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What Does Verizon Insurance Cover

Can You Replace The Back Glass Of Your Phone

Verizon vs. Sprint – Comparing Price, Coverage, Speed, Plans, and Data

If you’re going to repair your phone on your own, you’ll need a new back. You can find one on Amazon or the online retailer of your choice. Be sure to choose a back that has adhesive already applied. Many replacements even include basic toolkits that include a small screwdriver, a pry tool, and a suction cup.

How Verizons Roadside Assistance Coverage Works

If youre a Verizon customer, then you can buy roadside assistance through the company for $4.99 per month.

Verizons roadside assistance covers you when driving anywhere in the United States, including Puerto Rico, as well as Canada. You can request roadside assistance when driving your own vehicle, a friends vehicle, or a rental vehicle.

In fact, Verizons roadside assistance coverage even extends to friends and family members who have your mobile device. If you lend your Verizon phone to a friend, for example, then they can request roadside assistance at any time.

To qualify for roadside assistance, your Verizon mobile device needs to be at the location where service is provided regardless of what type of vehicle youre driving and whether or not youre present.

How Do I Know If I Have Insurance Coverage / Device Protection On My Device

If you aren’t sure if you’re enrolled in a device protection option or which one you have, go to the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon to see your add-ons. If you have more than one device on your account, select the device to verify if that line has device protection.You’ll see one of the following device protection options listed in your features if you have one:

  • Verizon Mobile Protect
  • Wireless Phone Protection
  • Verizon Extended Warranty1,2
  • 1Total Equipment Coverage and Extended Warranty are not available in Florida or for Florida customers. In Florida, coverage for post-warranty malfunctions is provided by the insurance program .2Extended Warranty provides coverage for device malfunctions that are the result of a mechanical or electrical failure after the manufacturers warranty has expired.If you’re not enrolled in device protection, refer to our How to replace a lost, stolen or broken device page for replacement options based on the issue you’re experiencing.

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    How Do I Get Wireless Phone Protection

    If your device or account is eligible, you can sign up for Wireless Phone Protection on the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon.

  • My Verizon website: Click See all eligible add-ons. Scroll to the Wireless Phone Protection section and click Get it now. Follow the prompts to add Wireless Phone Protection.
  • My Verizon app: Scroll to the Device Protection section and tap Learn More. Tap Enroll for the lines you want covered. Select Wireless Phone Protection, and follow the prompts.
  • Which Insurance Is Best For Iphone

    Does Verizon Insurance cover water damage? iPhone &  iPad

    If you own an iPhone, you should definitely consider purchasing AppleCare. AppleCare is a one-time purchase that provides coverage for your iPhone in the event that it is damaged or stolen. With AppleCare, you will be able to receive a replacement device or refund, depending on the damage done.

    Verizon also offers insurance for iPhones. Verizon insurance provides coverage for your device in the event of accidental damage, theft, or loss. While Verizon does not offer a replacement device option like AppleCare does, they do offer a refund and support for repairs.

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    What Is Covered Under The Verizon Asurion Insurance Program

    Verizons Asurion Wireless Phone Protection insurance program offers comprehensive cellular device coverage, including replacement of lost, stolen, damaged or post-warranty defective cellular communication devices. Water damage is also covered.

    Verizon Wireless offers Asurion Wireless Phone Protection insurance coverage to aid its customers in maintaining their cellular device in the face of catastrophic and/or unforeseen events. In its basic form, Asurion Wireless Phone Protection insurance covers the replacement of a covered cellular device that is lost, misplaced, stolen, damaged or found to be defective outside of the manufacturers warranty coverage period.

    The claims process includes completing a claim form, receiving a replacement device in the mail and, if applicable, sending the damaged device back to Asurion. Replacements are generally not free but instead incur a flat non-refundable deductible per approved claim. Only two replacements are offered within a 12-month period. Handsets are replaced with equivalent models in either new or refurbished condition. If this is not possible, a similar make and model may be substituted without guarantees for color, feature and accessory compatibility.

    Claims can be filed online by visiting Asurions claims website located at Customers can also file a claim by calling Asurion toll-free at 881-2622 as of April 2015. Coverage cost and replacement details may vary from device to device.

    How Do I File A Claim With Verizon Phone Insurance

    To file a claim, you’ll need your Verizon account PIN ready. If you have one of Verizon’s device protection plans, you can file at least three claims per calendar year. If your device was lost, stolen, or damaged, you can file the claim on Asurion’s website or by calling 881-2622.

    For post-warranty malfunction or battery replacement, you can call Verizon directly at 922-0204. You also have the option of filing a claim via the Verizon app by navigating to “Manage device.”

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    What Is Verizon Phone Insurance

    Why you can trust Android Central Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

    Verizon has a few options for customers that want phone insurance or device protection. Despite whichever variation of phone insurance you go with, most include coverage for loss, theft, battery failure, physical damage , and post-warranty electrical or mechanical malfunctions. Still, you’ll need to check the fine print before selecting your protection plan.

    Verizon Mobile Protect is one of Verizon’s most comprehensive phone insurance plans. It includes same-day delivery and setup for replacement smartphones purchased from, as well as cracked screen repair for $29 no matter how many times you need it. This plan also includes battery replacements, 24/7 support via the Tech Coach app and Security Advisor, and unlimited device refreshes to optimize your phone’s performance.

    These are all the other device protection options available with Verizon, including Wireless Phone Protection, Verizon Extended Warranty, and Mobile Secure . Keep in mind that if you’re a New York customer or live in New York, these plans aren’t available, but there are similar ones available, such as Verizon Protect.

    What Does Verizon Insurance Cover And How Much Does It Cost

    Is phone insurance worth it? | Asurion

    Malfunctions, accidental damage , loss & theft

    One of each included accessory: battery, home charger, car charger, case, earbud

    Malfunctions, accidental damage , loss & theft

    One of each included accessory: battery, home charger, car charger, case, earbud

    Malfunctions, accidental damage , loss & theft

    One of each included accessory: battery, home charger, car charger, case, earbud


    Defects/damage from normal wear & tear, misuse, accidents/neglect, altered phones, phones with removed label or illegible serial numbers, damage due to spills or immersion in food or liquids

    Defects/damage from normal wear & tear, misuse, accidents/neglect, altered phones, phones with removed label or illegible serial numbers, damage due to spills or immersion in food or liquids

    Defects/damage from normal wear & tear, misuse, accidents/neglect, altered phones, phones with removed label or illegible serial numbers, damage due to spills or immersion in food or liquids


    Verizon Tech Coach

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    How The Otterbox Warranty Works

    Ive been able to replace my Otterbox twice in the past 10 yearsand only pay about $6 for it. Both times it was because the plastic part of the case was broken. Because of that, it wouldnt close properly around my phone or sit inside the rubber outer case.

    So, I submitted a claim to Otterbox. And got a new case both times.

    I document my experience with Otterbox here. Its a blog post about buying products that come with a guarantee or warranty.

    Why Should I Get Insurance On My Phone

    The high cost to repair or replace a smartphone can make insurance a near necessity. And your phone is likely a vital part of your day-to-day life, whether for business or personal use. Suddenly damaging it would immediately disrupt your ability to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers. But with smartphone insurance, a potentially expensive and inconvenient problem becomes easy to fix.

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    Will Verizon Bill Your Phone If It Is Stolen

    If your phone is lost or stolen, you must contact Verizon and suspend your line. When you suspend a line, your phone will not be able to call, text, or access mobile data on the Verizon network.

    So, they wont charge you anything except the monthly subscription charges.

    However, service suspension does not mean that the phone will be inaccessible to anyone who has it, especially if it does not have a screen lock. If the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it can be used without a hassle.

    Remember, if there are unauthorized charges on your phone when your account is suspended, Verizon will start an investigation into the matter.

    You wont be held responsible for those charges until the investigation is complete.

    Device Protection Explained: Is My Device Covered

    What Does Verizon Insurance Cover / Verizon buyer

    Even the best-quality cases cant always prevent a cracked smartphone screen, faulty battery or broken touchscreen. In fact, two-thirds of smartphone owners reported damaging their phones in the last year, resulting in more than $3.4 billion spent on repairs.

    A device protection plan can significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses associated with repairing or replacing a lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctioning smartphone. Check out this quick guide to see which Verizon device protection option is right for you.

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    Do You Need Cellphone Insurance

    Cellphone insurance may be worth it if the cost of replacing your phone would put a strain on your finances. And, with the pricetag on the latest smartphones topping $1,000, that’s not a rare situation. Insurance might help cover you if your phone is lost or stolen, or if it’s accidentally damaged. However, cellphone insurance plans can vary widelyboth in terms of their cost and coverageso it’s best to understand what the terms are before signing up.

    Best For Iphones: Applecare+

    • Average Monthly Premium: $9.99 per month
    • Available Policies: AppleCare+, AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss

    AppleCare+ provides affordable coverage that is specific to iPhone and other Apple devices, making it the best option for iPhone users.

    • Certified Apple parts and technicians

    • Theft and loss policy options

    • Additional application steps if starting a policy 60 or more days after initial iPhone purchase

    A new iPhone can easily cost close to $1,000, which can make insurance a smart investment. While most cellphone insurance providers will happily cover iPhones, customers looking for the best insurance may want to go straight to the source. AppleCare+ makes it easy to protect a phone and get ongoing support from experts who understand the hardware, operating system, and applications that make Apple products unique. Thats why weve selected AppleCare+ as the best option for iPhone users.

    AppleCare offers two different policies: AppleCare+ and AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. Both policies cover up to two incidents of accidental damage protection annually and offer coverage if a battery retains 80% or less of its original charging capacity. AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss provides additional coverage if the device is lost or stolen.

    For customers considering AppleCare+, its best to add the policy within 60 days of purchasing the iPhone. If that window has closed, a visit to an Apple Store may be required to add a policy.

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    Who Can Sign Up For Verizon Phone Insurance

    To take advantage of Verizon phone insurance, you need to enroll within 30 days of activating your new device. If you’ve recently upgraded to a new device on your existing line, you can still enroll as long as it’s within that 30-day window. But if you decide to bring your own phone to Verizon and want device protection, you’ll have to ensure that it meets a few key criteria before enrolling. For instance, the device must be in great condition and not using an existing line.

    Best For Samsung Phones: Samsung Care+

    The Verizon Multi Device Family Plan: The Fine Print!

    Samsung Care+

    • Average Monthly Premium: $3.99 to $19.99 per month
    • Available Policies: Varies by device

    Samsung Care+ offers expert support and a $0 deductible for mechanical breakdowns, making it a great option for Samsung phone owners.

    • Low premiums for some devices

    • $0 deductible for mechanical breakdown claims

    • High premiums for some devices

    Samsung has been a leader in cellphone technology, so it makes sense that they also offer an insurance product to cover their phones. Like AppleCare+, Samsung Care+ leverages the expertise of Samsung technicians to offer affordable and reliable repairs for Samsung users. This makes Samsung Care+ the best provider for Samsung users.

    Samsung Care+ insurance policies provide coverage for accidental damage, liquid spills, and screen cracks. Policyholders also get an extended warranty that protects against mechanical and electrical breakdowns after the 12-months manufacturer warranty expires.

    Samsung Care+ customers can take advantage of 24/7 support, and if a phone needs repairs, they can rest assured that they’ll receive original Samsung parts and that their phone will be repaired by a Samsung expert.

    The prices of Samsung Care+ policies fill a range, depending on the device being insured. Deductible costs depend on the reason for service .

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    Can You Keep Your Old Number After Your Phone Is Lost Or Stolen

    If you lose your phone and suspend your services, you need to reactivate them within 30 days if you want to keep the same number.

    Whatever steps you take, whether you replace your old phone with a new one, find/repair your old device, or acquire a used phone from Verizon via Asurion, you will need to activate that phone within 30 days to retain your phone number.

    Can I Have Verizon Mobile Protect And Another Device Protection Option On My Account At The Same Time

    Yes, you can have different line level device protection options on each line with an eligible device on your account. For example, you can have your smartphone enrolled in Verizon Mobile Protect and your tablet enrolled in Total Equipment Coverage.* However, you can’t have the same line enrolled in two different device protection options.If you have Verizon Mobile Protect Multi-Device on your account, you cannot have any line level device protection option.*Total Equipment Coverage and Extended Warranty are not available in Florida or for Florida customers.

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    Why We Originally Got Verizon Phone Insurance

    When we each bought new iPhones, we did the payment plan with Verizon. That payment plan was 24-months long and was interest free. So, having phone insurance made sense.

    For example, what if something happened to one of the phones before they were fully paid off? Well, we could file a claim and get a new-to-us phone without having to pay the full price for a new phone.

    How Do I Cancel Verizon Mobile Protect

    What Does Verizon Insurance Cover / Verizon buyer

    All device protection options continue to renew each month until canceled, and are billed directly to your mobile account. You can cancel your device protection option at any time and receive a prorated refund of your monthly charge.You can remove Verizon Mobile Protect from your account at any time from the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon. Upon canceling, you’ll receive a prorated refund of your monthly charge.DO NOT remove Verizon Mobile Protect if you want to switch to another device protection option. If you do, you may lose your device protection eligibility. Instead, go to the Add-ons and apps page in My Verizon and enroll in the device protection option you want. You’ll be prompted to remove Verizon Mobile Protect during the enrollment process.Note: If you cancel Verizon Mobile Protect, your current device won’t be eligible for Verizon Mobile Protect or any other device protection option unless it meets the eligibility requirements.

  • Yes, refer to our device protection comparison chart for options.

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    What Does Cell Phone Insurance Cover

    Depending on your plan, cell phone insurance typically covers damage caused by accidents and theft, up to a selected limit or the replacement cost of your phone. Although coverage plans vary by carrier, here’s what a cell phone insurance plan from Progressive Phone and Electronic Device Insurance by Worth Ave. Group covers, regardless of your phone’s age, make, model, or if it’s new, used, or refurbished:

    • Fire, flood, and natural disasters
    • Power surges from lightning

    Worth Ave. allows for unlimited claims throughout your term, though a deductible will apply. See how Progressive Phone and Electronic Device Insurance by Worth Ave. compares to other cell phone insurance plans.

    Basic Phones And Tablets

    • Mechanical or electrical defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires
    • Defend against internet threats
    • Get support for the things that connect to your device
    • Mechanical or electrical defects after the manufacturer’s warranty expires
    • Defend against internet threats
    • Get support for the things that connect to your device

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    Whats Covered Under Phone Insurance

    In addition to broken phones, this so-called Verizon Wireless Mobile Protect Multi Device phone insurance policy actually covers lost and stolen phones, too. Ive never lost a phone or had one stolen, so I cant offer a first-person review of how that all works.

    However, having broken two phonesand submitted claims for themI can give you a step by step overview of how the whole process works. That way youll know what to expect.

    But, as promised, I wanted to go over whats covered under a phone insurance policy with Verizon.


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