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Life Insurance To Cover Mortgage

Who Should Get Mortgage Insurance

Tips for Buying Mortgage Protection Insurance

Anyone with a mortgage balance could benefit from mortgage insurance.

My advice is to purchase life insurance to cover the mortgage in the event one of the homeowners dies prematurely. Dont just buy an amount of life insurance equal to the mortgage amount you probably have other financial bases to cover, Mitchell said.

Shanbrom said MPI can also help people who rely on the main note holder. If that person dies and cant make payments, it could impact the equilibrium of the household and make it hard for those within to go back to work.

Necole Gibbs, licensed independent broker at TNG Insurance and Financial Services, said mortgage insurance is an especially good idea for young couples with children.

If something were to happen to either of the two during the term, the surviving spouse would receive the death benefit and would then be able to pay off the mortgage, Gibbs said.

If youre concerned about losing money through premiums, you could choose a return of premium policy. Those policies, which can be pricey, pay you back your premiums if you outlive your mortgage insurance. Gibbs said these policies get returned as a lump sum at the end of the policys term.

MPI is also an option if you dont want to take a medical exam to buy a regular term life insurance policy. Some insurers dont require an exam for an MPI policy.

A New York Life Financial Professional Can Help You Customize Your Coverage For Your Specific Situation

Bear in mind that you have financial obligations beyond your mortgage, so you will probably want the combined policies to cover additional expenses. Childcare, saving for retirement, and medical expenses also need to be considered when you purchase your life insurance policy. Your coverage should take the entire range of your financial needs into account.

Standard Life Insurance Vs Mortgage Life Insurance

Although you may decide mortgage life insurance isn’t for you and your family, most homebuyers need some form of life insurance protection.

“If a surviving family has been used to living on two incomes and they lose one income, a lot of times they will not be able to keep up the mortgage payments,” says Merideth.

As with other life insurance products, mortgage life insurance is priced according to the insurance company’s risk. If you have health problems, you will likely be charged higher premiums or receive a rejection, Whittle says.

Generally, people whose pre-existing health problems make them ineligible for standard life insurance can’t use mortgage life insurance as a substitute.

P.J. Garcia, the owner of Beach Pacific Escrow in Huntington Beach, CA, says a lender doesn’t usually offer mortgage life insurance at the closing table. However, once the loan has closed and the sale has been recorded, offers may come pouring in.

“After closing, you will get inundated with offers like that from both the lender and third parties,” Garcia says. “Everybody monitors the county recorder. It’s the kind of post-closing junk mail you get: File for a homestead, get mortgage life insurance.”

Standard life insurance policies aren’t marketed as mortgage protection products, but they offer the same benefits and often at better values. Consumer advocates say there generally is no practical reason to choose a mortgage policy over standard life protection.

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What To Do If You’re Interested In Mortgage Life Insurance

Much like other types of life insurance, make sure to shop around if you’re interested in mortgage life insurance. Read the fine print. Make sure the policy is transferable in case you need to refinance. Check to see what exclusions are included.

Mortgage life insurance pales in comparison to term life in many cases, but if mortgage life insurance would give you the peace of mind, make sure you do your homework so you choose the best plan for you.

A Joint Policy For A Couple Only Pays Out When The First Person Dies Two Single Policies Can Be Better

Mortgage life insurance is widely available for homeowners but it is ...

Mortgage life insurance policies can either be taken out to cover just you a single policy or yourself and your partner a joint policy.

A joint policy is often cheaper, however it only provides one payout, usually on the death of the first policyholder, when the cover then stops. This is usually best suited if your partner is your only dependant and you’d have no one else to leave a second payout to.

However, if you had a joint policy and were to later split with your partner, you’d need a new single policy, and this could be more expensive as it would be based on your new age and health.

Taking out two single policies is usually more expensive, but here you would get two payouts if you were both to die during each policy term. Equally it covers you personally, so works independently to whether you are still together with your partner or not.

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Do You Have To Pay Tax On Your Mortgage Life Insurance Pay

Your life insurance payout forms part of your estate. This is the sum total of everything you leave behind after you die.

If the value of your estate is less than £325,000, your beneficiaries pay no tax on it. If your estate, including your payout, exceeds £325,000, they have to pay 40% inheritance tax on anything above that threshold.

There are legal ways to avoid this. Writing life insurance in trust allows you to keep your pay-out separate to your estate. This way, your beneficiaries get the full amount tax-free, even if your estate still exceeds £325,000.

This could be worth considering if your mortgage exceeds £325,000. If your pay-out is over the threshold, it might not be enough life insurance to cover your mortgage after tax. Putting your policy into a trust may be a smart way to ensure they get the full amount.

What Are The Main Types Of Life Insurance

Term assurance policies

This is the most basic type of cover. It allows you to specify how much cover you want and how long you would like to be covered for if you die within that term, the policy will pay out. In many cases, a combination of cover options may be the most suitable, this is something that The Mortgage Brokerage can help with.

Whole of life policies

A whole life policy provides you with cover for your whole life and will pay out on your death, no matter when that may be. This means that there is a guaranteed payout, making this type of policy more expensive than those with a set term.

Family income benefit policies

This is a decreasing term policy and is paid out of a regular monthly income, rather than a lump sum which aims to replace lost income if the person insured dies. This eases the burden of bills and makes budgeting more manageable.

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Can I Put A Mortgage Life Insurance Policy In Trust

Yes, just like standard life insurance, you can put your mortgage life insurance policy in trust. This is a good idea if you want to protect your pay-out from . Normally, if you die while your policy is running, the pay-out will become part of your estate. Depending on the value of your estate, inheritance tax may have to be paid before your dependants receive the money.

If you write your policy in trust, the pay-out escapes any inheritance tax and goes straight to your trustees without being held up by probate.

Mortgage Life Insurance Quotes


Fill out our quoter to compare the top mortgage life insurance companies.

Looking for mortgage life insurance quotes?

Youve come to the right place.

Seniors Mutual can help you find the lowest mortgage life insurance quotes and help you compare ALL of your options from the top A+ rated companies.

How Much Does Mortgage Life Insurance Cost?

Mortgage protection policies vary greatly depending on the insurance carrier, how much you are looking for in coverage, your age, and your health conditions.

This article aims to make looking at mortgage life insurance easier by showing prices among all of the top carriers available.

Mortgage Life Insurance Health Classes

There are many health classes that you will see on our quoter. These health classes are for mortgage life insurance policies with a medical exam.

While non-medical mortgage life insurance policies are available, they are more expensive for most people.

The worse your health class, the more you will have to pay. If youre wondering what class you qualify for, it will depend on many factors. Contact us to get a good estimate of what health class you are in.

Mortgage Life Insurance Rates

Below are mortgage life insurance quotes for many different coverage amounts at different ages. These are for super-preferred rates, which not everyone will qualify for, especially older folks.

10 Year Term Monthly Female Rates

Issue Age
$856.26 N/A


We look forward to speaking with you.

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Do You Need Life Insurance For A Mortgage

While its not a legal requirement, mortgage lenders might ask you to take out life insurance when getting a mortgage.

They might offer you life insurance themselves, but you dont have to take them up on this. In fact, its worth comparing life insurance policies to find a better deal. We compare the most popular life insurance providers and find your best price for the amount of cover you need.

If you die before your mortgage is paid off, your loved ones might be left with repayments they cant afford. In some cases, this could force them to sell your home to cover the outstanding debt. Mortgage life cover helps avoid that.

It might also take some of the financial strain off your family if you die unexpectedly. Without a mortgage to pay, they might be able to support themselves better financially in your absence. This could help make an extremely difficult time that little bit easier and give you a little peace of mind that they wouldnt struggle financially without you.

What Is Mortgage Repayment Protectioninsurance

Mortgage repayment protection insurance is a type of payment protectioninsurance. It will repay your mortgage for a certain amount of time if yourincome is reduced because you have an accident or are made redundant, or forany other reason covered by the particular policy. This type of insurance isusually optional and will typically cover payments for 12 months.

You should check with your mortgage lender, insurance broker or insurancecompany if you are uncertain about whether you have mortgage repaymentprotection insurance. You should also check exactly what it covers and ensurethat it suits your situation.

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Life Insurance And Your Mortgage

One of the best ways to factor your mortgage into your life insurance need is to talk with your insurance agent. They can work with you to determine the policy and coverage that can best fit your need and help your family stay current on or pay off your homes mortgage if you were to pass away. You may want to include your policys beneficiary in the discussions, too, to help develop a strategy for paying the mortgage and other expenses that depend on your current income.

Should I Have Two Single Policies Or Joint Cover

Save s on your mortgage life insurance cover

One joint life insurance policy can be cheaper than two single policies, but if one of you died, the policy would end after paying out. The survivor could then face higher premiums if they want new life insurance, because theyll be older and may have health conditions.

If you break up, you may not be able to split a joint policy between you. However, one of you may be able to convert the policy into a single policy to cover the mortgage. Check with the provider to see if this is possible.

Couples who have a mortgage together are perhaps the most suitable for joint cover. But taking out two single life insurance policies offers you the flexibility to list additional beneficiaries and change them depending on your situation, and the potential for two separate pay-outs if the worst happens.

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Choosing The Right Life Insurance Policy For You

Choosing the right policy depends on your circumstances, not only now but also in the future. It is important to weigh up your options before deciding.

Mortgage life insurance brings the peace of mind that if you die, your loved ones will own the roof over their heads, without any mortgage payments each month.

However, it wont provide anything extra towards living costs. So they could still be forced to sell their home if they cant afford all the other bills.

Making sure you have life cover that delivers a larger payout than just the mortgage could allow them to stay in the family home.

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What Is Mortgage Protection Insurance Today

Its nearly impossible to find mortgage protection insurance today, at least as a standalone policy. Some life insurance carriers may offer mortgage protection as an optional rider on life insurance policies, but these are very rare.

For the most part, protecting your mortgage is just a primary reason to buy a solid life insurance policy. In fact, carriers will often ask your mortgage balance when helping you calculate how much term or permanent life insurance coverage to buy.

Term life insurance is often cheaper for many homeowners, as well as being significantly more versatile. Rather than paying level premiums for a decreasing benefitas was offered by mortgage protection insurance policiesterm life insurance offers level premiums for a level benefit. Your family will receive the same payout regardless of how much is owed on your home if you die.

Additionally, term life insurance gives your family options. If they want to use the death benefit to pay off the home, they can if they would rather put that money to use somewhere else, though, thats also an option. And if you want to refinance your home mortgage over the years , you can.

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Is Mortgage Life Insurance Worth It

Mortgage life insurance can be worth it if you have a large mortgage debt that you wouldnât want to pass on, and you canât qualify for other types of life insurance. Keep in mind that the premiums you pay will always stay the same while the payout of your mortgage will decrease as you pay it off. You can always speak to an insurance broker to find the type of insurance that best suits your needs.

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How Does It Work

Life insurance vs. mortgage protection

To sum up, you have to pay a premium to your insurance provider for the duration of your policy, and on your death, whether natural or accidental, your beneficiaries will receive a payout.

Typically your policy will either expire after a certain period of time or it will last until you pass away.

Failing to pay your life insurance premiums can lead to your policy lapsing and no payout being made upon your passing.

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How Mortgage Protection Insurance Works

MPI acts like a traditional life insurance policies. You pay your insurance provider a premium each month and the insurer pays out when you die. The company will pay either an agreed upon number of house payments or the full mortgage, depending on the terms of the policy, according to mortgage lender Quicken Loans.

Read on to find out who should get mortgage protection insurance, what it covers and how much MPI costs.

Mortgage Protection Insurance Cost

How much a mortgage protection insurance policy may cost you depends on a few different factors. Insurance companies will examine the remaining balance of your mortgage loan and how much time is left in your loan term. As with a traditional life insurance policy, theyll also take your age, job and overall risk level into consideration. In general, though, you can expect to pay at least $50 a month for a bare-minimum MPI policy.

Get approved to refinance.

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Life Insurance To Cover Your Mortgage

More and more companies are offering a type of life insurance which is designed to help families pay their mortgage in case the homeowner passes away. USAA is an example of a company offering this type of product. Qualified USAA members buying a new home or homeowners insurance policy have an option to buy a simplified issue term life insurance policy. This gives consumers the peace of mind that their mortgage will not burden any family members if they pass away.

This life insurance offered through USAA is called the Simple Life for Home plan and is intended to offer a reliable safety net for members who do not happen to carry a traditional life insurance policy. The plan does not require a medical exam and offers an instant response after a medical questionnaire online which is simple and user-friendly. USAA Direct Life Insurance Company underwrites this life insurance policy according to the article “Simplified Issue Life Insurance Offers Protection to USAA Members” from Business Wire.

One unique aspect of Simple Life for Home is that it is portable, meaning members can take the life insurance with them if they change their residence. According to a survey completed for USAA in 2010, 70% of active duty military members have moved in the last 24 months which is significantly less than the general public. The survey showed only 35% of the general public moved in the last 2 years. This makes this type of policy invaluable to those moving often.


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