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Faqs Related To Insurance Virtual Assistant

How to Built a US Based Virtual Assistant Agency

What is an insurance virtual assistant?

An insurance virtual assistant is an off-site independent contractor who accomplishes the clerical and administrative services for you virtually. They are self-employed and have no vacation leaves, no sick leaves, and payroll taxes to pay. An insurance virtual assistant is also responsible for selling customers several types of health, auto, life, disaster, and home insurance add-ons or plans to their existing coverage.

How much should I pay for a virtual insurance assistant?

Generally, hourly rates for insurance virtual assistant services in Asian countries varied between USD 4-20 in 2022. Sometimes even more. However, the sweet spot is between 5 and 15 per hour. If the insurance virtual assistant provides you with higher-level financial or marketing services, you must pay them 15 to 25 USD per hour.

How much do insurance virtual assistants charge per month?

The charge of a virtual insurance assistant depends on their experience and your responsibilities. Generally, an insurance virtual agent ranges between $1700-$2000 per month if they work full-time.

Are insurance virtual assistants worth it?

What Tasks You Want To Assign

You should have a clear idea about the tasks you want them to do. It would be best if you determined the long-term and short-term goals of your Virtual Assistant. Prepare a list of the daily and weekly tasks you want your virtual Assistant to accomplish. By this, you can fulfill your expectations with your Assistant.

How Much Does Virtual Assistant Insurance Cost

The cost of Thimbles Virtual Assistant Insurance is based on your business level of risk. We calculate your rate based on your location, the size of your team, and the coverage limits you select. Its always affordable, because its offered on demand.

What is on-demand coverage?

At Thimble, you can pay by the hour, day, or month. Get insured for a single client meeting, or an entire month of work. In addition, you can generate as many Certificates of Insurance or add Additional Insureds free of charge .

Let us support your business.

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Perfect Fit For Your Industry

In todays rapidly changing business environment the local insurance agent is Under Attack!

Emerging Digital Competitors, Larger Agencies & National Carriers attempting to sell directly to consumers are all trying to put the Local Agent out of business.

VIVA allows the local insurance agent to outsource the tedious Low to No Revenue tasks that knock agents out of their Productivity Zone each day and enable agents to purely focus on High Revenue generating activities, thus evening the playing field for the Local Agent.

Long Live the Local Insurance Agent!

The Real Estate Industry is facing challenges and new competition like never before! From iBuyer competition to the lack of affordable houses in todays marketplace, the local Real Estate agent needs to find ways to prospect for new clients and to build deeper relationships with the leads they develop.

VIVA allows the local Real Estate Agent to get the much-needed prospecting and follow-up help it desperately needs. From contacting expired & FSBOs to following up with past clients and generating new home buyer leads, VIVA Virtual Assistants is your solution to get more done in less time!

Long Live the Local Real Estate Agent!

Small Business Owners know the hassle of administrative tasks becoming a bottleneck in their businesses.

Long Live the Local Business Owner!

Insurance Agency Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Service

SageDoer Insurance Agency Virtual Assistant is a low cost yet effective alternative to the in-house clerk of the insurance company, agency, and broker. Our Insurance Agency Virtual Assistant is supervised by the manager, working hours are recorded and monitored by visual time tracking tools.


  • Weekly Meeting with Manager


  • Use Any No. of Hr
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager


  • 48 Hours Per VA Per Week
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager


  • 48 Hours Per VA Per Week
  • Free Manager Supervision
  • Weekly Meeting with Manager

SageDoer is an affordable & reliable virtual assistant company. We dont just pair you with VAs, we actively train, monitor and deliver the result.

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What Services Can Cover Desk Virtual Assistants Provide

With over 200 highly educated virtual assistants based in the Philippines, Cover Desk is a business process outsourcing company bringing personalized service and cutting-edge technology to independent insurance agents throughout the United States and Canada. Through our turnkey virtual capabilities, insurance professionals can focus on their core business with the administrative support needed to grow and thrive.

Our virtual assistants work in your management systems, your phone systems and any other business applications required. They complete tasks from start to finish, including any additional follow-up to provide seamless support.

Learn more about our two service offerings:

Make Your Insurance Virtual Assistant Part Of The Team

For the sake of this article, Ive referenced insurance virtual assistant or VA a lot. But the number one way youll make them feel like they are part of your team, is when you no-longer separate your employees from your VAs.

Your team is comprised of people, and these people have names, interests, hobbies, families. The more you treat them with that level of human respect, the more they will bend over backwards for you. Theyll start work early and end work late, and they likely wont even tell the VA company.

PERSONAL STORY TIME: In March of 2020 the Philippines was hit hard with COVID-19 restrictions and severe lock-downs. It was a real hard time for my team in that country.

I remember talking to my lead VA who informed me that another one of the VAs was concerned with having enough money to buy enough food and medicine for their entire family living with them.

I did what anyone, including you the reader would have done. I wired $1000 to each one of my VAs. That sort of money goes a long way in the Philippines.

My team was shocked. To them, $1000 was a lot of money. It allowed them each to stock up on supplies as they were headed for extreme lock-downs.

Moral of the story: Take care of your VA and they will always take care of you

Your VA should have all of the tools they need in order to do their job. Use ZOOM video to include your VA in any important meetings. The more you make your VA feel involved in your agency, the better they will perform for you.

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Why Do You Need Virtual Assistant Insurance

When you are an insurance agent, your business hours are not enough to complete your tasks, no matter how hard you try to get your work done.

As a busy insurance agent, you simply cant afford to waste your valuable time on non-core business activities. If you want to focus on growing your business, you need an insurance virtual assistant service to help you complete your daily tasks in a faster and more effective manner.

Hiring Virtual Assistants Yourself Versus Using A Virtual Assistant Company Whats Better

Star Assurance launches Pokuaa Insurance, a virtual assistant for customers – Business Desk (5-4-22)

Its not a good idea in my opinion to try and find your own insurance virtual assistant. You should use a dedicated insurance VA company to source and train your insurance VA.

The one positive thing about hiring a VA direct, is you can pay less money. On average, youll spend between $3-6 per hour for your direct VA. That is not a good wage, but it is a livable wage in the Philippines.

When you utilize a dedicated insurance VA company you have a line of protection and accountability. You will pay more, but if there is a data integrity issue, youll be able to hold the US-domiciled VA company partially responsible. With a direct VA, you have no recourse if there is a data integrity issue.

Insurance VA companies are specialists and can do the job of sourcing, managing and training far better than most insurance agents with no experience in the field.

If youre dead-set on finding your own insurance VA, the best thing you should do is protect yourself, your agency, and your clients.

You can sign up and use the insurance carrier compliant software VA VISION from AgencyVA that tracks usage and offers support and protection. VA VISION is available as a standalone software product that anyone can use regardless if they aare an AgencyVA client or not.

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How Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Insurance Agency

In todays aggressive and customer-centric professional world, customers want immediate responses, quality interactions, and timely results. Thus, insurance agents should consider the benefit of hiring virtual assistants where calls, emails, chats, collection of clients information, insurance quoting and more can be handled.

An insurance virtual assistant is a remote professional who performs tasks for your agency. Virtual assistants are popular for marketing, administrative and prospecting services. In the insurance industry, they can perform similar tasks for you. You also have the option to train them further in tasks specific to your company. That way, they are able to extend their assistance to more areas of your business. Insurance virtual assistant makes sure your business doesnt suffer from you doing paperwork instead of making connections and creating new business. They free you up from clerical works and let you focus on client facing tasks that lead to closing more deals.

Virtual assistants can help you in many ways

  • Customer Support

Customer support services is very important in the field of insurance agencies because they have to look after their customers and make sure that their needs are being addressed throughout the time. Virtual assistants can become your guide for generating results that can impress most of your customers. By keeping their requirements in mind, the virtual assistant can schedule their meetings and answer questions right away.

Its Your Choice: Agency Autopilot Or Diy Agents

Which AgencyVA program is right for your business? Put your agency on autopilot, or let us find the right agent for you to train and manage. Choose our Agency Autopilot program and let us take care of your daily activity, quoting, answering calls, processing endorsements, and billing. We find talented agents from around the world that will fulfill all kinds of roles, understand your customers, internalizing your process, and adapt to your culture. Choose our DIY Agent program and we place your agent, but you set the wage, you train, and you make the decisions. We will be here to support your team and your agent. Scroll down to learn more.

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Hiring An Insurance Virtual Assistant Doesnt Cost Much

Not knowing what a full-time employee can cost can be an expensive error. Besides, many virtual assistant providers quote upfront costs that may not include additional charges that are only revealed during the time of contracting. At EVA, we make the process of hiring a VA extremely simple and straightforward and do not have any hidden fees or charges. Our prices start from only $8/hour and are designed to suit a wide variety of budgets and requirements.

The Benefits Of Hiring Virtual Assistants For Your Insurance Agency

Insurance Agent Virtual Assistant

Hiring an insurance agent virtual assistant is a game-changer for businesses in the insurance industry. There are many benefits to using virtual assistant services for your company, including:

Improved customer service

Your insurance agent VA can do the necessary research for your support and sales team. Instead of your employees taking time out from serving clients to research insurance options or gather policy information, your VA can handle these tasks instead. This means less time spent on the phone with clients, which translates to better customer service.

Reduced operating costs

With a virtual assistant working remotely and on a contract, you no longer have to pay for office space and other employment-related benefits. You also dont have to pay for computers and office space equipment. All of this can help to reduce overall operating costs.

Improved productivity

When youre able to free up your employees from time-consuming tasks, theyre able to focus more on the business at hand and give better service to clients. This also helps to improve employee morale as a result.

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Learn How A 15 Million Dollar Agency Has Over A 97% Retention Using Our Insurance Agency Virtual Assistant Program

The idea of hiring a virtual assistant might be totally new to you, so to give you a better understanding of why so many insurance agents are choosing virtual assistants over traditional employees, lets explore exactly what a VA might be able to help you with.

Improve your retention on your P& C book without having to pay $15+/hr

In 3 easy Steps:1. VAs do the re shop by prepping the quote and emails to be sent2. Agents review prior to presenting the new policy3. VA finalizes the process chasing the outstanding documents.

Our Insurance Agency Virtual Assistants are great at:

  • CRM data management

* It is important to verify with your local DOI that they can use a virtual assistant for tasks prior to hiring one.

Lava Automation can provide you with top tier virtual assistants for your insurance agency who will work tirelessly to give you what you need and help you maximize the reach and profits of your insurance agency.

Book a demo today to see how Lava Automation can help you find a personalized solution to fit your needs.

So why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Why Do I Need Virtual Assistant Insurance

As a virtual assistant, you solve peoples problems. Plain and simple. From managing schedules to coordinating social media to conducting research, youre used to taking tasks off someone elses plate and then juggling them expertly.

In fact, you do your job so effectively that some people might not even realize the countless headaches youve spared them from.

Like you, were problem solvers, and our goal is to take a headache off your plate. Thats why weve created Thimbles Virtual Assistant Insurance.

Even though you work remotely, your business poses certain risks. You create the research and drafts for written documents, and should a subject of your writing accuse you of libel or advertising injury, you could be sued for personal injury.

Besides the risk of personal injury, you could be held liable for errors or mistakes related to your work. Should you make an error in your bookkeeping and cost a client money, they could sue you for professional negligence, and youd be responsible for your own legal costs.

To protect yourself from risk, Thimble can assist you with general liability insurance and professional liability insurance policies. General liability insurance protects virtual assistants against claims of third-party property damage, personal and advertising injury, and bodily injury. Professional liability protects you from claims of errors, negligence, or mistakes related to your work.

Quick thinking insurance for small businesses.

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What Is An Insurance Virtual Assistant

An insurance virtual assistant is a remote professional who performs tasks for your agency. Virtual assistants are popular for marketing, administrative and prospecting services.

In the insurance industry, they can perform similar tasks for you. You also have the option to train them further in tasks specific to your company. That way, they are able to extend their assistance to more areas of your business.

Get An Insurance Virtual Assistant From Eva Now

2022 Updated VA AGENCIES! | Be A Pinoy Virtual Assistant & Work From Home!

Express Virtual Assistants VAs can help you maintain operations, increase productivity and efficiency, and cut costs. Our VAs all come highly trained and dedicated to providing superior value additions that help you take your business to the next level. With our VAs by your side, not only do you get help managing your day-to-day operations, but you also need not worry about having to spend on expensive infrastructure and shell out on things like mandatory benefits that you would have to if you hired a full-time employee to work onsite.

If you are looking for expert insurance virtual assistants, get in touch with us now!

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Services Our Insurance Virtual Assistants Provide

EVA provides a comprehensive range of insurance virtual assistant services. Our insurance agent VA can handle a full range of tedious and menial tasks to help you focus more on your core areas of business.

As a leading insurance virtual assistant service providing company, our services include –

  • Insurance Telemarketing
  • Editing, Formatting, Proofreading Documents, and Correspondence

Insurance Agency Focused Back Office Support

VIVA Virtual Assistants are insurance specialists who handle all complexities of your back office so you have more time to manage your business generating activities. Our bilingual college-educated experts help you take care of secondary business functions in a way that gives you distinct advantage over your competitors. We have demonstrated expertise in optimizing your operational efficiency – from claims administration, policy checking, and renewals processing to invoicing and loss run processing.

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Virtual Assistant Insurance Faqs

How quickly can I get a Certificate of Insurance?

Quicker than it is to organize your to-do list. Using the Thimble mobile app , you can get a Certificate of Insurance in less than 60 seconds. Input a few details about your business, review your free quote, and select purchase. Your Certificate of Insurance will appear in your email inbox .

Say yes to last-minute business travel or a conference panel. On the other hand, if the trip isnt taking place for another six months, you can still schedule your coverage to begin when it does. Additionally, you can cancel your policy penalty-free up to an hour before its set to begin.

Fit any insurance changes into your calendar with ease. From the Thimble app, you add or modify Additional Insureds or get another COI wherever and whenever you need to.

As a virtual assistant, not every business partner makes your scheduler lighter. Thats why Thimble is an asset for small businesses like yours.

The company I work for already carries business insurance. Do I need my own virtual assistant insurance policy?

As a virtual assistant, yes, you need your own insurance policy. While its great that the company you work for has business insurance, you need to be confident your business is covered, too.

Its hard to know all the ins and outs of an insurance policy, especially when it comes to someone elses insurance. Thats why you need to ensure youre covered in the event that youre not protected.


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