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What Insurance Companies Cover Rebuilt Titles

Which Companies Offer Rebuilt Or Salvage Title Insurance

Insurance Pro Tip of the Day! Insuring Salvaged Vehicles.

Once a vehicle has been repaired and inspected, you may be able to get insurance from the following companies:

*USAA insurance is available only to active military, veterans and their families.

Note that some companies have restrictions on this coverage. For example, American Family requires photos of the vehicle before issuing a policy, while Nationwide offers only liability insurance unless the cars previous damage was purely cosmetic. Infinity and Kemper have requirements for safety and emissions standards in some states, and in others they don’t offer rebuilt title insurance at all.

Insuring a salvage title car thats been repaired is often more difficult than insuring a vehicle with a clean title. Not all insurance companies will issue policies for rebuilt title vehicles, and others may offer only liability insurance rather than full coverage.

Maybe. It depends on the company and, in some cases, the type of damage that the car sustained before it was repaired. Learn more about which types of insurance are included in full coverage.

Besides being harder to insure, a car with a rebuilt title may have lingering structural damage that you cant see, and you may not be able to get a loan to buy one. Its resale value may also be 20% to 40% lower than that of a similar used car with a clean title, according to Kelley Blue Book. Learn more about the risks of salvage title cars.

How Does A Salvage Or Rebuilt Title Affect The Value Of A Car

A salvaged or rebuilt title car will be worth 20% to 40% less than a clean title car, according to Kelley Blue Book. The value of vehicles with rebuilt titles also depends on the amount of damage and the make and model, as well as the auto market in your area, so you should always have a private appraiser determine the market value.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Insuring Rebuilt Title Cars

Rebuilt title auto insurance is cheaper than standard auto insurance at some companies, but you may encounter some drawbacks.

Lets explore the benefits and pitfalls of rebuilt title car insurance.


  • Rebuilt title cars are less expensive
  • Some inspections arent as thorough, and you can profit by fixing the vehicle and paying cheaper insurance


  • Rebuilt title vehicles are known for mechanical breakdowns
  • Some car insurance companies are slow to insure a rebuilt car
  • Long-lasting issues accompany flooding, fire, and severe collision damage
  • Drivers void manufacturer warranties when the vehicle has been listed as rebuilt title car

Did we miss something? Rebuilt titles are convenient in some situations, but youll need to consider your position carefully when deciding whether to get a salvage title.

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Advantages Of Rebuilt Title Cars

Advantages to purchasing a car with a rebuilt title designation include:

  • These cars can be significantly less expensive than vehicles with clean titles.
  • It’s possible that an insurance company either wasn’t thorough in its inspection before listing the vehicle as a total loss or named it a total loss for another reason, but the vehicle has minimal damage.

Can You Insure A Salvage Title Car With Any Insurance Company

Title Insurance

What car insurance company covers salvage titled cars? Many companies offer salvage title insurance like Geico and Progressive, but youll always need to check with your insurer.

Some companies are very strict with their underwriting guidelines and will not insure any vehicle that has a salvage title. You should research insurers before you decide that buying that salvage car is best.

One of the major reasons why some experts insist that you should avoid buying a salvage car is because they can be so hard to insure.

Many insurers will write liability insurance for vehicles that have passed safety inspections, but they will be reluctant to write a policy with physical damage coverage.

If you can find a good deal and you have verified that there are no major limitations for filing a claim because of the salvage branding, you can proceed and make an offer.

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Can You Insure A Car With A Salvage Title In Nc

You cannot insure a car with a salvage title in North Carolina. You cannot legally drive a salvage vehicle on public roads in NC. And it is illegal to drive a car in NC without minimum amounts of car insurance. However, if you work with a body shop, you may be able to get repairs done and get a rebuilt title.

Rebuilt Titles What Are They

After you get into an accident, you might feel completely out of luck. Your stuck with a lemon and out thousands of dollars. Fortunately, sometimes you can repair a salvage vehicle. Not only can you recoup some of the vehicles value, but you can also start driving it again. To become street legal, the vehicle must pass a DMV inspection and be issued a rebuilt or reconstructed title. The below questions help explain what rebuilt titles are:

What does rebuilt title mean?
Is a rebuilt title bad?
What does a rebuilt title look like?
Does a rebuilt title void factory warranty?
How to spot a rebuilt title?
Can you drive uber with rebuilt title?
What is a rebuilt car title?
Does AutoCheck show rebuilt titles?

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Questions To Ask When Considering A Car With A Rebuilt Title

Be prepared to ask a lot of questions. There are a ton of variables when buying a rebuilt car, and no two rebuilds are the same. You should ask the following questions no matter what:

  • How was the car damaged?

  • Where was the car damaged?

  • How much damage did the car sustain?

  • What repairs were done?

  • What parts of the car have been replaced, and where were the parts sourced?

  • Do you have the maintenance history of the vehicle ?

  • Do you have the state inspection documentation and proof of title status?

If youre buying from a seller who was not the person or business that did the repairs, you also want to get information about who did the repairs and when. The seller should have a complete record of receipts for the repairs, and you should review those receipts and contact anyone who worked on the vehicle. You should also ask your trusted mechanic to review those receipts.

Last, you should inquire with your current insurance company about whether they can insure the prospective vehicle.

What Insurance Companies Cover Rebuilt Titles

Does Usaa Insure Rebuilt Titles

What insurance companies cover rebuilt titles? Some major car insurance companies When a car is damaged so severely. Because when the car is damaged that an insurance company considers it a total loss, the states motor vehicle agency issues it a salvage title. In addition to being cheaper than a new or used vehicle, a salvage-titled vehicle can also be used for parts.

But What insurance companies cover rebuilt titles? Companies that write car insurance policies for vehicles, this is we know with me in this article in TheBooMoney.

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Can A Rebuilt Title Car Be Insured

Yes, you can get full coverage insurance for a rebuilt title car, but it may be hard to find a provider that will offer it. Most carriers are hesitant to cover these vehicles with full coverage insurance as it can be harder to determine if damage to the car was caused by an accident or pre-existing.

How To Get A Salvage Title Cleared

Requirements vary as states have different names, descriptions and qualifications for a salvaged car to be cleared and made roadworthy again, says Penny Gusner, senior consumer analyst for

In general, we refer to this as a rebuilt title but the language by your state and insurer may be different, such as reconstructed. So while requirements vary, typically the insurance company will want a statement from a mechanic that the car is roadworthy, she says.

That is especially true if you are looking for physical damage coverages of comp and collision.

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Car Insurance For Rebuilt Titles: The Bottom Line

If you own a car with a rebuilt title or are considering buying one, you need a car insurance policy.

Most companies are happy to cover rebuilt titles with a liability-only policy. Suppose you are looking for a full coverage policy or for coverage options that exceed your states minimum requirements. You may have a difficult time finding a company willing to insure your rebuilt title.

You can shop online and compare coverage options and quotes for your rebuilt title. However, dont settle for the first company that makes an offer. You want to ensure you dont pay too much, so look over your options first.

Instead, research and compare companies to find an option that works best for you and offers you the coverage you want. If youve not purchased a car with a rebuilt title but are considering it, consider the pros and cons of owning a rebuilt title car before making any final decisions.

Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

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Editorial Guidelines: We are a free online resource for anyone interested in learning more about auto insurance. Our goal is to be an objective, third-party resource for everything auto insurance related. We update our site regularly, and all content is reviewed by auto insurance experts.

How Does Rebuilt Title Insurance Work

What is coinsurance? Definition and meaning

Many insurance companies will not provide coverage for a vehicle with a rebuilt history, especially when it comes to physical damage coverage. Because of this, it can be hard to get insurance for a car with a rebuilt title. Any rebuilt or restored salvage vehicle will be tainted by the fact that it was once totaled, and even a car that looks good on the outside may have problems with the computer and safety devices.

Insurance carriers frequently view salvage vehicles as unfavorable because they are unable to assign the correct risk to the vehicle, Josh Damico told The Balance via email. Damico is the vice president of insurance operations at Jerry, an app that helps people compare car insurance policies. Because the value of the vehicle can fluctuate, it is not a risk that most carriers are willing to take, Damico explained.

Even Kelley Blue Book agrees that a rebuilt title usually lowers the value of a car by 20% to 40% over time. But KBB recommends that people get a salvaged car appraised privately to find out what its real value is.

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Insurance Limitations For Salvage Titles In California

Keep in mind that some insurers will only sell liability insurance for revived cars, meaning that they wont pay for any physical damage to the vehicle. Even if you are able to get collision and comprehensive insurance, your policy may not cover the full value of the car if its totaled again.

What does it mean when your car is a total loss?

When your car is a total loss, it means the cost to repair the car exceeds the value of the car. If your car is declared a total loss your insurer may replace your totaled car with an equivalent one or issue payment for the actual cash value of the totaled full answer

Once you file a claim, the insurance company will determine whether the car is a total loss. Depending on your states laws, your car may be totaled if the cost of repairs exceeds a certain percentage of the cars value, such as 75%. If your state does not have a specific total loss threshold, your vehicle will be considered a total loss if the cost of repairs plus the salvage value is greater than the cars actual cash value .

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Can You Get Full Coverage On A Salvage Title In North Carolina

You cannot insure a car with a salvage title in North Carolina. You cannot legally drive a salvage vehicle on public roads in NC. And it is illegal to drive a car in NC without minimum amounts of car insurance. However, if you work with a body shop, you may be able to get repairs done and get a rebuilt title.

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What Do Insurance Companies Need When Covering A Rebuilt Title Vehicle

It helps to receive multiple quotes and compare as each insurance company handles salvage title and rebuilt title cars differently. Some insurance carrier only provides the legally required liability insurance as opposed to full coverage to rebuilt title cars.

So, drivers wouldn√Ęt be covered in comprehensive or collision situations. They would be on the line for paying for your own repairs and medical costs. The two most important things you can keep in mind when thinking about insuring rebuilt title cars are the vehicle history and how limited coverage the insurers provide.

Which Car Insurance Companies Dont Accept Rebuilt Title Cars

Can I Insure A Salvaged Title In Arizona?

Insurance companies vary for each state. Therefore, youll find that some auto insurance companies may not cover rebuilt title vehicles regardless of inspections.

Heres a list of companies that dont provide coverage for rebuilt titles.

We searched for other companies, but these were the only three we found. Some states have strict rules on salvage and rebuilt titles.

For example, the Georgia Department of Revenue reports that all rebuilt titles must pass Georgias DMV inspection.

Even if a car insurance company approves your rebuilt title vehicle, it still needs to meet the states standards.

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What Are The Best Car Insurance Companies That Accept Rebuilt Title Cars

Some of the best auto insurance companies accept rebuilt title cars. Also, a few smaller insurance companies take rebuilt title vehicles.

Lets look at the list of companies that insure rebuilt title cars.

Insurance Providers for Rebuilt Title Cars

Get Your RatesQuote Now #blank#

Most car insurance companies provide coverage for rebuilt titles regardless of the companys size. But youll need to get a rebuilt title car inspected before youre eligible for insurance.

Some auto insurance companies provide liability-only coverage for rebuilt title vehicles. However, companies like GEICO allow you to buy full coverage after a thorough inspection.

When You Need Car Insurance For A Salvage Title Car

Now that you know you can get car insurance for your salvage title, the question then becomes, should you get that insurance?

There is no single answer to this issue, as there are some factors that need to be considered before you can determine the need. Salvage car insurance can be a great thing, but it is up to you the best route to take.

Every state has different laws about the vehicles that you own.

Some states allow you to skip purchasing insurance as long as your vehicle is on blocks, and you provide a letter stating that it isnt being driven while it is being restored.

Other states require you to turn your license plate in for the vehicle and pay the fees to reinstate it once you are ready to insure your vehicle.

You will need to consider how long you plan on driving a salvage title car and which insurance companies will properly cover you!

There are some states that require any registered vehicle to have the minimum coverage of car insurance.

Most states will work with you, but it is important to know and understand your states laws.

It would be a shame to have your vehicle impounded and incur fees on a vehicle that you arent even driving.

Also, if the salvage vehicle was yours in the first place and you still owe money on it after the insurance company has paid you for the loss of the vehicle, you need to negotiate with your lender the release from carrying full coverage on the vehicle .

Some companies will penalize you for the repair.

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Be Upfront About Your Vehicles Title Status

When discussing a quote or application on the phone, in an online chat or in person, let the agent or company representative know about your cars title status at the beginning of the conversation.

The agent should be able to let you know whether their company insures rebuilt cars right away. If they dont insure them, just move on to the next company on your list.

How Do I Know If A Used Car Has A Salvage Title

Car Insurance Quotes Triple A

Given the problems and drawbacks that come with a car with a salvage title, you might not be comfortable owning one. While there are ways that unsavory dealers and people can wash a salvage title, most of the time determining if a car has a branded title is straightforward.

There are three ways to confirm if a car has a clean title:

  • If you are buying a car from a private party, be sure to inspect the title of the car. In many cases, youll find the brand right on the title. It may say salvage or one of the other brands used in your state.
  • Using the vehicle identification number you can use the free service offered by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, or some state systems, to get information about title brands.
  • You can also pay a fee to sites like Carfax, which give you a vehicle history report including the number of prior owners, title branding, accidents, and so forth. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System also provides title information for a fee.
  • If you do want to go ahead and buy a car with a salvage title, be sure to get the car thoroughly inspected, and be aware of the risks involved. Lastly, be sure your insurer will allow you to purchase car insurance .

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