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To get a deeper understanding of your estimate, check out our blogs Did You Really Find a Good Deal? and Be Prepared For This Hidden Process In Home Buying. Inside you will find how you can protect yourself from being taken advantage of during the home buying process.

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Our Unique Approach To Title Insurance Services

The best way to start your future in your new home is to understand the past. We are distinguished by our expert knowledge of the title process, along with one of the most thorough research strategies in the industry. Our careful, in-depth research and close attention to detail set us apart from other title companies. Having handled over six thousand cases, we have built a reputation for minimizing stress for the buyer in the closing process. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure a successful closing, including real estate agents, brokers, lenders, and attorneys for both the buyer and seller.

Our comprehensive services we provide for our clients include title searches, settlement services, and real estate paralegal services. From our office in Shrewsbury, we provide our services for clients throughout New Jersey, including Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties.

Title Insurance An Overview

Although a traditional insurance policy protects the insured party against any possible future loss, title insurance offers something a little different. Title insurance is protection from the day you buy the property going backwards . It looks at the history of the property and how it came to be what it is when you take ownership.

For a lender, title insurance will insure the priority position of the lien on a property to protect your investment in the homeowner.

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How Much Are Closing Costs For Sellers In New Jersey

On average, sellers in New Jersey can expect to pay 3.32% of their home’s final sale price in closing costs. For a $471,472 home âthe median home value in New Jersey â you’d pay around $15,639.

In most cases, your closing costs will simply be deducted from your sales profits. You’d only have to pay out of pocket if your profits are lower than your closing costs â which rarely happens.

The biggest closing expense for sellers in New Jersey is usually real estate agent commission fees. However, you can easily save thousands on realtor commissions by using an agent-matching service like Clever Real Estate.

Clever pre-negotiates low listing fees with experienced agents from top brokerages so you can keep more money in your pocket after selling your house.

Keep reading to find out which closing costs sellers are responsible for in New Jersey and how much you can expect to pay for each of them. Need estimates for your sale? You’ll also find our New Jerseyseller closing costs calculator!

What Are Typical Charges For Title Insurance

Car Insurance Rates Canada: Title Insurance Companies Nj

In New Jersey, title insurance is strictly regulated and enforced. A title company must calculate the premium according to the rates set forth by the NJ Division of Banking and Insurance. What this means is that no matter what company you decide to use, the premium should be the same. Additional pass through fees in addition to the premium may include:

  • The actual Title Examination Search
  • Charles Jones Judgment & Patriot Name Searches
  • Filing a Notice of Settlement
  • Closing Protection Letter
  • Policy Endorsements
  • Most common Alta 8-06 & Alta 9-06
  • Overnight carrier fees
  • Simultaneous Issue when a loan policy is issued along with an Owners Policy
  • Transaction Management Fee, which our online title software vendor charges us for data storage fees

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Curbelo Law Can Help You With Title Insurance In New Jersey

It is of great importance for a home buyer to protect themselves against the consequences of a property title that contains defects. Therefore, we invite you to call the Curbelo Law firm today to let us know about your case.

Our firm has more than 10 years of experience dealing with all these real estate issues. Therefore, you will be in good hands when it comes to knowing your possibilities.

Negotiate For The Buyer To Pay

If you’re located in a hot seller’s market with more interested buyers than available homes, you can ask the buyer to pay for some of your closing costs.

Buyers expect fierce competition in these market conditions, so most will be willing to compromise on certain fees so you’ll accept their offer on your New Jersey home.

» MORE:How to negotiate with buyers before accepting an offer

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Typical Buyer Closing Costs

  • Wood destroying organism inspection*
  • Title insurance
  • Mortgage lender fees
  • Tax reimbursements to seller

*WDO inspections arent required in NJ, but theyre often required by lenders

**Although a land survey is often required by your lender, you can ask the previous owner to supply you with theirs. The lender and title company will typically accept this if the survey is less than 20 years old.

Is Title Insurance Necessary In New Jersey

Do I need Title Insurance? How Much is Title Insurance? – Central NJ Edition

Yes, title insurance is a must have for every buyer buying properties in any part of NJ. This is because the land and the property may have various rights that might be diversified across multiple owners. For example, if property taxes are pending for the property, the government can have a lien against it without the new owner ever knowing about it.

However, if the incoming new owner opts for title insurance, these discrepancies will be revealed during the title search, cautioning, and preventing them to sign the papers.

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What Is Title Insurance

Title insurance policies help shield lenders and home buyers from previously undisclosed title defects or problems during a propertyâs transfer of ownership, including public record errors, undisclosed liens, and illegal deeds.

In the event of a title dispute during or after the sale, the title insurance company may be responsible for covering some or all of the associated costs specified by the policy.

There are two types of title insurance policies:

  • Lender’s title insurance, which protects mortgage lenders and is typically required
  • Owner’s title insurance, which protects the homeowner and is optional

Title insurance is different from homeowner’s insurance it won’t pay for damages to your home or your possessions and doesn’t include any personal liability coverage.

Unlike homeowner’s insurance â where you have to continually renew your policy â title insurance is a one-time cost that lasts for as long as you own the home.

During a typical home sale, who pays for title insurance â the buyer or seller â is negotiable. However, the seller will typically pay for the owner’s title insurance, whereas the buyer is almost always expected to cover the cost of thelender’s policy.

How Much Are Seller Closing Costs In New Jersey

Seller closing costs are the fees you pay when you finalize the sale of your home in New Jersey. Most of these expenses are required in order to fully transfer ownership of the property to the buyer.

New Jersey seller closing costs Average rate
3.32% $15,639
*Based on a sale price of $471,472, the typical home value in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you’ll pay about 3.32% of your home’s final sale price in closing costs, not including realtor fees.

Keep in mind that this is only an estimate. Although most closing costs are unavoidable, you can negotiate which expenses will be covered by you or the buyer.

To get the most out of negotiations, you’ll need an experienced agent who has your best interests in mind. Clever can help by connecting you with a top agent in your area who can negotiate on your behalf and get you a great deal.

» MORE: See how Clever can help match you with the perfect agent

Who pays closing costs in New Jersey?

Buyers and sellers each pay unique closing costs to finalize a real estate transaction. In New Jersey, sellers are typically responsible for paying title fees, transfer taxes, owner’s title insurance expenses, and recording fees.

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Can I Buy Title Insurance After Closing

You can buy an owners title insurance policy after closing. The risk in doing so is that youll have a gap in coverage when buying a policy after the closing. Typically, it takes 10-14 days to issue a policy. Bear in mind that if anything happens between the closing and the activation of the policy, you will not be covered.

Is The Buyer Required To Have Title Insurance

Who has the Cheapest Health Insurance in New Jersey?

Currently, title insurance is not a requirement in a real estate transaction. However, every lender requires the borrower to purchase title insurance for the lender as part of the home loan process, but an owners policy is optional. Most buyers choose to purchase an owners title insurance policy to cover them for the lifetime of the mortgage.

Without a title insurance policy, the buyer is directly responsible for any financial burden left behind by the seller. A way to protect against this risk is to include a clear title contingency in your offer. If the report finds liens or judgments, the buyer can require the seller to satisfy them before the closing date. If these items are not cleared before closing, this contingency allows the buyer to walk away from the deal.

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New Jersey Title Insurance Rates

The New Jersey Title Insurance Rating Bureau sets out the rating schedule on how to determine the state mandated title insurance charges. In NJ instead of a percentage discount the refinance and reissue rates are based merely on a lesser amount per thousand dollars of coverage. This creates a bit more confusion for consumers but luckily all of the equations have been put into calculators so no one really needs to calculate NJ title insurance by hand.

The actual charge for New Jersey Title Insurance whether it is for a owners policy or lenders policy should not differ from one NJ Title Company to the other. What really separates one NJ Title Company from the other is the level of service and the charges for ancillary services which at times can create a big difference in fees.

For clarification purposes the following is a detailed synopsis of how the New Jersey Title Insurance rates work.


The minimum underwriting charge in any transaction shall be $200.00.


The basic underwriting rate for either owners insurance, leasehold insurance, or mortgage insurance, shall be calculated according to the following rate schedule:

Policy Liability Rate per $1,000 or Fraction Thereof
add $2.25



Policy Liability Rate per $1,000 or Fraction Thereof



New Jersey Transfer Tax: 085%

New Jersey will charge you about 0.85% of your home’s sale price to transfer the title to the new owner. For a $471,472 house â the median home valuein New Jersey â you’d pay around $4,008.

However, transfer taxes vary a lot depending on your home value. In New Jersey, the transfer tax rate can be anywhere from $2 to $6.05 for every $500 of a house’s sale price.

The more expensive a property is, the higher the transfer tax rate will be. For example, a home valued at $200,000 would be taxed at a rate of $3.35 per $500, which would come out to a total of $935. On the other hand, a home sold for $600,000 would betaxed at a rate of $5.30 per $500, which would cost the seller $5,185.

To find out how much you’ll owe in transfer taxes, you can check out this calculator or ask your real estate agent.

» FIND:Learn more about transfer taxes in New Jersey

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How Does Title Insurance Offer Protection

When you purchase a title insurance policy, extensive title searches are carried out for that property. These searches minimize the possibility of the property owner being held liable if a title issue is discovered at some time in the future. The title examiner assesses the title through analysis of the homes ownership chain, checking that it was passed by will, gift or sale to the right person. Title checks also ensure no legal claims are current against the property, such as mortgages or other liens, which means the title cannot be transferred to another owner. After the owner has purchased and taken possession of his or her property, having title insurance defends against any possible litigation that would challenge the legality and validity of the propertys new owner.

How To Save On Title Insurance

How To: Fill out a New Jersey vehicle title when buying or selling a car
  • Shop around.Youll know if you can shop for a less expensive title insurance policy if the title services are listed on section C of page 2 of your loan estimate. If you see title services listed, you can contact other title companies to find the best deal. Keep in mind the title company is the primary party that will work on your behalf to fix issues. Ask friends and family, read reviews, and talk to your real estate agent for recommendations to find a title company with a good track record for customer service.
  • Bundle policies. Some title companies will offer a discount if you bundle your owners and lenders policies. If the title company does not offer to bundle the policies outright, its worth asking if they offer a discount if you buy both policies.
  • Negotiate add-ons. You may live in a state where the title insurance fees are fixed. If that is the case, you can ask the title company if there is any wiggle room in other fees. There are always extra administrative fees built into the total premium and could be optional or discountable.
  • Negotiate with the seller. Who pays for various closing costs is open to negotiation. As the buyer, you could ask the seller to pay for the title insurance to close the deal and may get a concession if you are dealing with a motivated seller. However, dont be surprised if you hear a no in a competitive real estate market.

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What Is Title Insurance What Does It Protect Against

Title insurance is perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all types of insurance. While property and casualty policies insure you for events that may happen in the future, title insurance insures you against events that may have happened in the past. Title insurance guarantees the policy holder marketable title. In other words, if you have title insurance, you are insured that your property can be conveyed to another without defects or encumbrances.

Additionally, title insurance protects the policy holder from claims against the properties from others. For example, if a neighbor claims he owns part of your property and decides to sue you to that effect, your title policy will pay to defend that claim up to the amount of your policy.

How Much Are Closing Costs In Nj What You Should Expect To Pay

Posted on Feb 18, 2022

Homebuyers often save and save for their homes down payment, only to realize when they talk to their Realtor that theyve forgotten an essential part of the home buying process: closing costs.

Planning for closing costs is essential for having a smooth closing process. Closing costs include things like escrow, transfer taxes, the inspection, and more. Its important to estimate high for closing costs, because they typically have to be paid upfront. Unlike the down payment, they cant be rolled into your home loan.

If youre wondering what to expect from closing costs in NJ, heres what you need to know.

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What Is Title Insurance In New Jersey

Title insurance is an important cost component withinClosing Costs that always intrigues afirst time home buyer. Title insurance in New Jersey protects buyers and lenders from financial liabilities that may arise due to a title defect or a hidden lien.

Have a look at ourTitle Insurance explainer video to see how title insurance can protect your lender and your ownership in case of a title defect.

There are two types of New Jersey title insurance policies: Lenders Title Insurance Policy and Owners Title Insurance Policy.

Lenders in New Jersey often require borrowers to purchase a New Jersey Lenders Title Insurance Policy which guarantees protection for New Jersey lenders against issues arising out of defects on the title of a New Jersey property. On the other hand, the New Jersey Owner’s Title Insurance Policy protects the buyer against claims and liens.

Title insurance policy premiums in New Jersey show up as line items within a closing cost worksheet for a buyer and seller such as a Closing Disclosure, Loan Estimate, HUD-1, or an ALTA Settlement Statement. If you’re looking to get a preview of what these costs look like, use this free New Jersey title, insurance calculator.

Factors Affecting Title Insurance Costs

New Jersey Car Title

Title insurance costs generally fall into two categories:

In each of the categories, the costs can be further broken down based on the amount and type of work required to fulfill the policy.

For example, some of the factors that can affect premiums are:

  • The amount of work to conduct a title search and to maintain accurate and up-to-date information on the property and adjacent properties.
  • Expected cost to compensate the insured party for any type of defect in the title.
  • The preliminary work required to remedy any adverse interest or defect found.

On average, the title insurance policy carries a one-time fee of $1,000 and can cover all up-front work, ongoing legal, and loss coverage. However, fees vary widely, ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than $2,000.

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