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Why Should Physical Therapists Have Malpractice Insurance

How much does physical therapy cost after a total knee replacement?

Most states will require PTs to have a malpractice policy if they have their own practice, work as a contractor, or run a PT concierge business. The reasoning is simple: No matter how hard you work or how good your intentions are, a patient may claim you caused them harm or were negligent in their care. Even if the claim doesnât have merit, it could still cost time and money to defend yourself against it. And enduring these expenses could be enough to put you out of business.

Just think how much lawyers cost. Legal fees are the very least you can expect to pay if a lawsuit is filed against you. An actual settlement or judgment could cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars — or sometimes more. But an insurance policy could cover this, plus reimburse you for extra expenses, like lost wages from missing work while giving testimony.

What Exactly Does A Physical Therapist Do

Physical therapists treat patients that have chronic conditions, illnesses, injuries, or recovering from a surgery to help them manage their pain and improve their mobility. Physical therapy can help patients who are faced with neurological disorders or provide relief from arthritis.

A physical therapist uses physical movement and therapeutic exercise equipment such as treadmills, medicine balls, weights, and more to help provide pain relief. When necessary, a physical therapist will work in tandem with doctors to prescribe medication.

Physical Therapy Costs With Insurance

Physical therapy with insurance costs a co-pay of $20 to $55 per session or coinsurance of 10%-50% or more. Health insurance companies cover 50 to 75 percent of the costs when medically necessary. However, coverage begins after you’ve paid the yearly deductible, which ranges from $250 to $1,250 or more.

Typically, your health care provider will require a referral from a specialist or primary care physician for the treatment can be covered or reimbursed. Restrictions may apply according to which hospitals or treatment centers you visit. If your insurance requires a high deductible, consider getting a new insurance provider instead of a new physical therapist.

The standard Medicare coverage has traditionally been between $26 and $30 for each weighted procedure, resulting in an average PT session cost of $100. Those with an original Medicare plan have full coverage for the average cost of physical therapy visits up to a total of $2,040. If you spend beyond that, then you need a physician’s proof that your physical therapy is medically necessary to get additional coverage.

While the cost is lower with insurance, it’s often not free for most people. Usually, your copayments and your insurance premium payments do not count toward your deductible, which must be paid first before insurance starts covering. If you have a plan with an out-of-pocket maximum, then your insurance covers all of your medical costs once you’ve spent this maximum amount within a year.

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Does Insurance Cover Physical Therapy

  • Does Insurance Cover Physical Therapy
  • If you suffer from chronic pain and need relief, are recovering from surgery or need to strengthen weakened joints, you need physical therapy to heal and recover. In some cases, physical therapy can even prevent health issues from cropping up. Most major health insurance plans, including private insurance, Medicare and workers’ comp cover physical therapy when it is medically necessary. Physical therapy is an essential health benefit and is a key part of many health care programs.

    On This Page

    Physical Therapy Prices By Injury Location

    The High Cost of Treatment: Capping the cost for therapy services ...

    Your initial evaluation with the therapist can cost $150 or more. They assess what kind of treatments you need as well as the length of your sessions. Each procedure comes at a different price. You could pay around $115 for each quarter-hour of gait training, for instance.

    Some PT charges that can cost between $75 and $135 per 15 minutes include electronic stimulation, manual therapy, functional training, and other therapeutic exercises with or without weights and other props. You might spend between $50 and $150 for sessions with cervical traction and other supervised exercises. Check out our physical therapy price list by type below.

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    Is Physical Therapy Covered By Insurance

    Yes, physical therapy is typically covered by insurance. You will have a co-pay or deductible / co-insurance based on your health insurance plan. We will verify your PT benefits so you will know your estimated costs at your initial visit.

    We are in the network providers for almost all insurance companies including Medicare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthspring, Cigna and United Health Care.

    Always Positive And Happy To Make A Difference

    We are a physiotherapist owned and operated Physiotherapy, RMT, Sports Injuries, Pain Relief, Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation , WSIB Rehabilitation clinic in Richmond Hill. Serving clients in Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, Aurora and King City. Our principle Physiotherapists, Ali and Mary, are two dedicated and experienced professionals with many years of service. Our well-equipped practice is conveniently located in Yorkdale Group Building, at 11685 Yonge Street, Unit A106 in Richmond Hill. Our clinic is a multi-disciplinary health facility. Our dedicated and highly qualified team of health professionals include Physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, a certified acupuncture practitioner and chiropractor. We offer personalized and hands-on treatment to suit your specific condition.

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    Types Of Physical Therapy

    There are several types of physical therapy, but at AICA Atlanta, our physical therapists work hand-in-hand with our chiropractic staff in order to provide three main categories of care: medical physical therapy, pre-surgical physical therapy, and post-surgical physical therapy. All three of these categories are centered around healing injuries from accidents or chronic back pain associated with previous injuries or illnesses.

    Additional Protection You Get From General Liability Insurance

    How We Check Insurance Coverage for Physical Therapy

    Insurance companies design general liability insurance comprehensively. And so, you get additional protection from it. These are the optional coverages you can add to this type of physical therapy liability insurance.

    Advertising Injury Coverage

    A third party can accuse you of using intellectual property without permission or tarnishing reputation. The advertising injury coverage of general liability insurance can help by taking care of settlements, defense costs, and court judgments.

    Rented Premises Liability Coverage

    You can add rented premises liability coverage to general liability insurance. This will reimburse the landlord if their property is damaged or destroyed by fire because of your fault.

    Non-Owned/Hired Auto Liability Coverage

    Your general liability can have non-owned/hired auto liability coverage. This will take care of defense costs and settlements if:

    • A vehicle your clinic hired causes an accident

    • A vehicle your clinic borrowed causes an accident

    • An employee is using his or her own vehicle to run an errand for your physical therapy clinic and causes an accident

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    Estimating The Cost Of Physical Therapy

    When you attend physical therapy, it is a good idea to have a sense of what your out-of-pocket expenses may be. Understanding how physical therapy services are billed can help you do this.

    Physical therapists bill for their services based on what they do with you during your therapy sessions. Your first visit is an initial evaluation, and this session typically is billed at a higher rate than follow-up sessions.

    During follow-up sessions of therapy, your therapist may bill for various treatments that are performed. For example, if your therapist performs an ultrasound and joint mobilizations, and also prescribes exercise during your session, then three separate units of therapy will be billed. Each unit will carry a different charge. Adding up these charges will give you the total cost billed.

    Why Would A Pt Want Supplemental Coverage

    Even if an individual PT is covered under their employerâs malpractice insurance, they may opt to purchase a policy on their own. An individual supplemental policy can protect a contract-based therapist or permanent employee in a number of ways, including:

    • Provide separate legal counsel .
    • Assist during board action disputes .
    • Access extra limits of liability .

    Another benefit of a supplemental insurance policy is that it often costs a lot less than a primary policy. The employerâs policy would act as your primary policy and would be leaned on first. However, if you wanted to have your own legal team or felt the primary policy didnât have enough limits of liability to pay the settlement, or you have a board action, you would tap into your supplemental.

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    How Much Does Each Procedure Cost

    Each type of physical therapy procedure will cost differently, and treatment sessions usually take 30-90 minutes.

    Visits include both doing manual therapy like massages, exercises, and other therapy modalities. Your therapist also will monitor your progress so, at the end of the day, your therapist will determine your visit frequencies

    You may also need daily visits to track your progress, and the cost may be around $20-150 each.

    Why Do I Need Physical Therapy Liability Insurance


    Unless you are independently wealthy enough to cover the potential costs of court fees and indemnity claims, you should probably look into malpractice insurance. The average payout for an indemnity claim made against a PT was $99,122 according to an HSPO report. Such a hefty malpractice claim could seriously hurt the average Physical Therapist, both professionally and financially.

    But if my employer provides malpractice insurance, do I need personal malpractice insurance as a Physical Therapist?

    Thats a good question to ask your lawyer, who will probably charge you a minimum of $150/hour to discuss it. A financial or legal professional can also discuss with you, for a fee, the details of an insurance policy in order to verify you have the most appropriate coverage.

    My advice is free: its worth getting a personal policy. I have kept personal liability insurance as a Physical Therapist for the last 2 years by paying roughly $185/year .

    But no matter which provider you choose, the cost of professional liability insurance for PTs is very, very reasonable compared to our physician friends who pay upwards of $10,000, $50,000 and sometimes more than $100,000 a year for malpractice insurance.

    For me personally, paying less than $200 a year for professional liability insurance is a no-brainer.

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    How Much Does Physical Therapy Malpractice Insurance Cost

    The cost of physical therapy malpractice insurance varies. At Berxi, a supplemental policy might cost around $128 per year, while a primary policy starts at around $386. These would both offer you $1 million/$3 million in limits of liability. However, costs can ârange dramatically from state to state and city to city,â notes Senderovich. He explains that location, type of services, revenue, experience, claims history, and continuity of coverage are some of the biggest factors influencing the cost.

    For example, âinstead of working at a physical therapy office, could be a mobile PT thatâs working with high – level athletes,â says Senderovich. âSo, that could be more expensive .â

    How Is Professional Liability Insurance For Physical Therapists Underwritten

    Professional liability insurance for physical therapists is underwritten as:

    • Claims-made policy

    • Occurrence policy

    A claims-made professional liability insurance provides coverage if a claim is filed and a covered peril happened during the policy duration.

    On the other hand, an occurrence professional liability insurance provides coverage regardless if you file a claim during or after the policy duration. The only thing important is that the covered peril occurred while the policys coverage is in effect.

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    How Does Malpractice Insurance Work

    Letâs look at an example to explain more about how malpractice insurance works.

    Suppose Sam is a physical therapist. He works as an independent contractor for a physical therapy clinic and isnât covered under the clinicâs malpractice policy. Sam buys his own occurrence policy with $1 million/$3 million limits of liability, no deductible and legal counsel is âoutside the limits of liability.â This policy provides $1 million of coverage per occurrence and has a $3 million cap on coverage per year.

    One day a patient of Samâs alleges he didnât manage her treatment properly, causing her injury. She files a lawsuit. Sam connects with his malpractice insurance company and submits the claim. The insurance company is then likely to assign a claims professional to help Sam manage the issue. In Samâs case, since there is a lawsuit filed, an attorney would also be provided.

    The lawyer reviews the claim and confers with Sam and the plaintiffâs legal team. They propose a $200,000 settlement, which Sam agrees to. Because the policy offered legal counsel âoutside the limits of liabilityâ and the settlement sum is less than the $1 million limit per claim , Sam does not have to pay anything out of his own pocket. He also has $2.8 million in limits of liability remaining for the policy year.

    Is The Cost Of Physical Therapy Worth It

    How much does a DOT physical cost (Insurance coverage? Ways to save money?)

    Physical therapy is a cost-effective treatment designed to get you back on your feet quickly and with lasting results. Not only do most insurance providers cover physical therapy, but it has also been proven to reduce medical costs by diminishing the need for unnecessary medication, imaging scans, or surgeries.

    Heres how the cost of physical therapy stacks up against other means of frequently prescribed interventions:

    This high-level breakdown helps shed some light on the gravity of healthcare costs, but there are other factors to consider.

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    Physical Therapy Liability Insurance: A Guide For Pts

    Physical Therapy liability insurance is designed to provide professional liability coverage in the case of a malpractice lawsuit. In other words, if a lawsuit is brought against you as a PT for a number of valid reasons, your Physical Therapy liability insurance will stop these claims from jeopardizing your career.

    The short story: You should seriously consider liability insurance if you are a Physical Therapist.

    Coverwallet Physical Therapy Liability Insurance


    • General liability insurance has employment practices liability endorsement


    • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker

    CoverWallet sells general liability, professional liability, cyber liability, and employment practices liability insurance for physical therapists.

    This companys general liability insurance for physical therapists has a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate. An employment practices liability endorsement is included in its language.

    Your cyber liability insurance from CoverWallet has a $3 million per occurrence limit with a $3 million aggregate. Additional protections included are $250,000 cyber deception coverage, $3 million business income and cyber data restoration coverage, and $250,000 cyber telephone hacking coverage.

    Best for: Physical therapy liability insurance online quotes comparison

    Average cost: $38.15 per month

    Our rating: 10/10

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    Premier Care Physiotherapy Rmt Sports Injuries Pain Relief And Rehabilitation Clinic 237

    Our goal at Premier Care Physiotherapy is to help you regain full fitness and enjoy a full and active life again. We are a physiotherapist owned and operated Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation clinic in Richmond Hill. Our principle Physiotherapists, Ali and Mary, are two dedicated and experienced professionals with many years of service.

    Physiotherapy Vs Physical Therapy

    How Much Will Physical Therapy Cost with Aetna

    While physiotherapists and physical therapists use similar treatment methods, electrotherapy treatments are more common among therapists in the United States. Also, a physiotherapist who works at a chiropractor’s office can start treating patients within a few days after their injury. That’s because the physiotherapist often has more training dealing with chronic nerve pain and soft tissue healing.

    The terminology of your therapist and the average cost of physiotherapy sessions will change depending on your location. For example, in the United Kingdom, there are only physiotherapists. The same is true in Australia, Canada and most of Europe. They do not generally use the term “physical therapists” as is more prevalent in the United States.

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    Physical Therapy Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional liability insurance, also called malpractice insurance for physical therapists, covers costs if a patient accuses you of committing malpractice.

    Physiotherapy indemnity insurance is very important considering that malpractice claims are very problematic, much less to say highly common in your line of work. Here are some examples:

    • A physical therapist working for a hospital in Trigg was sued for medical malpractice and medical negligence after tending to a patients healing leg aggressively

    • A Pittsburgh couple filed a lawsuit and accused their physical therapist of causing COVID-19 infection by failing to follow health and safety protocols

    • A physical therapist in Richland was accused and sued for committing medical negligence. The court found the defendant guilty and suspended his license for three years

    • A physical therapy firm committed an overbilling fraud and had to settle for $4 million

    The type of physical therapy professional liability insurance applies when youre liable for committing:

    • Failure to disclose the risks of a procedure to a patient

    • Lack of due diligence

    • Failure to supervise a patient

    • Leaving a patient on their own during and after a procedure

    • Conducting therapy without following the patients medical records

    • Overbilling patients

    In connection, professional liability insurance will take care of these costs on your behalf if a claim is filed:

    • Court judgments

    Understanding A Malpractice Insurance Policy

    You may encounter unfamiliar language when shopping for professional liability insurance for physical therapists. Here is a list of terms you should know and research when choosing your policy:

    • Certificate of insurance : A document issued by the insurance company describing coverage and summarizing the most important details of a policy, including the effective dates. Some employers will ask to see your COI before you start working.
    • Claims-made policy: Claims-made policies cover incidents only if they happened and the claim was filed during the policy period.

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