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Term vs Whole Life Insurance (Life Insurance Explained)

We can help you be ready for the unexpected with Accelerated Benefit Riders. If you get seriously ill, you could receive a portion of your death benefit tax-free to help pay for your treatments, time off work, or anything else.

If diagnosed with a serious illness, accessing part of the death benefit early could be a big help. Do that, tax-free, with Accelerated Benefit Riders.

Critical illnesses like a heart attack or stroke, long term chronic illnesses that impact your daily ability to care for yourself, and terminal illnesses.

  • Once you have a doctors diagnosis on a qualifying illness, contact us and we will guide you through the process of submitting the required paperwork.
  • If you qualify, the amount you can receive is based on the diagnosis.
  • How you use the money you receive is up to you, but many people use the benefit to help pay medical bills, supplemental care, or to supplement their income if they have to take time off work. Receiving Accelerated Benefits will impact your policy. Read the FAQs for more details.
  • Other Life Insurance Options

    If you need lifelong coverage but want more investing options in your life insurance than whole life provides, consider other types of permanent life insurance.

    While the premiums you pay for whole life and term policies are typically set from the beginning, these other options often have varying costs depending on the performance of your cash-value account and the type of coverage you buy. That can lead to great savings or to unexpected expenses.

    As always, discussing your individual needs with a fee-only life insurance consultant is a great first step.

    Most term life insurance policies are temporary, which means your coverage expires once your term is up. If you still need life insurance, you can purchase a new policy, though you can expect to pay higher rates. There are cases where your coverage may continue, such as if you convert to a permanent life insurance policy before the deadline set by your insurer.

    Whole life insurance is often significantly more expensive than term life insurance because it offers lifelong coverage and has a cash value component. if the policyholder dies without making any withdrawals, the insurer keeps those funds.

    Can You Cash In Term Life Insurance

    Whole life insurance is the only type of life insurance that builds cash value. Term life doesnt accumulate cash value so there is no surrender amount if you cancel your policy.

    There are a lot of things to consider when deciding between term vs whole life insurance. Talk to your insurance agent about your current lifestyle, your plans for the future, and what you want your policy to cover to help you find the right plan for you.

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    Whole Vs Term Life Insurance: What’s The Difference

    Life insurance helps to provide protection and security when things go wrong. In the case of life insurance, that would be the death of the policyholder. By ensuring that a policy is in place, the insured helps ease any potential financial burdens by providing financial support in the form of a life insurance payout.

    How much life insurance someone should have is subjective, however, and can be dependent on a variety of personal factors. The type of life insurance policy chosen is also specific to one’s personal circumstances and preferences. There is no single recommended type for everyone. That’s why it’s helpful to understand the difference between the two most well-known life insurance types: whole and term.

    If you’re currently in the market for life insurance, or simply want to increase the coverage you already have, now is a good time to do so. You can start by getting a quote today.

    Before deciding the kind of insurance policy you want, make sure you understand how both primary types work.

    Advantages Of Whole Life

    Term life vs whole life stock illustration. Illustration of term ...
    • The primary benefit of whole life insurance is that it is permanent coverage and may be utilized to meet long-term requirements such as death, dying, and final burial expenses.
    • The level premium lets the policy owner know precisely how much insurance will cost and offers coerced savings.
    • Whole life insurance allows the policy owner to use some of their money for emergency expenses, as a supplementary retirement income source, and as other long-term care insurance.

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    Should I Buy Both Whole Life And Term Life Policies

    When you understand the difference between term vs whole life insurance policies, its easy to see how it might benefit you to have both types of policies. For instance, term life insurance may help prevent financial ruin for your dependents by ensuring financial obligations are covered in case you pass unexpectedly.

    While term insurance is great for temporary needs, whole life insurance policies are a long-term solution. Both types of coverage can work together. A term policy is a good idea until youve raised the kids or paid off your mortgage. While a whole life policy, such as burial insurance, can ensure that your burial costs and other final expenses are covered.

    Term Vs Whole Life Insurance: Which Is Right For You

    If the distinction between term and permanent life insurance like whole life seems a little vague to you, youre not alone. While most people know that life insurance will pay a sum of money to their beneficiaries if they pass away, they may not be able to explain the differences and benefits of term life insurance vs. whole life insurance. But if you want to protect your familys financial future, its important to know the basics about these two options.

    This article will help you better understand:

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    After All Is Said And Done Which Type Of Policy Should I Buy

    The truth is there are a lot of things to consider in addition to the type of policy you get. How much coverage do you need? What are all the different policy options ? Is there other coverage I need to protect my family?

    Heres an easy way to get answers to all those questions: Just contact Guardian to find a financial professional who will take the time to learn about your unique situation, listen to your concerns, and clearly explain the different insurance options that best fit your needs and your budget from a company thats been helping protect families for over 150 years.

    If you are an employee, taking advantage of your benefits at work is a smart and affordable way to get the financial protection you want for yourself and your family. Contact your HR department to review your plan details and determine how much life insurance is available to you. Your employer may provide life insurance as a benefit, or you may opt to pay for additional life insurance through payroll deductions.

    The Benefits Of Term Life Insurance

    Why Is Term Insurance Better Than Whole Life Insurance?
    • Low initial cost. Term insurance can be purchased in large amounts for relatively small premiums.
    • You can match term insurance to needs, just like whole life. Many people are concerned about paying off their mortgage, providing money for higher education or replacing a portion of their income if they pass away. These are typically temporary needs, which may last just a few years, or much longer. Matching these needs, with the proper amount of insurance, can allow your loved ones the time, and money, needed to make important financial decisions.
    • Convertible. Most term policies can be converted to a whole life policy if your temporary needs evolve into lifetime needs.

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    Waiver Of Premium Benefit Rider

    Waives premiums if the insured becomes totally disabled.

    In addition to the coverages available for purchase mentioned above, each policy automatically comes with an Accelerated Death Benefit option . This benefit allows the policy owner to collect a part of the death benefit under certain conditions if the primary insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    Exercising the Accelerated Death Benefit option may have tax consequences and could impact qualification for government benefits.

    Term Vs Whole: Other Life Insurance Options

    Term and whole are two of the most popular types of life insurance policies because they meet the most common coverage requirements of most people. But if you have specific needs you might want to consider other options.

    The following types of policies can be an alternative to term, whole, or both. Working with an independent broker on your life insurance application is the best way to find the right coverage for you at the right price.

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    When Should I Consider Term Life Insurance

    Term life is a good way to ensure your family will have enough money to cover large expenses, such as a mortgage or a child’s tuition, if you were to die unexpectedly. For example, you could take out a 20-year term life policy while your kids are young, giving your family financial security until the kids grow up and move out of the house.

    Pro tip:

    In certain situations, you may be able to convert a term life policy to a permanent life policy. Talk with one of our life insurance experts about the different options available regarding term life vs. whole/universal life insurance.

    Term life is also a common choice for individuals that have taken on added debt. For example, someone who has just purchased a home might take an additional term life policy to cover the cost of the house until it is paid off. A permanent life policy alone might not be enough to pay for the home and any final expenses.

    Benefits Of Term Life

    Free Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance Calculator

    Here are several benefits to understand about term life insurance.

    Protect Loved Ones

    Life insurance companies are particularly interested in securing term life insurance for children and young people. It is often extremely inexpensive, which makes it an appealing choice for parents who wish to protect their children from income loss should they pass away.

    Temporary Coverage

    People who require temporary insurance coverage may also benefit from a policy such as this. For example, a policyholder may estimate that their surviving spouse wont need additional financial protection when their policy expires, or they will have built up enough liquid assets to self-insure.

    Less Expensive

    Individuals who desire substantial coverage at a low cost can benefit from term life policies. They are typically significantly lower in cost than comparable whole life insurance policies.

    Easy to Understand

    Term insurance plans are much easier to understand than other policy types, which combine savings and risk coverage. A veteran may find it difficult to determine how much of his premium goes to risk cover and how much to savings on their behalf.

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    Term Vs Whole Life Costs

    Term life insurance is usually much cheaper than whole life insurance. Thats because term life insurance coverage only lasts for a specific period, whereas a whole life insurance policy remains in effect as long as the policyholder pays the premiums.

    In addition, a whole life policy usually has a cash-value component, and bigger premiums are necessary to fund the cash value.

    Whether you buy term life insurance or whole life insurance, many different factors will impact how much you pay. They include things such as the amount of coverage you intend to purchase, as well as your:

    • General health status

    Monthly Debit Ordinary Insurance Debit Insurance

    is insurance with premiums payable monthly which are meant to be collected by the agent at your home. In most cases, however, home collections are not made and premiums are mailed by you to the agent or to the company.

    There are certain factors that tend to increase the costs of debit insurance more than regular life insurance plans:

    • Certain expenses are the same no matter what the size of the policy, so that smaller policies issued as debit insurance will have higher premiums per $1,000 of insurance than larger size regular insurance policies.
    • In some companies, more debit policyholders allow their policies to lapse than is generally the case with policyholders of regular life insurance. Since early lapses are expensive to a company, the costs must be passed on to all debit policyholders.
    • Since debit insurance is designed to include home collections, higher commissions and fees are paid on debit insurance than on regular insurance. In many cases these higher expenses are passed on to the policyholder.
    • As a general rule the combination of smaller amounts, higher lapse rates and higher commissions and fees on debit insurance tends to make it more expensive than comparable regular life insurance plans.

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    Whole Life Cons And Pros

    We dont have a lot of positive things to say about whole life insurance. And for very good reason! Its one of the worst financial products on the market, its confusing, and its a budget-buster to boot. But well just add this chart to make the problems crystal clear.



    Is far more expensive than term life.

    The only one weve discovered: whole life is better than no life insurance at all!

    Tries to do two financial jobs at once but ends up doing neither well.

    Hunting for good things about whole life could become a new hobby?

    Delays or stops you from ever becoming self-insured.

    Trying to think of whole life benefits could help you build patience . . .

    You can lose a ton of your cash value if you die without cashing it out.

    . . . still waiting . . .

    The moral of the story is this: Keep your insurance and your investments separate. You dont want to spend years investing your hard-earned money only to leave it all to your insurance company. Be smart. Get term life insurance.

    Dreamsecure Whole Life Insurance

    Term Vs Whole Life Insurance | Life Insurance Explained

    Provide a foundation for your loved ones financial future DreamSecure Whole Life Insurance is permanent and designed with affordability in mind, so you can provide a legacy. The DreamSecure Whole Life Insurance policy has guaranteed level premiums that are stretched out until age 100 and is available for both adults and children.

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    Universal And Variable Life Policies

    People who want to take advantage of whole life insurances investment component can consider universal or variable life policies, which are variations on permanent life insurance.

    Universal life insurance policies earn interest at the market rate, so your moneys working for you as well as your beneficiaries. And once youve held the policy for a while, you may be able to adjust your premium payments.

    Variable life insurance policies let you invest a portion of your policy into stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. This is a good option if youre already comfortable with investing and willing to assume some risk .

    What Happens To Term Life Insurance At The End Of The Term

    Level premiums expire at the end of a term life insurance policys initial period, such as 20 years. After that, you can generally renew the policy but at a higher rate each year. If you still need coverage, you may be better off buying a new life insurance policy rather than paying the term life renewal rates.

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    What Is Whole Life

    Whole life insurance — often known as permanent life insurance — does not expire like term insurance. Instead, the policy remains in effect for as long as the policyholder pays the premiums. As with term insurance, a death benefit is paid to the beneficiaries when the policyholder dies.

    Whole life insurance also typically includes what is known as cash value. This is money from the premium that is set aside and grows tax-deferred over time at a guaranteed rate. Policyholders can use this money to pay for expenses during their lifetime, even the life insurance premiums on the policy.

    People usually choose whole life because the coverage doesnt expire unless they stop paying the premiums. Some people also choose these policies because of the potential for tax-deferred cash value growth.

    However, permanent life insurance policies tend to be significantly more expensive than term life insurance. Additionally, other types of investments will likely provide better growth for your money than a whole life cash value account.

    Consider What Type Of Policy Works Best For You

    Term or whole life insurance

    There are many different types of insurance policies that can provide financial security and reduce risk, but know that the specifics can vary greatly among insurance providers. And depending on your personal circumstances, you might find that some insurance companies’ policies align more with your situation than what other providers offer.

    There are even other variations, such as universal life insurance and variable life insurance, which can provide coverage for your whole life but have more moving parts.

    Ultimately, many people benefit from obtaining some form of life insurance, so consider how these different options can fit into your financial life. Shop around to compare rates, terms and policies to find the right fit for you. Use the table below to get started.

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    What Is The Difference Between Whole Life And Term Life Insurance

    If you keep up with your premium payments, both term life and whole life insurance guarantee your survivors will get a death benefit a cash payout theyll receive if you die during your coverage period.

    The three biggest differences between term life insurance and whole life insurance are:

    • Expense. Term life insurance is much cheaper than whole life insurance in just about every situation.
    • Coverage length. Term life insurance covers you for a temporary term or time period. The coverage length for whole life insurance is right in the name it lasts your whole life.
    • Payouts. Term life insurance provides a cash payout only in the event of a policyholders death.Whole life insurance policies grow extra cash value and may pay dividends in addition to the death benefit.


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