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National Continental Insurance Company Nj

How Do I File A Claim With National Continental Insurance Company

The Continental Insurance Companies

The National Continental insurance claims process is unique depending on what type of policy you purchased.

To file a claim for a traditional auto policy, call the National Continental Insurance Company claims phone number at 1-631-320-2405. There is no website or app available for this company to file a claim.

To file a claim through the SAIP program for National Continental insurance in NJ, you must call the National Continental Insurance Company NJ claims number at 1-800-937-2247.

However, if your policy is through the parent company, you can file a claim directly on the Progressive website, through the mobile app, or over the phone. You can even submit photos of the accident for your claim right through the Progressive Mobile App.

Cost Of Nj Saip Insurance

New Jersey SAIP insurance costs:

  • $365 per year if paid in two installments, averaging out to $1 a day.
  • Alternatively, if you pay for the entire year at once, the cost is just $360, or $30 per month.

The cost of a SAIP policy is incredibly cheap compared to other policies and doesn’t vary based upon your driving record or other criteria, because the program is funded by the state.

However, since the cost of SAIP insurance is already so low, there are no additional ways to get the cost of these auto insurance policies subsidized.

The only situation in which SAIP insurance would cost more is if you have multiple cars that need to be insured. Only one car can be insured per policy, so if your family requires two vehicles, you would have to purchase a second dollar a day insurance policy for both to be covered.

How To Get Dollar A Day Insurance In Nj

The National Continental Insurance Company is the insurer that writes dollar a day auto insurance policies, but SAIP coverage can be purchased from most insurance company agents in New Jersey.

The state makes the process of finding an agent simple, as you can search online by county to find locations near you.

In Newark, for example, there are 47 agencies that offer dollar a day insurance policies.

In order to confirm your eligibility and purchase a SAIP policy, you will need to present your driver’s license and Medicaid identification card to the agent.

The eligibility requirements for dollar a day auto insurance include:

  • You must be an uninsured driver in New Jersey. If you already have an auto insurance policy, you don’t qualify.
  • You, and any household members covered by the policy, need to be enrolled in a Medicaid program that includes hospitalization. Simply qualifying for Medicaid will not make you eligible to purchase SAIP car insurance.
  • If you cease to be enrolled in Medicaid, your dollar a day auto insurance policy will remain in place until your next renewal, at which point you will have to find an alternative form of coverage.
  • Your driverâs license and registration need to be in good standing. If either has been revoked or suspended, you will not qualify for dollar-a-day insurance.

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Kentucky Department Of Insurance

NAME, National Continental Insurance Company. DOI ID, 301916. FEIN #, 060281045 a Kentucky Certificate of Authority. Provides insurance coverage.


This case concerns coverage under the omnibus clause of an automobile liability insurance policy issued by defendant State Farm Insurance Company

Business Name: NATIONAL CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Control Number: J714349. Business Type: Foreign Insurance Company, Business Status: Active/Compliance.

Scottsdale Indemnity Company V National Continental Insurance Company

Continental Insurance Company Of New Jersey : StarStone Insurance ...

In Scottsdale Indem. Co. v. National Continental Ins. Co., _____ Cal.App.4th ___ , the California Third District Court of Appeal affirmed the trial courts entry of judgment in favor of National Continental Insurance Company in connection with a dispute with Scottsdale Indemnity Company regarding the order of coverage afforded for defense and settlement of an underlying fatal accident involving a tractor and trailer operated by the named insured, Manuel Lainez. Scottsdale had issued a truckers liability policy to Lainez specifically scheduling a 1999 freightliner which also expressly covered any attached trailer.

Thereafter, Scottsdale filed a declaratory relief and contribution action against NCI. Subsequently, the trial court granted NCIs motion for summary judgment and denied Scottsdales cross-motion for summary judgment and held that Insurance Code Section 11580.9, subdivision , controlled the outcome of the parties coverage dispute and not Insurance Code section 11580.9, subdivision . As such, the Scottsdale policy afforded primary coverage to Mr. Lainez for the underlying accident and the NCI policy afforded excess coverage.

In affirming the trial courts decision, the Court of Appeal reasoned as follows:

. . .

. . .

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National Continental Auto Insurance Review

Free Auto Insurance Comparison · The National Continental Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Progressive Insurance · National Continental offers auto, pet, and

Farmers · Phone #: 800-435-7764 Guide One · Phone #: 877-448-4331 Kemper Speciality · Phone #: 800-456-1919 MetLife · Phone #: 800-638-5433 Safepoint Insurance.

Special Automobile Insurance Policy

Effective 01/01/2011, National Continental Insurance Company is the carrier that writes SAIP policies. What does it cost? The policy currently costs $365

Topics for Consumers within the Missouri Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions NATIONAL CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY License Status :

National Continental Insurance Company Claims Phone Number Get multiple auto insurance quotes in a single location! Custom quotes that are guaranteed to

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How Do I Get A National Continental Insurance Company Auto Insurance Quote

National Continental does not have a website, which makes getting National Continental Insurance Company auto insurance quotes a little tricky.

To receive a SAIP National Continental Insurance Company auto insurance quote, youll have to go through the phone. The National Continental Insurance Company SAIP phone number is 1-800-937-2247.

To get a traditional auto insurance policy quote, you can call the National Continental Insurance Company NJ phone number directly at 1-631-320-2405.

Or you can go to the Progressive website and receive a quote there. You can also call Progressive at 1-440-461-5000 to receive a quote over the phone.

What Are The National Continental Insurance Company Ratings And Reviews

‘Common-sense, Pragmatic Bill’: Booker Advocates For National Flood Insurance Program Reform Bill

Its worth looking into an insurance providers financial ratings and customer service reviews before purchasing a policy. Cheap auto insurance is great, but if the claims process is messy and unresponsive, or if the company cannot close out your claims, your business would be better off elsewhere.

According to the complaint index by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners , which rates companies based on customer experience, National Continental received a score of 0.43, which is better than average.

However, Progressive, the parent company of National Continental, only received a 1.13 score out of 5 stars for customer service from the Better Business Bureau . It is common for insurance companies to receive negative online reviews.

National Continental Insurance Company has assets of $235,600,719, capital of $6,429,106, and a net surplus of $45,669,520.

The BBB financial rating for Progressive is an A+, and A.M. Best gives the company an A. These scores show that the parent company of National Continental is in good financial standing, and would be able to pay out your claims even in the event of an economic downturn.

You are now a National Continental Insurance Company expert. Whether youre looking for a SAIP from National Continental Insurance Company in NJ or a traditional auto policy through the parent company, Progressive, youre ready to start shopping.

National Continental Insurance Company Branch

Free and open company data on Georgia company NATIONAL CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY , 1 Corporate Drive Suite 201, Bohemia,


Also, AM Best has affirmed the FSR of A and the Long-Term ICR of a+ of National Continental Insurance Company

Free Insurance Providers Comparison

Written byChelsey Tucker Insurance Expert

Dan Walker graduated with a BS in Administrative Management in 2005 and has been working in his familys insurance agency, FCI Agency, for 15 years. He is licensed as an agent to write property and casualty insurance, including home, auto, umbrella, and dwelling fire insurance. Hes also been featured on sites like

New Jersey Dollar A Day Car Insurance Coverage

New Jersey’s SAIP insurance policy is incredibly limited in the coverage it provides and doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for most drivers.

The dollar a day policy only covers:

  • Emergency treatment, such as ER care, for the policyholder immediately after an accident.
  • Additional medical treatment for critical brain and spinal cord injuries to the SAIP policyholder are also covered. The policy limit for medical coverage is $250,000.
  • If you die in a collision, there’s a $10,000 death benefit that would be paid to your family. This is approximately the cost of a typical funeral.

The limited coverage of dollar a day car insurance policy means that it’s unlikely to offer any coverage to you as the policyholder in most accidents.

Instead, you would be responsible for the costs of:

  • Any ongoing and nonemergency treatments that don’t apply to your brain or spinal cord. You can request coverage through Medicaid, but you would have to navigate the process yourself.
  • All injuries to other parties involved in an accident where you were at fault. If another driver or injured party sues you, your SAIP insurance would not assist with any legal costs.
  • All damage to others’ property in an accident where you were at fault.
  • Any damage to your own vehicle or other property, no matter the cause.

We recommend that you consider an alternative auto insurance policy, such as New Jersey’s Basic or Standard policies, if at all possible.

Dollar A Day Insurance From The New Jersey Saip

Continental Insurance Company Of New Jersey : StarStone Insurance ...

Find Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes in Your Area

The Special Automobile Insurance Policy is a residual market government auto insurance plan in New Jersey that’s offered by the state to certain drivers with Medicaid.

SAIP policies are commonly referred to as “dollar a day” car insurance because coverage typically costs $365 per year.

While eligible drivers with dollar a day policies receive proof of insurance and are considered to be driving legally, SAIP insurance does not meet New Jersey’s minimum auto insurance requirements for most drivers.

What Does This Type Of Progressive Auto Insurance Cost

Customers reportedly pay an average of $336 a month for auto insurance under the National Continental Insurance Company. If you qualify for the medical-only policy as a Medicaid patient at risk of losing insurance due to financial struggles and meet the other qualifications, you could pay just $365 annually.

Does National Continential Insurance Sell Homeowners Insurance

National Continental also offers an extensive home insurance policy.

A home is the biggest investment a person will typically buy in their lifetime, therefore having the right type of home insurance and the right amount of coverage is very important.

Home insurance helps to protect the homeowners property and possessions from things like theft, vandalism, fire, smoke damage, and other such events.

This coverage is available through the carrier for homeowners, renters, and condo owners.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Universal Life Insurance

1. What is Universal Life Insurance? Pros and Cons Universal life insurance offers lifelong coverage, provides flexibility when it comes to paying premiums and choices for how the policys Some of the drawbacks include caps on returns and no guarantees as to the premium amounts or market returns. In general,

National Continental Insurance Company

Get Covered NJ Open Enrollment Webinar

National Continental Insurance Company is located in Cleveland, Ohio, but is known for selling dollar-a-day auto insurance in the state of New

National Continental Insurance Company, which is a subsidiary of Progressive, writes the insurance policies for the Special Automobile Insurance Policy

SAIP National Continental Insurance Company. 1-800-937-2247

Who Is Eligible To Get The Policy

People who are currently enrolled in FEDERAL MEDICAID WITH HOSPITALIZATION are eligible for the SAIP. Not all Medicaid programs qualify for the SAIP policy. An insurance producer can determine if you are eligible from the number on your Medicaid ID card. If you think you may benefit from or qualify for SAIP, you can call in or talk to an independent agent.

National Continental Insurance Company Additional Information

National Continental Insurance Company is a Stock company that was incorporated in 2010-12-24. National Continental Insurance Company is a Fire & Casualty insurance company and has assets of 235,600,719, capital of $6,429,106, and net surplus of $45,669,520.

The president of National Continental Insurance Company is William Thomas Cassella, the treasurer is , and the secretary is . National Continental Insurance Company insurance plans include auto, boat, business, and home.

National Continental Insurance Company is located in Cleveland, OH and the phone number for National Continental Insurance Company claims, customer, service, and additional information is 461-5000.

What Types Of Saip Policies Are Available And What Do They Cost

There are two types of policies: Basic and Standard. The Basic Policy usually costs significantly less than a Standard Policy, but provides limited benefits. It is not for everyone, but it does provide enough coverage to meet the minimum insurance requirements of New Jersey law. The Basic Policy could be an option for those with few family responsibilities and few assets to protect .

What Coverage Does The Auto Insurance Policy From National Continental Insurance Provide

National Continental Insurance Co People Also Search For / A look ...

The National Continental Insurance Company offers a lot more than just a basic auto insurance policy.

This carrier also offers motorcycle insurance, ATV insurance, recreational vehicle insurance, boat insurance, commercial insurance, and even an insurance plan for Segway owners.

National Continental personal auto insurance services include:

  • Liability auto insurance coverage will pay the damages that are caused by the policyholder in the event of an accident
  • Uninsured motorist coverage protects the policyholder when they are in an accident with a person with no insurance
  • Personal injury protection coverage offers medical coverage for the policyholder, their family, and any non-related vehicle occupant
  • Comprehensive coverage pays for damages from events like weather, theft, or vandalism
  • Collision coverage takes care of damages from an accident with another car or animal

National Contental Insurance SAIP coverage is available to those that are high-risk drivers through state programs. National Continental auto insurance quotes through this program may be more expensive.

According to Dun & Bradstreet, National Continental is one of 80 Progressive subsidiaries.

Because the company is under Progressive, National Continental Insurance Company rates will be the same. Lets take a look at Progressive rates.

This table shows you the national average rates for Progressive auto insurance.

Progressive Average Annual Rates Based on Coverage Type

  • Paperless
  • Continous coverage

Where Can You Find Personal Auto Insurance That Meets Your Needs

While National Continental Insurance Company offers extremely low rates for limited coverage, most don’t qualify. Most drivers also want more extensive coverage than the SAIP plan is meant to offer.

If you’re looking for affordable coverage you qualify for, you can enter your zip code in our quote calculator. Then answer a few questions, and we can generate quotes from companies in your area.

Jaquez V National Continental Insurance Company

NATIONAL CONTINENTAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Defendant and Third Party Plaintiff-Respondent,. Edgar Loperena, Carlos Ribot, Erica Rochester, C and S Auto Sales

The National Continental Insurance Company phone number and claims phone number is 404-461-5000. If you need National Continental Insurance customer service

Find the latest ratings, reports, data, and analytics on National Continental Insurance Co.

Are There National Continental Business Insurance Policies

The National Continental Insurance Company also offers an option for business insurance.

The National Continental commercial insurance plan offers:

  • General liability insurance
  • Contractors insurance
  • Other miscellaneous business insurance options.

The commercial auto insurance coverage covers cargo, excess liability coverage, trailer interchange, non-trucking, physical damage, hired and non-owned vehicles, workers compensation coverage, and liability coverages.

Some of the industries that have been covered by this policy include taxis, armored cars, funeral cars and hearses, pizza delivery vehicles, emergency vehicles, service units, dump trucks, coal trucks, fuel haulers, lunch wagons, and courier services.

The property and general liability commercial insurance cover multiple types of commercial property. Some of these properties include restaurants, condominiums, apartment buildings, grocery stores, marina property, hotels, and motels.

The National Continental Insurance Company phone number and claims phone number is 404-461-5000.

If you need National Continental Insurance customer service, you can also go through Progressive itself. However, the National Continental Insurance Company pay online feature is through the Progressive website. There is no separate National Continental Insurance Company website.

The National Continental Insurance address is:

PO Box 89490

Cleveland, OH 44143-2182

Saip Vs Other New Jersey State Automobile Insurance Plans

NJ Dems Hold Briefing To Announce National Flood Insurance Program Reform Bill On Sandy Anniversary

We recommend that, before purchasing SAIP insurance, you first compare quotes for other New Jersey auto insurance policies.

The state also offers a Basic plan as a lower-cost alternative to a standard auto insurance policy, and Basic auto insurance rates can be as low as $400, depending on your profile and driving history.

Unlike dollar a day insurance, Basic policies are available to all drivers and offer significantly greater coverage.

We also suggest that you get a quote for a standard auto insurance policy, as quotes are free and the additional benefits may be quite affordable if you’re a safe driver.

National Continental Insurance Company Ratings And Coverages

National Continental Insurance Company, which is a subsidiary of Progressive, writes the insurance policies for the Special Automobile Insurance Policy . SAIP is an initiative to provide limited car insurance to drivers who are eligible for Federal Medicaid with hospitalization. Not all Medicaid programs qualify for the SAIP policy.

This type of policy is unique in that it’s only meant for a small group of drivers with limited means who are facing being uninsured due to finances. This does NOT include all low-income drivers or all Medicaid drivers.


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