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World Nomads Travel Insurance Reviews

Whats Not Covered By World Nomads

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

If youre reckless, you probably wont be covered. Heres a list:

  • Alcohol- or drug-related incidents.
  • Carelessness in handling your possessions and baggage.
  • You wont get reimbursed if the problem happened because you were reckless .
  • Pre-existing conditions or general check-ups. For example, if you have diabetes and need to buy more insulin, you wont be covered. If you want to go see a doctor for a general checkup, you arent covered either.
  • Lost or stolen cash
  • Your theft coverage wont cover you if you left something unattended.
  • If civil unrest makes your destination unsafe but your government hasnt called for an evacuation, youre probably out of luck too.

How Much Does World Nomads Travel Insurance Cost

World Nomads’ standard plan is $79. It’s a great option for travelers who don’t care about some of the extra benefits that the Explorer package covers, like rental car coverage and extreme adventure sports.

If you’re looking to have a more comprehensive travel insurance policy, look into World Nomads’ Explorer plan for $120. It includes all of the standard package perks as well as extra sports like skydiving, scuba diving, and heli-skiing.

This is a perfect package for someone who’s a little more dare-devilish and wants to be taken care of during their risky activities.

Final Thoughts On World Nomads

Insurance can be confusing and super limited. But World Nomads definitely provides a solution to that problem for anybody thinking of traveling through multiple countries and getting involved in a ton of activities or for people who are on the road long term.

Flexible, transparent, and pretty affordable, being able to make spontaneous decisions with your travel plans while staying covered in case something happens is made super easy with World Nomads. It may not be for everyone, but it sure is for us.

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How To Make An Insurance Claim Via World Nomads

Making an insurance claim through World Nomads is quite simple. All you have to do is contact World Nomads and chat with their 24/hour multi-lingual staff. You can also login to your profile on their website and file a claim online although note that at some point, they will need to actually speak with you .

In the case of lost or stolen items, you will need to write up a formal sworn statement of events, detailing what happened and what was lost. You will also need to have an official police report made.

If you claim lost or stolen items, World Nomads will ask you for those two things. To make a claim online you should prepare a few things first. When dealing with World Nomads or any other insurance company ALWAYS keep all of the documents involved. You will need these to prove your expenses ETC.

Its helpful to get all of your receipts and invoices together first and submit all expenses for your claim at once. Keep copies of every expense, bill, invoice and report as you will need to provide these to the claims team so they can assess your claim.

List each expense for the amount shown on your receipt/invoice and answer all other questions. Youll be sent an email advising what documentation you will need to send us to support your claim.

After that is sorted, you upload all of your information and documents, review the claim and then click submit. The folks at World Nomads are on it and will be in contact with you throughout this process.

Summary: World Nomads Standard Plan Vs Explorer Plan

World Nomads Travel Insurance Review

Hereâs a comparison of the Standard plan and the Explorer plan and how much coverage youâll get.

Coverage type
Two travelers age 65, $7,000 trip cost, traveling to Greece $211

World Nomads doesnât offer travel insurance for folks age 70 or older. The company partners with TripAssure to offer travel insurance to âSilver Nomads.â

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Money Grabbing Time Wasters

Honestly should be disgusted with yourselves, insurance people..especially YOU guys are the most scammy people on earth. Spent so much money on insurance and for what? You do F ALL about it EVERY TIME. It’s actually pointless getting insured these days, greedy money grabbers 🙂 I also dont know a date of experience because you hadn’t responded to our claims for 4 months.

Date of experience:November 29, 2022

Reply from World Nomads

Hi Elisabeth, we’re sorry to hear you had trouble with your claim we’ve sent you a request for more information so we can look into your case. Babita World Nomads.

Insurance claim in September, a decision in December. Not really what you would expect to be honest. A negative outcome after all the waiting and reminding makes one feel a little deflated by the whole company…:(

Date of experience:November 30, 2022

Reply from World Nomads

Hi Mark, we’re sorry to hear about the delay with the outcome of your claim we’ve sent you a request for more information so we can look into your case. Babita World Nomads.

Why We Like World Nomads

Sure, its great, but why exactly do we like it so much? Lets run through a few of the strong points of World Nomads that really stand out for us

Easy to use website

Their website is simple. Its not just some formulaic, business-minded, corporate site thats super boring.

Instead, it actually feels like its on par with world travelers and understands what people need: simple navigation leading you to where you need to be within minutes. Its clear and never feels like its trying to trick you with confusing words and jargon.

Plus, the site itself is a wealth of travel information! There are travel phrasebooks for local languages, as well as safety guides to different locales, plus tips and inside information for cool things to do in various destinations around the world. Its all kept up-to-date by a load of writers based around the world, which is cool.

Focus on responsible tourism

World Nomads, like us, are totally not about things that exploit local communities or wildlife. We have seen enough zoos on our travels to know that these are not places to see animals.

They also believe in creating a positive impact with the money they spend and put their money where their mouth is with their own Footprints organization.

What is Footprints?


Simply put, its World Nomads specialty that we like the most: the fact that you can pick up and renew travel insurance on the road.

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Buy The Right World Nomads Travel Insurance Plan For You

Overall, this insurance review includes everything you need to know about this travel insurance company. Its an unfortunate fact that traveling comes with unplanned situations and potential emergencies. To ensure your and your familys security during the trip, it is always recommended to invest in the right travel insurance policy. Insurance is better to have and not need, than need and not have.

This World Nomads travel insurance review concludes that this insurance service is a reliable choice to ensure a well-covered trip.

As there are two plans, make sure to choose the best one depending on your personal needs. Compare both plans and go with the one most suitable. Safe travels!

What Can Travel Insurance Cover

Is travel insurance worth it?

To help you work out for yourself whether you want to buy travel insurance for your next trip, its probably a good idea to start out by telling you what it can help with right?

Generally speaking, travel insurance can offer cover and protection for the following:

  • Medical CostsHospital visits, emergencies, evacuations, medical insurance.
  • Property LossLuggage and their contents.
  • Travel IssuesUnexpected, additional expenses or cancelled trips.

We will examine what each of these are and what World Nomads says about them in more detail. So keep on reading!

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Emergency Medical Expenses Overseas

This coverage basically encompasses medical expenses for any medically necessary emergency treatment of an accidental injury that occurs during your trip.

  • Dental Treatment: Accidental injuries or infection to sound, natural teeth. It does not cover checkups or cleanings.
  • Hospital Advancement: For instances when you need to secure admission to a hospital.
  • Personal Accident: For cases when, within 12 months after youre involved in an accident overseas, you end up dying, losing a limb or suffering from some disablement, a percentage of the benefit limit will be paid.
  • For some destinations or nationalities, coverage limit under heading Accidental Death & Dismemberment applies.

Deep Dive Into World Nomads Travel Insurance Coverage

The coverage on a travel insurance plan is the most critical part. Therefore, its vital to figure out what particular travel insurance policy they are offering you.

World Nomads travel insurance is designed by travel professionals to protect travelers and their traveling essentials.

In this section of the World Nomads Travel insurance review, you will come across some coverages that you can benefit from by investing in this travel insurance company.

  • Emergency Medical Coverage: World Nomads travel insurance may provide you with all emergency medical expenses and related medical repatriation or evacuation if you get injured or ill. For instance, if you get a severe injury while hiking in the woods, World Nomads will cover your evacuation to the hospital. In case of serious medical emergencies, the medical coverage can also send you back to your home country.
  • Emergency Dental Treatment: Coverageon emergency dental treatment for unforeseen accidental injuries that appear during the trip. It may include a broken tooth, jawline injury, and unexpected infection. Theres no coverage for cleanings and checkups though.
  • Trip Cancellation Protection: Reimburses unused, non-refundable trip cancellation charges if you cancel your plan due to sickness, death of a loved one, accidental injury, natural disaster, or for all other covered reasons.

Check out the World Nomads travel insurance cancellation plan to see what it covers.

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Standard And Explorer Plans By World Nomads

World Nomads offers two plans: Standard and Explorer, with the latter offering higher limits and additional adventure sports coverage. The plans can be purchased for trip duration up to a maximum 180 days, and you can extend your coverage mid-trip. The price of the policy will depend on the duration of the trip and the countries that you’re visiting.

To see the cost of the insurance plan, you will need to input your trip details, your age and state of residence. Unlike many other insurers, you do not need to include the cost of your trip when searching for a World Nomads policy because trip cancellation and interruption benefits are capped at a specific dollar amount rather than a percentage of coverage.

We input a sample trip of a two-week vacation to Italy by a 30-year-old from Illinois.

World Nomads


The Standard Plan is a good choice for those who are satisfied with trip cancellation and interruption coverage of $2,500 or less, do not need rental car damage protection, find the limits to be sufficient and do not need coverage for certain adventure sports. However, this plan still shines in sports coverage, covering activities like wind surfing and bungee jumping, which are seldom covered by travel insurance companies. A full list of covered sports by plan type is available on the World Nomads site.

A Cancel For Any Reason upgrade is not offered by World Nomads. If this option is a must, look for a travel insurance company that offers CFAR.

Scam Travel Insurance Avoid At All Costs

World Nomads

I had my luggage and valuables stolen in the train at Barcelona. Made a claim in accordance with their instructions and submitted all required documentation which took a very long time. They required further information and/or documentation until they come across one which you cannot produce, at which point they refuse assess your claim and do not pay you. They took an average of 10 working days to reply to each of my emails . In my case, they are now refusing to assess my claim a…

  • Value for Money

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World Nomads Vs Allianz

Allianz is a strong competitor against World Nomads, especially for travelers looking for a more business-oriented option. The co many has been in business for more than 120 years and offers a wide range of insurance, not just travel-related, around the world.A key difference between World Nomads and Allianz is that Allianz offers travel insurance that can cover multiple trips in the same year. You can take an unlimited number of trips within the same calendar year, but you do have to double-check that all of your destinations are covered by the policy you select.

Another difference is that Allianz offers coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. World Nomads doesn’t have the same coverage, requiring that the pre-existing condition is fully stable in order for limited coverage with respect to trip cancellations or having to end a trip early.

How Much Does World Nomad Cost

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much a World Nomads Travel Insurance package is going to cost you, not least because this will be based on a number of key variables. For example, the platform will take your country of residence into account, as well as your age, which countries you plan to visit, and how long you want to be covered for.

Nevertheless, in order to give you a ball-park figure as to how much World Nomads is going to cost you, the following figures are based on a U.S citizen aged between 21 and 30, visiting six countries in Asia over the course of three months.

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How Long Will It Take To Settle A Claim

It takes a while. But, this is normal for any insurance whether its your car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance. It does not matter.

Most claims with World Nomads take between 1 2 months to settle.

Others can take longer than that. This often depends on how quickly you can get the required documents, answer further questions etc, as stated above.

Important: No insurance in this world can instantly resolve your claim.

This is almost impossible since there are a few steps an insurance company has to follow before they can reimburse you for instance.

Final Thoughts On World Nomads Travel Insurance

Whats the BEST travel insurance plan? (SafetyWing VS World Nomads VS PassportCard Nomads)

Whether you are planning on a year-long world tour or a two-week backpacking trip to Europe, having travel insurance gives you sweet, sweet peace of mind. You never know when a great day could head south, and honestly, there is no worse feeling than being stuck with exorbitant expenses that could all so easily have been avoided.

I hope your future backpacking adventures fulfil all over your travel dreams and then some. Hopefully, the day never comes when you need to use your insurance.

That said, if and when that day arrives, going with World Nomads travel insurance will allow you to be totally ready to deal with the situation like the responsible backpacker that you are.

What is our final score for the World Nomads Travel Insurance? We give it a rating of 4 out 5 stars!

*Please note that World Nomads terms and conditions do vary and may change. The information provided here is for guidance purposes only. We recommend you check with World Nomads to ensure that you are fully covered before beginning your trip. Please read your policy terms and conditions very carefully.

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World Nomads Customer Service

This travel insurance provides one-call 24-hour assistance services to its clients. Their multilingual customer support team is available round the clock to provide advice, help, and referrals for your emergencies, medical or otherwise.

They can help you locate nearby medical facilities and physicians. If needed, they will arrange and pay for relevant transportation, including an escort to a hospital or your home.

Coverage for medical evacuations is available just for covered claims mentioned in your travel insurance policy. All medical transfer services will be arranged by One Call.

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You May Already Have Insurance

Especially Europeans may already have a valid travel insurance.

And you may not need an extra one.

Or maybe you have one, but it is only valid for 30 days in a foreign country.

First things first: Call your current insurance and talk to them. If you are not covered, then consider World Nomads before purchasing something extra form your current provider.


World Nomads is highly experienced in travel. They actually know what to do in case something goes wrong, and can help you.

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Does World Nomads Travel Insurance Cover Covid

Lets get this out of the way first shall we eh?

When COVID-19 first rocked the world in 2020, most travel insurance companies were quick to invoke their cancellation clauses and pull all medical coverage relating to either illness, cancellation or disruption caused by the pesky pandemic. Not ideal if you end up on a ventilator on the other side of the world and need emergency medical care!

These days, most insurance providers are offering some form of COVID coverage included within their policies, but some are more useful than others. Whilst many now cover hospitalisation caused by COVID infections, fewer are offering any kind of cover for disruption or cancellation such as being refused boarding on a flight for displaying symptoms or trip cancellation protection because of a positive test.

Whilst the pandemic has largely subsided, COVID is still able to severely disrupt travel plans. Therefore do consider paying close attention to the finer details of any insurers COVID-19 cover, especially their trip cancellation coverage and emergency medical evacuation.

The details of the World Nomads insurance plan COVID-19 cover vary quite a bit depending on your country of residence. For example, residents of the United States may benefit from trip cancellation coverage, emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation, trip interruption and trip delay cover caused by COVID-19.


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