Smaller whole life policies for seniors can help your family with several common end-of-life costs. Here are a few reasons you should consider one:

What Over 70s Life Insurance Can I Get

The Best Guide to Affordable Life Insurance Over 60! 30 Year Term for ...

Everyones circumstances are different, and fortunately, there are various suitable life insurance policies for over 70s.

Our Over 50 Fixed Life Insurance is worth considering. Its available for UK residents aged 50 to 80 and comes with guaranteed acceptance with full cover payable after one year and fixed monthly premiums. Your payout could help pay some of your funeral costs, outstanding bills or provide a small gift for your loved ones. Its worth noting that depending on how long you live, you could pay in more than the policy pays out.

Aside from that, our life cover policies can provide peace of mind for the over 70s. The following life insurance policies are underwritten, so while there is no guarantee of acceptance, they could potentially give you the higher level of cover you need. With Life Insurance, you can choose how much cover you need and if you die or youre diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 12 months during the length of the policy, it could pay out a cash sum. You can take out the policy up to and the age of 77, and it must end before youre 90. The minimum length of the policy is 1 year, and the maximum length is 50 years.

Remember that these policies have no cash value unless a valid claim is made, and if you stop paying the premiums, the cover will end.

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What Is Senior Life Insurance

Senior life insurance simply refers to regular life insurance policies that seniors are eligible for, such as some term insurance policies, final expense insurance , guaranteed-issue policies, and traditional forms of permanent coverage like whole life and universal life insurance.

Final expense insurance may be most commonly considered senior life insurance because it frequently has a minimum age requirement of 45 or 50. Some final expense policies may qualify as guaranteed issue life insurance as well. The main differences between these types of policies and regular life insurance are the application process, the cost, and the death benefit. Most burial insurance policies have a death benefit of $50,000 or less, require no medical exam and few health questions , and cost more per dollar of death benefit than coverage that requires a medical exam.

Types Of Simplified Issue Whole Life

Not all whole life insurance policies are created equal. Your overall health will dictate the type of policy you can qualify for. Every life insurance on the market has distinctive underwriting guidelines in which they classify a potential client for coverage. Some companies will issue a level benefit plan if you have type 2 diabetes others will give you a graded benefit plan for the same condition.

Some companies ask about your health history for the past two years and ignore any health challenges you had before that others will go back five years or longer in some cases.

This is why its imperative that you choose the right company with the highest likelihood for approval based on your over whole health and how far back the carrier is looking at your health history. There are three types of coverages you must be aware of when shopping for whole life insurance.

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What Is Guaranteed Life Insurance For Seniors

As its name suggests, guaranteed life insurance provides coverage regardless of ones medical history and current health. Similar to simplified issue life insurance, guaranteed issue policies do not require a medical exam. Nor is there a health questionnaire requirement.

Again, you do pay a price for the ease of this coverage in the form of higher premiums. The justification: coverage is guaranteed regardless of any existing medical condition compensating the insurance provider for taking on a higher risk by insuring without any medical screening.

Guaranteed issue life insurance policies always carry additional limitations such as an exclusion period during which no claims are accepted.

The death benefit is usually limited to $50,000. Such policies are typically offered on a permanent basis: coverage is offered for the entire length of the policy.

What If Your Application Get Rejected

Life Insurance For Seniors Over 70 [Rates & Companies Revealed]

The only option is a guaranteed issue policy, which is expensive but it worth having.

If your application for a policy in an insurance company gets rejected, it is important to avoid sending out multiple applications to other insurers.

As frustrating as it would be, there is a need to take a step back and strategize on how you are going to approach future applications.

Insurance companies rely on bodies such as the MIB to learn more details about your health and previous applications.

When you get rejected due to a health condition, the information will be recorded and kept with the bureau. Getting multiple rejections will act as red flags to any other insurers you approach for a policy.

The best option is to use an agency to help you in finding the right life insurance policy offered by the right insurer who will accept you.

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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Rates Age 70 To 79

To begin, lets talk about the #1 factor when shopping for life insurance for seniors: cost.

We have prepared sample rates for both males and females in their 70s based on actual age. Unlike some other types of insurance, your rates are determined based on the age at application.

For this reason, it is always best to apply as early as possible and not wait another year. Insurance rates do increase at a faster rate the older you get, as youll see below.

Lastly, keep in mind that these numbers can fluctuate over time and that you are able to purchase face amounts anywhere in between these sample premiums. Meaning it is possible to purchase a $7,000 or $17,000 policy.

For the most accurate prices at any policy amount or age, compare guaranteed acceptance life insurance quotes with our free tool.

Do I Qualify For No Medical Exam Life Insurance

If you fall into one of the categories below, you could be a great fit for a no medical exam life insurance policy:

  • People who are pretty healthy and dont have a long medical history
  • Busy people who just want coverage fast but dont want to fool around with appointments and needles
  • Young smokers who dont have any other medical conditions

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Whole Life Insurance Has Cash Value

It affords you a death benefit covering the rest of your life while accumulating cash value.

The upside of whole life insurance is that you will pay the same amount of premiums for the entire time it is in effect.

Unfortunately, it only stays active if you pay your premiums, which are usually higher compared to those of term insurance.

One can take it up if you wish to leave some amount to a beneficiary, reduce estate taxes, or use the cash value as collateral for a loan.


  • It is the right way of covering you for the rest of your life. It does not expire as long as you pay the premiums.
  • The policy accumulates cash value, which you can cash in, in case you are in need of money.
  • You have to option to take a loan if needed.
  • It covers most of the essential expenses.


  • You will be required to pay the premiums for the rest of your life. Otherwise, the policy will lapse.

Does It Worth?

Whole life insurance comes with many benefits when compared to other policies such as term insurance, which makes it worthy in many cases. If you think you still have many years to live, then it is advisable to take this option.

If you are able to pay the premiums for the remaining part of your life, then it is a good option as it comes with cash value. It comes with a better death benefit value.

So, if you have beneficiaries you would like them to benefit from the death benefits, it is a great choice.

How Much Life Insurance Do Seniors Over 70 Need

Life Insurance For 72 Year Old

If you are considering a final expense life insurance policy, the death benefit should be at least sufficient to cover funeral and burial expenses that would be passed on to surviving loved ones. If your budget will support additional death benefits, then, by all means, consider additional benefits for taking care of unpaid medical expenses or nursing home costs that werent covered by Medicare.

Funeral and burial expenses are based on various things like where you live, the type of funeral you want, the memorial service, and other bells and whistles that funeral directors use to fatten the funeral and burial invoice. According to national funeral services like,, and the NFDA you can expect an average funeral to cost between $9,000 and $12,000. Its also important to note that the longer you live, the more it will cost to bury you when your time comes.

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Get A Senior Whole Life Insurance Quote

If youre ready to take the next step in helping to protect your familys financial future, or if you just have questions, contact your American Family Insurance agent today.

Ready for a quote? Use our life insurance calculator to get started. Follow the prompts including providing your birthdate and ZIP code to get an estimated quote. When using the calculator, be sure to change the default coverage amount to $15,000 to see a DreamSecure Senior Whole Life quote. And if you like, well connect you with an agent who can give you more information about the policy.

This is a brief description of coverage and is subject to policy and/or rider terms and conditions which may vary by state. Fixed and guaranteed premiums are statements about the policy as determined at issue, and any changes made to a policy may affect the premium and are subject to our underwriting rules. The words lifetime,lifelong and permanent are subject to policy terms and conditions. This policy matures at age 121. Please check with an American Family agent for details on coverages and restrictions.

* The issuance of this policy may depend on the answers to the questions asked in the application.

Policy Form ICC17-228 WL, Policy Form L-228 WL, Policy Form L-228 WL

Seniors Insurance: Expert Summary

Seniors are looking more into life insurance now more than ever before. An increasing number of seniors have more debt than they had before. Seniors are carrying mortgages where they may have not before. So, these are all factoring into things that have them look into life insurance.Now, with life insurance for seniors, you gonna wanna make sure that you work with a broker who can find the right solution because some companies may offer different solutions for a 60-year-old or 70-year-old that other companies may not. And there are different types of policies for seniors. There are Traditional plans where they are fully underwritten where you have to do the whole series of medical tests and have to answer a lot of questions and then there are No Medical type policies where there are no medical tests and can be a short series of questions.

If you are looking into a No Medical type policy, you gonna wanna make sure you find a plan where you can answer No to as many questions as possible cause its gonna result in you paying the better price.

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Tax Advantages Of Life Insurance

Life insurance policies offer benefits that extend far beyond the payout that your beneficiary receives upon your death.

We have talked before about the savings capacity that a life insurance policy offers in the cash value of the policy. There are immense tax benefits that come alongside these cash buildups.

If you are familiar with IRAs and 401ks, then you can understand the opportunity that the cash value holds for you.

The cash value of your policy is invested in either equities or mutual funds, depending on your policy type. While these investments come with a certain amount of risk, the tax rewards you get may sway your decision on which to choose.

You earn annually on the investment, and these earnings dont get taxed. In addition, when you cash out the policy, the death benefit is paid tax-free.

You also wont be taxed when you borrow against the cash value of your policy, as long as youre borrowing less than the amount youve paid in premiums across the life of the policy so far which is another way you can benefit from your policy.

Cons Of No Exam Life Insurance

Best Life Insurance For Seniors 65 And Older [Rates & Carriers Revealed]

However, seniors should consider possible pitfalls of no exam life insurance.

These Policies Can Cost More

Sometimes, life insurance that skips medical underwriting costs more. This is especially true for term life insurance for seniors.

Because carriers are potentially absorbing more risk by insuring someone they do not have a complete health picture of, they may charge more in premiums.

Keep in mind, some life insurance policies always skip the medical exam such as final expense and guaranteed issue. A difference in price doesnt exist because there is never an exam.

The Face Amount is Limited

Face amount, or your policy size , is often limited for no exam life insurance.

However, some life insurance companies are expanding their coverage amounts for policies with no required physical.

That said, seniors looking for a large policy, such as over $1,000,000, may need to participate in a medical exam.

Conversely, stacking life insurance policies is another option if you are set on skipping an exam.

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Cost Of Life Insurance For Seniors

Generally, the cost of the best life insurance for seniors varies depending on age, health status, policy type and the coverage amount. MoneyGeek researched the price of a 10-year term life insurance policy for seniors with different coverage limits in the table below.

Average 10-Year Term Life Insurance Costs for Seniors

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The average cost per month was determined by analyzing 10-year term life insurance quotes for nonsmoking males and females in good health at each age category.

Average Guaranteed Acceptance Cost for Seniors

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The average cost per month was determined by analyzing guaranteed acceptance life insurance quotes for nonsmoking males and females in good health at each age category.

Compare Life Insurance Rates

Ensure youre getting the best rate for your life insurance. Compare quotes from top providers to find the most affordable life insurance coverage for your needs.


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