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Pet Insurance That Covers Everything

Is There A Pet Insurance That Covers Everything

What is Pet Insurance | Allstate Insurance
  • Is There a Pet Insurance That Covers Everything?
  • Your pets health is everything to you but is there pet insurance that covers everything? A solid, comprehensive pet insurance policy can cover a wide range of events and issues, ranging from total freak accidents to illnesses that your pet is predisposed to. There are plenty of pet insurance policies that you can select from but to find the best for your pet, you have to take a fine-tooth comb through the policy to ensure that you get the coverage your pet needs.

    There are basic pet insurance plans that cover accidents and illnesses but there are more comprehensive plans that can cover even specialist care and rehabilitative treatments. Below, we provide an overview of what the best comprehensive policies include . We also address exclusions and share our top pet insurance company pick that has the most comprehensive coverage.

    Can Older Pets Be Insured

    Insurance companies typically treat cats and dogs over the age of eight years old as older pets. For pets like rabbits, this decreases to around five years old and horses could be as high as 20 years old.

    As your pet ages, they are more likely to fall ill or suffer an injury that could lead to a more expensive claim.

    To cover this additional risk, pet insurers are likely to charge more to insure older pets than younger ones.

    It’s still possible to find competitive policies for older pets but it’s important to shop around. Bear in mind the following:

    • If your pet has had any illness or veterinary treatment in the past, be sure to check whether any exclusions apply to the new policy so you understand what you’re paying for.
    • Don’t overlook the excess. Insurers typically impose higher excesses or ‘co-payments’ , on older pets. A ‘co-payment’ is when the insurer won’t pay a certain percentage of the claim’s cost. For older pets, these can be as much as 25%.

    Get pet insurance quote with

    Prescription Food & Supplements

    Your veterinarian may recommend prescription food or supplements to help your pet with certain health conditions. With Complete CoverageSM, you can get reimbursed for these products when theyre used to treat a covered condition . Some other providers dont have this coverage or offer it only as an optional add-on. Some also set limits on how long this coverage can be used.

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    Types Of Pet Insurance

    When youre looking to insure your pet, the first thing to do is take a good look at your finances and how much youre able and willing to spend in case of an emergency. Pet insurance policies vary in their coverage and, of course, premiums. Understanding the various types of policy, and what each offers, is crucial for understanding how to buy pet insurance.

    • Accident-only policies An accident-only plan may suit you best if your main concern is your cat or dogs propensity for mishaps . Theyre usually more affordable than plans with more expansive coverage.
    • Accident & Illness policies These are the popular, all-inclusive pet insurance plans, covering both accident and illness coverage. They can be expanded to be truly comprehensive by buying wellness coverage, which is usually an add-on rather than an integrated part of the plan.
    • Comprehensive policies Some insurers offer comprehensive policies covering everything, from accidents to illnesses to wellness and routine care. For example, they may cover the cost of pet dental care, chiropractic care, spaying, vaccinations and even dog therapy. Naturally, these plans have the heftiest price tag but might be worth it to you for the peace of mind they provide.

    If you want to evaluate whether an insurer is right for you, its a good idea to download its sample policy, which is usually available on the company website.

    What Pet Insurance Covers Hip Dysplasia

    PetFirst Pet Insurance Review (Updated Jul 2020)

    Hip dysplasia is an unfortunate problem for a lot of animals especially as our pets get into old age. While some pet insurance policies will cover the associated costs of hip dysplasia, many will require you to be on a higher plan to make a claim. Research with your current provider to see if your policy covers hip dysplasia.

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    How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost

    The cost will depend on the type of pet and coverage.

    Accident and illness coverage for an average dog costs about $580 annually while accident-only coverage staggers in the region of $194 per year .

    Cats are slightly cheaper to cover, costing about $349 annually for accident and illness coverage, and about $126 for accident-only coverage.

    Note that different sizes and breeds of pets are often charged differently:

    • Common house cat between $160 and $236 annually
    • Small dog breed between $368 and $882 annually
    • Medium dog breed between $368 and $882 annually
    • Large breed dog between $398 and $955 annually

    Also, the older the pet, the higher the cost of insurance.

    What Dog Health Insurance Doesn’t Cover

    Pre-existing health conditions are not covered with dog insurance plans. That means if your puppy were diagnosed with a health condition before insurance kicked in, treatment and care would not be covered. If your dog has a pre-existing medical condition, you can still purchase an insurance plan, but any related treatments won’t be covered.

    Accident-only and accident-and-illness dog insurance plans don’t cover preventive or elective procedures. However, you can add on coverage for specific elective and preventive procedures through the EssentialWellness and BestWellness plans.

    Dog insurance also doesn’t cover non-veterinary expenses such as grooming, boarding, food, supplements, and holistic or experimental therapies. Learn more about what pet insurance covers and doesn’t cover.

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    Trupanion: Best For Pets That May Develop Chronic Conditions

    Why we picked it: In most states, Trupanion handles deductibles differently than most other pet insurance companies. Instead of charging a given deductible each year, it charges deductibles per condition and once youve met each one, you wont have to pay it again during your pets lifetime.

    That could save you money if your pet develops a chronic condition that requires extended treatment. Once youve paid the deductible once, you wont have to pay it year after year. Trupanion reimburses 90% of expenses once youve met the deductible, and it has no annual or lifetime coverage limits.

    In Florida, where Trupanion is testing a new type of plan, there are no deductibles. You can choose your own reimbursement rate between 50% and 90%.

    Trupanion doesnt offer a wellness plan and charges extra for acupuncture, physical therapy and behavioral treatments . You can also pay more for a Pet Owner Assistance package. This covers things like a reward for a lost pet, boarding fees if youre hospitalized and trip cancellation costs if you have to rush home for a pet emergency.

    Age restrictions: Theres no minimum age. The maximum age is 13 years.

    Plans available: Accident and illness.

    Deductible options

    In most states, $0 to $1,000 lifetime deductible per condition. In Florida, plans have no deductibles.

    Reimbursement options

    90% in most states. In Florida, you can select any percentage between 50% and 90%.

    Coverage limits


    Is Coverage Reduced For Going To A Specialist/emergency Vet

    Pet Insurance: What it costs, what it covers, and how to find the best

    No. Your coverage will not be reduced if you take your pet in for emergency care or see a specialist. You’ll be reimbursed a certain percentage based on your specific policy for all covered claims. If you are referred to a specialist or visit an emergency hospital, you will still see reimbursement for a percentage of all eligible costs. The veterinary exam fee is your responsibility, so if you are charged a specialist fee or emergency fee, this is regarded as the same.

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    What Does Pet Insurance Do

    These are policies that help you cover the cost of veterinary treatment and medical expenses when a pet gets injured or becomes ill.

    The policies available can vary significantly in cost, what they cover and what they dont include.

    The more comprehensive policies cover:

    • loss of a pet through theft and third-party liability where a pet has caused damage or harm to property or a person.

    Why Choose Progressive Dog Insurance By Pets Best

    In addition to competitive pricing and flexible plan options, Progressive Pet Insurance by Pets Best makes things easier on you and your pup’s budget with these dog medical insurance benefits:

    • One annual deductible: Rather than paying a deductible every time you file a medical claim for your dog, you’ll only pay one deductible per year.
    • Customized coverage: You can choose your deductible from $50 up to $1,000 to best fit your budget. You can also set your reimbursement at 70%, 80%, or 90% of eligible vet bills up to your annual limit once your dog’s insurance deductible has been paid.
    • No age limits: You can enroll your puppy or dog in an accident-only or accident and illness plan at any age and keep the same level of coverage as they grow older.
    • Fast claims processing: Claims are processed efficiently without long delays.
    • Flexible payment options: You decide if you want to pay your premiums monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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    Can I Get Insurance For A Pedigree Dog

    It is possible to get insurance for pedigree pets but the premium is likely to be higher than that of a cross breed.

    Pedigree pets are considered a greater risk as they have a higher value and suffer from illnesses and injuries directly associated with their breed.

    Pet insurers charge a higher premium for pedigree pets to reflect this increased level of risk for potential claims to be made under the policy.

    Complementary Treatments And Rehabilitation

    We make sure everything important to you is properly covered, including ...

    Sometimes referred to as alternative therapies, complementary treatments are also covered by a comprehensive policy. This could include chiropractic care, physiotherapy, acupuncture, or even therapeutic laser treatment. These complementary treatments are a lot less invasive than traditional treatments and they help with different conditions to help your pet recover. Not all pet insurance companies offer coverage for these types of treatments, so its best to always read the fine print and ask when in doubt.

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    Best Pet Insurance Companies Of December 2022

    Andrea Agostini FerrerClaudia Rodríguez HamiltonPaul ReynoldsAndrea Agostini FerrerGabriel Rodriguez35 min read

    • Up to 90% reimbursement on eligible vet bills
    • 10% multi-pet discount and access to VetAccess 24/7 vet helpline
    • Exclusive training content from world-renowned behaviorists
    • Visit any U.S. licensed veterinarian or specialist
    • Accident, illness, and optional preventive care coverage available
    • Free Pet Insurance Quote in 30 Seconds
    • Coverage starting at as little as $10 per month
    • Standard policies cover accidents and illness
    • Diagnostic and surgical procedures, hospitalization, and precriptions covered
    • Optional preventive care policy available
    • Quick claims payment
    • A portion of proceeds donated to pet-centric charities
    • Easy-to-understand policies
    • Live chat with veterinary experts through mobile app
    • Bundle with Lemonade renters or homeowners insurance for discounted rates
    • Comprehensive coverage, tailored to your pet
    • Up to 100% reimbursement, depending on plan
    • $5000, $10,000, and unlimited benefit plans
    • Add power-ups like Wellness, Veterinary Exam Fee Coverage, or the Extra Care Pack to your plan
    • No lifetime maximums
    • Plans averaging less than $1.50 per day
    • Discounts for veterans and active service members
    • Comprehensive coverage at affordable prices
    • Choice of deductibles from $50 to $1000
    • Three reimbursement levels: 70%, 80%, and 90%
    • No upper age limit on enrollment
    • Choose $5000 annual or unlimited benefts
    • 24/7 veterinary support line for all customers

    Does Pet Insurance Cover Prescriptions Or Medication

    Most pet insurance plans cover prescriptions to treat an illness or injury. As you might expect at this point, however, a basic plan will not cover prescriptions or medication that count as wellness or preventative care. This would include prescription food, supplements to support or maintain health, or flea and tick preventatives. Some companies offer additional coverage or more comprehensive plans that cover all or both of these, but you will need to read the terms carefully to determine if this is the case.

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    Best Pet Insurance Companies

    Some of the best pet insurance providers include:

  • Healthy Paws: Healthy Paws is a great way to ensure your pet gets medical care. Their top-rated cat and dog insurance plans cover accidents, illnesses, cancer, emergency care, genetic and hereditary conditions, pet breed-specific conditions, and alternative care.
  • Pets Best: Pets Best offers insurance policies that cover accidents. This includes if your pet swallows a new chew toy, breaks a bone, or needs surgery. You can also add pet wellness and routine care coverage to help pay for annual check-ups, vaccinations, etc.
  • Embrace: Embrace pet insurance agency covers your pet in the event of an illness or injury. Embrace also offers routine and preventive care coverage for your pet.
  • Figo: Figo pet insurance base plans cover emergency care, surgery, etc. This includes coverage for diagnostics, treatment, and prescriptions to help your pet feel better. In addition, our Wellness Powerup covers exams, vaccines, and other routine care for happy and healthy pets.
  • Trupanion: We will now cover all new injuries and illnesses. The hospital will get paid directly, so you dont have to worry about reimbursement. And we will continue to pay for your pets care for the rest of their life.
  • Nationwide: Nationwides plans start from $35/month, and you can use any vet. This policy already protects more than a million pets.
  • Veterinarians: Banfield. Petsmart and Petco offer plans.
  • A Surprise Vet Bill Would Cause Many Pet Owners To Go Into Debt Amid Inflation

    PET INSURANCE Review: Cost, Coverage, Best Providers & If YOU Need It…

    Nearly two-thirds of pet owners said they would have difficulty paying a surprise vet bill amid inflation, according to a Forbes Advisor survey on pet costs and inflation. More than a quarter of pet owners said a vet bill of $499 or less would cause them to go into debt, while a bill of $999 or less would cause 42% to go into debt.

    Even with so many pet owners concerned that a hefty vet bill would wreak financial havoc, more than three-quarters of pet owners said they do not have pet insurance. Many pet owners are unlikely to purchase pet insurance amid inflation:

    • Nearly one-third of survey respondents said they are much less likely or somewhat less likely to buy pet insurance amid inflation.
    • And 22% said they were much more likely or somewhat more likely to buy pet insurance amid inflation.

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    Can You Cut How Much Your Pet Insurance Costs

    Microchipping your dog has been a legal requirement since 6 April 2016. However, you might save some money by microchipping your cat.

    Having your pet spayed or neutered can also reduce premiums, as it eliminates the risks associated with breeding and pregnancy.

    If you have more than one pet, you could take out multi-pet insurance. This gives you a discount for any subsequent animals put on the policy.

    What Pet Insurance Covers Vaccinations

    Pet insurance generally provides cover for unexpected accidents and illnesses only, and preventative treatments are excluded . If you would like to know whether your plan allows you to claim on yearly vaccination expenses, speak to your provider who will discuss what you are covered for.

    Under some policies, you can opt to have routine care which provides cover for specified preventative care up to a limit.

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    Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre

    Standard pet insurance almost always excludes pre-existing medical conditions. But recurring illness can be very expensive.

    If youre trying to insure a pet with a pre-existing condition, some specialist insurers will cover them if they havent showed any signs of the illness for some time.

    If you buy a lifetime policy when your pets young, and you keep renewing, youll be covered for future chronic health problems.

    The alternative is to exclude the condition from your policy and cover any medical treatment yourself. Youll still be able to claim for other new conditions your pet develops.

    Is Pet Insurance Worth It

    Is Aspca Pet Health Insurance Good

    Veterinarian bills for illnesses and injuries can be very expensive. Pet insurance can be an effective way to help offset some of these costs. What you pay in premiums can be far less than what you would pay out of pocket for a pets treatment if you dont have pet insurance.

    Heres a scenario to consider:

    • Premiums: Suppose youve been paying for unlimited annual pet insurance for your dog for three years at about $672 per year. Thats $2,016 so far in pet insurance premiums.
    • A major vet bill: Then your dog is diagnosed with cancer. The average cost of treatment for dogs with cancer is $4,100, according to a Forbes Advisor analysis of pet insurance claims. If you have a $500 deductible and 90% reimbursement level, your out-of-pocket cost for the treatment would be $860 .
    • The result: Adding up the premiums for three years and what you paid toward the cancer treatment, youve paid $2,876. Without pet insurance, you would have paid $4,100 for the treatment. Youve avoided paying $1,224 by having pet insurance.

    Some pet owners prefer to forgo pet insurance and set aside money in a savings account for a pets medical needs. But if you cannot afford a surprise vet bill that could cost thousands of dollars, pet insurance can be a good way to guard against racking up a credit card bill.

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